Green Jello And Cigarettes
Green Jello and Cigarettes
Summary: Sal visits Kai & Aly visits Martin.
Date: PH222 (26 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Sickbay

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #222
OOC Time: Thu Nov 26 19:10:58 2009

The hatchway immediately opens into the larger room, though the muted blues of the room are complimented by the white sheets on the various beds lying at wait for any injured personnel, which are lain out in neat rows. Curtains are available around certain bed bays for examinations and privacy during them. Rows of lockers around the room are labeled in easy-to-read yellows that contain everything from surgical supplies to the basic items such as sterilized bandages. A counter to the Fore end of the room is the ships pharmacist and can dispense items like aspirin and ibuprofen to anyone who might need it. Behind the manned counter stands an electronically locked metal door that leads back to some of the more controlled pharmacological items. To the rear of the room is a specially designated and sealed 'clean area' for surgeries.

Kai's fork scrapes the plate a couple of times as he tries to spear limp beets with his fork, without the aid of a knife in his right hand. "I guess we've all ended up giving back, above and beyond what we intended to," he murmurs. Mouthful of beets goes in, gets chewed, and a bit of red juice wiped off his lower lip with his knuckles. The man probably wouldn't know how to use a napkin if it was shoved down his throat. "Joined up because I wanted to fly," he answers the return serve, simply.

Aly's clearly not the 'mommy' type, and apparently used to pilots, so Kai's table manners don't bother her in the least. "Apparently you do it well enough that every pilot I've talked with seems to view you as something of a rock star," she tells him after a bit. "You're rather the popular man aboard. I've heard more about you than the XO, CO and former CO combined."

Salazar walks in from Sickbay, picking at something on her neck. Whatever it was is bleeding now, beading up in a droplet of dark crimson. She doesn't seem too concerned about it, and just wipes her finger on the thigh of her cargo pants, leaving her blood to its own devices. At least she stops frakking around with it.

The S2 shakes her head as she catches a dribble wipe happening over there, since her eyes went right to the CAG upon entering. She can't help but smirk briefly, just a curve of the lips. Her eyes find the lovely blonde doc nearby him, and Sal takes a moment to let her eyes roam. Shut up. You know you do it too.

There's a quick huff of air through his nose as Marek coughs a little. Then coughs again. He drops his fork, and clamps the back of his hand over his mouth, waiting for the fit to pass. Yes, flattery nearly made him choke on his food. "I guess most of us don't see much of command," he answers diffidently. The arriving Salazar gets a glance, as does the psyche whom she's eyeing up, and he clears his throat once more before returning to his food.

Aly glances over to Salazar as she catches Kai's slight turn of attention and she offers the woman a smile. "Evening, Ensign. Care to join us? I was just attempting to see if I could make the CAG choke on his own beets. The second act will be jello." Jello. It's always the jello, isn't it. Reaching into her pocket, she offers Kai a clean folded bit of paper towel. "I figured the best way to torture the location of his hidden cigarettes out of him was to feed him Sickbay food."

Salazar wears very little in the way of weapons — only her survival knife at her hip, and a sidearm holstered on her thigh (right). She's probably off duty, though it's hard to tell in the broken down blacks she wears. "He wouldn't know what to do with a napkin if you shoved it down his throat," the S2 offers, helpfully. She heads on over to join the pair, sauntering on up to the edge of the pilot's bed. "Move over, lazy ass." She probably meant 'sir'. She smiles, and an amused look is sent Mims' way. "Stash of secret cigarettes, you say?" That dark gaze is turned on the pilot. "Oh, really."

This is probably about par for the course, where interactions between the pilot and marine are concerned. The 'lazy ass' gets a look, and the napkin comment? Well, he makes a point of accepting the one Aly hands over, thanking her in a polite, if somewhat gruff manner, and dabbing a few times at his mouth with it. He doesn't move over, however. Salazar will have to carve out her own unoccupied spot on the bed. "If I had a secret stash of hidden cigarettes, I'm pretty sure Thorn jumped the gun the minute he heard I was in here, and took them. Sorry, ladies." More beets, yo.

Aly shifts a bit so that Salazar can get in on THAT end of the bed, and she grins over at the S2. "He came out of the head a few minutes ago, rather fragrant with the scent of a freshly smoked cigarette. I hadn't had the chance to order a frisking. Of course, I suspect I might be able to talk him into sharing." She reaches up to tuck her hair back behind her ear. She looks to be in that nebulous state between off duty and having come on duty so long ago that she forgot when.

Salazar comes up a little short as she plants her ass on the bed, with the wall of pilot doesn't so much as shift. Conveniently, she chose the side with less injuries, so the slight jostling doesn't hurt. Probably doesn't hurt. Mostly. She does do a little double-take at the napkin dab. "Hm." The cosmos align for a moment, and absolutely no snarky comments are forthcoming. "I didn't mean the lazy ass thing." She totally meant the lazy ass thing. "Marines have been being shits all day long. I almost had to break one to set an example for the others, but I decided that displaying a battered corpse might give command the wrong idea." The right idea is really what she means. Salazar glances down at Karim's tray, and reaches over to poke a beat. "What are you eating?" Yes, she just stuck her finger into his food. It's probably clean. Even if it's not, GSR never killed anyone. Uh. That way. Sal's dark eyes follow the sweep of Mimieux's fingers to tuck strands of pale hair behind her ear. And then her attention goes more or less back to Marek. Mostly.

As with the brusque greetings, Karim is probably also accustomed to Salazar's nonstop talking. He continues to eat while she chatters at him, or at Mimieux, or at both of them.. it isn't completely clear. Her poking at his food earns her a slap across the knuckles with his fork, and then he spears the beet she just had her finger in. Apparently he's not too worried about marine cooties. "All I had was the one, Lieutenant. Sorry." He doesn't sound too sorry. Though he is discreetly watching Salazar's checking out of the psyche, now and then. You never know, this could be the beginning of some kind of erotic lesbian sponge bath fantasy.

Aly's either immune to the checking out, doesn't mind, or doesn't notice. It's hard to tell at this point. Her arms fold again, shoulder rocking against the wall as she gets comfortable. "Captain Marek, I'm sorry, but I don't allow brutality in Major Pike's Sickbay. You forfeit a cigarette the next time I catch you with one." And then her lips purse as she looks to Salazar as if to ask 'is this guy for real?' "One cigarette," she says after a moment. "Mmmm hmmm." Uhoh. There's A Look.

Sal just reaches over to wipe her finger on the napkin, where ever it ended up. Beet juice. Gross. Dark brows rise a little at the look from Mimieux, and Salazar gives her a little nod. She reaches around behind him, her hand sliding under the Captain's pillow. What is this, a discreet search and seizure? "You hear that? You hit women and it costs you smokes, you savage." Again, she probably meant sir. "Sir." Oh, look, there it is. She does know how to say it. "Ready to be amused? One of my marines," She shakes her head. "Wants to make body armor out of centurion plating. Have you seen those old comic books with the giant iron suits? That's all I can picture, but with the head as a giant codpiece." She smirks. "I suggested borrowing half the squad's socks to stuff if. I don't think he thought that was funny."

Kai's brows knit together in a slight frown, and he shoots Nikos a look as if to say 'this is all your fault'. He doesn't argue the penalty that's been invoked, however, if indeed Aly is serious about it. "Leda brought me one," he mumbles to the psyche around a slice of meatloaf. "I don't ask questions about where that kid finds things. So long as he doesn't start leaving panties in my bunk." The food's finished off while Salazar tells her story, and the plate's slid back onto the tray it came with. Whatever she's reaching for under his pillow, it goes uncommented upon by him. "My guess is, they're made out of some kind of titanium alloy, not iron." He actually sounds serious, despite the obliqueness of his reply.

"Only half the socks," Aly murmurs to Salazar. "And while I can follow the logic, given how Centurions tend to be a bit more…hardy than human beings, I don't think it'd be a good idea. Perhaps if we could replicate the process by which they're made, yes. But using Centurion parts? Well, I'm not a combatant, but it'd be rather like saying 'shoot me.'" Then she looks to Kai, both brows going up. "Panties, you say," she asks, attention piqued. "I wonder what the going rate is." She's not serious. She can't be - can she? Apparently, she can. Her attention goes back to Salazar. "I got here with the uniform on my back, and the Major made me burn it. Everything I had was on Bell. When the choices are grannies or commando, well…" A shoulder lifts. "The uniforms seem to be designed for the least possible comfort." At least she didn't mention chafing. "And supply was out of most things in my size. The closest they could give me was three sizes too large."

"… Okay, you're missing the visual, Marek." Sal's response comes with a little sideways glance, as if to say 'Really? You're that old?'. Oh wait, he is. "I guess that stuff's after your time." She might be bracing for an elbow or something, but she S2 doesn't flinch. Her hand comes out from under the pillow empty. "… Do you often find panties in your bunk, Marek?"

Sal nods to Mimieux, "If it worked, it'd likely be too heavy to be functional, and there'd only be four people rockin' the look. Which seems a little…" She ehs. "But if it makes them happy to frak with it, and Engineering is willing to come off the non classified scrap, what the hell. Have at it, and don't keep me up at night making noise." She nods to Mims. "Yeah, I only have three — no two pairs. I was scooped off of Scorpia with leather pants, a couple of tees. I did come off with the greatest push up bra ever invented, but there's really no call for that around here, is there?" No, there is not.

Martin, who's been asleep this whole time, is probably stirred by the words 'panties' and 'push up bra'. However, he manages to crack one of his eyes long enough to decide he'd rather eavesdrop. Sliding his partially opened eyelid closed, he continues to breathe slowly, listening to the girl talk.

"I don't frakking want the visual of toaster head codpieces, Nikos, but thanks anyway," Kai grunts, snagging the bowl of lime jello one-handed. He seems to tune out as she prattles on some more, blue eyes flicking to her hand as it slithers back out from under his pillow, then lowering again while he eats. Somewhere in there, he manages to catch the bit about the pushup bra. Men, seriously. "I beg to differ," he mutters into his dessert. That might not be caught.

Aly is standing at the end of Kai's bunk, shoulder braced on the wall, arms crossed. She nods to Sal and just sighs quietly. "The only call there is for that would be down on Solon. Of course, you could likely make a killing in cigs and booze renting it out." Again with the dark humor. "I'm getting to the point where I'm considering sewing my own." Then she just looks at Marek for a moment, lips pursing. "You know, I wouldn't be surprised if someone decided to put one of those centurion guns on the crotch of that suit. It's a classic overcompensation. And I'm sorry, Captain Marek, but a bra like that is wasted under a uniform. It has to be worn with the right clothing to be appreciated." She hasn't caught Martin's wakefulness.

"You can beg all you want, Marek," Salazar replies with a slide of her hand over the Captain's back. It might even get you somewhere. But between you and me and the doc, here, I prefer you when you're giving orders." Sal really is quite chatty once you get her sitting still in a relatively relaxed environment and she's off duty. She hasn't made any obvious notice of Martin's wakefulness either. "Do you sew? I'm dying to have my collection of reconstructed tees back. I had a spare bedroom full of clothes back in my apartment on Scorpia. Frakkin' tragedy."

Taking care of his wounded leg, Martin slowly inches the blanket up closer to his chin to get a little warmer while he listens to the conversation. It isn't often that he gets to eavesdrop, and he's surely not above it. Keeping as still as possible, he maintains his breathing to avoid giving himself away. But then again, someone could have noticed when he cracked his eye open.

Kai doesn't answer that, though he also doesn't try to shift away from the marine getting handsy with him. Presumably she's done something to earn that privilege with the CAG. He really takes his time with the jello, chewing and swallowing and giving the spoon a prolonged liiick. Yum. "Rise and shine, Black," he calls over to the eavesdropping pilot.

Sadly, Aly's attention gets very briefly caught by the CAG and that spoon. She blinks for a moment, head tilting a bit to one side, then coughs and looks back to Salazar, a little wide-eyed. "Best I can do with sewing is the occasional stitch job on someone's body. I'm better with flesh than cloth." Hell of a thing for a doctor to say. Oh, and salvation! She looks over and smiles at Martin. "Morning Sleeping Beauty."

Done something to deserve it. Oh, king hot shit. She'll do something to deserve it. With her boot. "What flavor are they serving today?" The S2's inquiry is brief, and her eyes flick toward one of the other pilots as Karim invokes the man's name. She doesn't look directly at him, however. She smiles back at Mimieux, catching the look after the spoon thing. "We clearly need person tailors. There will one day be life after war." She doesn't intent to wear fatigues forever, and one pair of leather pants only goes so far. Her hand slides up under the tshirt the CAG wears. "Speaking of fashion, what happened to that gown? It brought out your legs."

"Why is it…that I always wake up right after the good part and no one lets me eavesdrop?" Martin asks, slowly opening his eyes. Stretching his arms over his head, he lets out a little grunt and reaches out towards Aly, as if to signal that he wants her near. "How long was I out for, and aside from you women forgetting that the perfect push up bra is a hell of a surprise when the duty uniform is half open is hardly wasted."

Salazar wouldn't beat on a helpless infirm pilot, surely. At least, that's probably what Marek's banking on. In lieu of telling her what flavour it is, he carves out another spoonful and offers it to the marine. Complete with airplane noise as it swoops toward her mouth. Payback's a bitch, ain't it? "I figured the ward had seen enough of my legs," he opines, shooting Aly a brief glance. "You're a multi-talented woman, Lieutenant." It sounds like blunt observation, rather than pointless flattery.

Aly considers Karim for a moment, eyes dropping to the spoon, then to Salazar. She gives the other woman a look, one that other women know well. With a grin, she pushes off the wall and heads over toward Martin, moving to settle on his bed next to him. "I somehow suspect I'm not the only one," she replies simply.

"Do you always have to make that noise to be sure you stick the landing." Salazar asks, before she leans in to take the bite of jell-o, fully prepared for it to be snatched away at the last moment in retribution for her partial reflection of retribution splash damage.

Martin wraps an arm around Aly's slender waist and looks across the room towards Salazar and Kairim. "There's iced cream?" Martin asks, turning and giving Aly the sweetest, most innocent look that he can muster up. "Well, speaking for myself, I think I'm a little multitalented. So what, Aly, are you thinking of sewing anyhow?"

Nope, the spoon's not snatched away. It does pause for a beat, maybe half an inch from Salazar's waiting mouth, then completes its trajectory without incident. "Yep," he answers, withdrawing the spoon and licking off whatever she missed. "You ought to listen in over the comms more often. My favourite part is making the 'pew pew' noises when I start shooting." Martin's comment about being multitalented gets a little twitch of his lips. But he'll let Aly handle the question about what she's sewing.

The psyche leans back against Martin's chest, seeming to relax a little bit. "New panties," she tells the junior pilot. "Since I'm down to one pair of grannies and whatever I can swipe from the laundry." A pause and she bites her lower lip. "Yes, yes you are, sweetheart. It takes quite a bit of talent to talk around that foot in your mouth."

Sal coughs a little, but manages to not inhale the jello bits when she snickers at the idea of Karim sitting in the cockpit, blazing down raiders going 'pewpew' over the comms. She reaches up to brush her fingers over her lip, swallows, and then gives Karim a look. Stop trying to kill the marine. Stop it.

"Wait what about the ones that…" Martin starts, tilting his head towards Aly with his eyebrow lifted. "…you had on leave. You know the.." He motions with his hands, keeping his voice down to not embarass her about suddenly not having anything sexy to wear. Biting his lip, Martin shakes his head. "I'll talk to Castor, see what he can come up with." He murmurs something to Aly and then turns his head towards Spider and Salazar. "Oh believe me, I've been his wingman enough times to hear it. I just don't say shit about it because lords know he's had to tell me to stop talking on CAPs."

Aly glances down at Martin with a delicately raised eyebrow and a look that tells him he should know -exactly- what happened to them. No, she doesn't announce it. She doesn't have to. She lets Martin's memory do the work. "The CAG going pew pew. I'm going to have to hear this at some point, I think." A pause as she looks between Sal and Marek. "I rather think that he'd be cute at it." She…just called Kai 'cute.' World is ending.

Well, that's one way to shut Salazar up. The CAG gives her a slight smile in return that barely edges his oft-severe mouth, then finishes off the jello before setting the empty bowl aside. "You swore that'd go to the grave with you, Black, you traitor," he mutters, shifting a little to get more comfortable. "Frak," slips out sharply as he accidentally puts weight on his right arm. Aly's remark is not acknowledged. Verbally, anyway. He is not cute, damn it.

The world would be ending if Salazar smiled at Marek being called cute. And she does. Oh, crap. Grab your ankles, people! Er. Ahem. Nothing untoward happens, the heavens don't open up. The DRADIS doesn't ping multiple basestars… nope. Sal does lean in and says something quietly to Karim, then reach for the bowl of jello. Interloper. Her other hand slides down his back again. Slow circuits. No one else is likely to notice, except maybe Mimieux or Martin, given the positions of the various bodies in the ward. When she finds the jello bowl empty, she pops him in the left arm with a fist. "Dude."

Oh, it's jello, not iced cream. Martin blinks and grins softly at Aly's words, the memory coming to mind. "Oh yeah. I thought those were, you know, reparable." Martin replies, brushing a hand down the back of her neck to rest between her shoulderblades. Taking a deep breath, he turns his head to kiss her temple and get comfortable. "So, Sir, if you don't mind me asking, how long have the two of you been dating?" Martin asks, looking towards the other couple across from them. "and Salazar? Any word on a tattoo artist yet?"

The psyche leans down and murmurs something to Martin before she reaches out for his untouched bowl of jello. An elbow goes back lightly into Martin's ribs after he asks his questions of the CAG and S2, brows pulling together smoothly. "It's lime," she tells Salazar, offering the bowl out. "No pilot germs on this one."

Marek slides the marine sitting beside him a largely unreadable look at whatever she murmurs to him, and takes the fist to his arm with no more than a slight jostling of his larger frame. She's damned lucky that's his good arm. Something's murmured back quietly, probably not audible to anyone but her, and then he answers Martin somewhat evasively, "I do mind." He doesn't seem upset in the slightest.

"I heard there was a hot little blonde hippy with the Res, but she didn't make it aboard," The S2 notes, after a moment of pause. She smirks faintly at something, but it's gone quickly. "Okay, here's a tip, fellas." Salazar glances over at Martin. "Don't tear them off with your teeth when there isn't a boutique nearby to replace them." She's referring to panties, not tattoo artists. She doesn't say jack about dating. "Outstanding," is said to Mimieux regarding the Jello, and she reaches out to take it with a grin of thanks. "I like the green flavor." Lime-esque. No, wait. That's way too close to Levesque.

Martin can't help but laugh a little bit at Salazar's words. Nodding at Kai's reply and the subtle hint from his girlfriend, he settles back into place and murmurs something quietly to her. "In the heat of the moment some of these things get forgotten." Martin replies, smirking quietly. Reaching up to the side of his head, he scratches softly and rests his head against Aly's. "There's got to be someone around here. I'll just keep asking around."

Aly glances down at Martin again, smile soft and just a little indulgent. "That," she says quietly. Yeah, she's rather fond of the man, despite trying to keep it mostly under wraps. "And when you don't have some replacements. While the tearing can be a hell of a lot of fun, after a few weeks of having to go commando, these uniforms chafe like hell." Well, yes. She went there. "Don't you dare, Dash. Or Marek gets the couch and you get to sleep on the floor." It's an empty threat. "Or, worse, the two of you share the couch. Or I bunk with the S2 and leave you two out of it completely."

Sal shakes her head slightly, and replies to Martin, "You just need to be better trained." She glances to the doctor. "I have faith in the good doctor's abilities. And if I get a vote," She reaches for the CAG's spoon, thus defeating the purpose of a pilot cootie free bowl of jell-o, "I pick the third option." She digs in to the sweet dessert, still perched on the CAG's bedside, bodied up to him. There's no snuggling happening, but they're sitting reaaaally close.

"I'm probably not the first to say it, but aside from what it takes to do my job I'm not exactly Gaius Baltar, so I'm now tirelessly thankful that Aly's here to keep me from walking into walls and pretending that the table in the berthings is a flight deck." Martin says dryly, cutting a bit of humor directed towards himself with a roll of his eyes. "To hell with that third option though, see…I don't have any intention of pissing her off to the point that I have to share a bunk with Spider. While I've watched his tail many times, I've never looked at his ass, and I think our relationship works best that way."

Kai remains quiet, for the most part, while the others converse and Salazar helps herself to the bowl of jello. He does not comment upon options first, second or third, nor upon the nature of his relationship with Martin Black. Though he does kind of look like he wants a cigarette right now.

Aly looks at Martin for a long moment as he speaks, then looks to Kai. Martin just -had- to go there about the CAG's ass. Finally she looks over at Salazar, her smile slow, feline. "Third option works for me, too," she says with a little shrug. "Majority rules, gents."

Salazar takes a moment to inhale about half of the jell-o. What? She skipped lunch… and breakfast. What time is it? Don't judge. She covers her mouth briefly to say, "Grab a can of whipped cream and let's roll." She's probably kidding, but there's always the chance she's not. "You have a better chance at survival, Black, if you keep your eyes and your hands off of Marek's ass." Claimed.

Martin lowers his jaw towards Aly, lifting his eybrow. "What's up with that?" He asks with a mild tone of disbelief. Throwing up his hands, he shakes his head and reaches out for his glass of ice and water. "You'd better take that back, Aly. I haven't gone to see Black Cat yet, so you should let me know what I'm gonna have to do for bunking." Martin adds, grinning as he takes a sip of his water. One eye winks in her direction. "…likewise, Salazar, likewise."

Kai opens his mouth, and shuts it again. He's just gonna go ahead and not comment on any of this. Though by the way he's surreptitiously looking between Aly and Salazar, he might just be doing a little visualising of.. said bunk arrangement. Or maybe he isn't. No, he definitely is.

Aly lightly elbows Martin again, laughing quietly. "I think you missed the obvious, sweetheart. But that's ok. We understand it's jello deprivation." She shoots Salazar a look, then Kai, then Marin, then Salazar again. Her gaze is bouncing more than a certain female Marine in PT.

Salazar smirks, dark eyes cutting to Martin. She glances over at Mims, and then glances back to the pilot. "No promises, Black." She returns a little of that feline grin right back to Mims. "Boys. What can you do." She leans in to Karim after she shoves the last bite of Jello, still on the spoon, into her mouth. She reaches over to touch his bad shoulder, poking it. That's not the gentlest thing in the world. He must have said something to her quietly.

"Aly, is there any way you can get me out of here for a little bit, maybe to get a cigarette and crutch around?" Martin asks. Despite wanting to be near his sister, it's apparent that the overactive part of his brain is starting to slowly go stir crazy. "Oh, and for the record, option three isn't happening. She's mine."

Kai was quite happily indulging in his fantasy, when Salazar decided to poke him in his bandaged shoulder. He makes a sharp, rough little sound in his throat, and gives her a shove that's not enough to send her toppling, but will probably force her off the bed unless she's expecting it. "Time's up, Nikos." ie GTFO. "I think I need my beauty rest, anyway."

Aly just gives Martin another look, lips pursing slightly with a bit of amusement. Patting his arm, she rolls to her feet. "Come on, Ensign. I think you and I have some chatting to accomplish. We'll leave the gentlemen here to malinger." Yes, it's clear she's kidding. "You'll likely be out tomorrow night, Dash. Just after the CAG."

And ejected from the bedside. Sal was expecting that, but she's sitting too close, with not enough leverage to stop the shove sending her off the edge. Her boots smack into the floor audibly, but she doesn't stumble. "That's what I thought." There's some subtext going on there, but it couldn't possibly be anything complicated. She nods to Mimieux, though her eyes are on Karim. "Agreed, Lieutenant. If you'd like a smoke, I have a pack right here in my back pocket." She reaches back for it, too, just as she moves to step away from the CAG's bed.

"Tomorrow night? Alright. When you come down next can you bring me my shaving kit? I'm gonna try to limp to the head to clean some of the McScruff up." Martin replies, narrowing his eyes at the sudden mention of cigarettes. Sigh. "Alright, baby, if you see Black Cat can you let her know I'm looking for her? I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" He adds, leaning towards her for a kiss.

Kai is having none of kissing the S2. She just got ejected, and furthermore, she's teasing him with her pack of smokes. She does not get a kiss. He drops his head back against the bulkhead wall instead, closes his eyes, and tries to get comfortable. Bitch. Taking out her cigs right in front of him. Seriously.

Salazar not only takes out the cigarettes, she pauses, just a couple of steps from the bedside to light a cigarette. Yes, in the RW. The sharp scent of the smoke is immediate, tendrils curling from her lips as she exhales a breath slowly. Bitch is right. There's certainly a few other Kashmiri expressions more biting running through the CAG's mind. Just when it looks like she's going to walk off and leave the poor pilot to his own devices, she reaches back and holds the smoke out without looking. She waits a beat, two, three. Does the internal proximity alarm ping? She stays mostly out of range herself.

Still sitting at a recline on his bed next to his sleeping sister's, Martin's in the process of reaching out for a goodnight kiss from his girlfriend when he spies Salazar offering Kai a drag of her cigarette. Grunting, he turns back to his woman and gives her a pleading look.

It's about beat four by the time Kai cracks his eyes open again, and beat six by the time he twists around and snags the cigarette between two fingers. He drags from it slowly, exhales the sweet, sweet smoke out his nose a few seconds later, then passes the cig back. "See you later, Nikos." Somehow, he manages to make that come out more like, "I forgive you."

"Verdad," Sal murmurs under her breath, a little puff of smoke punctuating the word as the last of it escapes her lungs. It's a soft acknowledgment before she waves off the return of the smoke, slides her hands into her pockets, and closes one in a brief little wink. She turns, then heads off with the psychiatrist to parts unknown.

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