Grifter Falls Ranch

Grifter Falls Ranch is a small, private farm owned by Orrin Ezo and his wife Ameila. Both are in their late 50's. Orrin was a successful executive at a corporation in Paros before getting tired of the rat race. He quit his job, took his severance, and bought a small plot of land in the woods east of Tinos. The land was unsuitable for commercial farming, but Orrin didn't care. He just wanted to get away from it all.


After the attacks, the Ezos took in a couple of refugees, then a couple more, and now have a good-sized "family" under their roof. See Cast, under Resistance / Grifter Falls for the original crew.


The farm is located northeast of Tinos, about a half-day's walk from the outskirts of town. See Paros Region map for more details.


  • PHD62 - Run-in with some thugs at the amusement park. Bad day for the thugs.
  • PHD90ish - Discover dead marine patrol outside Dease and scavenge some gear.
  • PHD142 - Scouting/scavenging mission to Tinos. Encounter with other survivors at a Trailer Park outside Tinos ends with a Cylon ambush.
  • PHD145ish - Group returns to Grifter Falls with Tinos survivors in tow.
  • PHD147 - Encounter with the bunker crew at the amusement park. A few more folks decide to stay at the farm.
  • PHD166 - 10 or so people from the bunker decide to join the ranch.

The Ranch Grounds

Please Note Although called a "ranch" the farm is very small and has very little cleared land. This is NOT a giant farm with wide fields and herds of cattle.

There is a greenhouse, a large barn, the farm house, and several small garden plots with veggies and foods like beans and potatoes and such. They have goats and chickens and a milk cow.

The farmhouse itself is based on this floorplan:

The ranch is well hidden from the air, nestled deep in the forest down Gallows Hill Road. The closest things of interest are the city of Tinos, to the west, and the Amusement Park to the east. Both are about a half day's hike away.


They do trap or hunt small game regularly, and occasionally a deer will meet its end in the nearby forest. The animals provide regular milk and eggs (in small quantities), and the crops provide some veggies while in season (again in small quantities). In reserve, the group has a pretty good stockpile of dry and canned goods scavenged from surrounding communities.

Medical Supplies

They have plenty of over-the-counter medication, and small quantities of more sophisticated drugs (painkillers and antibiotics among them) pilfered from the Tinos pharmacy or brought over from the bunker.

Fire, Water and Power

The formerly-electric stove in the kitchen has been converted into a makeshift wood-burning one. There are also a couple fireplaces throughout the house. It's going to be a bitch in winter though.

There is a well, and they have running water to the house (with crappy water pressure) so long as someone primes the storage tank once or twice a day using the hand pump.

The farm has a generator in the basement, but they have limited fuel so they save it for emergencies.

Military Gear

The crew is well equipped with hunting rifles, pistols and shotguns (along with ammo) that were either at Ezo's house, or brought with folks when they arrived. They also scavenged several assault rifles, ammo and body armor from a dead marine patrol they came across shortly after the attacks, and got even more from merging with the bunker crew. They also have a number of short-range radios with dead batteries, and a single backpack-style medium-range radio that can be run off the farm's generator.


Everyone who resides at the farm is expected to pull their weight with regard to chores around the house and farm (pumping the water, chopping wood, cooking or doing dishes, feeding the animals, etc.)


There is an armed watch (usually 2 people, occasionally more) 24/7, patrolling a perimeter in the forest around the grounds. New arrivals are always paired up with veterans; they never stand watch alone.

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