Summary: Yuuri, Roubani, and Cygnus have a short talk about issues with the Vipers. Something's bothering the Ensign about the Mark VIIs.
Date: MD056
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Kharon - Mess Hall

Roubani is at the end of a relatively deserted table, with a tray of food that's mostly been eaten. He has some tea in a paper cup that he's slowly sipping, and a book open just past halfway.

Yuuri dips in through the hatch looking for a quiet place to speak with Mac after a weird night, a sobering night to be exact. He spots Poet after snagging an apple from the counter and polishing it on the towards the table.

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.

Cygnus definitely looks a bit perturbed. The calm the situation had required was no longer necessary so he isn't trying to hide the fact he seems just a touch shaken. He glances at the fruit as they pass, but none particularly catch his attention, so he skips grabbing anything. Which is exactly when the com jumps to life, "Frak!"

Roubani rubs his fingertips against the inner corners of his eyes. Gently, minding that nose that until two days ago was still stuck in a splint. The change in condition lights pull his attention up and Cygnus' swearing nearby startles him enough to make him glance that way.

Yuuri doesn't flinch at the Intercom's announcement. He raises the apple in greetings to Roubani, "How'd the card game go Poet?" He takes a bite from the apple, settling into a chair opposite him - arm draped over the back of the chair.

Cygnus pulls a chair out and spins it so the back is in front of the table then straddles it and sits. There's definite tension in his frame, and his fingertips drum idly against the back of the chair in front of him. "I don't think I'm familiar with the game the Captain was talking about."

Roubani folds his arms on the table behind his book. "It was popular on Sagittaron some time ago," he tells Cygnus in his soft voice, then nods to Yuuri. "I suppose it went well." A slight pause. "Was everything alright with the petty officer, sir?"

"She made it to her bunk." Yuuri rubs the back of his neck and slices through the apple with his teeth. "Bit…drunk, had a lot to say."

Cygnus purses his lips together and shoots a glance over at Typhus, having nothing to add to the subject himself. "Hopefully she's not going to be too hung over come morning. Especially if we run into trouble."

Roubani glances between the two Lieutenants. There's no way he's not noticing the looks between them, but he politely doesn't comment. "I'm sure Sickbay keeps extra aspirin for the purpose, sir."

"She shouldn't be, it was only three shots." Yuuri tries to calm Cygnus' worries. "What did you all figure out in that sim last eve, Poet?"

Now there's a topic that definitely interests Mac, and he sits up a bit, "I'm not even sure what the tests are about, so I'm definitely curious to hear all about it." A grin shifts into place easing away some of the tension in his features.

Roubani watches Cygnus for a few moments, then goes with the shift in topic easily enough. "I was just having a look, honestly. The Mark IIs have had consistent problems with their position transducers. Part of the navigation system that the Mark VIIs no longer use. I believe Lieutenant Yuuri's stabilisation problems last night were largely due to that."

"You want to run another sim in the morning to test it again?" The question spoken with hope as Yuuri is bored out of his mind with the loss of his flight status.

"We mostly flew the VII's on the Solaria." A hopeful expression spreads across Mac's features and his gaze shifts between the two, "You going to need a wingman, Ty?" The words are a bit more casual than he is feeling. After all, it's an oportunity to get as close to flying as he can manage at the moment.

"That would be helpful, sirs, to have both of you at the same time," Roubani answers. "Providing the sim can manage to hit you again, of course" There's a very brief, slight smile that fades away again. He pauses, brows drawing as he reaches for his notebook. Something's jogged his memory. "Actually…you're both very acquainted with the Mark VIIs, right?" Cygnus, of course, just answered the question, so he directs it more to Yuuri.

"The Mark II's have nearly all be decommissioned after the sevens came out. Most Battlestars only carry the Mark VII, so yes; I have flown the VII quiet often." Yuuri answers before sinking his teeth into the apple again.

Cygnus has to chuckle at that, "What is it about the Sevens you want to know, Ensign." For a moment he gets up long enough to walk over to grab and orange, but quickly sits himself back down again, and begins the peel the piece of fruit. Mac isn't exactly a technical wizard, but he doesn't offer that fact out loud.

Roubani flips through some pages in his notebook, crammed with dense mathematics and physics scribblings. He reaches what he wanted, a page with several long scribbles circled with a bold pen. "It was just something I noticed when we were doing pre-flight before the exercise with the Odyssey. Did either of your birds have any trouble with the avionics system? Stalling…anything like that?"

Yuuri shakes his head a bit in confusion, "In the sim or on the Ody run?"

Cygnus furrows his brows a bit, since he wasn't on that run. "I don't remember having that many problems over the years, here and there maybe, but not something that really made sit up and take note because of frequency."

"The Odyssey run, sir," Roubani answers Yuuri. "Or on any of your CAPs lately. Any unusual screen displays…program hangs…things like that. Very recently." He nods to Cygnus, looking down at his notes. He presses the eraser of his pencil against the middle of his eyebrow, making it arch up. "Perhaps it's nothing. It's just odd."

Yuuri stares blankly at ROubani when he asks of any recent CAP's, but brushes it off, "Didn't have any problems that I could tell on the mission."

Cygnus shakes his head, "I wouldn't have had anything, I haven't flown a bird in more than three months, Ensign." The expression on his face turns slightly pained. Breaking the orange apart, he pops one of the sections in his mouth, realizing he's not going to be of much help in this coversation.

Perhaps Roubani isn't that up on who's grounded and who isn't apart from his shift. Or he just forgot. Who knows. He frowns at his notes and nods. "Well. It's probably nothing, then." His tone's not quite believing that, but he puts his pencil down anyway and looks back at the two, offering a shrug of one shoulder. "I'll still take the help testing the Mark II systems in the sims when you have time, sirs. If anything ever happened to the software-based systems in the Mark VIIs, they'd essentially have to use a fallback system like the Mark IIs. It may be worth ironing out old problems."

Yuuri lifts the apple holding hand up, "I did have a malfunction on board the Eclipse a few years back. Two engines gave out, had to make an emergency landing…How I picked up my callsign Typhoon."

"So you and engines not getting alone is a theme then," Mac smirks across the table. Not like he's going to pass up a perfect opportunity to lighten the mood. Another segment of orange dissapears, "Think maybe, I don't know, you can keep them all up and running tomorrow?"

Roubani glances back down at the page. The circled notes on the Mark VII stare back at him. His somber eyes come back up and he glances at Cygnus, then at Yuuri. "Really? With two engines out?"

"Yeah, don't know what exactly happened. Was just a rescue OP." Yuuri admits.

Cygnus reaches up to rub at his eyes and shakes his head a bit, trying to stay alert. Unfortunately it's not very sucessful, and he lets loose with a yawn. "I need to get some sleep, gentlemen," He states before standing up. "See you at the sims in the morning?"

"Rescuing who?" Roubani's voice is as reservedly soft as always, but this mention of things has sparked some curiosity apparently. He glances up at Cygnus and nods. The man's talking sleep, that's a change from the last time they actually spoke. "Tomorrow, sir. Morpheus' blessings with you."

"Transport, was on CAP. But I should hit the rack as well." Yuuri smiles and rises, taking a final bite of the apple and tossing it on the way out, "See you tomorrow gents."

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