Going To The Chapel
Going To The Chapel
Summary: The Eos-Hale wedding
Date: PHD 198 (November 4th, 2009)
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Tucked into a quiet corner of the ship, the location of the Chapel was chosen to be away from the main hustle and bustle of the military vessel. Thusly the seclusion of its location lends to the sanctity of the small room. Bench seating is provided in tiered formation, three steps on either side of the hatchway to provide access to the top and most shadowed of the places to pray and meditate. The altar itself is just opposite the door, modestly providing the center of worship. The altar is nothing more than a long wooden table, though someone has draped it in a fine golden cloth. Sitting atop are twelve figurines, each representing the mortal form of the dozen major deities. The metal has been molded and lovingly hammered to show: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, and Hestia. Around them are arranged small offerings or tithes that range from coins to dried flowers, tended to by the Chaplain of the boat.

Behind the altar, there's been a notable addition to the Chapel — a memorial wall, it seems. A ledge shelf has been installed at waist height, running the length of the wall, and on this are left mementos of the loved and lost — dried flowers, small figurines, bits of jewelry, or simply a candle lit in requiem. The wall above is a mosaic of memory, joy and sorrow, bearing photographs of all kinds. Families and friends grouped and laughing, children sitting in class photos, young men and women in graduation gowns, silver haired couples, cherished pets, even — and perhaps most poignantly — children's drawings. Handcrafted cards. Handprints and fingerpaints. The contributions of parents who have lost more than anyone ever should.

It is already the appropriate time for the smaller and hopefully quicker shindig of the evening. The Chapel, has been cleaned of the morning and early evening's devotions, and made to facilitate the wedding ceremony. Currently standing by the altar: One short slightly stocky Ensign, with whispy blonde hair, and slightly down and closer to him would be a rather sharp contrast. One tall Lieutenant with a shirt hair cut, and clad in his pressed dress greys.

A look is passed back to the hatch, expectantly for a moment before he's looking to the other man, or rather down and to the other man. The Ensign only grins widely "Don't worry, this is my second one. And I didn't ruin the other.." Teeth flashed, before he's looking down to the scrolls in his hand- a light cough. "You should be fine-unless she tripped and fell down the stairs or something.." And that gets a look from Hale. "Sorry.."

Eddie is here in best man capacity, having arrived early just to kick any necessary ass so things are in proper order. As it stands, she's currently waiting off to the side, likely ready provide an escape route to the groom should he suddenly get cold feet. She's in her blues, having at least taken the time to clean and have them pressed. A curl of hair is tucked behind her ear, finally grown out so she looks at least deceivingly feminine again.

Sen arrives as soon as she's possibly able. Luckily the groom is someone who understands that Sen gets distracted at times, and tends to put her job before her personal life. At least her snipes have pushed her out of the bowels of the ship, and she's had enough time to get cleaned up and prettified for the occasion. A white dress is something of pipe dream, stuck on a military ship in the middle of space. Instead, Sen pushes through the hatch in her dress Greys, dolled up as best she can. Her hair is at least down, her curls combed through and softened and a touch of make-up applied instead of engine grease. When she sees those assembled, she offers a beaming smile, then edges up towards the altar to stand next to Abe without any fanfare.

Roubani is in blues, having lacked either the time or the inclination to go full gray. Regardless, those blues are pressed to hell and back. The creases could kill somebody. He's holding a small box (yes another one, Hale, beware) under one arm as he slips into the chapel. To a bench, to a bench, settling down at the end of a row.

Teall managed to drag her grays out of storage and press herself up for the occassion. She slips into the chapel not far behind Roubani, so she angles over to take a seat next to him. There's a little smile on her face as she observes the proceedings.

The S2 makes an appearance in dress greys. She steps into the chapel, and quietly moves to take a seat. They might be a tiny bit late, but that's what happens when it's the war of paperwork vs. finding clean uniforms and keeping out of coffee withdraw. The CAG seems to have gone with blues, and gets a look from Salazar as they slide in to find a seat on the heels of the bride. Eyes forward, the S2 scoots over to make some room.

Greys schmeys. Kai doesn't seem to have any remorse about showing up in his blues, though he does return Salazar's look as they slide into one of the pews. Shuffle, shuffle, creak. He adjusts the top flap of his uniform like it's suddenly sprouted an errant crease, and henceforth looks away from the S2 to follow the incumbent bride's entrance.

Matto enters in same cluster with Nadiv and Shaddi, just slowing from a slight jog before he steps in, as if he'd just been catching up. He peels off of their group at the next bench up, tracking their progress and settling in behind the pair of them.

Roubani offers a surreptitious half-smile to both the woman next to him and the man at the bench behind both. He crosses his legs, settling the small box on top and draping his long-fingered hands over the front edge. His prayer beads are around his right wrist, partly visible under the blue cuff.

"Ah here we go.." The Chaplain's aide says with a slight grin, before he's looking back over to Hale, as if to assure that indeed the Captain, did not fall down a deal of stairs. Instead there's a look right back to Sen, before he slowly clears his throat. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of friends, and the Lords to join these two in the bounds of matrimony." A pause as one hand reaches to turn the page


a cough "Erm. Love, is a strong force, given to us by the gods and goddesses. A gift that we must treasure, and not pull away from. As it goes- Love is a choice, as much as an emotion. And as these two have chosen to love- and love continually. We honor that. IF, we could bow our heads.." And so begins the younger man in a somewhat rambling prayer.

However the Lieutenant can't really hear any of it. Rather he's focused on the bride who has joined them at the head of the aisle and by the altar. It's enough that the words drown out, and Abe just grins like an idiot as he remains focused on the lady at hand. In fact its a frakking pause before he finally chimes in after the Ensign is through with a belated "So Say We All."

Sapho arrives, dressed in her blues as well, the uniform spotless and pressed till perfectly creased. A place within the back of the chapel is chosen for a place to sit, a spot on the pew furthest from the alter and to its left claimed, the perfect vantage point to watch the nuptuals.

Salazar chimes in with all the speaking parts, throwing out a 'so say we all' when one is called for, no hesitation. She tips back a little with a creak of the bench, her eyes on Sen and Hale. The hint of a smile lingers on her lips. She never bows her head, but she does close her eyes with the prayer comes around.

When the prayer begins, Sen ducks her head in respect, having only a brief time to have made eye contact with her groom. They both decided the ceremony would be short and sweet, as neither of them are terribly religious, but its meant to honor their friends just as much as their pending matrimony. As the words of the young Ensign draw out, Sen's hand fingers seek out to curl into Hale's. "So Say We All." She murmurs, when that piece is done.

Kai also does not bow his head, nor close his eyes when the chaplain calls for it. Probably a Saggie thing, though he does straighten his shoulders and spine from their usual slouch. His eyes flick from Hale, to the priest performing the ceremony, to the altar, and remain there throughout.

Teall looks up to flash a smile at Matto as he joins the chapel, then turns her focus back to the ceremony. She chimes in softly with the "So say we all" bits at the proper times, that little smile still on her lips as she watches Hale and Sen. Her expression warm, albeit as much as the ceremony itself as the couple in particular.

"So say we all," Roubani says, almost quiet enough to be under his breath. Still and quiet after that, just watching.

Eddie stands respectfully off to the side, her hands clasped infront of her when the man starts the ceremony. She mutters along with the rest, when appropriate, once in a while sneaking a glance at the rest of the room and those gathered to witness Abe and Sen's union. Her eyes drift over them all, pausing once on Nadiv then longer on Kai. As if realizing she should be focusing her attention else where, she shifts uncomfortably and looks back up to the altar.

"So say we all," Sapho murmurs quietly, falling silent once again afterwards.

Slipping into the back, Martin keeps quiet to not interrupt the ceremony, but waits until he's in place to reply with the chorus of so say we alls. It's something done to give the person in front of him the impression he's been there the whole time. Letting out a slow breath to stave off the endurance lost by racing to the chapel, he breathes slowly. "So say we all."

"Alright." This has to be the most goofiest person the support department could pull out on this notice. "Uh-Now for the vows..Umm Repeat after me.." And with that he begins the slow call and response back with the Lieutenant, pausing after on mispronounced word, which sounded like: sackness and health..

"I Abraham Hale.." Hands held and fingers gripped, Hale, does manage to look once back to the chaplain before nodding to Sen. "…Sickness an health…" though for once the Leonisian bloke isn't booming, and he isn't hawing or being loud. Rather this is a quieter, softer Rabbit. "Now…an forever more.." said back with a smile.

"Excellent diction." the Ensign chirps, before he's looking back over to Sen. "Alright Captain, follow me- I Sen Eos…"

Matto leans forward just a little, crossing his arms with his elbows on his knees in -just- about the worst example of posture ever. He watches the praying bit with chin tipped down and eyes tipped upward to compensate, looking over the soon-to-bes as well. He tocks his own 'sosayweall' onto the pile at approximately the proper moment.

Roubani catches Eddie's eyes, though it's far too quick to convey much. Besides, weddings are serious business, or something.

Kai repeats along with everyone else, though his voice is nothing more than a movement of his lips. Which twitch very slightly at something or other, as Hale speaks.

Sen clears her throat slightly, lifting her chin with a hint of pride. There's a faint blush beneath her freckled cheeks as Hale makes his way through his vows, and then its her turn to repeat them. No doubt it's something Eos practiced before now, as there is no hesitation or mistake as she parrots them back.

As vows are exchanged, Eddie shuffles. Her hands thrust deep into the confines of her pockets, looking a little awkward during this part of the ceremony. As things progress, her right hand tugs out holding two rings in her palm.

Teall gets rather dusty as the vows are exchanged. She dabs at her eyes with her uniform sleeve, trying to be discreet about it.

Deadly silent, Martin slips his hands into his pockets and watches the ceremony from the back of the room. Lifting his eyebrow to try to zero in on the rings in Eddie's hand, he glances up almost surprised to see her pulling duty on the ceremony. Scanning the faces, he issues a quiet not to Kai, glad to see his CAG present.

That's his cue, And with that being done, there's another turn of the page before the Ensign merely asks, "Do you have the rings?" And without waiting for a yes or a no, one pudgy finger goes back to it's place on the page "A ring, is a representation of a perfect cycle of life. However it is also a perfect example of bonding. Just as the flesh will bond, so must the souls. The ring shows this, by giving us a perfect circle. No beginning no ends. Equal. Just as a man and woman shall be.."

As the mini priest goes on there's a look back towards Sen, at the mention of the rings.

"Captain you will go first..please place the ring on the Lieutenant's finger- and repeat after me.." And yes he will be speeding along through this-as well.


Sen turns to Eddie with a brief smile, reaching out to the Jig's extended hand and taking the larger of the rings from Mooner's palm. She follows the priest's lead, repeating the words of love and devotion again as she slides the ring onto Hale's finger. It's now, when that symbol is a reality in her hands, that the ChEng's eyes well up with tears and her voice becomes shakey.

Matto smiles a little, then a little more, one forearm moving slowly outward perpendicular to the other until it finds the Cookiemonster's shoulder, giving her a little squeeze before his attention returns to the ring exchange.

Kai doesn't spot Martin immediately, as his attention seems focused on the proceedings. No, he's not falling asleep back there. The nod gets a small smile however, fingers briefly fidgeting with the top flap of his uniform again.

Roubani lofts a brow slightly at Teall. Might be just a little bit amused at her expense, poor thing. Matto gets to handle the consoling; his hands stay put folded on the box on his knees.

Salazar remains seated beside Karim, her eyes on the two before the altar as they trade vows. She tips her chin up slightly as both complete them without a hitch. When the rings make an appearance, that smile creeps back. Dark eyes follow their hands, and the the rings as they are placed. She silently reaches over to touch the CAG's hand, without looking, as he fidgets with his uniform, then leans in to say something quietly against his ear.

Teall blinks rapidly, clearing the dust. Roubani's lofted brow earns a wrinkle of her nose. Not crying, really. Not that her expression is terribly convincing on that front. She snugs against Matto's shoulder comfortably, head tilted as she watches the rest of the proceedings.

Eddie isn't getting over-emotional about the ceremony, if anything she's closing up a little bit. She gives Sen a little curt nod, then waits for Hale to take Sen's ring. When she's devoid of any more responsibilities, she steps back and takes a seat on one of the benches, her face a stony mask.

With the ring on his finger, ale's one hand seems to shake, just barely, before he's clearing his throat, and moving to slide the smaller one on her outstretched finger. Carefully- as if right now he's afraid of breaking her, by simple touch. Still, Abe is able to get through this part of the ceremony. Only after stumbling over a few words.

"Sweet. Okay, by the power vested in me." he begins. "I pronounce you-Husband and Wife." a licking of his lips. "You may now kiss the bride."

With that 'cue' Hale steps in, as soft words are passed over to the bride, before he's leaning down to take that sanctioned kiss.

You whisper, "I love you." to Sen.

Roubani, of course, chooses right then to notice something under his fingernail, eyes flickering away and down to inspect the phantom speck.

Kai's fingers still upon his collar for a moment, then complete the motion to adjust it, and the Captain's pin resting to the left side. His hand drops to his lap a moment later, and he's still once again by the time those final few words are given. The corners of his eyes crease slightly with something resembling a smile.

Sen tilts her face towards Hale's, accepting the kiss gracefully with a hand hooking on the back of his neck. It might linger for a moment, but it's nothing garish. Quiet words are murmured against his lips before she pulls away, now Mrs. Hale for better or for worse.

Sen whispers: More then you'll ever know.

Matto chuckles lowly, the sound not audible beyond the little triangle of folk there. He gives the back of Shaddi's shoulder a brush with his thumb and another squeeze, tipping his head down to bonk hers playfully as she gets cuddly. But then the two up front are smooching away, and he draws his hand back, sitting up a little straighter and lifting his hands to applaud the newlyweds.

Roubani's eyes go wide as a deer in the headlights when applause starts behind him. So that's what non-Sagittarians do at weddings! He looks a touch amused, flickering a glance at Kai and then back to the happy couple.

Eddie applauds. Why the hell not. For a moment, Eddie's hands come together crisply, a smile sneaking onto her lips as she celebrates the couple.

A smile forms as Sapho claps, keeping it brief enough to be polite while applauding long enough to congratulte Hale and Sen.

Kai, likewise, seems a little uncertain what to do once the applause starts up. He shoots Roubani a slantwise look in turn, blue eyes swooping back to the couple shortly thereafter. And, well, better late than never: he grudgingly gives a couple of hearty claps in the midst of the ovation. Awwwwkward.

Teall bumps Matto's head back gently, before straightening up to clap for the happy couple. She still looks a trifle misty. Though Roubani's studious examination of his fingernails during the kiss earns an amused little grin.

Unfortunately, when Roubani notices Kai looking right back at him it almost makes him laugh. He has to snap a hand to his face, pinching his nose shut for a second or two. Holding back a sneeze. Yeah, that's the ticket. Ahem, clap once, clap twice…then he stops, feeling silly. But he still smiles a little.

Salazar reaches up, slips two fingers into her mouth, and whistles a loud, shrill sound that carries through the chapel ever over the applause. She's in uniform, however, so the whooping will have to wait for a more drunken occasion. No, wait. She doesn't whoop. Probably. If clapping startles the nearby Saggies, the volume of that gesture just might. And then the S2 sits back and waits for the procession to exit.

Those words are heard, even as the kiss lingers for a good time, but indeed, nothing garish. And so with hands coming to the two lovebird's Shoulders, the Ensign steps forward. "I present to you- the Eos-Hales..Whatever.." And with a wave of a hand that is the time for the Chaplain to head on out, and leave everyone to their merry Making. There's church stuff he has to go and do.

Which leaves Hale with his wife- a grin to her as arm is offered. "I guess that's our cue t' scoot on then eh?" though there will probably be people to see on the way and all that. A nice leisurely procession to the general lounge- After all. This be a Navy Wedding.

Martin chuckles and claps his hands loudly. "OH YEAH RABBIT!" He calls from the back, giving his squad mate some of a hard time like squad mates should. Whistling as well with his two fingers in his mouth, Martin grins and turns to face procession.

Matto stops applauding long enough for his hands to find his knees, and he drags himself up to his feet, turning to face the aisle in order to see the couple their way up the aisle and out.

Sen twines her arm with Hale's, turning to those assembled. That blush is still there, aided by the cat calls and whistles. There are a few of Sen's snipes here as well, one of which is holding up a bouquet made out of wrenches and tied with a fabric bow as a joke. Probably don't want to be the one to catch /that/. "Thank you.." She murmurs to everyone who came as her new husband marches her out towards booze and festivities.

Kai wasn't expecting that. Marines are so crass sometimes. He lifts a hand to his ear — the right one, where Salazar's seated — and gives her a look. Then, he leans slightly to one side and begins rummaging in his trouser pocket for something while the rest of the hoots and catcalls go out.

Roubani takes his cue from Matto, standing up when the Raptor pilot does and hovering there uncertainly, waiting for something else to happen. Hopefully it isn't nudity. He's still got the present box he came in with, a small thing with a piece of twine around it tied in a loose bow.

Teall stands as well, on her tiptoes so she can get a proper view of the couple past her tall compatriots. No cat-calls from her. She just grins.

Coming down the aisle, Hale pauses as he finally sees after all who all came. A grin given over to Eddie, right there. "Thank you, from th' bottom of m' heart Ed." A nod there. "Check your bunk when you gets back to it." And with that he's moving to try an usher Sen along, though with people coming up and giving wrench bouquets, you get all stagnant.

"Cap'n." Called over to Kai with a grin. "Thank y' mate." ONly time he'll let mate slip out in regards to the CAG.

A full on grin answers Karim's look. Sal hooks an elbow over the back of the bench and tips back, eyes on Sen for a moment before she glances to Hale. She watches them wander down the aisle toward the hatch, then her eyes return to the altar, and she hangs out awaiting the inevitable filter out.

Making his way out of the row to follow the precession, Martin starts that idle slow-walk behind them with his hands behind his back. Grinning quietly, he looks towards Kai. "I like these. We should have more of these, Sir."

Eddie quirks a brow as Hale says there's something waiting for /her/ back at her bunk. Of course her nuptual gift to the couple is forever immortalized on Hale's bicep. Hmm. Wonder if the wifey's seen that yet. That notion is enough to keep Eddie grinning, and she ticks her fingers off her forehead in a mock salute to Abe and Sen.

Matto turns his neck as the couple makes their way up and gets stuck along the way in the press of people. For his part he lingers, leaning his back against the far wall and smiling pleasantly enough as he waits for the traffic to die down.

Kai doesn't have flowers, wrenches, or anything really for his recently ball-and-chained pilot. Well, except.. a little packet of something, by the looks of it. Wrapped in a small square of silk handkerchief that was clearly cut out of a larger square of fabric, and tied off with a bit of string. He abandons Salazar for a moment to step in close to Hale, and press whatever it is, into the taller man's hand. "No problem," he offers lowly, allowing a brief grin to crack across his features before he pulls away again.

Hale grins right back towards Kai, taking the little packet, before he is nodding. "THank you." said again, before he's looking back to his wrench wielding wifey- No she hasn't seen that particular present yet. Though, the look on her face should be priceless, when she does.

Roubani stands quietly, keeping an eye on Teall and Matto. They haven't moved yet, so presumably he shouldn't either. This is easy! He tucks the box under his arm, watching the crowds progress down Chapel Lane. Daw.

Once the bride and groom make their way down the aisle Sapho stands, smiling at them both. Her egress is saved for after theirs.

Eddie apparently heard Martin's comment as she slides through the crowd. "You going next?" She asks of Dash with an amused expression. What's that?! Look! A distraction! Eddie's sliding out, either to get a jump start on the festivities or disappear altogether.

"Well, get cracking then," Kai tells Martin blithely, on his return shuffle back into his seat. His hand closes over Salazar's knee, and he leans in to mutter something quietly to the woman.

Matto's attention wanders from the couple to the trailing crowd and then to Shaddi and Nadiv, flashing the latter a bright smile.

"No garters to be thrown." Martin replies to Eddie and Kai, furrowing his brows. "I was trying to insinuate…nevermind. I'll see you guys at the party." Martin laughs, heading out to the hallway.

Roubani gives the box to…someone. It'll make it to the couple one of these days. He doesn't look too worried about it, folding his hands behind his back and starting to join in the shuffling out the door. Catching Matto's smile he half-smiles back, politely subdued as ever in a crowd. At the end of the row he takes a gentlemanly step to the side to let Teall out first.

Teall slides out after a sidelong look at Roubani. Conscious that she's boxing him into the bench. "That was nice," she says to Nadiv and Matto, that little smile lingering on her lips. "Always did like weddings. Which probably sounds lame and girly, so don't spread that around."

Quietly, and without much fanfare the happy couple manages to slip right on out the hatch, pausing once i the Hallway for another wedded kiss, before they are slipping off. Probably to get ready for the party-or something.

"No one will know," Kisseus grins at Shaddi, then, casting a playful look to one, then the other, "So what about the bachelor party last night? Did you make yourself sick without me, N?" he wonders, teasing gently after the events subsequent to that first bachelor party.

Salazar remains seated on the bench where she's been through the entire proceeding. Her eyes never stray from the altar as the CAG sits down, and leans in to exchange a sentiment. Her head bows slightly, and she murmurs something to him. It's just a quiet moment followed by a soft, rough little laugh from the marine.

Kai keeps his ass planted on the bench, seemingly content to let the rest of the congregation filter out first; he just came off duty, so he's in no rush. Whatever Salazar says to him has his brows knitting in a briefly speculative expression, followed by a mildly amused look slid the S2.

"Not on alcohol, anyway," Roubani replies mildly, and with a faint smile. His fingers toy with his prayer beads as he pauses at the end of the row, taking a second to murmurs something under his breath and bring the beads to his lips. Then, mindful of it quieting in here, he starts towards the hatch. "Ladies first." Better hope that was to Teall.

Sen finally makes it through the well-wishers, still hooked on Hale's arm. The two are off to the informal reception, but no doubt get distracted along the way, blinded by their marital bliss.

With the newlyweds out the door, and no doubt on their way to christening a bunk or storage closet somewhere, Kai whispers one last thing to Salazar, and starts sliding back out of their bench. The hem of his blues jacket is given a little tug as he gains his feet, but there's no show of chivalry from the man; he doesn't step aside for the marine, and he doesn't offer her a hand up. Pilots, really. He does shove his hands into the pockets of his trousers though, and head for the hatch, to wait for her there.

Teall takes the 'Ladies first' to mean her. Whether it did or not. Out the hatch she strides, winding her way through the exiting crowd.

Matto's brows both rise at N's answer. "The Mess didn't poison you, did it?" he asks, though he doesn't sound too worried, 'cause Nadiv's smiling. One doesn't typically smile for food poisoning, after all. He waits for Shaddi to pass by, then gestures for Nadiv to go ahead, following up after him if he goes.

Roubani does so, departing quietly so as not to disturb those left.

Salazar rises a moment after Karim, though it's a long moment. She closes her eyes briefly, and murmurs a prayer, perhaps on the behalf of the couple who just devoted their lives to each other. Finally, the marine rises, turns from the altar, and makes her way up the aisle. She smoothes her hands over her greys, then clasps her hands loosely behind her back.

Kai doesn't stop by the altar to pray, but perhaps he's already paid his respects. He waits for Salazar to join him by the hatch, offers a few words in Kashmiri in customary parting, and then steps on out.

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