Good Day Sunshine
Good Day Sunshine
Summary: Some Marines decide to test their firearms skills. However, they evacuate when a Pilot shows up. Kai and Jules have a conversation about hope.
Date: PHD08
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Castaine is standing in firing stall four, ear/eye protection on, a bag her feet on the deck. Her hand held weapon is placed on the counter before so she can grab up a rifle. She checks her clip, slaps it into place, raises the rifle and fires four times in rapid order, for bullets ripping through the target.. If she notes the arrival of Ashe, she doesn't make it apparent.

Ashe looks down the range at where Castaine hit and tilts his head, snickering a bit before lifting his own rifle. He grins a bit and looks ot his target squeezing off four shots that rip through the target, one of them clearly hitting where the targets bullseye lies. Pausing a moment he nods. "And that's why I'm the best."

Jules is just entering the area, ear and eye protection already slipped on. She looks like a begoggled and earmuffed cheerleader, honestly. In her hands, however, is a rather large weapon and over her shoulder is a bag, presumably with the ammo for the damned thing. She stomps over towards a firing stall, whistling a jaunty and melodically annoying tune.

Castaine takes a good ten steps back from the counter, increasing the distance between herself and the target. She whips that rifle up and pewpewpewpew, fires off four quick shots, her cluster better then Ashe's. "Oh really?" she drawls out, firing the words back at him. "I think you need to tune the fork.."

Ashe looks at Castaine's shots and chuckles then lifts up his rifle, ripping off a series of four shots again, this time they form a pretty little half design.. one was slightly off as he rips the target to shreds and mocks a yawn. Leaning back, he glances over towards Castaine's stall. "What was that Sarge? I couldn't hear you, was too busy shooting better."

Jules slowly sets herself up in her booth, loading her weapon with the proper range ammunition from the bag she's carrying. She sets it up on it's bipod and flips the safety off, aiming at her target downrange before pulling the trigger and letting loose a controlled blast of bullets, shredding the target.

Castaine offers a soft and rare chuckle as she watches the others begin to fire of their rounds. With a little head shake, she begins to fire from the same distance, calling her shoots as she makes them - right through the heart.

Setting down his rifle, Ashe picks up the firearm nearby and quickly lifts it to fire off a pair of shots. Frowning he tilts his head. "Hmm. Must be a Medic weapon." Oh no he didn't.

Jules grins widely at her shots. Hee hee. It's slightly crazed. She fires off some more shots, this time for a longer burst, splitting the target into pieces. "Machine gun, for the win!" And then there's some fist pumping.

Ashe is going to have to get up earlier in the morning if he thinks he's gonna get the combat medics goat so easily. Besides which, she's loving watching Jules kick Ashe's ass. "Paradox, you wouldn't know what to do with a medic in your hands if someone gave you an illustrated manual." Then she calls out, "Well done, Sunshine!"

Ashe continues with the small sidearm, taking off a trio of shots this time and tilting his head as he finishes them. "Hmm, really think this handgun might be off honestly." He pauses then tilts his head. "What? Oh right banter. Uhm… would you care to show me than Sarge? I doubt you could keep up with a regular ground pounder in prime condition, probably have you worn out in about ten minutes."

"Sir, I like to shoot my machine gun, sir!" Jules calls out over her stall's wall, cheerfully and with no competitiveness in her tone. Nope, she's just genuinely happy to be here! She takes her time to reload the weapon properly and carefully, humming a tune with a distinctly Leonisian twang to it under her breath.

Castaine is laughing so hard its a little difficult to shoot straight, which is prevent when one of her four shots misses the target completely. Ten steps forward and she's able to put the rifle on the counter. "Keep dreaming, Paradox. Hell knows you -boys- need something to occupy your hands."

Ashe doesn't shoot for the moment, mostly since he's pulled the clip from the sidearm ans is obviously cleaning it and attempting to fix what he deems as an inadequate error. "So what you're saying then, Sarge, is you really can't handle it. I gotcha. It's ok, just admit it so I can turn my affections to Shiner over there."

Jules 's eyes go wide at Ashe's joking pronouncement, but to her credit, she just keeps on firing her weapon. Yes, more aggressive machine gun fire, that's the ticket. *bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bam* *rinse-repeat*

Castaine is standing in the fourth stall, the furthest from the hatch. There is a bag on the deck near her feet and on the counter before her is a rifle, its clip out. She's wearing her eye/ear protection as she pauses in her firing to speak with Ashe, her thumb flicking on the safety as she points the weapon at the deck and towards the bulkhead. "Not even close to what I meant, Corporal."

Kai steps into the range dressed in the distinctive washed-out green of navy fatigues, and toting a holstered sidearm along with a set of keys currently being sifted through. He pauses by the munitions locker, with a brief glance toward the marine who's in the process of discharging her weapon.

"Probably not, Sarge, but in the end, I'm still probably right." Finishing the cleaning of the sidearm, he actually spins it on his hand a bit and sets it back where he got it while packing up the rifle. "You kiddies have fun trying to keep pace. Gotta go report to the third CIC shift in a row."

Gun empty once again, Jules flicks on her safety and let's the gun rest on the counter while she bends to get some more ammo. Unwittingly, she's giving Kai quite the view, even if the glance is brief. There's even a butt wiggle. Someone is excited about discharging ammo.

Kai unlocks the cabinet and retrieves a clip of ammunition, along with the eye and ear protection. The latter is tugged on and secured, and his sidearm unholstered and brought to a nearby table where he can load the clip. His motions are mechanical and crisp, no indication of whether he's even seen the 'view', let alone appreciates it.

Castaine just gives her head a shake before emptying the last of her clip into the target down the range. Once she's finished, she sets the gun down, picks up her bag and begins to break her weapons down quickly and efficiently, tucking her items into her bag. Once done, her hand slaps down on the button in her stall, bringing her target trolling up towards her location.

Jules bumps her head against the counter where her weapon is and straightens up reflexively, rubbing the top of her head. She turns to look and see if anyone saw, but spots only Kai. Instantly smiling, she hops his way and straightens to attention, reaching into her back pocket briefly first. "Sir, your handkerchief, sir!" Volume control is a problem with earmuffs blocking your ears. "I had it cleaned," she explains.

Kai possibly, just maybe, very certainly saw. He's not smiling, though he certainly looks like he wants to. "Keep it, Private. I have a whole stack of them." Gift? Or maybe Marek just doesn't want something back that she blew her nose on, laundered or not. Who knows. He ratches the slider on his sidearm, makes sure the safety is off, and steps into the stall next to Jules with a 'thump' as the target is deployed. "How are you holding up?"

Once Cas has her target in hand, she slips a fresh one into the bracket and sends it back down the range, leaving the stall usable for the next person. Her target is ripped up into pieces that'll fit easily into the book she pulls from her bag. Once the slips are tucked away, she spins in the ball of her foot and makes for the hatch, pulling ear and eye protection off as she goes so she can stuff them into the bag she carries with her.

"Much better than yesterday, sir." If possible, Jules is more starry-eyed than usual, clutching the handkerchief tightly in one hand. She follows after Kai, stepping up to her own counter and saying, "I'm sure the cloud has a silver lining somewhere. No matter how tiny, sir." A nod and that big smile on her face is shared with Castaine as she departs.

Castaine slips quietly through the hatch without a word to the others as they work on their firearms skills. The hatch is closed behind her and she's gone.

Kai doesn't answer Jules immediately. His sidearm is lifted in both hands, safety flicked off, and his target sighted for a few silent seconds. The weapons discharged in a burst of three shots then, rapid-fire, one after the next. All strike the target: one just to the left of the 'forehead', one clipping the border of the silhouette, and the last is right in the noggin. He lowers it again to the floor, and safeties before speaking. "Glad to hear it, Private." He pauses a moment, blue eyes flickering toward her. "They should call you Sunshine, with a smile like that."

"Actually… it's my nickname in the squad," Jules admits, some color rising into her cheeks. "You're a good shot, sir," she adds, genuinely, gauging the man's aim by the holes in his target. "But, I guess you wouldn't have made Captain if you weren't. Ha." Then she reaches for her own weapon, loading in the new range ammo. "I really appreciate that you stayed and talked to me yesterday, sir. It meant a lot to me."

Kai's lips twitch again, like he's having a difficult time not being infected by 'Sunshine's' good humour. His eyes rove back to his target, and the safety is flicked off again with his thumb. "Not a problem, Private," he murmurs, voice low and smoke-roughened, though not without its warmth. He fires another three shots, with roughly the same success. "You're only saying that," he adds, referring to the 'good shot', "because I pegged your name. This your first posting?"

"Yep! Right out of basic and I got a starside post. How cool is that?" Jules asks enthusiastically, before noting, only slightly more sober in tone, "Kinda saved my life, that. If I'd been planetside, I probably'd be with Aunty Riri and Grandmama Rue in the heavens." She smiles through the sad thought and fires off a few bursts.

Kai pauses to watch the young woman shoot; it's difficult to tell by the studiously inexpressive look on his face, but he seems impressed. "I suppose we all got pretty lucky," he ventures. "Or blessed by the gods, depending on how you want to look at it." His sidearm is cocked again after a moment's pause, and three more shots popped off. Bang bang bang. Those ones almost verged on angry.

Jules considers Kai's words quietly, hands still on her weapon, but not firing. Finally, she offers, "I don't think we're lucky or blessed. I think maybe we've just been given a chance. I don't know exactly what for, but, it's a chance. Do you… I mean. Do you think we're going to try and fight the Cylons?"

Kai lowers his weapon after a moment, and safeties it with a soft 'click'. He's watching the bulkhead now, not his perforated target. "That's up to command, it's Sheridan's prerogative." A hand is lifted to rub at the bridge of his nose. "But we're a military ship, it's what we're built for. Right now, it's a question of numbers." He adds in a mumble, "Or the lack thereof."

Jules puffs up her chest a bit and decides to tell Kai, "I'm not scared of them. They're just machines. Evil bunny and people murdering machines." She fires off some rounds to punctuate her statement.

Kai seems to be done with his practice for the evening. Maybe it's cathartic, or maybe it's just that marine and her smile. But he seems a little less tense than when he came in, as he works to dismantle his gun on the table nearby. His eyes crinkle a little at the corners when Jules speaks, though he offers nothing in reply. Just the sound of his sidearm being taken apart.

"Somehow, we'll beat them. We'll work together and we'll beat them. And then we'll build a new city and we'll all live in it together. And we'll have tea and scones every day and talk about the weather. And there'll be puppies, kittens and bunnies to play with and love on. And people babies, too." Jules is sort of like the energizer bunny. Once her switch has been flicked, so to speak, she's on a roll. Hearing the sounds of that gun being dismantled, she stops her own firing and starts unloading her ammo. "It's going to be wonderful, I know it. We just have to get there."

Kai keeps his head down while Jules prattles on about baby animals and magical cities. He doesn't look upset, he doesn't look annoyed, he just looks a touch wistful for a moment. It flickers across his eyes, and then it's gone. He opens his mouth to say something, shuts it. Finishes cleaning out the innards, and starts putting it back together again. "I hope to gods you're right, Private," he murmurs instead.

For her own part, Jules looks completely serious, genuine and confident that what she's talking about will come to pass. It has to or otherwise her worldview might go cockeyed again. Shoving her extra ammo back into the bag at her feet, she hefts her ammo-less weapon over her shoulder and admits, "I get a little carried away sometimes." She follows this up with, "I'm sorry… I know I'm not the only person who lost people they care about. Yesterday I didn't even… I didn't even ask if you were okay, too." Pause. "Uh. Sir." Propriety maintained.

Kai doesn't take long to put the weapon back together again. He's no marine, but he does seem to know his way around a standard-issue sidearm, at the very least. Ratcheting the slider, he holsters the empty gun and begins tugging off his eye and ear protection with a flickered glance to the rifle-toting blonde. "No reason to apologise, Private. It's nice to hear some optimism around here." He meets her eyes. He means that. As to the question that's asked without being asked, "My wife and daughter were on Sagittaron." His voice grows tight there.

This barely grown Marine really wears her heart on her sleeve. She doesn't even bother hiding the way her expression falls, though she tries to fight it, "Well, maybe they escaped the cities? They could still be okay." Jules lifts her chin and looks Kai in the eyes, "They must be. The gods wouldn't take them from you. You're too nice, sir. They wouldn't do that." She's firm in her position, in this case.

Kai lingers at the table for a time, yet, even though he's holstered his weapon and really has no reason to stick around. Another small smile when she mentions him being nice; he probably doesn't hear that terribly often. "I pray to Apollo for their safety. Every night." The smile's gone as quickly as it appeared; his eyes look tired. Exhausted, really.

"I'll pray, too." Jules brightens, though, it's a sober brightening. She hesitates to break the silence, but ultimately does. "Just remember that they're probably thinking about you, too, and praying for you. And hoping that you're okay. You'll all be together again someday, sir." She bends, then, to pick up her bag o' ammo. "In that new city. And I'll be a veterinarian, you'll see. Once the fighting is over. It may be a while, but momma always told me that the best things always require a lot of good old fashioned nose to the grind stone hard work." She nods at this, as though it explains everything.

"I'd appreciate that, Private. Thank you." He watches her a moment more, while she bends to fetch the bag, and then his attention strays to his watch briefly. "I'm afraid I've got a report to finish, that I've procrastinated long enough on. You keep up with the hard work, Sunshine, and we'll see what we can do about finding that city of yours."

Smiling at seeing her optimism is a little infectious, Jules ducks her head and says, "Sir, yes, sir." And then, daringly, she says, "If you'd like to try a bigger gun sometime, I could show you my rifle. It looks all mean and grrrrr, but she doesn't bite."

Kai smiles crookedly, eyes crinkling in a soft spidering of crow's feet. "I haven't touched anything like that since basic. But if you're offering, then.. yes. So long as you promise not to go easy on me, Private." It could be a come-on, from a younger, more cocksure pilot. But the viper jock seems sincere. He ticks off a salute with two fingers to his temple. "Have a good evening, Sunshine." And he heads off, still smiling. Damned girl.

"Good night, Captain, sir," Jules offers, saluting the man in response… with her ammo bag in hand. She very nearly knocks herself out, but manages the salute long enough til Kai's out of sight. Once he is, she drops her hand down to her side and just smiles, turning in a happy little circle before skipping towards the ammo locker as she sings a little to herself, "There's nothing you can know that isn't known. Nothing you can see that isn't shown. Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be…"

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