Girl talk, and washing Kai's
Girl talk and washing Kai's
Summary: Vendas and Kassia, have a light hearted conversation, and Kai get squeaky clean.
Date: Day 52
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The hatchway to this room has a top-down stencil of a Viper Mark Two painted across the entire expanse, the rear end of the Viper at the bottom of the hatch. Once inside, the berthings are typical of Viper squadrons throughout the fleet: Two lines of bunks are mounted against each wall with another one built into the wall at the other end. The room's gray walls and the empty space surrounding the bunks hold framed pictures of Vipers in action and depictions of the Cylon War of forty years prior. There is also a hatch in the back the leads to a private Head for these officers. Even here, the dark blue curtains hide away each individual bunk from the goings-on within the common area which is centered on a large oak table, though the surrounding chairs are standard navy.
-=[ Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close ]=-------—-
Kassia Vendas
Viper Pilot Bunks Oak Table
[H] Hallway

The bunk is mostly empty in the early evening. A few people move in and out, though only one seems to be rather stationary at the moment. Vendas is sitting up at her bunk, bare feet planted on the floor. She's looking at a boot she's holding her hand, somewhat confused. Her hairs a mess, looking like she either just went eight rounds with the Pyramid all-stars or just did some serious sleeping.

Kassia is also waking up after having a cat nap, she stands up from Castors bunk and blinks as she sees the CAG. "Hey Sir." She says going to slip into the sandles near the bunk and stagger out to a seat. "You look…Well, lovely today." She says not coming up with anything better.

Vendas looks up to Kassia as she rises from Castor's bunk. She blinks a few times, letting the boot drop to just one hand. "Hey there, Ensign." A smile finally comes around to her face, something like recognition flashing in her eyes. "Lovely, huh?" She lifts her eyes to a strand of hair hanging down in front of her face. "Geez, Kassia. You'd probably think I was a hot piece when I doll myself up." She looks back to her and winks. "How goes? Taken to just crashing i nthe Lieutenant's bunk when he's not around?"

Kai arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Kai has arrived.

Kassia stretches out her feet and returns the wink. "You sure did look good at the Party last week." She says going to light up the rest of her cigar. "And I fell asleep here this morning my lazy day today. Did my CAP and was able to do what I want with the rest. So we took a nap, I love nap." She says, inhaling the smoke and slowly waking up. "You know I should get one of you gals to braid you hair bed head will be a thing of the past." She goes quiet now enjoying the cigar and giving the CAG chance to reply.

Vendas smiles, dipping her head sheepishly. "Thanks, Kassia. I love that dress. Its the only one I have and almost all I was able to bring for civilian clothes save for some mesh shorts and a sleep shirt." Which she isn't wearing. The CAG is sitting on the edge of her bunk with tussled hair and still in her duty greens - minus the boots. She nods to the Ensign with the rest. "So you would be the Raptor Ensign that Leda wanted a blessing on." She chuckles. "I don't blame you, though. Your man's bunk is -always- the best place to crash." There's a little knowing smile but she shakes her head. "Nah. Thanks for the offer but I'm not one for braids. They make my head look funny."

The hatch opens, the hatch shuts. Kai, in his flight suit and still carrying his helmet under one arm, pauses near the entryway a moment to glance between Ensign and CAG, before making his way to his locker. "Evening," he offers tersely as he passes.

Kassia nods her head. "I managed to trade for some material for the one I had, and just sew it up." She admits. "Why it was so simple, I don't have much else besides my uniform and maybe two changes ot Civvie, clothes." She shrugs her shoulders then smiles. "Yeah, I'm the Raptor pilot…He's such a goof you know, I mean it's sweet is asked permission but he's just got to you know just chill and stuff." She eyes the door and gives Kai a huge smile. "Hey, sir!"

Vendas looks up at Kai's entrance and casts him a small wave and smirk. "Mister Marek. How're things?" Like nothing ever happened. She then looks back to Kassia. "Yeah, but civvie clothes are going to become a valuable commodity. Especially women's stuff with how we need certain fits. Geez." She chuckles and slowly rises from the bunk, stretching her arms into the air above her and standing on her toes. She makes one of those high pitch squeeks and settles back down with a long sigh. "I'm not sure I'd call Castor a goof. He means well, that's for sure. I'm not sure where he got all his ideological stuff, though. Though I guess it could be worse.. he could be sans drive." She shrugs and moves to her locker.

That wide smile actually manages to stop Kai in his tracks. He'd been reaching for his locker door, about to swing it open, when Kassia turns on the highbeams. "Ensign," he offers gently, something tugging at the corners of his lips and then vanishing again. The door's pulled open and his helmet tucked up on the top shelf, before the rustle of neoprene flight suit being shuffled out of, commences. "Good, sir," he answers Vendas at last, keeping his eyes on the contents of his locker. "I took a few rooks up to work on their nose to tail turns. Did you sleep well, sir?"
Kassia shrugs her shoulders not really wanting to start a indepth debate on her lovers ideals. "Oh well." She says, going to stand up head towards the Alcove to grab herself a quick drink. She then goes to settle back down onto the table, her eyes going to Kai again. "I almost saw a smile sir, your not fooling anyone." She says with a wink then goes back to glance at Vandas, it's clear she's genuinely pleased to be in such graceous company.

The CAG moves over to Kai and bumps him with her hip at the mans locker as she moves to her own. She cuts him a smile and nods with Kassia. "I saw it, too. One day, Karim, I'll get you to grin ear to ear. And I'll have a camera to prove to the world. I bet you've got a great smile, too." She rolls her head back from its playful incline to him and she looks back to her locked as she nudges it with her foot to open. "Slept well but had the damned strangest dreams. Kind of like sleepwalking, ya know?" She shakes her head and looks to Kassia. "So you're off the rest of the day? Legacy doesn't have you shuffling any paperwork, huh? Damned lucky. On their day's off, I hear Marek here likes to PT his Ensigns until they fall over."

Kai merely grunts, when it's suggested he might be capable of a full-blown grin. The hip bump doesn't bother him; he's used to slapping and being slapped around by bigger pilots than the slender CAG. "No pain, no gain, sir," he murmurs as he tugs off his tank tops and rolls on a t-shirt instead. He isn't particularly sweaty, just a hint of it here and there. "I'm glad you got some sleep, though." His eyes shift toward the blonde, then away again. He won't press any further than that. Not tonight.

Kassia nods her head slowly over towards the woman. "I know, I'd be sure tempted to see how wide I could get that smile." She says with a teasing wink at Marek. "But alass, it wouldn't be proper." She says going to fold her legs and blow across the top of her mug. "And nope I'm lowest on the totem pole, so I just fly and yes sir no sir."

"Uh huh. So you're saying I'm gonna have to bleed to get that smile to appear, huh?" Whether or not that's what Karim meant, that's how she took it. She strips off her own tanks and puts on a fresh pair from her locker. "Yeah, me too. I musta slept for like eighteen hours. Feels like it, though." She shakes her head and looks to Kassia as her green trousers come off. "Damn. You know sometimes I seriously miss being an Ensign. Free time. Following orders. Picking fights. Raising hell." She kicks the pants off the reast of the way and reaches for her flightsuit. "One day, Kass, you'll wish to God someoen would demote your ass back to that rank." There's a playful smile and she pulls on the suit, turning and closing her locker.

"This is a viper squadron, Nevice. You'd damned well better not be having improper thoughts here." It's delivered drily from the viper squadron Captain as he bangs his locker door shut, and skirts past the CAG with toothbrush, towel and soap in hand. "I'm sure the Commander would be willing to bust you down for misbehaviour, sir, if you were determined enough."

Kassia rolls her eyes over towards Vendan. "Oh dear lords, don't even think about it. I don't want to be promoted in the next ten years, I'm very happy where I am. I can fly without rank, don't wanna be a leader and I most certainly don't wanna be yes sir no sired." She then grins over at Kai. "Of course not sir, though it's a good job your not very good at reading minds, I can deny all day long and you aint got a shred of proof other wise." She's in a fine mood today.

"Yep. Around these parts we all have halo's, harps, and have only pure thoughts of platonic coexistance. Nobody ever checks out anyone else's body while they are changing. Ever." Certainly not the CAG. Nope. She never steals looks. She does her best to surpress a smile but it doesn't work out too well. Vendas grabs her helmet off her bunk and calls after Kai: "Yeah you wish, buster. You know how much ass I had to kick and kiss to get here?! Best be walkin' away!" she taunts playfully, watching the Captain move off in his towel. She then looks back to Kassia, mouthing something Kai can't see because he's not looking!!! (neener!!) "But there's nothing wrong with ambition, Ensign. Part of being an Ensign is taking the leadership examples you're giving and attempting to emulate them. One day you may be shoved into a position where you have to lead. You never know in this environment."

Vendas (V) pages: She mouthes 'Look at that ass!'

You whisper, "If it wasn't for Castor Sir, I'd be licking my lips and roll onto my belly, Kai has to be the sexiest man on this ship. Always said that!" to Vendas.
A throaty chuckle disappears along with the Captain, as he kicks his boots off at the mouth of the adjoining head, and pads off toward the showers. He, of course, misses whatever is mouthed behind his back. It's probably better that way.

Kassia can't help but give a little chuckle herself at the CAG. "It's only natural Sir, we're the last few human beings, we're going to be doing alot more then looking in a few weeks. Perhaps it could have been helped when people had shore leave and other choices." She shrugs her shoulders and takea little more coffee, she then says something, her smile wide and a dreamy little look in her eyes. "Alass, though t'is a shame, it is."

Vendas just grins like an idiot at the whispered words from Kassia. "Aaaaaamen, sister." looks to the door where Kai retreated to and then back to Kassia as the CAG slips her bum up onto the table. "Oh I imagine we will. Birth control ain't going to last forever. Especially at the pace I've been hearing about. Sure, shore leave was best. But I can't even imagine what this ship will be like in a few months. Slew of marriages. Pregnancies. Gods.." She chuckles, sighing. "Could do a lot worse than Castor, Ensign. Glad you caught someone early."

Kai's showers are never terribly long, and tonight's no exception. Waste not, want not; they don't have an infinite supply of water, after all. Once the faucet shuts off, the sound of teeth being scrubbed is heard.

Kassia gives the CAG a high five then turns to watch the guy. "You ever tempted in getting in there for a closer look." She says in for a penny in for a pound. "And yeah Castor, is the the greatest, he's letting me take my time you know, not rushing into anything. I think baring something going really bad, we're in it for the long run you know…Eh, as for babies and stuff, not on a war ship I'd go without before I bring a child into this." she says very determind on that mind set.

"Ensign, you ever tempted to go watch?" Its easier to answer questions with questions when you are sorta legally obligated to be vague. Though there's nothing about devilish inflections in the regulations, so she's sure to have that. "Good to hear about him, though. He doesn't seem the type to want to run around frakking anything. Good men like that are tough. It'll probably hard-won in a situation like this, but you've got my best wishes." They aren't in the same squadron so the CAG isn't seeing a problem anyplace. "And hon?" She slowly rises off the table with her helmet. "Sometimes you can plan all you want. The Gods have a way of gifting children on us. Only sure way to keep from having a child is to deny yourself. How many times have you heard a friend say 'But we were being so careful?'" she asks with a smirk.

Rinse, spit, repeat. It's maybe five minutes before Kai emerges, tucked into fatigues and faded t-shirt. Instead of picking up his boots where he left them, he kicks them ahead of him toward the foot of his bunk. "Are we having the babies on military ships discussion again, sir?" he asks on his way past the pair, eyes cutting from Kassia, to the CAG, and back again. He looks a little guarded, like any self-respecting man ought in the midst of such conversation.

Kassia taps a finger on the table and seems thoughtful for a few minutes. "Yeah, he's the best." She says with a smile on her face. "Didn't realize how I felt until you know." She shrugs, and then watches Kai reappear. "Yeah, we are and I dare say we'll be having it alot more. Just kinda seeing who's the first." She says with a smirk. "And I mean it Sir." she says to
Vendas. "I aint going to risk it, what use is a pilot who's knocked up…None, I'm in this squadron to fly…So I'd say we'd be the last ones to worry about gene pools and babies." She shrugs and sips at her coffee. "I'm sure when birth control is low, we'd get first whack."

Vendas laughs, watching Kai roll by. "I'm just saying that being careful doesn't mean much. Gods want you to have a baby, then there isn't much you can do about it. I'm not debating the moral dilemma, just the facts of what we'll be facing." She then looks back to Kassia. "Oh I imagine there is already someone on board who's with child. There's one every cruise. Except this time, the lucky lady won't be shipped off. But you're right. Pregnant aircrew don't last long. I had to take medical after my fourth month. Then I was out for six. The first question is how much you're willing to dedicate to either being human or being a pilot. Then the second question is, is there a difference?" She lifts her helmet, pointing a finger at Kassia before she moves for the hatch. "I got a CAP to fly. Marek, don't eat the Ensign - even if she is adorable."

"Never, sir," Kai answers, ticking off a lazy salute to the departing CAG and briefly watching her withdraw. "They're too rangy. I prefer something with meat on its bones." He winks at Kassia, though without a smile to accompany it, it falls somewhat short. Into a chair he drops, pack of cigarettes dug out of his fatigues. "Good hunting, sir," is added before

Kassia shakes her head at the CAG, her words laying heavily on her mind. "Lets find a nice big planet first aye." She say sthen goes to wave her hand. "Good hunting, sir." She repeats after Kai before going to turn a smile onto him. "How you doing." She asks, softly going to fish for her own cigs. "Here I owe you one." She tells him.

Kai already has his pack half out, and pauses when Kassia makes her offer, unexpected as it is. "If you insist," he answers after a moment, tucking his cigarettes away and starting to lean across to snag the one she offers. And stops dead mid-lean. "Frak." He moves to his feet instead, chair scraping the floor as he shoves his boots on and laces them quickly. "Excuse me, please, Ensign. I need to have a few words with the CAG." And that's all the explanation the poor girl gets; he's on his feet and striding briskly for the door.

Kassia nods her head slowly. "Yeah sure sir, no explaination needed." She say waving her hand and staying where she is. "Have a good one."

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