Ghost in the Machine - Engineering
Ghost in the Machine - Engineering
Summary: Engineering's POV of the Ghost in the Machine Event.
Date: PHD099 (26 JUL 2009)
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Engineering - Deck 2

This section of the ship is in constant movement with the traveling of Snipes and other Engineering support personnel. Pipes run down hallways through most of the ship, but back here they all seem to converge in a few major areas. Electrical conduits find their routes terminating back in this area, too. The maze of small hallways might be dizzying to some but certain crewmembers feel right at home back here. Electrical closets and main ventilation systems also travel through here also, making this the beating heart of the Kharon.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Attention. Commander Sheridan, please call CIC. Commander Sheridan, call CIC immediately."

Announcement: Nike shouts, "There's a guttering and sputtering of lights across the ship, and then a sudden *thunk* as everything's pitched into darkness. Five seconds, six, seven, eight.. after about ten, there's a thrum of power returning again, and lights flickering back on."

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.

[Intercom] Sen says, "Available Damage Control personnel to Engineering. Fire. I repeat. Fire."

Roubani was already skidding through the door to engineering when that call comes out over the intercom. Well crap. "Ensign Roubani reporting in," his voice calls clearly over the organised ruckus in here, as he sprints for the protective gear cage.

Sen is near the intercom, a respirator being shoved into her hands by a passing Crewman. Already people are trying to sort out the foam extinguishers, and down the tight hallway back towards an electrical closet, an eerie orange glow has started to form. "Move it! Move it!" Sen is bellowing, her voice interrupted by a harsh cough, trying to direct people towards the fire, as if there wasn't already a glaring beacon.

"Specialists, Petty Officers!" Roubani waves over the bunch of them who're already suited up, as he yanks on gear over his shoulders and a mask over his dark curls. "Two to a team, two two two." With two fingers extended he makes pairs out of the ones ready, including himself and one petty officer. "Four take Class-C extinguishers, two take Class-D's, we may have flammable metals back there. Put your gloves on!" That's shouted at one poor man who's forgotten to do so in the chaos. "Come on, let's move." And towards the closet they head as the smoke billows.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Now hear this: Marine fireteam, please report to Lieutenant Demitros at CIC at once. I say again, marine team to CIC immediately."

Sen puts the mask over her face, and instead of heading off with the others, she's digging a hex bolt tool out of her belt and heading to an access panel. She quickly tries to undo the panel, her hand slipping once or twice in her haste. Smoke starts to seep out the top of the door leading to the closet and farther down the line, another team is pouncing on a small fire. "Contain it! If it spreads to the Engine Room, we're frakked. Crewman Jacobson, bring me a flashlight. Team, form up on Ensign Roubani." The orange glow gets brighter as it fire flares beyond the door, visible from the vent above it, steadily heating up the metal.

[TAC1] Connor says, "Team Five, report to CIC immediately. Alert Team, report to Engineering to assist damage control."

Roubani has his eye on that heating metal as the team squeezes themselves into that narrow hallway. The heat's enough to be felt even through the protective suits, the fire making the smoke turn a hazy gold and orange. "Base of the fire!" He calls back to the people behind him. "Class-D's stay back. Class-C's spread out 3-point." He shouts back down the hallway, "Open that vent in sector 6, I don't want a backdraft in our faces down here!" Then he waves one of the specialists forward, poor bastard. "Open it on three, two…one." And thus the door to hell is opened…

Camille dashes down onto the deck, towards Engineering, or as close as she can get. She's got a emergency medical kit slung over her shoulder with a few perks for burns and pain medication added extra, incase things are really bad. She's still just in her scrubs and white jacket over top, so she's not dashing into the flames, but she calls into the chaos. "MEdical here! Pass any injuries back this way when you can!"

[WIRELESS] Praxis says, "The phone rings in Engineering."

Sen is near the access hatch to the bowels of Engineering, working to strip off a panel so she can divert electricity from the bay that's currently ablaze. "I'm going to sap the juice from that room!" She says as loudly as possible, before she's overcome with another weeze of a cough despite her regulator. The fire is down the hallway a pace, marked by the orange glow and frantic crew members. When the door is swung open, the fire lurches out, catching that poor Specialist for a moment and licking him with flames. Protective gear or no, someone just found out what it feels like to be a roasted turkey. And in the middle of all that? The wireless near Sen rings.

[Into the Wireless] Eos. Engineering.

[WIRELESS] Praxis says, "Captain, Lieutenant Demitros. Actual wants a report on the situation down there."

Whoosh, white spray from four extinguishers are on the burst of flame as it comes roaring out of the gates like an angry bull at a rodeo. Fire crawls up over the walls and the top of the closet doorway as it's showered with white, thick rolls of orange light and heat spilling over the group of firefighters. That brave specialist's screams ring back all the way through the hall, but they only last long enough for him to realise he's not hurt, just pissed his pants a bit. Shaky, he turns on his extinguisher to meet the rest. Roubani's voice carries up above that once the shouting's stopped. "Sweep one! Sweep two! Up!"

Camille doesn't see anyone dying of burns yet, but then possibly this all just started, so the doctor remains lingering towards the back of the room, away from the flames, her kit readied and eyes constantly searching for someone to be offered into her waiting arms.

Sen is shouting over the phone to CIC, her frustration apparent at having to take the call in the middle of the chaos. "We're on fire, Lieutenant. So far it's contained. I'll report back when my hands aren't needed for….FRAK…" She sees the fire flare up in the distance and merely drops the handset. She might pay for that later, but right now there are more important things. Like minimalizing the damage. Back to the panel she goes. While she's working, a trio of snipes come up from the aft hall, the opposite direction of the current fire. It's a pair of them, carrying dragging the third with their arms all linked together. "I think he passed out from smoke.." An soot covered man announces to the easily identifyable medical personnel.

Roubani coughs even through the filter of his respirator as a cloud of black rolls over them, dimming thei visibility to the hall and a few fuzzy flares of fire. Then it's gone, and flames are raging clearly once again. It's like watching fire against a snowstorm, white foam blasting from four nozzles as they steadily push forward towards the heart of the problem. "Class-D's!" Roubani's voice shouts hoarsely back over his shoulder. "Forward and aim up onto the metal!"

Announcement: Nike shouts, "The lights flicker again. Off, on. Off, on. There's a BANG heard in more than a few corridors then as circuit breakers are tripped and power goes out entirely. The ship's not only plunged into darkness, but gives a creak and a groan as its engines spin down and stall; Kharon is literally dead in the water."

Camille nods a quick thanks towards the two spines getting the man out and she's motions him further away. "Into the hall…I got oxygen with me but that's no good idea with this much fire around." Once she's gotten him safely away from it, she's kneeling down at his side and strapping the mask over the poor Marine's mouth to give him much freshly needed air as she begins a vitals check.

Suddenly the fire becomes the only illumination down in Engineering, beside the occasion flashlight, as even the emergency generators seem to have puttered out of life and everything is eerily…still. Everyone seems to collectively hold their breath, hoping things are going to come back on line. No such luck. Then all of a sudden, everyone is shouting again, there's still a fire to fight and now the engines. "Fire team, stay on task. I need three on me!" The ChEng calls, clicking on her own maglight finally. "No engines. No life support." As is if she needed to remind them. Off her team go. Meanwhile the fire seems die down, but then as if to mock their efforts, it starts to crawl along a conduit, determined to spread.

Praxis has arrived.
Pike has arrived.

And when you're oxygen's off, of course you want a fire sucking it up. Naturally. Roubani shouts back to Sen, "Ten-four, sir." Extinguisher foam is still battering back the fire in the hall, and as they make progress they chase the licking flames up towards the conduit where it's attempting to spread, laying down heavy cover of white. It's like a little snow globe, just with fire and a hell of a lot of smoke.

Camille swears deeply, trying to keep her patient and the oxygen tank AS FAR FROM FIRE as possible. SHe might have to drag him entirely into the hallway soon. But then, the fire is the only thing letting her see right now. As her patient begins to cough, she shuts off the oxygen feed and keeps him resting on his back, murmuring a few reassuring Saggitarian prayers as she digs in ehr medical kit for a flashlight.

Camille has a crewman spread out with oxygen strapped to his face, the poor man obviously suffering from smoke inhalation. Meanwhile down the hallway a pace, is a fire that's being contained to an Electrical closet but a few more random ones are being fought down the line. The ChEng just departed for the engine room, to get Big Bertha cranking again. Chaos, even if it's organized chaos. Roubani's team is finally successful in getting the fire at the closet put out, though the damage there has blackened everything and done a fair amount of damage. One of the specialist drops his extinguisher as she collapses from exhaustion and heat.

Nine has arrived.

Praxis wanders through the halls with Major Pike in tow, a hand lifted up in front of his face to shield his eyes from the bright orange flames that is around them. The Lieutenant's voice raises to reach whoever is within range. "Report!" his voice booms, looking sidelong at Pike for a brief moment before he cotinues further in. "Casualities, progress. Commander Sheridan sent me down here once we lost contact with you people." And then a brief pause. "Anyone spot any G-4 down here?" Of course, he would let the medical team and the engineering team carry out their primary tasks.

Roubani is coughing hard, the respirator over his mouth and nose muffling the harsh sound. "Get her out of here and to the medics…" He calls to the specialists nearby, gesturing quickly to the collapsed young woman on the floor. "Petty officer, keep spraying here. Lay it on, we don't want sparks catching back up to us. Crewman…" Breathing hard, he motions the last one out of the hallway. "Let's get the backup generators in corridor four kicked on." This said as the team starts backtracking up the hallway towards the main engineering area, covered in soot. The two specialists he tapped as evac crew grab their fallen comrade together and go running quickly for Camille. Roubani himself blinks at the sudden appearance of Pike and Praxis in the place. "Sirs."

Camille looks up to Praxis, the briefest moments of relief crossing her pale face as she sees him alive and well, but then Sen is being handed back in her direction. As the fire seems almost entirely surpressed, she grabs the oxygen tank again and opens it up, strapping the mouth piece across Sen's nose and lips, trying to get her some fresh air as Camille immediately goes in for checking life signs. She's got enough equipment here to do the basic work without tramping through an entirely pitch black ship.

Pike makes her way cautiously into the dim engine room, beaming her flashlight down the corridor, attempting to find either Camille or any wounded in need of aid. "Camille! It's Arielle! Need a sitrep!"

Camille looks up to Praxis, the briefest moments of relief crossing her pale face as she sees him alive and well, but then the young specialist is being handed back in her direction. As the fire seems almost entirely surpressed, she grabs the oxygen tank again and opens it up, strapping the mouth piece across the woman's nose and lips, trying to get her some fresh air as Camille immediately goes in for checking life signs. She's got enough equipment here to do the basic work without tramping through an entirely pitch black ship.

Praxis lets out a couple of hacking coughs before he regards the doctor as well as Roubani, eyes falling upon the latter as soon as he's made contact. "Is everything under control down here? CIC was alarmed when the line went dead - we brought Maj. Pike down here to handle casualties and I am present to get a sitrep." Demitros carefully repeats himself. A subsequent warning is issued, "G-4 was missing from the weapons locker. Contain the fire but be on alert for the explosives. Fireteams are sweeping the vessel as we speak." Eyes drift for a moment towards Camille to ensure everything is fine, and then lock back to Roubani.

Roubani is still trying to bite back coughing as he talks, both to Praxis and Pike at this point. "Electrical fire contained…" Hack. "In corridor JN-7. Two casualties, no fatalities thusfar, sirs. Damage assessment forthcoming. Captain Eos has gone to the main engine room and we are currently enroute to backup generator four, sirs." Then the line about explosives hits as he coughs again. "G-4, sir, noted. Permission to continue?"

Praxis nods at the Ensign at the report, committing every word he says into his memory for a report for when the messenger returns back to CIC. "Understood, Ensign. Proceed with your plan at once. If you are capable, get in touch when you are completed. Good luck — and try to quit smoking." Demitros gives Roubani the go-ahead, now that the responsibility he was tasked with has been completed. Another glance is cast at the doctors, however now is definitely not the time to catch up. As much as he'd love to stay and help, this is not to place to do so.

Camille seems to have the two downed snipes stabilized, but the war in Engineering rages on. Fire is eating up precious oxygen as much as it's chewing through electrical systems and consoles through out the ship from the overloaded circuits. Feet pound down the cooridors as another team finds an additional fire to put out, and shouts ring off the piping conduits that range from panic to barked orders.

Camille is quiet in the corner, mostly, looking up towards Praxis for another heartbeat or two. She mouths something towards him in the middle of the chaos before gazing back to her downed patients that are keeping really 100 percent of her attention until she can safely get them out to sickbay.

Nine is fighting for the darkness, as is only right. She does serve Apollo's dark twin, after all. Fire extinguisher weilded without much enthusiasm, but with that same silent dutifulness she's exhibited since her return, she puts out flames and dims the already dim area further.

Pike kneels down near Camille, shrugging her kit off her shoulder. "What's their condition?" she asks Camille, referring to the two downed engineers.

Roubani sends a crewman sprinting down through the halls with a message for the fire teams to Watch Out For Explosives. And his hoarse voice shouts down through the chaos, "Pass it down to Sjetyrnnine, she's with me! Generator four." Still in a clunky firefighting suit, he grabs one more enlisted to help and snags a heavy case of tools, headed for the generator corridor at a quick sprint.

Camille looks up to Pike, shifting so she's just hovering over one body and allowing the CMO to take the other…"Smoke inhilation on the specialist here, and we've got heat exhaustion it seems on the other. Not much we can do here other than get them oxygen and keep them resting. Once power is on it'll be easier to get both of them back down to sickbay, sir. But neither seem unstable, for the moment."

Nine receives the message, somewhere down the ranks. Report to Generator Four. She swallows vaguely within her inhalator, but gives a firm and visible nod, yielding her place on the line against the fires and hurrying to her next post.

Pike nods once and kneels next to the heat-exhaustion victim and rests a comforting hand on her patient's forehead. "CIC was casualty-free when the commander sent me here with Demitros." She looks to her. "How're you holding up?"

Down the corridor Roubani goes, with his spare crewman. Flashlight beams bob in the darkness and cut through the smoke hanging heavy in the air from the lingering fires in the halls around them. And finally there it is, a pale yellow beast shuttered in with big slatted doors of steels. They clang loudly as he and the crewman get them open, shining lights inside. "Sjetyrnnine?" he calls over his shoulder. Hopefully she's back there somewhere.

Camille nods gently towards Pike, "I'm fine, sir. Everything, for as much of a shock as this has been, has gone smoothly." Of course, Camille no doubt just cursed them ALL by saying that. Still, she looks utterly calm and in control, gazing back over her stable patient and remaining the hovering, protective medic.

"Sir," the single syllable comes from almost directly behind Roubani, in a muffled whisper. When did Nine get there? Unclear. But she's always had a way of appearing to materialize out of a shadow. She follows him to the generator, kneeling at its side. No socks. No socks.

The crewman suffering from smoke inhalation is coughing, but he's concious, eyes red from the smoke he was exposed to. The oxygen is helping, and his color is looking much better. "Thanks, sir." He mutters, trying to take the mask off and get back to work. The specialist, however, looks content to take a much needed nap, but at least her pulse is steady.

"Let's get this working, shall we…" Roubani murmurs to the PO as he crouches down by the generator. The crewman behind them passes tools and holds a flashlight, a dignified job indeed.

Pike curls her knuckles and raps on the deck three times after Camille's comment on things going amoothly. "Just in case, yeah?" she says to her, her attention still on her patient even as Camille's rouses.

"Yes, sir," comes the whisper from the Petty Officer. It's more or less two of only three or four words which seem to have remained in her vocabulary. She must have left her dictionary on Scorpia. Fortunately it doesn't much affect her work, which is on the whole comprised of lonesome tasks.

Camille echoes Pike's motions, actually, knocking on the deck. "Just in case." She states flatly before she returns her hand to the patient's shoulder. She often touches her patients in such reassuring, gentle, energy producing mannerisms. Traditional of a Sagittarian healer, for those who know the signs.

If only they built these things like they used to. The number four backup generator is an old beast, as as much as they'd like to think they keep this ship in smooth working order, it looks like this thing hasn't been greased since the first Cylon war. It's going to talk a little TLC to get her going.

Roubani glances over his shoulder at the crewman hanging back there. "Leave the flashlight and check on the status of those fires, please. If they're under control, tell PO Ramsey to report up to CIC on the progress. Everyone else gets a flashlight and starts a sweep for that G4 that Lieutenant Praxis is looking for. They see it, they /do not/ touch it, immediate word to the Marines. Understood?" Hopefully he is, as his attention goes back to the generator. Old bugger than she is. He exhales roughly through his nose and crawls around the left side to poke around under at the wiring chaos. "PO, take a look at the main board, please."

TLC, 9 has in plenty, where the old generator is concerned, and as she opens the panel to the main board she touches the metal with what might be compared to the compassionate, warm caresses of the healer in the farther chamber, taking a tool from her belt as she latches the opening upward and begins to check each connection in turn. "Yes, sir."

Pike shifts over to allow Camille room to help her keep eyes on the specialist, even though all they can do is this point is keep the O-2 coming and watch her sleep. Her attention occasionally drifts over to the snipes and their labours.

Crink crink clank clank, the generator makes a load of other funky noises while it's worked on. It sputters a few times, sparks cracking. And then, finally. Roubani is on his back under the thing, visible from the waist down in his fire safety monkey suit while he rewires and re-bolts. "Try it now," He calls up to Nine, then coughs.

Nine coaxes a few connections tighter, snips and splices in a new sect of buffers, test-taps a few circuits and then fastens the whole shut, unlatching the safeties and resting one hand on the generator in a silent comment of encouragement while she pumps the handle into its manual-activation, making the beast grind to life.

The noise is awful and almost deafening at first, but the Generator finally catches and roars back to life. Overhead, dim yellow lights slowly come to life as well as the red rotating lights that signal fire. And emergency klaxons. How lovely. They blare four times, but finally die away. The fires have been contained, there's nothing left to warn about. Unless you like breathing fresh oxygen.

Camille winces at the noise, almost shutting her eyes a few moments as it rings through her ears and she mentally braces for shit to hit the fan. She keeps herself poised over her patient, ready to act as a body shield if something goes wrong, but nothing does…Fortunately.

Roubani also kind of lies there for a brief second or two when the klaxons come on, stretching his legs out. His eyes close, under the generator's metal body where nobody can see, and he rubs his fingertips over his temple. Then he slides out from under the generator and crumples up to sitting, then rolls to his feet. "Good work, PO. Let's get back."

Pike exhales in relief. "Well, that's grand. Okay, we need to get shipwide casualties, and get sickbay ready for a number of stumbling-in-the-dark calls. But first and foremost, we need to transport this young lady to sickbay."

Nine rests her forehead against the generator, letting it rumble at her skull and giving it what might almost look like a great hug from Roubani's angle as he slides out from underneath. But she draws away, then, loweing her head in the affirmative. "Yes, sir."

Roubani collects his tools and the flashlight that the crewman left behind, heading down the halls with Nine in tow. "Major. Lieutenant." His scratchy voice says the ranks of the highers in the main engineering area, along with a very formal salute. He looks at their downed engineers with a flash of sympathy, then at the cleanup going on around them. "Don't touch around the point of origin of that fire," he calls to some crewmen headed down the corridor with equipment. "Let's have a look at it first." Then back to Pike. "Is there anything you need from us, sir?"

Camille nods immediately, standing up. "Let's call a medic team down here so we can get these two back to sick bay. I know I'm not quite strong enough to carry them on my own, then we can get down there and start the work, sir." She echoes to PIke, standing up and dashing for the wall where she can get a phone and call up some of their nurses for assistance. "Unless someone here is strong and not busy, which I doubt."

Pike shakes her head to Roubani. "We're calling a team down to transport the injured then we'll be out of your hair. I imagine we're going to have an abundance of trips-and-falls to treat at the very luckiest. They've suffered minor injuries but I believe I can have them released in 24 hours."

"Will you be alright working down there, sir? Power hasn't yet been restored through that corridor." Roubani runs a dirty sleeve over his soot-stained face, just causing an exchange of dirt. "We have some heavy-duty floodlights if you want them." He picks up a wireless unit off a console, punching in Sen's radio number to check if he's needed down there.

Sen radios back that she thinks they /might/ have it almost operational, thanks to a problem that was illuminated by the back up generator coming on line. Roubani is ordered to be the runner up to CIC to give a site rep.

Camille looks up to ROubani, "If you have a few extra floodlights for sickbay, I think we could definitely use them, and people need a doctor and a medical bed, not a bare floor. THank you, Ensign." She states respectfully, finally nodding towards the few medics that have come to help evacuate the two downed engineers.

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