Good Hands
Good hands
Summary: Iris proves Yuuri's viper is in good hands with the deck crew
Date: PHD01 (April 20)
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The deck is never quiet onboard the Kharon and this afternoon is nothing different. Deck hands scurry around repairing vipers from the previous day's encounter with an unknown enemy. The common elevator used to bring in aircraft from the landing deck is bringing down a Viper now - Wolf-4. Flashing lights located on the front of lift signals it's arrival as they hook it up to the bird and pull it to the designated parking slot.

The canopy opens quickly and within the cockpit is Lieutenant JG Typhys "Typhoon" Yuuri unstrapping himself from the seat. He removes the helmet and looks around for a knuckledragger with the clipboard to run the final checkdown. A gloved hand combs through his hair sending a frizzle of sweat around him. "Hey, let's go, get this damn checkout done."

Iris is one of those very busy deckhands. Her expression is grim and as the Viper's being brought now, she and a couple others are moving into position to deal with it. "At your service, sir," Iris says in her accented voice.

Yuuri tosses the helmet towards Iris and reaches down to grab the clipboard from one of the deck hands beside her. After two check he hands the clipboard back and rises out of the seat. "I don't know what the deal is, but the avionics was fluttering on me. Get that looked at ASAP." He hasn't had much sleep in the last week and with Condition One, CAPs, and Alert Five, it doesn't look like he's going to be gaining it. His hair is a twisted mess as a hand attempts to smooth it out, finally stepping onto the floor.

The helmet is caught and tucked under one arm. She glances underneath the viper, frowning. "We'll run a full scan on her, sir, don't worry." She attempts a slight grin, "She'll be in good hands." Turning, she exchanges the helmet for another clipboard and a pen, making some notes. "I think there's some coffee in one of the offices if you want a cup," is stated quietly before she's back to business, "Any other things out of the ordinary? Any damage that might've been taken?"

Yuuri chuckles, "I think only two of us didn't get touched yesterday." He rubs a hand along the sleek metal coating of the Viper, "You better treat her good. Two confirmed kills and an assist on the freighter with no damage. But check the landing gear. I felt a bump today."

Iris nods. The hangar decks are probably covered with what /did/ get touched. "She's in good hands." As the pilot mentions the landing gear, the deck hand ducks back under to give a quick cursory glance, frowning.

"Lemme see 'em" Yuuri says crossing both arms across his chest and looking at the knuckledragger.

Peeking back up from under the viper, Iris gives a blink. "Sir?"

"Your hands, out with them." Yuuri states, tapping his foot. The corners of his lips twitching as he holds back a smirk.

A red brow arches before she tucks the clipboard underneath her arm and holds out her hands. "Is there a problem, sir?" She might be overworked cause she ain't getting it.

The corners of Yuuri's lips give in and he flashes a devilish grin at the deck hand, "No, just making sure my bird is in good hands." He winks an icey jade at Iris, "Polish the canopy and get her fueled and put back in the tubes. I'm still on alert five."

Again, there's a blink and then a rather no nonsense look. "Aye, sir," is said, but she does let herself smile a bit. She sets her clipboard aside. "We'll check what's wrong with your complaints, and she'll be ready to fly soon enough. If what you say doens't lead to any other problems, they should be relatively minor fixes." And of course what's relative is probably strewn all over the place as it is.

Yuuri starts to walk away, but stops and turns back around, "Oh uh miss, I need my helmet." His strides take him back towards the viper and extends a hand. "Lt. Typhys Yuuri by the way. Only been here a week."

Helmet? Oh! Iris turns and grabs it off one of the carts where she stashed it to grab the clipboard. "Sorry about that, sir," Iris does look a bit abashed at having forgotten something so mundane. She holds the helmet long enough to shake the pilot's hand. "PO2 Iris Caledon. Little bit longer'n that, but not much." And she hands over the helmet.

Yuuri lightly squeezes the hand, "Good to know who's working on our birds, pleasure Petty Officer Caledon." As the grip is released he takes the helmet and offers another smile towards Iris. "I'll be back in a bit to check up on how things are coming. Make sure she's fueled"

"Don't worry, the last thing we want is for our pilots to get stranded on an empty tank o'gas," Iris then gestures, "So I'm goin' t'get started on 'er, should be some improvement when next y'come around."

With a nod and that devilish grin, Yuuri spins on a heel and walks towards the stairs, calling over his shoulder, "See you in a bit."

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