Summary: Willem and Eddie talk after the Elpis.
Date: PHD135 (August 31, 2009)
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Chapel - Deck 1

Tucked into a quiet corner of the ship, the location of the Chapel was chosen to be away from the main hustle and bustle of the military vessel. Thusly the seclusion of its location lends to the sanctity of the small room. Bench seating is provided in tiered formation, three steps on either side of the hatchway to provide access to the top and most shadowed of the places to pray and meditate. The altar itself is just opposite the door, modestly providing the center of worship.
The altar is nothing more than a long wooden table, though someone has draped it in a fine golden cloth. Sitting atop are twelve figurines, each representing the mortal form of the dozen major deities. The metal has been molded and lovingly hammered to show: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, and Hestia. Around them are arranged small offerings or tithes that range from coins to dried flowers, tended to by the Chaplain of the boat.

Some time after Condition Two was stepped down, there is a rather unusual presence here. Sitting in one of the pews, the second from the altar, is Wil. He's still in his flight suit, but it's pulled down to his waist, sleeves tied neatly in a bow. He's pretty much staring straight at the row of little icons, dully.

If Wil being here is odd, it just must be one of those days. Eddie has meandered in here too, her shorn head respectfully covered with the decorative traditional scarf she was given from Roubani, more commonly found on a strict Sagittaron woman's head rather then, well, Mooner. She's not in her flight suit, oh no, she had to sit idly by while her friends went to the fight. Fatigues, instead, suit the woman as she spies Willem and flops onto a bench behind him.

Mere moments of silence hang heavy in the Chapel's recycled air after Eddie sits down. Tick. Tock. Finally, Willem's head slowly cranes back over his shoulder in hesitant curiousity. A brow arches, and he half-smiles, looking faintly apologetic. For what, it's anyone's guess. "Sorry."

Eddie's hands drop to Wil's shoulders, fingers kneading into the material of his flightsuit. She leans over so her mouth is close to his ear, and she can murmur as to not disturb the sanctity of the place. "Why, did you fart?" She says, absolutely deadpan. "I think the gods will forgive your flatulance."

"What?" Initially, Wil jumps a little in his seat even as he responds, almost immediately. He responds with a certain detached, dry humorlessness. "Trust me. That'd be the least of their objections."

Eddie fingers squeeze one last time, then slide off his shoulders as she eases back into her seat. "Why were you apologizing then?" She wonders out loud, stretching her legs out infront of her to tuck beneath his bench. "I can leave if I make you uncomfortable," comes the offer.

"Don't know why, really." Wil finally observes aloud, his eyes narrowing. "You or anyone else being here, doesn't really make any difference." Those same shoulders of his shrug as he turns his head back over towards the altar, squinting a little. "I don't come here. Much. Especially not just, by myself."

Eddie rests her palms behind her, fingers curling over the edge of the bench. When his eyes go back to the altar, hers do too. "Well. Now you're here with me, so stop feeling awkward. I won't tell anyone you came in here, if you return the favor. I have an image to uphold. So why /did/ you come in then?"

With all the dry, sarcastic, faux-gravity he can muster, Willem merely calls out, "Your secret is safe with me, Ensign Morales." Briefly smiling, he just shakes his head. "Sorry if that came out wrong." Stop being awkward? Just who is she thinking is sitting in front of her? The smile fades a little. "I think that was a learned reaction over time. I don't know why I'm here. I just didn't want to be out there anymore." He says, vaguely enough. He looks a little pale. More than usual.

Eddie regards the back of his head with a cant of her own, the toes of her boots tick tocking back and forth like a metranome to some unheard beat. "It's a good place to hide. Quiet, too, for the most part. When you don't have a loud mouth viper jock behind you. You went out, didn't you? Was it bad?" She asks, her voice still quiet.

"Eh. I'm used to that. The latter part. You're not bothering me so much." Wil admits, with some abashed humor, although the 'so much' is clearly affected. He's talking, so he seems fine with Eddie's presence, all things considered. Frowning now though at her question, his eyes narrow. "Yah. I saw that. That whole mess." He says, hesitantly. "That. I wasn't prepared for it. I don't know if any of us were."

Eddie tries to be nonchalant about the whole thing, but clearly the fact that /she/ wasn't out there too has taken a bit of toll on her. Mooner sniffles once, her nose just probably tickled by the cloying smell of incense in her. She rubs the back of her hand over the tip of her nose. "They say they practically had to hose Dash's cockpit out.."

"I don't know if you were around for my here-and-there bitching sessions about where the Raiders are coming from, and how many of them there are?" Rebound continues, explaining. "Guess what?" He whispers. "I think I got pretty much what I wished for." Which is exactly what you -don't- want, sometimes. That's the implication, here. "I heard through the grapevine that he's surviving. I wasn't able to make it down to sickbay to check because I was stlil on flight status. The CAG took a hit but was still walking, too." Pausing, he just takes a brief, heavy sigh. "We made out better than all those — Never mind. Did you hear anything further 'bout Martin?"

"I saw him right after he was out of surgery. Snuck down to sickbay and got to spend a minute with him before I was chased out. He had a concussion or sommat, so they had to do it with just local." Eddie shakes her head, and ticks her thumb off her nose again. "Poor lout. But he's stable. If you have time, though, go donate a pint of blood?"

"It's funny, y'know. I saw him the morning before the mission. He looked like Hell. Not really like his usual self." Wil seems to be choosing his words carefully and cautiously here. "Still. He'll pull through? It's the least I can do." He starts tapping his foot swiftly and his lips are pressed firmly together as he stares over at the icon of Hermes for a second. "So. Why did -you- come here? Still not sure how much of this I really believe. But it's supposed to help after you see things like that."

Eddie gives a long exhale, pulling herself back out of her casual lean as it just doesn't seem fitting. Her feet pull up beneath her, and she rests her elbows on the meat of her thighs. "Yeah, he's going through some shit lately. Who isn't though, right? He'll be fine. He just gets to play cards with me in berthings for a while, when on Condition One." At his question, though, she rewets her lips pensively. "Like I said, it's quiet in here. Helps with the headaches."

"Heh. Good. He needs another friend, probably. I generally make myself scarce as I've been descending into busywork Hell." Wil notes, good-naturedly enough. There's even a bit of a laugh, there, but it sounds forced. A whole mess of awkward. "Maybe that's a good a reason as any." He addresses the latter statement. "I probably kept expecting to hear an answer. It doesn't work that way, though. I don't think." He just gestures lamely at the Altar.

"You mean will the gods beam a light down here and deliver it on a silver platter? No, no…I don't think it does work that way. But it's a good place to sit and contemplate and let your brain not be distracted. Maybe that's how the answers come. As long as the priestess doesn't catch you in her sights, then you're just frakked." Eddie says quietly, letting the conversation drift away from Martin, but no doubt by the look on her face it's weighing on her heavily.

"She's a bit of a nutjob, but harmless. I guess." Willem notes, catching, well, he's quick enough on the uptake to figure there are places they don't need to go conversationally anymore. No doubt one of those things is Martin. Clearing his throat, he amends, "Nah. I don't mean 'literal, interventionist Gods' where, well, what you just said. Beam of light. Miracles. Shit." There is a lengthy pause. "Like you said, I'm just here for perspective after seeing such lovely things as dead frakking children floating out in space." He doesn't even mention the Cylon baseship.

Eddie's eyes crinkle at the corners from a wince. "There's nothing beautiful anymore, is there? Everything is tainted. I'm sorry, man. For what it's worth. Which coming from me is probably a whole heap of shit, but there it is. I'm sorry you had to see that. That you all did."

"There're little things." Willem says, considering roughly. "I don't know if they're enough. And I'm not going to be a crybaby about it. I mean, I -saw- it. That's all I did. Was see. We had the easy job of killing what was left. You should have seen the size of those things." His head shakes a little as he slowly processes Eddie's words, maybe a few moments too late. "We lost a battlestar out there. An honest-to-gods bloody Battlestar. And even it couldn't stand up to those base ships. If that couldn't, what chance does this rat trap have?"

Eddie slips off her bench, if only to plop down next to Wil, though facing the other direction now. She could be facing the back wall, but instead she's looking at Willem's profile. "We're fast. And we have the common sense to know when we're out gunned. We can't run forever, but we can pick and choose our battles and maybe eventually we'll pick at them enough to make a difference. But if there was a Battlestar out there, maybe there are more? Maybe we're not as alone as we thought. Maybe eventually all these hornets will find a nest again, and we can regroup. Until then, we'll just keep doing our part, right?"

"Heh. We're -always- outgunned. At least we took a piece of that thing." Wil notes, towards Eddie with a significant slice of good humor. "Both of that thing." It may not be enough to linger, but it least gets a bit of a smile. "I've thought of that, though. Still, I'm terrible with detachment. I'd have been happy not having to say goodbye to this one."

Eddie reaches out to cuff her hand on his bicep, the material of his flightsuit crinkling from the touch. "We just gotta hang on to what we can, that's all. And when it slips out of our fingers…you find something else to hold on to." She's never really sat down and had a one to one with Willem, but for all of Eddie's bravado she's pretty docile right about now.

"There's not much else -to-" do, he says, matter-of-factly. "Which is. Ah. Listen to me bitching again." Wil says, as his forehead wrinkles a little bit. "How's." For his part, he seems to be reaching for something -other- than what he was discussing earlier. "How's your return to flight status looking? You seem better."

Eddie finally blooms a little smile, just a faint thing that plays at the corners of her mouth. "Soon. That's all I know. Soon. I have to log some more hours in the gym and the simulators. Bulk up a bit more and make up for some lost time. Funny, you'd think it'd be like getting right back on a bicycle, but I keep teetering and falling off."

"Soon." The vaunted "Soon." Wil steals Roubani's habit of making faux-bunny-ears with his fingers here. Then again he's been spending a lot of time around the man lately so it's entirely possible habits are being shuffled back and forth. "I remember what it was like after my landing accident. I started trying to bribe the doc with whatever I could find. It -almost- worked."

Eddie gives a soft laugh, the sound a little hoarse in her throat like she's been screaming, smoking, or crying lately. Maybe it's some weird combination of the three. "Unfortunately, it's not just up to the docs anymore. Now it's as much up to Captain Marek to give that final okay, and before that even happens, I have to prove to Hale I can withstand the G's again. And there's /no/ bribing those two. Especially when Hale lives to see me in pain." She says, though it's quite goodnaturedly.

The initial response to this is a slight roll of his eyes, a laugh, and a cough on Wil's own, all rolled into one. He snaps his lips shut moments afterwards and just lets out one solid, one-syllable laugh. It's much the same, to be honest. "Y'know, I inheirited your problem sec-lead for the time being." He says, with some degree of probably-feigned complaint. "Rabbit likes to yak. Doesn't he?"

Eddie turns slightly sideways, bringing her leg up onto the bench with them so her calve lays over the cool smooth surface. "Yet he never says anything. Anything much about himself, anyways. He's a pretty private sort. I can't even get out of him who he's dating, besides someone down in Engineering."

There's another cough, as Wil's lips curl upwards again in poorly-contained, if very brief surprise. Maybe even mirth. Let it be said once again that he is a -terrible- triad player. "Well, I know this much. It's not Nadiv." Still, there's a sort of look of surprise here. "Really, though? He seemed. Chatty. Enough. Couldn't stop talking my ear off about a few things."

Eddie gives a half little shrug. "Maybe I'm just an unapproachable bitch." She reaches out to slap his back, "Thanks for making me feel better though." Eddie says a touch sardonically, moving to stand. "You probably know who Nadiv is with, too."

"More like he just had more ammo to fire at me." Wil states, with a bit of a groan at this. It seems like a pleasant enough one though. "No. Really. And -NADIV?-" Ok, if Eddie wanted a laugh, he got a laugh. "I'm not -that- all-knowing. Really, I'm usually the last to know about these things."

"I'm starting to feel that way too. Horrifically out of the loop." Her hand reaches out to fluff his hair as she passes behind him, bound it seems for the hatch. "I'm going to go catch some rack time. Don't sit in here too long waiting for the answers, huh?" Eddie says, her tone softened once more.

"I keep to my own little space." Willem notes, drily. "It works out better that way. Whether that space be here, y'know, or — wherever." He kicks at the floor. "I think I'm going to stay here and just talk to the ghosts for a while. Maybe they'll have something useful to say. Be safe, allright? I'll head down to sickbay later." He adds, remembering his sorta-promise.

"You're a good man, Willem." Eddie says back over her shoulder, her voice lifted a little louder so it carries back to him. And if she says it? Eddie sure as hell means it. It doesn't take long for her to make her exit, her lithe form slipping through the hatch like a shadow that was never really here.

"Heh. Sometimes I like to think that. Thank you." The compliment hits him a little belatedly as Wil half-smiles, still staring at the altar as she disappears.

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