Good Morning Sleepyhead
Good Morning Sleepyhead…
Summary: Lieutenant Passi finally wakes up in sickbay after a 5 day long fever. Roubani has been keeping watch with his scripture and greets her. Martin finally makes his way up to visit.
Date: July 20, 2009
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Samantha wasn't well. Some sort of infection, either caught at the surface or with her arm, set in deep and her fever's been in the dangerously high territory for the last several days. Pike put her in a small ICU like room and has had at least a nurse on 24 hour watch duty. Completely unconscious from the height of the fever, she's occasionally come in and out of some delirious murmurings, but generally her brain has been half fried. Finally, though, just today the fever has started to break. She looks drained, probably having lost a few pounds since this whole ordeal started… she stirs wearily on the bed in the private back area that was set up, muttering something again… Something about Artemis.

Roubani hasn't been in here much lately, especially not in the long stretch of hours of their mission and the long night of unload and distribution that followed. He's been settled in a seat close by for about twenty minutes, silent and paging through a hand-bound book on his lap.

Samantha murmurs something, an old Gemenese prayer, it's been on her lips, floating through her head, among the fever dreams and warful images… the sights of bodies and more bodies. Finally, the words finish, but they were clear enough that it seems she might actually be half conscious. Her eyes begin to open, staring glassily up at the ceiling for a few lonely heartbeats. It's possible she's not quite realized he's here yet… but she's awake, or half awake… blinking past the last fingers of a high fever…

Roubani may as well not be here, for how quiet he is. A page rustles again as he turns it, his head tilting to the right so he can follow the new paragraph of ink in its neat blocks.

Samantha really hasn't realized he's there yet. She sighs out, staring at the ceiling drowsily, before she finally murmurs, "…Frak me…" rather certain no one is around to hear her swearing, even if a nurse might swoop in sooner rather than later. Slowly, she reaches behind her with her good arm, trying to stiffly push herself up into sitting. She feels like she was run over by a truck and it's definitely slow moving. That's when she notices Roubani, giving a bit of a blink…"Frak…Poet… quiet as a mouse.."

Roubani looks up casually from the book, rubbing his thumb under one eye. "Lieutenant." The greeting's given as softly polite as though they were just passing each other in the hall. "I won't be long; they don't allow visitors in for very long. The wing will be glad to know you're awake, though."

Samantha blinks in faint confusion…"Awake? I…couldn'ta slept that long…Where's that hot Marine doctor guy?" She inquires with her best of a pale smile, forcing herself into sitting up the rest of the way straight. Her arm is still in a sling, but that doesn't stop the rest of her body from moving and she's so damn stiff she would like to shift up from laying down.

"Marine doctor, sir?" Roubani asks her. The other qualifiers about him are left off. "I'm not sure I know." He scratches the shell of his ear with his ring finger. "You were with some sort of fever and it's been a few days, sir. We've been to Scorpia again, last night."

"Frak that…you know you should be callin' me Sam or Case if that makes ya uncomfortable…I certainly ain't no sir right now…" Samantha admits drowsily, giving a bit of a grunting cough as she processes the fact that she may have been asleep a few days. Now leaning against the wall, propped up, her hand pushes back through her hair and rubs drowsily at her eyes…"Been to Scorpia…damn…how did that go?"

Roubani closes the book over his hand, resting the other on top of it. "There was an engagement in the air and two on the ground, but I don't believe any fatalities. We did get the tylium we needed, and some parts."

"Thank the Gods…" Samantha admits gently, giving a half smile as she finally drops her hand from her eyes and rests it in her lap, looking over to him drowsily and trying to remember quite how to process thoughts. She's definitely not quite all with it right now…"Wish I'd been there…"

"It went smoothly for the most part." Roubani remarks, quietly. "They did not dispatch a very large force to deal with us, only two or so at a time. As engagements tend to go, it went fine."
Samantha frowns a bit more, considering all of that, "…it's like they're…playing with us again. They know we are here… surprise they haven't come to blow us out of the sky…" She admits thoughtfully, a deeper frown upon her lips as she studies the man across from her..

Roubani makes some sound in throat. Whether it's agreement or just acknowledgment, who knows. "There is a reason for everything. And I don't mean in a fate sense, I mean…a logical reason. Why anything does what it does, or doesn't."

Samantha nods in understanding…"I know. I agree… Frak, just gotta worry what they are planning…" Sam murmurs gently, pushing one more hand across her face as she looks across the room. "Don't suppose I could go get you to smuggle me some cigarettes? Wonder when they'll let me out of this death trap…"

"You can have some," Roubani says, raising an eyebrow as he pulls his own pack from his front pocket. It's shaken to see how many are left and then he removes two, reaching over to put them down. "Whether you're meant to be smoking in here is your problem."

Samantha blinks a moment as Roubani actually gives her a cigarette. She's half shocked, slipping one between her lips and tucking the other behind her ear before she reaches her free hand over for his lighter…"Damn, Poet… you're bein' awful nice to me, you'd think you liked me or somethin'." She winks teasingly.

Roubani regards her mildly. "People deserve dignity, Lieutenant. We can't behave with humanity when it isn't extended to us in kind." He shifts in his chair, sliding his hand out of the book so that it closes. "Is there anything else you need?"

Samantha shakes her head gently, taking a deep breath of the cigarette, if he's willingly lit it for her (if not, she'll hunt something down soon). "No, no… probably should tell a doctor I'm awake… but I can do that. Thanks…thanks for stoppin' in. Yer…yer really sweet, Poet. Truly. Thank you."
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Roubani hasn't lit it. "I'm sure a nurse has noticed." Can't do anything in here without Sickbay staff seeing, least of all wake up. "I'll make sure Marek knows you've woken as well." He's in a chair by Samantha's bed, a large hand-bound book resting on his knees. Having been conversing quietly with the Lieutenant for a few minutes, he's getting up.

Samantha is awake. She looks hollow cheeked and hollow eyed, the fever having taken a lot out of her including some weight off of her bones. Almost 5 days at a dangerously high grade of fever, there was a bit there that people seemed certain she's was just going to fry her brain into oblivion. Somehow, though…she was stronger than that. Her body fought whatever it was and the fever broke a few hours ago. Now she's conscious, looking dazed and eager for a cigarette, but at least half sitting up quietly smiling at Roubani, "Sounds good, Poet… how…watcah got there?" She nods slowly to his book.

Stepping quietly into the room by himself is a quiet, subdued vision of Martin. Hands behind his back, folded in a slightly creeping manner, his footfalls go quiet as he nears the door of the recovery ward. Spying Sam awake with Roubani, he does step inside but remains near the back with his head down, giving them a small ounce of privacy until noticed.

"Scripture, sir. The hymns of Ascelpius." Roubani murmurs, as he settles on his feet. The book's tucked under his arm, and some spidey sense goes off before he even turns around. Someone's at the door. He looks over his shoulder and nods to Martin, rocking back on his heels in an unspoken sort of 'I was just about to go, bro' kind of way. "Lieutenant."

Samantha turns her head, still half drowsed from fever, but as she sees Martin she smiles just a wee bit more… She stifles just a bit of a yawn, pushing one hand back through her hair. Sadly, her right arm is still in a sling against her body, recovering, but at least she's got one hand on the go. "…Hymns of Ascelpius. I…don't think I remember those. Maybe you'll have to enlighten me sometime, Poet…" And then she nods gently to Martin, not certain what to say, really, but she watches him with tired, thoughtful eyes.

"Ensign." Martin nods to Roubani, a quiet tone of voice taken due to the infectious demanding peace of the environment. His lip pulls sideways in a tugged facial expression to the pilot as he leans off of the wall. Stepping across the floor, he pulls his arms around from behind his back, leaning over Sam to give her a light hug. Careful of her arm, he kisses her temple and mutters something to her before righting himself. He's in visitation mode for sure.

Martin whispers: You don't know how good it is to see you awake, Samantha…

"Sometime." Roubani replies to Samantha. He's turned for the door with the kind of swift politeness one gives to emotional scenes happening behind them, not sticking around to rubberneck.

"Bullshit…" Martin smiles, pulled back from her. "…you know I let you sleep in when you need to." Looking over his shoulder, he finds a chair and quietly drags it to rest beneath him. Lowering himself onto it and resting his hands against her side, he makes sure that he's close and in her field of vision. A deep breath comes in … and slowly exhales. "Gods, Sam…I'm really frakking glad you're back up here." He swallows, eyebrows lowering. "Don't do that again, allright?"

Samantha has definitely lost weight. Probably a good ten pounds over this all, the vicious arm injury and then the fever which has sapped so much of the woman Sam used to be. Rehab in the future, no doubt, but she's here, and even if her eyes are still a bit glassy and her skin warm she seems more than aware, witty as ever, and quite happy to see him also. She sets her donated, unlit cigarette aside and rests her good hand overtop of his…"I…I'll certainly try not. Didn't mean to do it in the first place, handsome… I… I'm sorry. Frak… I slept…days? I don't even… remember it…" She admits gently, shaking her head with a bit of a feverish shiver.

Martin shakes his head softly from side to side, his fingers squeezing lightly over hers in response. "Don't worry bout it, not one bit. They're gonna get you back on CAPs in no time, allright?" He says with a bit of lift to his eyebrows, a hopeful gesture. "You should have seen us all up here, chomping at the bit like a pack of rabid dogs waiting for the EVAC mission to come to light, shit Sam, you shoulda seen it." He smiles. "You're back home now and you just need to rest that arm up, allright?"

Samantha laughs faintly at the thought. "Yeah, you damn lucky frakkers. Got to fly in combat twice and be big damn heroes while the rest of us had our thumbs up our asses on the surface." Sam admits, giving him a flirtatious, teasing little smile as she keeps her hand against his, really not wanting to let go of him though he's still sitting on a chair and not on the side of her bed, probably where she wishes him.

Arms elevated to an uncomfortable level, Martin smirks and rises. Moving to the edge of the bed, he manages to half-sit on it. "Had a few good fights up here." He leaves that one on it is. "So that's what you were all doing down on vacation there? Thumb-assing and singing campfire songs? With all of you crashed down there we couldn't drink and had double CAPs. You know how I get without my solid eight hours. Shit. Cap-sleep-cap. I had a new cap every 8 hours…"

Samantha shifts over enough that there is room on her sickbed for him, half leaning against his body and then shifting her left arm to rest around his waist instead of just touching his hand. She tilts her head to rest on his shoulder, he wrapped up in a big, hot Samantha blanket at the moment, but at least she's conscious and talking. "Well…not exactly vacation. I… frak…it was weird, Martin. I'll just say that. I crashed alone. Didn't find anyone from the ship for a few days…even got lucky there."

Martin relaxes against her, giving her comfort. The two, quite close, he finds himself lowering his head to listen as he settles in beside her. "Well in the end the major point is that you're back up here where it's safe." He chuckles. "I told Rabbit to go frak himself when he wanted to pull back. Since Kai went down out there, that made him CAG. I'm frakkin amazed I didn't get screamed at." He pauses, he turns to look at her. "So how are you feeling? Are you okay?" Another pause. "Need me to get you anything?"

Samantha closes her eyes, settled there, as close and warm as they possibly could be in the inpersonal sickbay, not their bunks or a more relaxing area of the ship. She turns her head, nose resting straight against his chin…"Feelin'…like I was hit by a truck… frak. Everything hurts. I need to run a marathon just to loosen my body up. And you?…How are you, really?" At the question of getting her anything, she pauses…"I could use a light for this cigarette."

Martin goes quiet, hand sliding into his pocket to produce a small, beat up lighter. "Are you sure it's okay? If you get busted don't sell me out, allright?" Martin smirks, huffing quietly. Reaching over her to grab the cigarette, he lights it and takes a quick drag, and then offers it to her lips. Turning his head to exhale to the side, he lowers his voice. "I'm…up and down." He says, gazing off at the wall. "Nothing much changes for me. The less I try to control my life, the harder it comes when I try to control the aspects of my life that I'd like to have some modicum of control over. I'm not getting tired…I'm just severely needing a vacation I think."

Samantha chuckles faintly at his concern over her having the cigarette. She takes a good drag of it once he slips it between her lips, shutting her eyes and allowing her still slightly dizzy body to actually take in the first drug she's willingly taken in a week. She needed that. "Damn…thank you. I won't ratcha out, promise…" She takes another drag, pulling back enough to study his face, frowning slightly. "I'm sorry…I…i didn't mean for that to happen… at all. But I'm back. Your sister's fine, right? I heard she was fine… everyone's in one piece and it'll be fine."

"Yeah, she's fine. Her and I about broke our asses in half combat landing after the first fight. My Viper flipped and she was in here for a while. Cylon round got through and cut her up pretty bad. Saw her up and dancin, flirtin around a few days ago. She seemed to be doing pretty good. Frak…I haven't seen her in her zone like that in a while." Martin smirks. "…and don't worry, it's not your fault. I was seeing red when it was all going down. It's…not good conversation for now. Maybe later when you're out I'll fill you in down at the mess, allright?"

Samantha nods quietly in understanding, her hand dropping from his waist to his leg where she rubs very gently, reassuringly, up and down across his thigh and knee, both a touch tempting but also remembering just what he feels like. He's real, warm, alive… here. She turns her head, breathing in his scent deeper, wanting it more than the cigarette for just a moment before she sits up enough to just smoke and relax. "Yes. I…I'm here to listen. I promise. Frak… I missed you…" She admits with a slightly cracked voice, looking up, studying his eyes.

Martin turns to rest his forehead against the side of her head. Blindly reaching for the cigarette, he tilts his head towards it and steals a drag off of it. Handing it back to her as he exhales, he turns his head and presses his hand to the outside of her jaw. Pulling her head to him, he plants a soft kiss against her temple again as he slips off of the bed. "I'm gonna go see that they bring you up some of that soup you like and some water, allright? I'll give you a five minute head start on the smoke and I'll be back up here with dinner too." He smiles to her, clearly elated to see that she's pulling through. "I missed you too, Sammie. I'll be back. I promise."

Samantha closes her eyes at the kiss against her temple, hesitant to let him go, but she does so. She sinks back down against the pillow where she was resting, utterly exhausted despite having slept for a week. Damn ever took far more out of her than she first imagined… She settles back there and breathes slowly, eyes shut. "I…I'll see you soon. Love you…" She murmurs gently, giving a half smile as he makes to depart.

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