Good Fortunes
Good Fortunes
Summary: Castor admires the good fortune of XO and the XO helps Castor remember something as well.
Date: PHD 187
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Castor has been sitting quietly in the Mess as he is off duty and still thinking from his last discussion with Kitty and he is back in a zombie like state eating his food and quietly thinking about snow globes and how this ship is a bit like a shaken up snow globe right now and everyone is waiting to settle. He then stops as he takes a sip of water and he turns his head to look at it as if he was wishing it was beer. However, Leda hasn't had a drink in a long while and so he goes back to that zombie like look as the gears in his brainpan keep turning.

It was tough to find Praxis around the ship when he was TACCO. Always cooped up in CIC, planning operations with the CAG and the Marine CO. Now the guy is even busier than that. The scope of his responsibility has somehow increased from the small enclosed space they call a CIC to the entirety of Kharon. It still hasn't set in his head that he really is one step away from commanding the whole ship. Seriously, if Jules were to strike again, Praxis would come out on top - and that is almost enough to scare the always fearless man. Anyway, the point is, a rare entry comes through from the hallway, Praxis feeling hungry and making a beeline straight for the breakfast.

Castor raises his head for a moment and then he notices the XO and his mind is still a million miles away however his eyes go from zombie to active when he spots the XO and his mind suddenly snaps into place as he reals in - just because he is off duty doesn't mean he is going to go around and disrespect rank. He stands and offers the Captain a place at his table which is empty at the moment and all of this is to say that Leda's mind is firmly back now into the land of the living, oh and cylons too, but then the question is - 'Are they alive?'

With his tray, honestly, Praxis was just going to go back to his room and eat there. He's got so much work to do that he just coops himself up in his quarters with that nice big desk. But when Castor offers a seat the XO realizes the value of spending time with the crewmembers still (and because Cortez says he needs to) and he moves to take a seat in front of Bubbles. "Mr. Leda." he greets, settling down.

"Sir, I think they made you the XO just so the Colonel can hear you call me, Mr. Leda." He then says, "The ring, the one I gave you…I looks nice on Doc Locke." He offers and he then says, "Though it would appear you've got competition now, sir. Price and Tanner are getting married and Hale and Eos as well." He then winks, "I say that there are two ways to deal with this…either have a competition to see who can have the best wedding and reception OR have all three weddings at once and a MASSIVE reception slash party to improve morale." He is half joking and half serious but he puts it out there since the XO was looking for options." He then says, "Cause the only other option I'm thinking would be getting rid of the fraternization rules but for some reason and this is just a tiny, tiny, voice mind you, more of a whisper than a voice, well, anyway I don't think that the Colonel would go for that."

Praxis gives Castor the weirdest look he's ever gotten as he slides his hand around his coffee mug and raises it up to his lips, listening to all that stuff about people getting married. He nods his head where appropriate but eventually ends up shaking it. "Camille and I are fairly private couple." he says fairly softly. "Or perhaps I am just a private man. Unfortunately I do not subscribe to the idea of competition, nor do I want such a moment detracted from as it happens with others simultaneously." Demitros then shakes his head at Castor's last, "I don't think I would go for that either."

Castor looks at Praxis and he nods his head, "Fair enough, sir, I'm just offering suggestions." He then takes a moment to grin about the fraternization rules, "Well, sir, that is why we are in the military and we do things by the book." He then takes a moment to take another sip of his water and he changes the subject, "How are you getting along, sir, with your new room I mean?" He then realizes, "Hey, will Doc Locke move in with you after you two get hitched? I mean that is a rare thing around here why if two pilots were hitched they'd still be in the bunks. Now, that - that is a gift."

Demitros nods his head when Castor mentions he's just making suggestions. "Yes, thank you for that. Honestly, the both of us have been so busy we haven't had the chance to even discuss it." He pushes his glasses slightly further up his nose before grabbing a fork and politely eating. "It is the book that has kept us around this long, kept us together." Praxis makes his little plug for the value of the military system before he smiles just a little bit at the mentions of his room. "Of course. Plenty of room for the both of us."

Castor then says, "You may be one of the luckiest men in the whole universe right about now." He then takes a moment to eat a bit more of his food and he says, "Anyway, going back to my earlier point all I am saying is weddings are good for raising morale but then again so is a big party." He then takes a moment to add, "Or maybe getting slightly better food…not that I am complaining I once ate out of a trash can so if it is clean and hot it is good enough for me. However, maybe Martin was on to something though I doubt we are going to find steak around for everyone." He then closes his eyes as if he is trying to remember steak and how it tastes and he says. "Steak with potatos, fried, mashed, baked it doesn't much matter…maybe some veggies on the side or maybe even light pasta and red wine and then for desert cheesecake." He then opens his eyes and he says, "A good meal, a good nights rest, and a bath could do wonders…well, maybe it is just me on the bath. I miss having a bath though that is an Aquarian thing."

Praxis nods his head. "Lucky, in a manner of speaking. Honestly, Lieutenant, if I could return to the time when I was Tactical Officer and the original CO were still around, I would do it, sacrificing all of the new amenities I have received because of my service to this vessel and her crew." Anyone else could have been picked to be XO. Captain Marek. Ezra Cass. But it was Praxis who had proved himself with Command. He knew it the best. "Take some shore leave. I believe there may be opportunities for a bath as well. As for weddings, I believe that three in a row is rather tedious. I have no problems with waiting for a while or perhaps it even being a private function." The XO just shakes his head as all the food items are talked about. "We all miss certain things, I believe."

Castor nods his head and says, "Sir, I think a lot of people would like to see things back to things were and not because you are bad at your job but because the Old Man was the Old Man." He then says, "Having said that sir, I think it says something about the New Old Man (TM) that he chose you to be his XO. It means you are dependable, level headed, and you know how this ship should work." He then takes a moment to say, "I will take some shore leave soon since there are some things I need to see planet side, never know what kind of things I might find to trade with down there." He then pauses and snaps his fingers, "Which reminds me I'm going to be looking for a dress for Doc Locke for the wedding - I doubt I will find a wedding dress BUT I'm looking for something that we can bleach until it is white." He then says, "So, is there anything you would like me to look for in this dress?" He then says, "And before you go rushing in this is all Doc Locke's idea she was thinking we could have a communal dress to pass down to the next bride and so now I'm helping her find it." He then says, "And fireworks man, totally freaking epic there in a proposal."

"I'm not at all insecure about my performance, but thank you as always for the endless votes of confidence, Mr. Leda. That is what makes you, you." A little nod. "It is important that yes, you do take the opportunity to go planetside - it is our first time with established shore leave since PHD01." Praxis raises both of his brows when the LT tells Demitros that he's looking for a dress for Camille. At this point he actually breaks into a smile and buries his face in his hands, "Just like you to go off and do that. You know that one size doesn't necessarily fit all. The women aren't exactly similarly built." And then the fireworks. "You found out about that, did you?"

Castor acctually stops and listens to what the XO thinks makes up part of who Castor is and he then takes a moment to reflect on that and he says simply, quietly, and sincerely "Thank you, sir." He then takes a moment to think about shore leave and he says, "Well, I'll be down planet side soon enough." He then takes a moment to look over at Praxis and he says, "See, that is my idea too since all three women gettng married have different sizes but this is what I've been asked to do. I'll focus on Doc Locke first." He then turns to look at Praxis and he says, "Sir, I'm not omniscient but I do tend to learn things around here since sometimes information is something that you can trade with. Not that this is information to trade but it is a lovely story, sir." He then says, "I do believe the Doc has been beaming ever since."

Praxis isn't quite sure how he feels having everyone know about the dramatic way in which he proposed to Dr. Locke. Finding those fireworks was a one in a million thing, and Demitros still feels bad about yanking them from the spot he found them. Of course, he never really did tell anyone where he nabbed them. "Well, thank you for your help. She has been beaming? I have not had the opportunity to see Camille since that point in time plus the tiny, brief interval where I told her I had been promoted to Captain."

Leda nods his head and he says, "She has been and I've seen it with my own eyes." He then takes a moment to add, "And think of it this way, you both are in luck since neither of you will leave the ship. I mean that is the thing isn't it since pilots and marines go off and get shot at and you are both in positions of relative safety compared to us and that means you have years ahead of safety with each other." He then takes a moment to eat a bit more of his food as he reflects on this as he chews.

"Let me hazard the most wild of guesses." Demitros begins, putting his fork down on the tray, folding his arms over his chest and leaning back in his seat. "She's been gushing about it to everyone since she's become affianced." He just shakes his head at that point before letting Castor in on a fun fact. "When Sheridan asked for applications to be a liaison officer for the Resistance on Scorpia, I applied much to Camille's worry. But yes, as things are, we are RELATIVELY safe. The thing is - in the grand scheme of things, I am not certain precisely how safe we are."

Castor getins, "Well, I didn't have to listen to loudly for this one…yes, that is one way of putting it." He then says, "You, you, wha?" See not omniscient in fact this confuses Castor for a moment, "Sir, without you we'd all be screwed when it comes to missions." He then pauses and he says, "So, sir, did we ever fill in that positionfor the liason officer to Scorpia?" He asks not really wanting to leave the Kharon but instead because he is curious and he never heard of the position being filled.

Praxis nods. Yes, so she did tell him, and probably everybody else all about it. Cam was more excited about the wedding than Demitros was, but when is Praxis excited about anything? "Yes, me. I was actually sure I got the job when Command decided it wasn't in our best interest to send a man down there. I don't exactly recall why at this point." It was a a while ago. At this point in time, Demitros stands up and pushes his chair out, grabbing his tray. "I've spent far too much time talking. I have to return to work for a while."

Castor looks at Praxis and he smiles and says, "Take care, sir." He then stands, "And I should get some bunk time soon." He then takes a moment, just a moment to say, "And thank you for coming out, sir, I feel like I haven't really spoken to you in ages." He then takes a moment to put his tray away and he scuttles off as well.

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