Good Grief
Good Grief
Summary: Castor finds a grieving Epi in the mess only to learn that Jules had put a bomb in his locker.
Date: PHD216
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The Mess is well, the mess and since this is the communal watering hole of the Kharon this is a room to meet with people. In fact there is a theory which states if one stays in one place long enough they will run into everyone they have ever met including long lost friends and Castor Leda seems to be testing that theory at the moment as he eats in silence and he waits to see what will happen next on this ship.

The hatch opens and Epi slinks in. No, she's clearly not happy. In fact, she looks rather like someone just shot her puppy, right in front of her, while telling her that Santa didn't exist.

Epi in trouble, uh oh, because if Epi isn't happy than neither is Leda. Shepherd looks up from his food and he calls out to Epi, "After you get your food would you like to join me?" His eyes follow Epi as she moves and he his face clearly shows concern for the little Marine that makes things go boom.

She doesn't even bother getting food. Epi slinks over to Castor's table and settles down across from him. Though, it's quiet clear that she'd rather sit next to him. "Sunshine's dead," she whispers quietly.

Castor is torn for a moment since he heard through the rumor mill that Sunshine was a cylon or cylon colaborator and his brows crease slightly for a moment before it unscrunches and Castor is no longer torn since Epi is more important to him right now and he says softly, "I'm sorry, Epi, I'm so, so sorry." Castor says this in the most comforting voice that he can and he then adds, "Want to talk about it?"

Devastated doesn't even begin to describe how Epi looks at the moment. She looks lost, utterly lost. "I asked her. She was the one who put the bomb in your locker," the woman says softly. "I couldn't ask her why. I just…" Yep, the tears well, but don't quite fall.

Castor stands and he begins to switch sides so that he can sit beside Epi, and he does this for two reasons, one so he can physically sit beside Epi to be comforting and two to hide the dark look that comes across his face as the words bomb, your, and locker come out. The last time Castor was this mad he was yelling at the Padre but he chokes it down by the time he is sitting beside Epi and he says softly oh so softly, "I'm sorry to hear that as well." He then takes Epi's hand and he holds it and this isn't a come on move but rather a friend trying to comfort another.

For once, she doesn't even fight him on that. They're in public and other people can see, but it just doesn't seem to register. Her fingers are ice cold as they curl around his hand. "She said she'd see me again," the woman murmurs. "She promised me that."

"Well, I suppose when we die maybe it is possible that we can see people we loved in the next life." Whoa, Leda believes in something spiritual. He squeezes gently trying to warm her hands up.

Epi shakes her head slightly. "I don't believe in all that religious nonsense," she murmurs. Yes, she's bordering on unconsolable. "I just…she did wrong. She needs punished. But she didn't need to die, Cas."

Castor looks at Epi and he says, "Epi, she killed the old man and put a bomb in my locker and the standard punishment for killing the old man is death as for the locker, well, you know how explosives work." He says softly, "She chose her path Epi and she faced the consequences for it." He then shakes his head softly and says again with compassion, "I'm sorry you lost a friend."

She just bows her head, not willing to let anyone see the tears falling. And yet she clings to his hand, squeezing it almost painfully. "I know Cas," she whispers. "I know that she should have, but she…" No, Epi doesn't understand. And yes, it's tearing her apart inside. "I had to ask her if she put the bomb in your locker. I didn't want to. But you deserved to know."

And emit and here is Castor attempting to be a better man but a new look cross his face, frustration, since he didn't get to get revenge he has to sit there and accept the punishment that command gave her and it shows on his face, "I'm glad you asked but now I will never know why she set me up in the first place." He then begins to swallow his anger and frustration and he looks at Epi and he says, "Wait, if you don't believe in religion how will you see her again?"

"I don't know," she whispers quietly, clearly oblivious. "I just…I don't know. And they don't know how she died, either. She was found dead in her cell. I promised to tell the firing squad to aim for her head." Finally she looks up at Cas, utterly disconsolate. Completely. "She was afraid of how much the bullets would hurt."

Castor blinks for a moment, "So no bullets and like that she was dead?" He begins to wonder and a curious look falls on his face and he shakes his head, "Leave her death for the S2 to investigate." When Epi gives him the look Leda forgets all about the bomb and he says, "Well, she died in a manner that she wanted and she didn't get bullets so maybe that was a good thing for her." He then adds in an attempt to bring some comfort to Epi, "And the S2 will find out who did this or how she died."

Epi simply looks up at him with those wide brown eyes and the tears start to stream down her cheeks. Nope, she clearly doesn't have any words. Not right now.

Castor squeezes Epi's hand since he can't exactly give her a physical shoulder to cry on at the moment since that might raise eyebrows but he sits there with Epi and after a long period of silence Castor asks, "Epi, tell me about the best parts of Sunshine what made her good?"

She sniffs after a moment and shakes her head. "She was just…Sunshine," Epi says quietly. "She was so happy and sweet. She loved everyone and especially loved animals." There's a pause. "She wanted to go to Scorpia and be a veterinarian."

Castor says, "Then that is what you should remember about Sunshine." He then says softly, "And didn't she have an animal somewhere on this ship? Maybe you could take care of it?"

"Bunnies," she says with a little smile. "They're in the walls of the ship, so I have to find them and take care of them when they come out. And Oscar. But someone else is taking care of him."

"Okay, so the first order of business is finding the bunnies." He offers as haviing something to do might help with the shock that Epi is going through and Leda wants Epi together and at least as happy as she can be. "Maybe I can get scrounge up some food for you to feed them with?"

The little woman just shakes her head, the smile fading. "They'll come out," she says softly. "That's what Jules told me. I just…I don't know what to do, Cas. I don't know what to feel. I'm angry and I'm sad. I'm so very sad."

Leda is angry but he is doing his best to hide it as only a flash of anger is seen in his eyes, however, Operation Help Epi Out, is the mission and the mission comes first and so Castor asks, "Are you angry because she is dead or because of the things she did?" He doesn't want to ask this but he has to figure out where the anger is coming from.

Epi catches the flash of anger in his eyes and pulls away a little, disengaging. "Because of the things she did," she answers, folding her hands in her lap. They don't stay there for long - she starts to stand. "I shouldn't have come to find you. I should just…" Now, on top of being upset about Jules, it's clear she's upset that she upset Castor. "I need to go. I'm sorry."

Castor says, "No. You don't need to go." He then says, "And I'm glad you told me, I'm not going to lie, I'm a little upset at your friend but I don't like seeing you like this at all. Epi, I don't want to see you hurt like this." His mouth opens almost to say something and then it quietly closes since the thing he wants to say is something that he can't say and after a moment he says, "I remember when Pollux died and I remember how much it hurt to lose someone I love and that pain is hard to work through. Let me be with you as you grieve?"

She shakes her head, oddly enough, just watching him for a moment. "You're not mine to lean on," she tells him, expression somewhat solemn. "Thank you, though." And then she's gone, moving much slower than she normally does.

Now it is Leda's turn to get hurt as he is reminded again of something but instead he says softly to no one, "I'm still your friend to lean on." Though after a moment Leda is up since he needs to make his way to the gym and he has a bag to hit since all of this anger has to be channeled somewhere.

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