Giant Spiders
Giant Spiders!
Summary: Drinking and Fighting in the Viper Bunks!
Date: PH # 14
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Yuuri is sprawled out on his bunk talking to Max, who is sitting at the edge of hers. They seem to have been in conversation for awhile. "Silence is good when it's needed, but I enjoy noise. Ruckus, music, but the sound of the engines and beeping of gizmos in the cockpit are by far the most soothing." He reaches up to the shelving above his head and pulls out another cigarette, lighting it quickly and blowing the smoke away.

There's a groan from the direction of Martin's bunk. Apparently having taken a little nap after going into the shower, Martin finds himself waking with his boots on. Shaking off a little bit of a hangover, he slips out of his bunk to stand, leaning against it for a moment with one eye closed. Squinting as the bright lights assault him, he opens his locker and pops a few over the counter painkillers and cracks open a canteen he's set inside.

Max nods, "Well if you listen, you can often here music in the sound from your viper as well. Got that rythm and beat going..just need to sing along."

Jupiter enters through the hatch, wrapped in a towel, hair still wet enough to drop down her back and over her shoulders. She has a shower caddy in hand, and seems a bit lethargic, all things considered. She doesn't glance around, just heads for her bunk. Which is right above Yuuri's bunk, so it wont be but a moment before she's literally standing in the midst of a conversation. She looks tired.

"There is music in everything you do if you picture life as such. Though I'm not really the philosophical type, I'd rather believe life was one big obsticle you gotta beat your way through." His icey jades disappear under eyelids as he listens quietly to the room, hearing Martin wake and random drops of water filtering through and landing on the floor in a puddle. Yup his bunkmate coming from the head, he's heard the foot steps before and the scent of her shampoo clear to him, having to deal with it in the locker next to his. "Sleep well Fingers?" He chuckles, "Hack was comfy, let me tell you. We ain't even no more." The hand holding the cigarette is offered towards Jupiter, "Got a surprise for you tonight Fingers, you up for it later?"

"Hey Peanut." Martin grunts, running a hand through his hair as he pauses to swallow down the pills. Blinking a few times, he squints his eyes again and grunts, resting his head against the cool grated metal of his locker. Twisting his head a little, he looks to the time and waits for his eyes to adjust to make sure he's reading it right. He pauses for a moment. "Hit her again, Typhoon, and you got a surprise coming from me."

Max scoots back onto her bunk now, to lean against the back wall. "Well, thats one way to look at it…I still with the musical view of the universe." She grins again, "it's a lot more entertaining that way."

Jupiter mutters under her breath, "The shit from last night comes back to bite me in the ass, I'm gonna kick your ass so far across the ship you will not know what hit you, Typh." She opens her locker, shoves the caddy inside, and pulls out an extra towel to run it over her hair. She leans against her locker slightly, and bends to vigoroustly towel dry her hair.

"Atleast I know which bunk the humming was always coming from when I was sleeping." Yuuri offers, smiling now at Max. The hand holding the burning cigarette stays offered towards Jupiter, who he knows can't pass up somethin free. "That reminds me, don't we have a date with the mats tonight? Oh, and I hope your half the heads were cleaned today." His free hand reaches down into his pockets and pulls out a medicene bottle, popping the cap and spilling a couple pills onto his chest. "Lastnight there was no harm done, unless you are pressing charges Fingers." He places the cap back onto the bottle, slipping it back to the pocket. He places the pills onto his tongue and grabs the bottle of Brosia over his head, drowning the painkillers before swollowing them.

Martin is by his locker, nursing his headache from a hangover. There's more than enough rumor going around that his bunk's been rather active as of late, and there was a bit of alcohol tossed around the barracks the night before. Glancing from Jupiter, who is wrapped in a towel and drying her hair, to Yuuri and Max, who are talking, Martin lifts his eyebrow for a moment. "Hey…Typhoon. I'm talking to you." He says, lighting a cigarette. Huffing a cloud of smoke, he glances to Jupiter. "I heard some rumors, what exactly happened, J?"

Samantha steps back into the room, smelling like a cigarette and in her BDUs, so she must have been on duty sometime in the last few hours. But she's off now and looking somewhat concerned about something. Her brows are just furrowed, eyes distant. Still a hint hung over but she seems to be doing fairly well at ignoring that for the moment. She heads over to her locker, pulling out her sweats so she can change into fully being off duty.

Jupes shakes her head. "Halfsies doesn't apply, asshole. Any part of that Head isn't spotless, we both get frakked for it. I think you should give it another go." She traightens, drops her towels, and pulls some sweats out of her locker to drag them onto her body. "Brigboy grabbed my ass and Mudguts didn't like it." A fresh cigarette burn on Yuuri's ribs tells the tale of Jupiter's opinion.

Yuuri pulls the offered hand back, letting the cig dangle from his lips as he sets the bottle down on the shelf in exchange for a pack of smokes. With a flick of the wrist a couple ends slide through the opening as it is offered to Jupiter. "Better?" He's still ignoring Martin, though it's more the fact that his sister had summed it up: Mudguts apparently didn't like Jupiter and himself being close. His eyes are back on his bunkmate, not really staring as she changes, he's use to it by now. "I'm sure the pot will be large for who ever wins tonight."

Max listens to the other conversation for a moment…yep, glad to miss that, whatever it was. She reaches over and fluffs up her pillow a bit.
Somewhere in between looking to Samantha and looking back towards Jupiter,
Martin's eyes widen and quickly bolt in another direction. Sibling nudity, something both disgusting and a necessary evil now that they're stuck with eachother on the posting. He doesn't say anything. It's locker room protocol. Noticing it means you saw it which at least in a men's locker room means that you were checking it out. Martin wasn't, but still for a second he tastes bile. Martin nods a 'what's up' to Samantha, followed by a weak smile before his attention goes back to Yuuri. "If she tells you no and you don't listen, forget the brig Typhoon, I'll put your ass in sickbay." Martin drags off of his cigarette, fully expecting to remain ignored at this point. "…I'm glad we had this conversation. Consider it a warning."

"Like there's any question." Jupiter snorts, reaching over to take the pack of smokes after she pulls her top all the way down, not even showing a sliver of belly. If she notices Martin's sudden regurgitation urge, she doesn't comment. "My little brother seems to think you're a scumball, Typhoon. What is it you did?"

"All right, party's over, everyone back to your bunks." It's unmistakeably the Captain, voice low enough to carry without him having to bark things out. The fact that he's wielding a bottle of Picon brandy in one hand, and a bowl of jello in the other, could be either plain odd, or just indicative of his next words, "I'm just shitting you. Here's some free booze. Enjoy." The bottle's set down on the table with a *thump*, after he's shouldered his way through pilots, and he wanders off a few paces with his jello. Ostensibly so he doesn't get trampled.

Samantha really doesn't quite yet intrude on the conversation, her brows lofting in the trio's direction. She's quiet for a bit, not really showing her tits, she's happily still in her green sports bra beneath, her dog tags shining against the material. She pulls on a set of off duty tanks, these ones black, and then shrugs into the yoga jacket over top before she shimmes out of her BDU slacks… She nods briefly to martin, but the lover's brigging over there seems more intriguing than anything… UNTIL Kai brings booze. She blinks back to him, eyes going wide…"Sir? You sure as hell better be sharing in the fun if you're donating!"

Fenris honestly could have cared less is they were humming the Colonial Anthem in C minor around each other. The Villified Lieutenant makes her way into the berth some moments after the Captain, though from a completely different vector if the matted hair is any indication. She makes her way, pretty as you please, toward her bunk with a blanket, "Good evening." to the company at large.

"Jealous of my physique perhaps." Yuuri shrugs at Jupiter, "I figured lastnight was just booze, cigs, and wrestling for who was going to claim them." The arrival of the Captain and fenris get a brief eye closing and breath of 'oh shit here we go again' neither of which is noticeable. He inhales another chest full of smoke before blowing it at his bunkmate, "Scumballs your type? I mean if that's so, maybe the reason - who knows. Ask him."

Looking to the Captain, Martin gives an upward nod, a 'whats up' of the sorts. Bristling a little bit at some sort of unspoken drama that he's apparently decided to drop, he pulls a metal cup out of his locker. It is marked 'Dash' on it, and he lets his cigarette dangle from his lip as he sets the cup down near the bottle. He's off duty. "Yeah, Spider, come drink with your wingman and keep him out of trouble tonight, right?" Martin says, glancing back towards Samantha. There's that look in his eyes. He's perturbed. He's forcing himself in a different social direction. "Break out some cards, get this ball rolling?"

Kai holds up his spoon-wielding hand as if in surrender, and favours Samantha and Martin with a rare, and quite nice grin. "Afraid I can't. I'm off to a meeting." He's not an idiot. He's aware of the tension in the room, he's just not going to go there tonight. "You kids behave yourself, and I'm looking at you, Typhys." The spoon is pointed at Yuuri, and then he quick-checks his watch and starts moseying on out again.

Samantha's not cracked the bottle open yet, she pauses at the murmur of a meeting, a hint of a frown on her lips. "Anything you need help with, sir? I'm happy to get back on duty. We had a few last night…" She admits, her fingertips brushing reassuringly across Martin's shoulder in efforts to almost calm him down, and remind him of better times last evening, but her green eyes linger upon Kai's form for a few moments.

Jupiter shakes her head and pulls the towel from around her neck. "He doesn't think you're my type," she mutters to her bunkmate, though her eyes follow the Captain as he exits the berthing. Maybe she's lusting after his jell-o.

What's new is what goes through Typhys' head as the Captain leaves. His eyes look at the wall opposite of him in the bunk, just relaxing knowing his got his own stash of booze. "Never asked what your type was and not quiet sure you showed interest. You always said you had a thing for my stash, but that was it."
Fenris carries on without incident and begins rooting through her locker for a towel and a few things. Locks are locked, thing are held in the crook of an arm, and, as no lynch mob is forthcoming, she moseys off to get clean.

[Intercom] Hellicon says, "Pass the word throughout the ship, Engisn Price, report to the Wardroom."

Jupiter climbs the little ladder to her bunk, shoves the curtains open, and throws herself inside to sprawl across it, face down in her pillow. She grunts in reply to Yuuri.

[Intercom] Hellicon says, "Pass the word throughout the ship, Captain Legacy, report to the Wardroom."

Looking to Samantha as she places her hand on his back, Martin simply nods to her, calming down. Forcing himself to ignore Yuuri for a moment, he looks towards Mudguts and waves her over. "Hey, after you're done in there, come back out. I'm thinking cards. Jupes, you in?" He says and then looks back to Samantha. "Hey…you wanna stay in here tonight or go grab some food?" He says with a lowered voice.

Yuuri watches his bunkmate disappear up the ladder and just relaxes against his pillow. He reaches for the steel cylinder and places it on his chest, flicking the ashes into it.

Samantha leans a bit closer to Martin, trying to keep his tense body, well… more relaxed. She rubs her fingertips up and down his arms and shoulders, trying to calm him from doing anything silly. "Up to you, darling. Where ever you're going to feel more relaxed. Seems we're not needed tonight so we can cool down as you like." She likes to tease him, normally, but right now she's dead serious. And still none of them ahve touched the bottle of booze in the middle of the table.

A subtle pause in footsteps and Fen looks over her shoulder with an, "Alright." in acknowledgement of Martin's remarks before she steps through the hatch to make herself less offensive.

Yuuri sighs remembering the meeting he's suppose to attend. He rolls out of his bunk and slips a note behind everyones back under Jupiter's pillow before walking towards the hatch.

"Allright…" Martin says, watching for the most part the room clear out. Turning to Samantha, he rests a hand on her hip and lets out a cleansing breath towards the floor. "…you have NO idea how badly I wanted to punch that asshat." Martin says, rolling his eyes a little. "I can take talk back but ignoring? Ohhh…oh man I can't do ignoring…"

There is the sound of a shower, devoid of singing. It isn't very long, either, before the water is turned off and, not a lot of time after that, that Fen emerges, dressed and brushing her hair. There is a quick sweep of the berth, then, "That didn't take long at all."

Samantha continues to rub at Martin's shoulders, trying to get him calmed down. "Yeah… but it's done and over with now, and from what I can tell your sister… well… Might have enjoyed it. So… no worth getting yourself in the brig over the man, right? He's already served his time." She then reaches over to the donated booze, pulling it closer and beginning to twist off the top. "Well, looks like there is plenty for us three. You in, Mud? I know I am. If I'm not going to work, I'll sure as hell relax… and I know both of you need to relax."

Martin nods and visibly calms, almost in a confused manner at the idea of Jupiter liking it. He does, however, manage a little shrug as second by second he's started to let it go. "Yeah…no sense in that and the Captain will have my ass. I'm his wingman. I've gotta show him I'm good for it." He says simply, lowering himself into a chair and motioning for the two of them to join him. Reclining back a little, he tugs at Samantha's waist. "So…Mud…you do a CAP today? Anything new or just flyin and spyin?"

"I'm still grounded." Fenris replies as she puts her things back in her locker, "I have another week." She shuffles a few things around, then turns to regard the couple, "Enjoy the booze."

Samantha frowns a bit more to Fenris. "Mud, dear… you gotta relax. Since you are grounded you can -safely- drink. Please, join us? I wanna see you smile for once, doll." Sam seems dead serious. Yes, she's comfortable at Martin's side. She's able to enjoy the night with him, but she certainly doesn't want to drive Fenris away either, it seems. She actually looks hopeful that the woman will join both of them.

"Seriously, Mud. Sam and I aren't the kind of folks that want privacy. If we want privacy we'll find it." Martin says, looking towards her. "We're all team here so hells…if it's not drinkin you're up for, drink water for all I care. We wanna spend time with you, girl." Martin says, stratching the side of his head as he does so.

Fenris looks between them for a few glances, then, "Thank you." There are any number of things that could be going through her mind, though, she does venture on over toward them, "I'm not used to being so interesting."

Samantha grins a moment as Fenris actually decides to join them, "That's my girl!" And with that, Sam squeezes Martin's shoulders one last time before she goes back to her locker to get the fabled dirty shot glasses. They do the job, at least! She sets the three out on the table, finally cracking open the booze and pouring each of them a shot of the stuff…"Wonder what the boss brought us." She sniffs at it curiously. "And… I mean, you are interesting, but it ain't about interesting, it's about bein' friends and family."

"Well that and it wouldn't hurt to know a bit about you, to be honest. We're all shacked up in here together. Some of us got more to say than others but that doesn't mean one bit that we should close off and be quiet. Just let us know if our trying to get you to chat isn't your thing, okay? I know quiet people hate that shit." Martin says, taking up his shotglass and hefts it. Seems he got the chest this time. "Toast?" He considers. "…here's to a good, quiet moment of Captain approved drinking."

Fenris settles down nearby, then, "I'm not sure what I could tell you. I don't make secrets, though sometimes what I say tends to disturb people." she says in her usual deadpan.

Samantha raises her glass in a toast to echo what Martin offered. "Sounds good to me. To a quiet moment of Captain approved drinking!" And she shoots the glass, not even really choking on it, just blinking some of the burn from her eyes before she pours herself another. She settles down in the seat next to Martin now, half leaning against him, her head on his shoulder as they listen to Fenris. "Yeah… you got a strange sense of things sometime, doll… but we all have our own things. It's okay. Just… try to relax sometime, yanno! I know you must be goin' stir crazy off duty…"

"Yeah…that'd drive me crazy too. Guess all I can say about that, Mud, is don't push it and you'll get back in the chair faster." Martin says, tipping his head back and downing the alcohol. Letting it slide down his throat, he taps the shotglass to the table, exhaling the fumes as he manages the alcohol squarely. Looking to where the drinking water is stored, he makes a silent note of it, and then wraps his arm around Samantha. The side of her head in the crook of his elbow, the rest of his arm drapes forward from her idly as he leans back. "So where you from, Mud? You got any hobbies?"

Fenris raises a naughtyshot, "To endorsement." she says simply, then tosses it back like a trooper. "I'm from Aegia, an old port city on equatorial Virgon." is the answer to the first question, then, "I study philosophy and do gymnastics." She looks between them again, apparantly either waiting for the next question or pondering one to throw out, herself.

Samantha smiles a bit more, quite comfortable against Martin's arm. They're no doubt doomed, both of them entirely too comfortable in each other's arms, resting there together, not being scolded by the higher staff, the whole thing having started in the strangest way but now they seem strangely solid. The old married couple of the red squadron. Other than Sam being a decade older that Martin and no wedding rings being involved. She pours herself another shot, but this one she goes about sipping. "Philosophy and gymnastics. Damn…how the hell'd you end up a pilot?"

Reaching for the bottle, Martin re-ups his shotglass as well. Holding it and sipping, because that seems to be the current faire, he leaves the bottle for Fenris to fill hers back up as she pleases. Then, he sets the glass down and sets a pack of cigarettes in the center of the table, next to a disposable lighter. "Gynmastics? That's pretty hardcore. The whole of it? Floor exercise, the bars, the rings, all of that stuff?" He grins. "So you can do flips?"

"Tradition. My father's family have been in the military for generations. My father was a stick, but he had a problem with his heart, he couldn't be a combat pilot anymore, so he was mustered out." Fen offers to Sam, silently nudging the shot glass toward the bartender. He, in turn, gets, "Most of the time, yes. It was after I was shot, part of my attempt to make up credits in school. I remember it being fun, then."

Samantha frowns a bit more, that familiar trace of worry in her eyes…"You don't find it fun any more? You…You gotta find something that's fun, Fen… especially now. We'll all go insane if we don't." Sam admits gently, reaching up and pouring out the glass for Fenris also before topping off her own, then stealing that pack of cigarettes. She might as well go for them while the getting is good. Once she lights one up, her fingertips find Martin's leg beneath the table, just rubbing gently.

Taking a sip from the shotglass, Martin sets the glass down and one-handedly fishes out a cigarette for himself and lights it. There's a small smile on his face as he gives a sidelong look to Samantha. "Maybe I shouldn't find things fun that I do…" He starts, glancing between the two of them. "But I've got an overactive mind. I make up nicknames for people that I don't know and when I get high scores on the game system in the game room, I leave lurid names for the person who had the high score. Simple, but I'm easy to please."

Party crasher. The hatch swings open and Wil's made his way inside without a shred of his usual cautious scanning. He's in his Blues(maybe he's spending too much time hanging out with Roubani) and is outer jacket hangs open, unfastened. His face is screwed up with a sort of sour, annoyed consternation. He's carrying several stacks of notes under his arm and meanders towards the lockers without a word, initially.

Fenris turns her eyes toward Samantha, "It's exceedingly rare for me to feel anything, Case. This would be one of the disturbing things I mentioned, earlier." She tosses back the shot, then, "I am bad at explaining this, but I can try if you want to try and understand." Her attention drifts to Martin at his input, then, "I knew someone like that, once." and then, in comes Wil. She nods his way, but leaves his mood unmelvined for the moment.

Samantha frowns gently at Fenris, the concern in her eyes deepening as she hears the comment about the rarity of feeling from the woman. She sighs, taking another puff on her cigarette with her free hand, her other palm still resting on Martin's leg, twining them together a bit more as they sit side by side at the big oak table. There's a large bottle of booze in the middle with about six shots out of it, and three lude shot glasses between the three pilots. Sam looks up as Will comes in, giving her wingman a brief smile but then going back to Fenris. "You… gotta work on feelin' a bit. Trust me, it's worth it when you do, doll. And explain if you want, but don't feel forced. We're just here to relax." She then gazes to Will again. "So, heard the boss callin' yer name. What was that all about?"

"Waste of my frakking time is what -that- was." Wil notes, sourly, not particularly making much of an effort to elaborate on what did or did not occur in that rather short meeting. His pale forehead shows a series of lines as his brows knit. He stops himself for a moment or so and lingers at his locker, his expression softening as he finally nods back at Samantha and Martin and then at Fenris as well. It appears, whatever sourness he has uncharacteristically embraced for the time being, he is able to shed it for these three. They've been cleared as 'allright,' on some level. Continuing, he just gives a sort of condensed version of his thoughts on the matter. "Do me a favor, Case? Next time you see Ensign Roubani, offer him a drink for being an officer with some damn sense."

"It happens on occaision, Wil, try not to let it bother you." Fen comments in her usual distant tone. That said, it's to Sam her gaze turns and, after a beat or two, "We'll see." she is all she offers her way for the moment.
Samantha nods slightly to Fen, still worried, but she doesn't push it for the moment. She shoots back the rest of the stuff from her glass and then fills it up again, pushing it over in Will's direction. "Here you go, Rebound. Captain might be frustratin' you, but he gave us this booze and his blessings to drink, so we might as well enjoy it, aye? Drink up! And… Roubani is a good boy. He's gonna go far in this fleet. Don't suppose yer gonna share further?" She reaches over, stealign Martin's glass for a sip of her own before giving it back to him. They can share, it seems.

Martin grins at Sam and baring his teeth, playfully lowers his head and gnaws on her shoulder after she steals the glass from him. He doesn't even bite down, it's just for effect. "Thief." He mutters, squeezing his arm around her a little bit. Ashing his cigarette, he leans back and braces a boot on the T-frame underneath the table to look over at Rebound. "Yeah so what? You got paperwork dumped on you? I heard a motto once. Ancient Wisdom. The tallest blade of grass is always the first to get cut by the lawnmower. The lawnmower in this case being…work assignments."

"It wasn't the Captain. That was the problem." Wil slowly shrugs his way out of his uniform jacket and hangs it up in his locker, absently before taking a languid stroll over towards the proferred glass. And Sam and Martin to boot. Picking it up, he twirls it idly in his hand and his pale brows knit again. "It wasn't so much the paperwork, man. It was…almost everyone. Everyone being 'right. Their visions of 'right' had no real compatibility with each other. So, nothing gets done, we're behind schedule." His nose twitches slightly as if the smell of 'right' was getting a little rancid in there. Finally his sense of manners do get the better of him. "Sorry to interrupt. I'm getting frakking sick of the smell of ego, is all. People are so busy piling it on they can't figure out how to do their jobs, with the notable exception I mentioned before." I think you were saying something before I bulldozed in here." He looks apologetically over towards Fen, even as he cups the glass in his hand. Finally he takes a shot, gulping part of it down, with aplomb.

"I believe I have little ego worth sniffing, if that's comforting." Fenris comments with a glance toward Wil. A fter that, she looks bck to Samantha, "What else would you like to know?"

Samantha pours out Willem another shot of the stuff, apparently he's really earned it by now, and she tops off she and Martin's glass. She gives Will a slightly sad, understanding little smile, "Well, just try to be content and happy in the fact that the brass are looking at you, at least. It's a good sign, yanno? Even if it was frustrating." And then she looks back to Fenris and shakes her head. "I think I'm done with the third degree for tonight. I'll poke you again another time. I just worry aboutcya, doll. But you know that." And Martin, as he's almost bitting her shoulder, gets her free hand suddenly coming up and messing up his hair enough that some of it is sticking straight up and some to the side. Cowlick attack!

Martin laughs a little, his hair mussed as he leans back away from Samantha a little, arm moving to wrap around the top of her chair to be less caveman-ish in nature. He takes a sip from the shotglass, and then offers it to Sam as they're now sharing. "Hey come on in, have a drink or something. You offduty, Rebound, or are you hitting the books right RIGHT this second?" He eyeshifts. "I won't tell." He adds, smirking as he drags off of his cigarette. "Oh man…I tried to not fly by my ass in that meeting we had in the ready room but what a room full of cranks, you know? Myself included. Sure I had an opinion, but…" He shrugs. "…I'm not getting pulled into that 'who's crank is bigger' game." He adds, looking towards Jupiter's bunk. "Did…she just fart?"

"True, Lieutentant. Quite true." comes the JG's reply to Fenris. Truth be told, their dealings thus far have indicated that he treats her kind of like a loaded gun aimed vaguely at his head. Maybe a shiny and well-made gun. Hell, maybe a shiny and well-made gun plated with gold and diamonds and…whatnot. But a loaded gun all the same. Which is a long-winded way of saying there's a measure of respect, there. Finally, he turns back to Sam and Martin. "Oh, I'll be fine. I came forth with a few ideas, that's the only reason they called me. I'll get over it." Wil says this, regaining some more of his resolute calm, looking at the shifting in the bunk that likely contains a sleeping Jupiter. He was a bit louder than usual and is visibly self-conscious of that fact. And then he can't help but break into a quiet snicker at Martin's comment. "Naah, I'm off-duty now. Which is a good thing. No cranks. Just…" He takes a swill of the remaining shot. "Booze. Yeah."

Jupiter moves a moment later, with a little lip smacking and some drool. She turns her head toward the wall, and lets out a sort of sigh-huff.

"Perhaps next time will be lest distressing." Fen offers Sam's way, then she tosses back her shot. With the movement at the bunk, and Martin's inquiry, she commments a simple, "Likely."

Samantha turns her head, studying the shifting Jupiter for a few moments and chuckling to Martin. "No, I think it was a snore. But you're welcome to wake her up and ask. I'm suuuure she'd appreciate that." She grins, turning her head and pressing a kiss against Martin's cheek, giving him that innocent little smile that says she did noooothing wrong! Nope. Of course not. She laughs warmly to herself and then finally nods to Fen. "I hope so. We got enough distressing these days, yanno?" And finally back up to her wingman. "Good. Off duty. Then sit down, relax, drink until you can sleep and forget about it all tomorrow."

Martin's eyes…those insightful, bitter eyes stare in the direction of Jupiter's bunk. Leaning a little into the kiss on his cheek, he drums his nails a few time. "…my powers of rationality are draining." He says quietly, the air around him gradually turning his aura into one of mischief. "…I don't want to do it. I need to do it. I shouldn't do it, but it would just be so…so right." He says quietly, like a canonball sized bomb with a lit fuse.

"True. True." Wil's attempt at a tirade, notable alone just for how out-of-place it sort of was for him in the first place is entirely gone. His shoulders roll back and he settles against the table by the occupied series of bunks, slumping in a chair and shoving his notes aside on the tabletop as he cups the basically-empty glass in his hand, stretching out. His eyes dart to Martin warily, full of wonder at the possible grief he might be in the process of unleashing.

Jupiter's hand dangles off the edge of her bunk as it pokes out from under her pillow, her cheek across it, thoroughly unconscious to all observers.

"I'll try to keep from adding to the distress." Fen says to Samantha before Martin draws her attention, "Sounds like you're in a quandrary. She goes silent after than, and looks around at the awake, if not quite gathered.

Samantha bites her lower lip, especially as she sees Jupiter's hand hanging there. She should save Martin from himself. She reeeeally should. And yet, like watching a train wreck, she cannot resist letting him get himself in trouble. She does call out in a quiet whisper, "Juuupppiter. I think your brother's gonna do something…Stuuupid." But definitely not loud enough to wake the woman, unless she's already halfway there. Sam steals back the glass between she and Martin, taking a sip from it. She gives the other two in the room an amused, if nervous, grin.

Martin considers for a moment and reaches out to the shotglass, quickly downing the rest of the contents. "…what does my callsign stand for?" He grins to them, leaning over to plant his lips to Samantha's cheek. "Sorry baby. Sometimes a man's got to do what a man's gotta do. Someone get a camera. This is one of those moments." He says quietly, looking to Fenris and Willem, giving them time to set up. Slowly, he rises and moves to his locker. Quietly, he opens it and pulls out a magazine, rolling it up into a tube…

If one thing has become abundantly clear about Willem at this point in time, he likes to stand clear of the blast radius. The most recent demonstration of this trait on his part just occurred right now, as he stands up, sluggishly, and heads over towards the his own rack which is blissfully away from said blast radius. He's having no part in this. However, he's not above the sort of low, vulgar impulse that would drive a man to watch. His mouth curls in something less than a grin, but it's close. He keeps the empty glass in his hand for some reason. Force of habit, maybe?

Fenris watches Martin rise to the occaision, though whether that occasion is playful mirth or wrathful carnage is currently let fo the Lords to know. She glances at Sam, then Wil, then watches the hijinx in progress.

Samantha doesn't say anything, but she pulls slightly back from the table and from the line between Martin and Jupiter, so hopefully when things explode she won't be caught in the middle. She bites her lower lip, watching eagerly.

"Allright…watch this." Martin says quietly, looking over to them. Yeah…famous last words. He winks at Sam and then gives Mud and Rebound the bright smiled thumb's up before he starts to stalk like a spec-ops trooper towards Jupiter's bunk. Slowly, carefully, he steps towards the sleeping form of Jupiter with her arm hanging out of the bunk. He looks back at them again. This is probably not the best idea, but BOY is he brave. He thumbs up's again…and then stops at her bunk. All of the sudden, he reaches in with a flurry of rolled up magazine thwaps, grabbing her arm. "AAAAAAAAH GIANT SPIDERS! GIANT SPIDEERRRRRRRRSSSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA—"

His head craning a little bit to one side, Wil eyes Martin's, well, attack, leaning back against his rack ladder and crossing his arms on front of his chest. He's almost half-smiling here, his forehead wrinkling in what could be the beginnings of a wince.

Roubani chooses right then to walk into the room, Martin's shouting meeting him at the hatch. His dark eyes just stare blankly, one arm holding a black file folder. Dude, what?

There's a snort and a jerking sudden reaction from Jupiter. She's up and half out of her bunk before her eyes even open, her body thrown/falling toward Martin with the rough magazine treatment. "MOTHERFR—" In a tangle of flailing limbs, with a yell-gasp of shock, the older Black goes pinwheeling into the air, misses a grab for the ladder, and falls heavily to the floor of the berthing.

Fenris watches the festivities blankly, not in an imediate need to intercede as the flailing begins. With the harsh mistress of Gravity making Jupes her monkey, she rises quickly and hastily makes her way to see if anything looks twisted unnaturally or caved in.

Samantha knows this is going to be trouble. She winces, cursing just a bit, trying not not grin but half unable to laugh as she hears Martin's prank. Spiders? That's what he had up his sleeve?? -Spiders-? She giggles, until she sees Jupiter pinwheeling out of the bunk and then she just curses. She begins dashing in that direction, eyes wide, but she's simply too far. "Frak! Jup! Are… are you okay? Frak it… there… There's booze here…if you want some… You alright? Ah… you… we're making noise… in yer sleep. We thought it was… Bed bugs." Sam feebly attempts to make up for Martin's little joke.

"OWNED." Martin says after looking Jupiter over quickly. Nothing's bent badly from what he sees and so far, he might be lucky enough that she's not gonna get up and chase him. Grinning ear to ear, he leands down and gives her one more good thwack on the back of her head with the magazine, and then steps away. Arm extended, he drops the magazine onto her like he's dropping a microphone at a concert while the crowd is applauding his very being. Then…he starts to strut back to where the alcohol is. "…Martin One…Jupiter Ze—"

Roubani huhs quietly as Jupiter goes flying out of her bunk. His mouth opens and then shuts with a click of teeth as he starts further into the room. His bunk is right behind Jupiter's, so it's a convenient area to head for. If a body part's gone flying off, well. You know.

"Allright -Alllright.-." Wil sighs, the amused look on his face diminishing as he pushes himself away from the ladder, blast radius or not. It's all fun and games until somebody splatters all over the frakking floor. Which is what it looks like Jupiter just spectacularly accomplished. Even if it's not that bad, necessarily, he is foolishly abandoning his deatchment procedure just a -tad- as he walks towards the scene of the crime and possibly ensuing melee, just in case things get out of hand.

Jupiter is a little slow in getting up. Being awakened by humping the floor isn't the most fun thing ever. There's a moment of pause, an assessment period, if you will. The dark haired pilot shoves up to her hands and knees, blood dribbling from her lip, possibly a chipped tooth? It's hard to tell, mostly because the adrenal rush has turned off that owieow response, and the next thing is to jump on Martin. Fen is close, too. But Martin… FLYING SISTER! HIYAAAAH! Maybe some other people wanna step in before she gets too many elbows and shoves and such… in. At some point Jupes will notice that her wrist really kind of hurts. Mostly because it landed between her hip and the floor.

Samantha is just about to lean in, try to help, when Jupiter 'awakes from the dead' and suddenly Martin is getting wailed upon. She would like to help, really… but it's too damned funny. Jupiter's timing was perfect, and Sam is definitely a bit tipsy, so she sinks against the edge of one of the bunks, dissolving into giggles at the scene, "I'll take bets on Jupiter!" She calls out with an eager amusement, tears of chuckling in her eyes.

THere's some justice in Jupes monkeystomping Martin for that, though it has a good chance of going entirely too far. To whit, Fen rises a little slower than she normally would and moves in to try and break things up with a sharp, "Stop!" preceding her actual physical attempts at intervention, already figuring a solution that might provide some satisfaction.
Viper Pilot Bunks

Roubani tosses his file up onto his mattress and a second later he's climbing up onto it as well. He rests down on his stomach, folding his arms under him and watching this unfold from a safe vantage point, much like a cat perched up on the fridge. Superior officers in their natural habitat. One can almost hear the biologist's voice narrating in his head.

As he clears the the distance towards the, well, unfolding carnage, Wil's brows knit in some form of amorphous discontent. He looks over towards Jupiter and Martin first intently, trying to discern possibly -how- much us enough, and then towards Lieutenant Valasche as she bellows her command, as if prompting her for some kind of cue or order. There's just something in the look that Wil gives Fenris that basically states, 'NOT AGAIN' without him having to speak. Will this become a nightly ritual?

Martin's strutting is interrupted. Also, his foreward movement a moment later is interrupted with the side of Roubani's bunk. Forehead and face first, Martin makes a brief sound of protest before he's effectively big sister'd into the bulky weighted material. Almost laughing as it's about to happen, the laughing stops abruptly as he's face slammed. Martin grunts and being the jackass he is, tries to get a foothold on the rungs of the bunk's ladder to wall walk, attempting some sort of bastardized version of a professional wrestling move.

The forward momentum of Jupiter's move, which was less than well executed, leads her to being off balance. Martin's epic fail at backyard wrestling sends them both being shoved off the ladder. The pair splits off, limbs untangling as they go flying in slightly angled trajectories. Jupes lands hard on her back, the wind completely knocked from her lungs with a, "WHUFF." She's stunned for a moment.

Anything else, if I remember right, is contact. The level of success determines the 'zone' of contact and how serious it is."
As the siblings richochet off of the bunks in something resembling bad TV wrestling, Fen moves to place a shin across the Jig's thighs while grasping out to pin her wrists to the deck, and she snaps, "I said-ENOUGH!" in a strange, empty drill sergeant bellow. How it ends, well, that's up to fate.

Roubani's hand grabs towards his pillow when Martin goes flying. If he'd been way faster he might've been tempted to try and shove it between the pilot's face and his bunk rung. Unfortunately, he's only human. He drags the pillow under his folded arm and peers over the side of his bunk at Martin instead. "Are you, um…alright, sir?"

Samantha steps in, scooping beneath Martin and slipping her arm acros shis back, his arm around her shoulders. It's half to support him but also mostly to be certain he doesn't run off to attack his sister again. "Fenris has spoken and yeah, let's knock it off you two… Joke's over, savvy?" Sam isn't yelling, but she's definitely got her officer voice on now, especially since both siblings look like they might be nursing bruises, in the very least, or something bloody at the worse. She keeps an arm around Martin, using force if she has to, worried eyes gazing over to Jupiter. "You alright, Fingers? Dash?"

Meanwhile, Wil just stands back and lets Fen act as the voice of authority here for one moment more. As Roubani makes his own inquiry and Sam intercedes, he simply gazes over at both siblings, now hopefully seperated. "You going to need some help with that?" It's not clear whether this is directed towards Jupiter -or- Martin, but it's fuzzily directed enough that one could interpret it was just tossed out there as a general offer to both of them. His voice remains calm and decidedly neutral.

"There's a little bit of blood coming from Martin's nose as he's pulled off of the floor by Sam. Breathing heavily, he's a bit winded as he tries to catch his breath, laughter in his eyes. Whatever's gone down, he's not taking it personally. He does, however, manage to hold his arms up in a surrendering pose, not going to make the LT's drop some hell down on him and his sister.

It's only after she's able to breathe again, with Fen's face right there barking at her, that Jupiter notes the owpains. "Frak me," she hisses from between clenched teeth. It's not quite an invitation to the Lieutenant who's playing bondage funtime games. She concentrate, then, on just breathing, then coughs, and abruptly her struggling resistance to Mudguts fades. Sharp pain in the wrist. Ow ow. Not broken pain, just 'you did somethin' stupid, stupid' pain. It is a pain both Black kids know well. "I'm… fine." She grunts, licking her bloody lip briefly. Yum. Mediiiic. "Got it, sir." Med… wait booze?

Roubani takes Martin's non-answer as a yes. He retreats and rests his chin down on his folded arms, his somber eyes just watching the aftermath among the pilots below.

Samantha slowly lets go of Martin as she's certain he's not going to rush his sister again. She smirks at the three of them, shaking her head. "Alright… alright. Now, we all make nice. Captain has donated this beautiful…" She scoops up the bottle, finally reading it, "Picon brandy… and there are three shot glasses. Martin, Jupiter… you both get a shot for the fight, and Roubani… come over and take your shot for collateral damage." Sam is doing her best to be the consumate diplomat, it seems now.

"Sorry yeah…I'm fine. I'm fine." Martin says, finally catching his breath and waving to Roubani. Finding his feet, he leans heavily against Sam and puts an arm around her, blinking a few times until his vision returns to normal. He's got some alcohol in him, and it shows. With little more to say, he slumps into a chair and taps the table. "Peanut! Git over here ya lil wench and do a shot with your brother…"

Fenris lets Jupes stop squirming, staring impassively into her face before, "I'm letting go, now." then, to the room, "Is anyone injured?" Three…two…. release!

Seeing that again, he doesn't have to take any friendly fire to solve problems, Wil relaxes visibly and lets his shoulders droop a little as he lingers, just a moment more to make sure he doesn't have to go do something responsible or some garbage like that. Fortunately that appears quite unnecessary as Fen has the situation in hand. He does, however, on his way back from the dust-up scene stop towards the table to retrieve his empty glass. Hint.

Jupiter doesn't come up swinging, though there are some that might assume that would be her course of action. If this were a marine v pilot fight, she probably would have. She gets slowly to a knee, using one hand for support. She rises, and then makes her way over to the table, testing for body injuries as she moves. Some bruises, for sure. If she had more alcohol in her, she'd be in a better mood. Let's fix. "Pour me a double."

Roubani half-smiles at Samantha, readjusting his weight on his arms and pillow. "I don't drink, sir, but thank you. The Lieutenants Black can split my share of it and I'm sure do it better justice."

Samantha does indeed pour Jupiter a double at the woman's request, before pouring Willem some more, and Martin. They were going to finish this bottle tonight. At least there were more pilots around this time. "Fenris, another drink for you?" She offers to pour, making certain everyone gets some before she pours herself a half shot. She then looks back to Roubani, half wincing…"No drinking. That's right. You're mad." She chuckles to him before holding up her glass…"Alright. To the fights that don't kill us."

Fenris looks between the principles again and pushes herself up to her feet, "We may have to have some ring time." she muses. She turns to venture back toward the table with a, "Yes, please." to Sam.

"Hell yeah…" Martin says, reaching out to tap glasses with Samantha and company after the drinks are poured. Blinking, he rubs some of the blood from his nose with his forearm, reminding himself to take a shower before heading to bed. He rolls one shoulder in its socket for a moment with a wince before downing his shot quickly, setting the glass down. Life giving nectar…for the win. He looks to Wil and Fenris. "Ring time? Hell yeah…I'd love to go a few rounds with some of y'all…"

Jupes picks up her cup, salutes the room, seeming over her generall killkillkill urge, and says, "Here's to good old fashioned asskickings." She tosses the drink back. Her ahh would be a sound of pleasure, but it's a hiss of pain. Booze + cut lip = suuuuck. Downer.

Hefting the glass in his hand, Willem regains a bit of his good cheer. Even-tempered, like Roubani, he still doesn't seem to be shying away from the booze. Unlike Roubani. Then again, it doesn't exactly seem to make him measurably more aggressive(just loud and..occasionally friendly). This guy compartmentalizes like mad, pretty much keeping that mode of behavior confined to the cockpit. Finally he lifts up the glass in response to Sam's toast. "I guess I can drink to that." He says, affably. To the ring comment, however, he just shrugs his shoulders a little bit after drinking some of the brandy down. This stuff is noticably smoother on his throat than last night's, and he doesn't particularly flinch. The ring comment earns a very slight smirk but he doesn't elaborate.

Roubani braces his elbow against something and his closed hand against his cheek. He watches the table and the alcohol going around, each person's reaction to it.

"I suspect there will be a cue when my tags go in the basket." Fenris comments, settling into the seat. She can probably imagine contestant number one, though she doesn't seem phased by it at all. She takes up the glass and, "Cheers."

Samantha takes a good gulp of the brandy, letting it burn down smoothly. She doesn't even wince. She tops off everyone else with a bit more booze from the bottle, but they're almost at the bottom now. "I hope we're all going to sleep -well- after this, right? Like babies? Of course, Jupiter already was… we see how that went." She admits with a gruff little laugh, knocking back her last share of the booze before she scoops up the pack of cigarettes from the middle of the table and taps one free. She slips the filter between her lips and starts hunting for a lighter.

There's a slight smirk from Jupes at the mention of sleep. Think Marty will ever close his eyes restfully again? Is he brave enough to withstand the possibilities?
My sources say 'no'.

Roubani is up on his bunk, lying comfortably on his stomach and watching the group drinking at the table just a short distance away and below. No glass in his corner. He pulls something off his shelf and reaches his arm down towards Samantha, dangling something between his fingers in wordless offering. A lighter, fancy that.

"I'm going to see about switching to a bottom bunk." Willem murmurs in a dry tone of voice, knocking back the rest of his glass and setting it firmly on the table before retreating a bit past it, a little bit away from the crowd now as he shuffles towards the relative safety of his rack ladder, content to watch them all from a comfortable distance as he leans back against it.

Yuuri staggers in, quiet and kept to himself during the drinking going on in the berthings. A half lit cigarette in one hand, smoke fluttering as it tries to fully burn. In the other hand is a bottle of Tauron Whiskey, well what is left of it. As Yuuri passes by the group he brushes an arm against Martin's shoulder as he sets the bottle down on the table, "Enjoy" Yup he's drunk off his ass, clearly audible in his voice. After dropping off the bottle, he brings the cig to his lips, taking a long drag, closing the gap to his bunk. He exhales - rolling into his bunk, keeping the cigarette from burning anything.

"Yeah…this sets the bar pretty low on finding shit to do back to me." Martin says, reaching out to Sam's hips and pulling her a little bit, apparently wanting her in his lap. Dragging off of his smoke, he leans back a little and looks across the table to Jupiter, extending a hand to her. "Hey…brothers and sisters, right?" He asks, checking the 'cool' factor of their relationship for a moment. Looking to Yuuri as he passes, he raises an eyebrow. "That some sorta peace offering to me or to the Wing?"

Samantha turns her head, smiling warmly towards Roubani as he offers the lighter. "Look at that. Sober. Quiet, just trying to keep your bunk as your space, and still a gentleman. Rebound was right when he said yer one of the good ones." Maybe Sam wasn't suppose to repeat that, but she did! She pads over towards Roubani and leans over, letting him light the cigarette for her, if he would. If he doesn't she steals the lighter and lights up. "Thanks, handsome. You can join us at the table at least, you know? We don't bite. Well…unless you ask." And then Martin is pulling her into his lap. She laughs, stumbling back, plopping down to sitting there, one arm going around his shoulders. "I… am way too old to be doing this." She actually might be blushing a bit.

"Actually I said to get him a drink. Which is funny if you think about it." Wil notes in response to Sam's leaked compliment as he looks back towards Jupiter and Martin's respective glasses. He's clearly figured out the booze ecosystem here. Only a couple drinks and it looks like he's headed, somewhere, as he steps away from his rack towards the table and then edges over to his locker, fumbling around a bit until he has retrieved a change of clothes, stuffing them in his bag. "Think I'm going to get some air." He offers, to nobody in particular. Also, inherent funniness of the statement: the recycled air O2 outside the Berthings probably isn't any fresher, is it?

"Uh." That's really the most intelligent thing Roubani has to say to Samantha, after all that. He at least has the presence to note she actually needs a flame more than the plastic butt of the lighter, and flicks it to life for her to light up. He retreats a bit at all the playfulness below, when Martin pulls Sam into his lap, a little self-conscious now. "Thank you, sir, but I think I'm going to get a little rest." How, with all this noise, who knows. Maybe he's learning. "But have a wonderful night." That seems aimed at nobody in particular, maybe just a vague blessing on the room's general vibe.

Jupes wipes a dribble of blood from her lip after she puts her cup down, wincing a little as her wrist protests a bit, just from that movement. She glances over at Wil as he makes the air comment, having that same recycled O2 thought, then looks across the table to Martin. "Depends on if my wrist is sprained or bruised, little brother." She reaches over and fistbumps anyway, lightly, thankyou.
Yuuri just lets the act of more booze be taken anyways they wish it. He stubs out the nearly full cigarette and closes the curtain, folding his hands under his head and staring at the ceiling of the bunks.

Martin smiles lightly at Jupiter and nods to her. It's as if this is a conversation they've had many, many times before. Reaching out, he ruffles her hair in a loving gesture and then looks to the Samantha on his lap. "I think that's gonna be my queue too." He says, looking up to her. "I'm gonna crash out. You're more then welcome to stay, if you want?"

Samantha shakes her head to Martin, kissing his cheek. "I'm flushed, a bit tipsy, relaxed, and ready for bed. Lead the way, handsome!" She wraps her arms around his neck and chuckles, apparently opening the door for him to carry her to bed. If he can!

"Rest well." Fen offers distantly before she rises and ventures over toward her bunk.

With a slight turn of his head back over his shoulder, Wil loiters by the hatch as he stares back at the folks inside the berthings. "I'll be up in time for CAP." He says, neutrally, with a sort of expressionless look before he pops the hatch open to exit for one of his before-rack nighttime walks.

Jupiter glances back toward her bunk, or maybe Yuuri's. Hard to say. She reaches over to take the ungarded bottle, whichever is closer, and says, "I'm going for some ice." A brief trip to medical should be all it takes, right? Sure. "You better be done humping when I get back." Clearly, that's addressed to Sam and Martin.

Yuuri continues to stare at the ceiling, his eyes rolling at the fact of what he's more than likely going to hear.

Martin grins as a pair of arms wrap around him. He lifts his head a little bit, calling out to Jupiter as she leaves. "Better take your time then." He says. Sure, Sam and him has always been mostly quiet and disruptive about it, and it's always been kept behind closed windows. Grunting a little, he pushes off of the chair and carries Samantha off towards his bunk, lightly setting her on it in a feat of strength. She is, also, much smaller than him. "…see y'all later, Muds, Peanut, even your stank ass, Typhoon." He adds, and then climbs in after Samantha.

Samantha grins wide, allowing herself to be carried over. "Goodnight, all! We'll be quiet." She winks to the room before ducking past the curtains as she's laid down in that bunk. And their little corner of the barracks fades to black.

Jupiter reaches up to press her sleeve to the sluggish bleeding from her lip. "I can make your life difficult, Boner." She winces and makes her way toward the hatch. "Shit." Mutter. The liquor wasn't quite enough to take the edge off.

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