Ghost in the Machine - Air Wing
Ghost in the Machine - Air Wing
Summary: Willem, Kai, Castor, Eddie and Samantha encounter a whole lick of problems with the ship going into black out. Marines eventually come to save the day when a mystery bomb is found in a certain pilot's locker.
Date: PHD 99 (Sunday July 26th, 2009)
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"Seriously, Wil, the…" he shakes his head and he backs off because he won't pick on anyone for their beliefs, he has grown that much. He then takes a second to wish he had some Aquarian Soju because right about now a bottle or three full of shots of soju would be perfect. He then takes a breah, "And I don't know about Icarus but I know Mooner is not a fan." He then looks back at Kai, "Seriously, sir, bad stuff is going on there…okay not really but the tension sir." He then shrugs as he falls back into his seat because after all he has run two frakking shifts.

"She was a fine officer, who demanded one hundred and ten percent from her people, and got it." Karim's eyes flick up to Willem, then back down to the report in his hands. Something's scribbled at the bottom, the page flipped, and something scribbled again. His signature, perhaps. "And yes, Icarus and I served together aboard the Pegasus for a few years."

Samantha steps into the room, having heard voices and she was in the process of checking up on whatever might be her new viper once she can get back in the seat. Well, staring at injured and not so injured machines isn't nearly so fun as joining the crew, so here she is. In her BDUs and familiar sling, Sam's casual smile is rather relaxed for all that's happening. "Party I'm missin'?"

"I made very clear that it was an exercise. I never thought that Hermes was seriously listening, but that's not what a ceremony like that is about." Willem notes with a faint curl of his lips as, well, why not, he went there? For some reason he -feels the need- to defend his decision here. He settles back into the aisle seat and comments further.

Crossing his arms in front of his chest, he takes in a dry, deep breath and Rebound elaborates further. "I have clearly defined boundaries and never looked down on someone with impossible standards if they apply those standards to themselves." Looking between the two men, he narrows his eyes. "Ah. Gathered you did know him, sir. "Lieutenant…Nikolo, that is." His voice seems a bit sharp as he says the name, but there is no explanation.

"Wil, forget I mentioned it." He then takes a moment because Willem is a friend and he doesn't want to fight his friend. He then takes a moment to attempt to move into the woodwork since his mouth often gets him in trouble. He then smiles as Samantha talks, "No, sir, Lieutenant, we are not having a party but rather a moment to just enjoy the univese." As the Intercome rings, Leda silently curses what he believes in, he wants a drink and if this leads to condition two he will not be happy…will he deal with it, yes, but seriously, a drink or ten would be nice.

"Wil, forget I mentioned it." He then takes a moment because Willem is a friend and he doesn't want to fight his friend. He then takes a moment to attempt to move into the woodwork since his mouth often gets him in trouble. He then smiles as Samantha talks, "No, sir, Lieutenant, we are not having a party but rather a moment to just enjoy the universe." As the Intercome rings, Leda silently curses what he believes in, he wants a drink and if this leads to condition two he will not be happy…will he deal with it, yes, but seriously, a drink or ten would be nice.

Samantha has a good feeling there is SOMETHING she's missing, her brows lofted a she looks over the group for a few heartbeats, her arms crossing her chest…"Anyone care to update me the topic of convo then? Or shall I just listen and imagine…" She pauses, looking up at the intercom with just a hint of a frown. "Speaking of imagination…" She murmurs gently, the worry crossing her husky voice rather clear as she slumps down into one of the ready room seats.

Announcement: Nike shouts, "There's a guttering and sputtering of lights across the ship, and then a sudden *thunk* as everything's pitched into darkness. Five seconds, six, seven, eight.. after about ten, there's a thrum of power returning again, and lights flickering back on."

"Not really sure." Willem says with a tilt of his head towards Sam as he sits in his chair.
"I think it's mostly free-form." The intercom goes off and he frowns. "Sounds like a party in CIC, though. Mind if I break out the champ…." He trails off. Whoops. Condition 2. Scratch -that- idea.

Leda shakes his head as he speaks to Sam, "Aw, come on Eltee, you know me better than that." He then grins, "We are talking about Cain and her strictness, Willem and his new love, and Captain Marek's dislike of soju." He then takes a second to look around the room, "And for my part, eltee, I'm just taking a moment to soak it all in." He then takes a second to wish he had soju and a cigar as he hopes that condition two isn't set on the ship. The lights go out and what the frak, he then looks around, "So, that isn;t normal." And as condition two is set Leda frowns, "Godsfrakingdamn it" He says aloud. He then looks at his commanding officers, "Which is to say, Godsfrakking damn it I love the Kharon." He lies but he is cute that way. "Right, booze is out of the plan." He then looks around the room waiting to see what Kai wants him to do because he might not be a Puppydog but he is a loyalist none the less.

Right when Castor says this, Willem shoots him a look of carefully practiced annoyance. "Why don't you get on the Comm and just announce it, Tin. Gods." It's mostly practiced, and somewhat feigned.
Samantha really could say something more, but then the lights are going out and frak, yes, that is not normal. She sighs, standing up as quickly as she set down and resting her free hand on her hip. "'sokay. We need to start rationing our booze anyway. Sides, they gave me the good drugs fer the arm if we need to relax one night." She's -clearly- teasing about that matter, though some humor is gone from her voice, replaced by worry. She then looks over to WIllem and grins.."Oh, don't look so offended, Pookie. We all already knew."

[Intercom] Sen says, "Available Damage Control personnel to Engineering. Fire. I repeat. Fire."

Another annoyed glance on Wil's part towards Samantha now, feigned still. There's enough haterade for the whole room and he just sprayed it. More intercom shenanigans occur and Rebound coughs a little bit. "That goes for you too, y'know." His mind drifts away though from the conversation as he processes this. "Fire? This sounds…bad."

"I win." The words are unexpected, but also not directed to anyone currently in the room. Instead, Komnenos is facing backwards, speaking to someone still behind him and not yet in the room. His attention turns back towards the room and everyone else in it, though, at the intercom announcement. "What th' frak is going on now…" he sighs. "One bloody thing after another."

Kassia stumbles into the ready room just as the light go off, she has to make a grab got the wheel on the door to keep herself up right. She takes a minute to make sure she's balanced before she's back on tract and moving towards the desk, the small group is passed with a polite nods, and then she's up to the back row.

Kai pauses for a moment in the midst of his paperwork when the lights go out, and sort of looks at them expectantly for a few seconds. When they come back on, he raises a brow slightly. And then things are happening pretty fast: the Commander's being summoned, they've moved to condition two. Someone's roasting marshmallows in Engineering. "Price, Passi, Nevice, I want you suited up and ready to roll, just in case we're headed up shit creek. The rest of you, chill." Not that they weren't. But he's just making sure, it seems.

Castor looks back at Wil, "Well, give me the intercom and I will anounce it, gah." He says in an equally practiced and feigned manner. He then looks back at Sam, "Sam, we are talking about rationing booze, if we go about doing that then we can't have fights in the halls with mops and spinny chairs." He then hears as fire is called for. He looks back at Kai as if to wonder what he should do as he looks up at Komnenos as he enters and then Kassia. He takes a second to say, "So to be fair, no booze and we are on fire?" He then takes a calm breath because he isn't confused or angry but rather he is paging Captain Obvious. "Well, so long as my booze don't catch on fire, sirs."

Rebound catches Kassia and Thorn rolling in as he slowly ambles out of his chair. His flightsuit already mostly on, just unzipped. He's mouthing 'this is bad.' Eyes distantly trail towards the wall as he fastens a few more straps. Finally, he snaps out of it. "I'm on it, sir." He says, now, calmly.

Eddie pants in after Komnenos, all those cigarettes probably not helping her whole lung capacity thing. Once she's through the hatch, she doubles over, hands on her knees. "I would have had you, had you not tripped me in the hallway." Truth or not, Edide has to make herself feel better about the race she apparently just lost to Thorn. She straightens up, a hand on her side. "Never a dull moment."

Kassia is about to place her butt on her usual seat when Kai calls her. "Yes sir." She says, going to place her book back down. She jogs down the steps and towards the rack of helmets and pads, lucky for her, she was due for a CAP so flightsuit is already on. As she passes Castor, she gives him a playful nudge. "Leda, when do you ever not think about booze?" She teases gently. Once at the equipment lockers, she's suiting up her eyes going to Thorn and Eddie, she gives the former a nod and the latter a quick smile.

Samantha seems a hint surprised as she's told to get suited up, looking down at her arm, but she hasn't been totally useless in rehab. Never one to pass up a chance, she clips out quickly. "Yes, sir." And immediately ducks out of the room for a moment, pulling off her sling with a slightly ginger motion, arm still in a brace but she's at least got a range of motion in it. She moves for the lockers, tugging on a flight suit with the same practiced motions of old.
If Papabear is all Kool and the Gang then so is Castor. He then looks back at Kassia, "Well Ensign, we must save the important things and Booze is a sign that we are loved and whatever is beyond us wants us to be happy." He then looks at the new arrivals, "This may be the most crowded Post-CAP ever. uh, sirs." He says with a smile as he takes a long breath and he looks at Samantha because if it came down to it Leda would pull a third shift, why, maybe because he is crazy or maybe he loves flying but no one will no today because he is following orders and he is as chill as a ice cream cone sitting on the polar ice cap of any colony. He then waits to see if he has any orders.

"I fight dirty, Eddie," Thorn responds to the Viper pilot with a teasing smile. His expression goes back to business, though, as he surveys the ready room and the crowd inhabiting it. Heading to his own locker, he deposits his fatigues jacket and sidearm inside. He doesn't have any orders at the moment, but he'll be ready in case he does later.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Now hear this: Marine fireteam, please report to Lieutenant Demitros at CIC at once. I say again, marine team to CIC immediately."

A wireless phone on the wall suddenly starts ringing. Kai, having been in the midst of sliding off his desk, completes the motion and strides over to pick it up.

Now, Wil follows suit and strolls in line just behind Thorn to retrieve his own sidearm. Just to be safe. Ammo, check, holstered up, yadda yadda yadda. The intercom goes off and a reddish brow raises. "Oh. Gods." He mouths softly.
"Not that you're -listening- or anything." Comes a subtle amendment to Wil's statement.

Damn it the phone had to ring, but for his part, Castor is backing off because other people are on call now and he is taking his ordering chilling even if his air wing mates aren't. Then the Intercom goes off about a fireteam….well, Praxis is in the CIC and Castor trusts Praxis even if he secretly wishes thse effing fireteam crews would get there sooner. He then looks back at Sam giving a, 'Yup no booze tonight for us look.' As he waits for the next chilling installment of as the Kharon Turns.

"I'll keep that in mind." Eddie is in her fatigues as she follows after Thorn, but in no hurry to get suited up without the order. Her eyes trace Samantha across the room, her features darkening just a hint. A roll of her shoulders, and she's finding some place to park her ass. She focuses on Marek at the wireless set, hopping up on the edge of one of the desks in the back while she waits for further information.

Samantha steps back into the room, suited up and looking almost normal for the first time in weeks. Still thin around the face, but the slightly bulkier flight suit fills out everything else. She frowns deeply, listening to more damage control team calls going out. "…Wish we could frakking help…" SHe mutters quietly, but doesn't even dare ask to go. They're needed here, just in case.

Kassia for her part just suits up quickly and quietly, everything but her helmet in place after a few moments.

Kai furrows his brows slightly at something said, then ends the call curtly and hangs the phone up. Not much to do now, but wait. "Report to berthings, all of you. Those on alert, I expect your asses up here on the double, if we're needed up there. Dismissed." He strides back for his desk, fetches a marker and a clipboard, then heads for the whiteboard.
Thorn leans against the locker bay, lighting another cigarette. The call for a marine fireteam did nothing to soothe his spirits, nor did Kai's sudden order. Nevertheless, it's an order, and it doesn't need to make him feel better to follow it. With a sigh, he retrieves his jacket and weapon before heading for the door, but he doesn't leave just yet, waiting for the others to follow.

"Back in the barn, eh?" Willem notes, buckling his sidearm into his flightsuit holster more securely this time, his lips curled crookedly. "Got it, Sir." He shoots this response towards Kai with an emphatic nod. His boots start clomping against the floor of the ready room as he does so, eyes narrowed.

"Aye sir." Castor says as he stands, maybe this is one he is willing to sit out or maybe he has pulled a double shift and he no longer cares. He then looks at those on ccall, "Good hunting." As he stands and he begins to unfasten his flightsuit. It would seem Leda has a plan to make it back to the berthings, perhaps to smoke a cigar or perhaps to just breath since he won't be drinking. He then beging to move toward the door to go back to the berthings since he is way to tired to care or maybe he does care and he is being all Tinmany about it.

Samantha lofts a brow to Kai…"Those of us you told to suit up… back to berthings or remain here on alert?" SHe wasn't scheduled for duty, from the tone of her voice she looks more than ready to work now. Adrenaline is an utterly lovely thing.

Kai looks up to Samantha as he's heading for the whiteboard. "Berthings, Case. No sense sitting around here with your thumb up your ass." May as well do that where it's comfy, apparently. "Just be ready to jump when I say jump."

Samantha nods curtly and salutes. "Aye, sir." WIth that, she's headed out for the berthings.

Wil's already made his way back on down to the berthings, post-haste as he then settles down upon a chair at the table, arms crossed in front of his chest, boot tapping anxiously. He stares on over at the row of lockers, eyes narrowed. "Shit."

Leda moves back to his bunk, clearly the lack of booze has left him wanting, but he looks up at Wil and says, "I concur with the JiG's statement." He then returns again as if to add emphasis, "Shit, indeed." He then shrugs his shoulders as he moves precisely to his bunk in order to settle in because frak it all he pulled a double and he nneds to take a moment to rest, well, that is unless the crap hits the fan. He then says, "No but seriously, drunken mop jousting is always fun."

Samantha walks into the room a few minutes later, her helmet under her left arm (she's gotten used to doing things with that hand these days), and still comfortably wearing her flight suit. It's a new one, of course, the old one destroyed in the crash, but it fits well enough. She doesn't quite sit, just goes to pacing, breathing tensely through her news…"Don't suppose anyone got a cigarette I can have? Frakking ran out a month ago…"

Announcement: Nike shouts, "The lights flicker again. Off, on. Off, on. There's a BANG heard in more than a few corridors then as circuit breakers are tripped and power goes out entirely. The ship's not only plunged into darkness, but gives a creak and a groan as its engines spin down and stall; Kharon is literally dead in the water."

Eddie's the last from the Ready Room to arrive besides the CAG, taking her sweet little time about reporting back to berthings. As if there's not already enough fire sprouting up around the ship, she's sparking up her lighter as soon as she's through the hatch. Cigarette? Yeah, Eddie's lighting one up.

"I could elaborate. But -shit- works." Willem says, his boot still tapping against the floor tensely with a series of metallic 'thunks.' "Wonder what's going on down —-th.." "Allright. Frak." A pause. "I ended up de facto 'quitting', Mooner. Sorry. If someone has something though, I'd recommend a light. Really."

"Eltee, check my locker. I got three cigs stored away for you." He says as he has the back of his friend because everyone knows Leda smokes cigars and not cigarettes. He rests in his bunk, still half in his flight suit, and then yeah it goes weird as the Kharon goes dead. It takes Castor a moment, "Okay, who didn't pay the power bill?"

"Frak me raw." Eddie says near the hatch as darkness swallows them. The red tip of her cigarette glows, dancing from her lips then lowering as she apprently pulls it from her lips. Her lighter flares again, illuminating her face for a second. "I'm going back for Marek." She tells no one in particular, before slipping back out.

"Well…Frak us." Sam states flatly, not even going for the locker now…"If the wireless is down we're gonna have to send a runner straight back up to the Hangar deck and see if we can deploy. That is if we can even get a frakking airlock open." Sam growls out, picking up the phone by memory of area. These are their bunks, after all, not too hard to get around unless there is a body in her way.

Samantha shakes her head…"Wireless is dead. Shall we all follow Moony before she gets herself killed tripping over a hatch?"

"Or we can sit in here and try to play grabass." Willem's slightly sour reply gets tossed out there. "I for one am allright with…interpreting orders. This time. We hitting the Deck?"

Leda gets out of his bunk to follow Sam, it might be hell on the Kharon but Leda is all about checking up on his friends and crewmates, "Sir, are we going in loaded or not?" He asks as if to indicate his sidearm.

"Keep it loaded. Just in case, I'd say. But don't ask me." Wil clears his throat as he steps towards the hatch as he meanders over towards the wall, searching for something. "Lieutenant, this is all you." Ahh. Rank deference.

Samantha blinks…"I suspect we're going in ready to fly if those frakkers are out there doin' this to us. But…might as well keep yerself prepared if shit hits the fan." Sam orders, for the moment, not the most eloquent of senior officers but then she's not really in command either. SHe's just calling some shots until they get there. She then tugs the hatch open again on sheer memory, ducking into the hallway and moving a bit slower out from home base.

"All right. This is officially ruining what I thought was a good day." Wil mutters in the dark, the silhouette s painting on the wall as his flashlight illuminates the dark corridors of the Kharon.

Samantha follows along quickly with Willem, her gun out and in her left hand. SHe highly doubts they've been boarded, but just in case. "Look alert. I have no clue what that feeling was with the ship jerking but if we got company I don't wanna be surprised, boys." Sam states flatly, heading up the hallway towards the ladder that leads to the deck, but she's not running full tilt. No need to run into a firefight.

Leda doesn't even play around as his gun is in his left hand, and looking alert went out the window a while back. seriously, the Kharon is dark and Castor is not pleased as his safety is firmly off. "Aye, sir." He follows along with everyone else as he keeps his eyes on his flashlight and everyone elses because the moment something metal crosses their path he is going to shoot, damn it, he wanted to drink after shift.

"Oh, Hell, I've got you on that, Case." Willem quips quietly as he proceeds up the deck, sidearm in right hand, flashlight in left as the stream of light dances about in front of him.

Pitch blackness makes the Hangar Bay a big eerie cave, and the normal ambient noises found here have all quieted. There's no hum of life support, or the normal clang and jockery of a working functioning ship. The deck crew's all been ordered back to their berthings as well, and the overall effect could be down right creepy. As the beam from Willem's flashlight dances over the diamond plate, it passes right over a boot.

Samantha blinks a moment, climbing out of the lower hatch to the deck… and then she frowns. "Rebound, go back…what was… that…" Sam echoes, as she reaches the upper deck and steps aside, letting the men climb through with her to confirm whatever they just saw under the flash of WIllem's beam…

Leda is holding his side arm in his hand half like he is a trained soldier and half like he is ready to pop a cap in whatever seperated him from his booze. He doesn't grumble but he silently follows along with Sam as he looks out for the pair because he wants to see these two alive for a very long time. He then takes a breath as he finally says, "Sir, you can count on me to blow the holy hell out of whoever is seperating me from my booze." However for all of his bravado Samantha will know that the sudden silence is freaking Leda the frak out. "Looked like a boot, sir." He frowns, "Godsfrakkingdamnit."
Wil's not commenting here beyond an exhaled breath as his flashlight beam quickly flashes back towards the aforementioned boot. He shifts a little, keeping his pistol pointed in that direction, in the process.

There's a bit of a kerfuffle in the hangar bay at the moment, on account of the ship having lost power, and the launch tubes as well by proxy. The CAG's nowhere to be seen, though twenty cubits says he's in there with the Chief, EVA-suited and hauling launch tube doors open manually so CAPs can continue to fly.

The boot is attached to a leg, which happily is still attached to the rest of a body as well. When the beam travels further north, it seems the prone form belongs Morales. Her eyes are closed, her features pale, and blood is seeping from a jagged line high on her forehead that's making her hair look wet.

Samantha swears deeply as the beam illuminates the woman. "We need a medic up here." Sam growls, heading up to Eddie's side and pulling off her glove, transferring her gun into her weakened right hand so she can reach down and feel for a pulse on Eddie. "She looks too damn pale…what the frak…did this… If it's still here we're loud enough it knows we're here. Rebound, Tinman, gimmie a sweep with your lights. I want as much sitrep about the deck as possible right now." Sam's jokes have ceased, her professional voice only tempered by sheer worry now.

"Shit." Willem -does- speak now, in a snakelike hiss. "Mooner. She's down." The safety on Wil's pistol is off now if it wasn't before. He rolls his light over her again, taking in the immediate vicinity in a thorough, if slightly erratic sweep. "Something is up here. She's not a klutz."

Willem amends, "Need a medic. We need a medic."
Leda frowns, "Eltee, Mooner is hurt." If anything Leda has had a bit of a rocky past with Mooner but he does have a soft spot for her, mostly because she does all the things he deeply wants to do. He then looks back at Eddie, "Hey, Mooner, you still want to punch Icarus into pulp?" He says as if to merit an emotional response from her. He takes a second to look around, "Alright, I'm not gonna lie I wasn't paying that much attention on first aid day." He then takes a second, "I mean I paid some attention." He says as he looks back at Samantha, "Orders, sir?"

Eddie's still breathing and her pulse is slow, if only because she seems knocked the frak out. Unfortunately, head wounds are known to bleed, but that's likely the only danger Eddie's in immediately. She'll have a hell of a headache in the morning.

Samantha frowns deeply, looking over the woman…"I… frak, I need to review first aid next time we got a training book near." She nods towards Willem…"Switch me off with your flashlight." She commands him, apparently trusting the man with a bandage, or at least some pressure lending, as Sam stands and uses her bad hand to continue the sweep of the deck with the flashlight — if Willem gives it to her, that is.

There's a thrum of machinery as the Chief — or more accurately, one of his technicians — manages to get the Hangar bay's backup generator back online. Emergency lights flicker on, and a collective cheer goes up around the mechanics.

"Seriously, if Mooner isn't in the mood to kick ass then something is seriously wrong." He looks at Sam waiting for orders and he does his best to look after Eddie and as the lights kick on he begins to give a medical rundown for Eddie to the best of his ability as Wil is probably doing the same thing. For his part Leda moves up to Eddie as if to be consoling and to make sure she is alright, fraking Aquarians always wanting to keep family safe.

"I'll take a look. I'm one of those people that thought SERE training was a vacation." Wil admits, as he heads on over, still sweeping. He's also making DAMN sure Eddie's area is clear. The big question - What's near her head? She didn't run headfirst into a Raptor wing, did she

"I'll take a look. I'm one of those people that thought SERE training was a vacation." Wil admits, as he heads on over, still sweeping. He's also making DAMN sure Eddie's area is clear. The big question - What's near her head? She didn't run headfirst into a Raptor wing, did she? He jiggles the flashlight a little bit there as he strides forward towards her form -once- he's made sure the area is clear. If it's not, well. Then the lights go on, and he takes the kit from Sam if she has it available, checking Eddie's pulse. "She's still breathing. This is…ugly." He investigates the head wound and affixes this dime-store medical work as quickly as possible.

This is about when the CAG comes striding across the bay, ripping a pair of greasy gloves off his hands as he moves. He's headed for the stairs that'll take him down to berthings— and stops short when he spots the congregation of vipers near it. Rut roh. His eyes are riveted on Eddie, though he speaks to Samantha. "Lieutenant, report," is all but growled.

Samantha looks up quickly as the lights come on, breathing a sigh of relief. She heads immediately towards the wall and grabs an intercom, trying to get to the rest of the ship to call for a medic. Once she succeeds, or confirms that's still not working, she looks down to the men. "We need to get her to a proper medic then make certain who the Captain wants deployed. Gotta get out there, just incase this was a planned attack from the outside." She then smirks, looking up at Kai. "Speak of the devil, sir. Lights went out, Mooner ran up… we grabbed flash lights and followed. Found her down up here… then the generator came on and here you find us." Sam clips out earnestly, equal respectful professionalism as well as concern in her voice for the woman whom she stands near. "Rebound there is doin' decent patch job, but we need a proper medic."

When the low lights from the emergency generators flicker back on, the situation is more easily assessed. There's a jagged gash on Eddie's forehead, about three inches wide. She's laid out next to a tylium drum, the rim of which has a dark patch on it. It explains what she hit, but not why.

Castor says, "Hey Eddie, remember that time you wanted to hit me?" He then says, "Well, I need you to get better so you can make good on that. Now, Wil, says you are going to have a bit of a bumpity ride but we are going to see you safe." As Papabear steps in he lets Sam respond because she is the one in charge of this outfit for the moment and he doesn't seem like he would care to respond as much as he keeps sitting there and talking to Eddie, even if she can't hear him he will talk until she can. His voice takes on a soothing tone, yup, it would seem he is acting the big brother, but here it is slight and hopefully appropriate to what is going on. He isn't a clingy puppy dog after all. "Hey Eddie, remember that time you threw food in the mess…" he says, "I still ow you for that, you made my day on that one."

"Perfected this wrap during SERE as my instructor was convinced I would kill myself." Willem says, gruffly. He's continuing his tradition of dogging his own abilities even when he performs admirably, as he does here. "C'mon, Ensign. You're just going to have a nap, and a frak of a headache." He looks over towards Kai and then Samantha. She explained it. "She flat-out ran into this thing by the looks of it." Bandage done, he gestures lazily towards the tylium drum.

Kai slowly shifts his gaze from Eddie on the floor, up to Samantha. He's never a warm man, never a gentle soul, but at the moment? His blue eyes are flinty and hard as steel. "Lieutenant, when I tell you to report to berthings and wait there until I give the order otherwise, I expect it to be followed." Oh yes, he is absolutely picking on her here, as the senior officer. "We'll discuss this later. Get the frak down there. All of you. I'd better see imprints of your asses on those bunks when I get there." To Willem, who seems to at least have somewhat of a handle on the situation with the injured Ensign, "Can she be moved, Lieutenant?"

Samantha frowns deeply. "… The coms were dead, sir… we thought…" And then Sam catches herself. No time to argue or debate, not right now. She nods quickly and snaps off a salute. "Yes, sir." Before her eyes look back down to Willem and Eddie, considering, "Rebound, tell us if we can take her and we'll bring her with us if possible. You heard the boss, boys. Let's make a move."

Eddie's hair is matted by blood, but that's likely just from the wound on her forehead, right? She doesn't so much as twitch as her head is wrapped by Willem, nor does she acknowledge the words from Castor. She's out cold, hopefully having pleasant dreams that don't include the CAG scowling.

"I don't know. I can dress the wound." Wil points to the bandage with a crook of his index finger. He stiffens a little as Kai lays out the generic dressing-down but says nothing. "She's got a lot of blood there. We can do a better job when she gets proper care." There, the bandgaging is finished.

Castor doesn't respond here because he isn't the first aid wiz and he isn't in command so he keeps talking to Eddie, "Eddie, don't make me sing to you because if I do I think it will lead to the death of both of us." However, as she goes out cold he continues to calmly and quietly speak to her untill his is ordered otherwise, "Okay, so, Mooner, this one time when I was in basic flight school…" He just keeps on going because maybe he isn't sure of Wil's first aid or maybe because he doesn't want to leave a fellow pilot alone.

Kai doesn't acknowledge the excuse Samantha starts to make. Not even slightly. He sinks down into a crouch, grease-stained gloves tucked into a pocket of his flight suit, and does a cursory check for anything broken on the young Ensign. He, however, is no expert when it comes to first aid. "Get down to sickbay," he tells Willem finally. "I want a medic up here. Tinman, get your ass to berthings or so help me gods, you'll be the next one in need of medical attention."

Samantha stands curtly, as Kai has given the order to go back to berthings, only Willem getting a pass elsewhere. She says nothing else, but nods and turns on the ball of her foot, looking momentarily at Castor and now heading back down through the hatch double time. Back towards the berthings where they've been commanded, not daring to question an order again. She knows better, usually.

"Aye, sir." He looks at Mooner, "See you soon okay, I'll even let you sock me in the jaw if it helps." He then stands to follow orders to head back to berthings, "Sorry, sir." He offers to Kai as he follows after Sam because this isn't according to plan, regs, or any sense of everyday life even at the end of the world.

"Morales is a lot of things. Graceless isn't one of them." Wil reiterates, frowning as he ponders what's probably the right thing at the wrong time. He stares at the Tylium drum and shakes his head as he starts to pick up her flight-suit-clad body. "Right away, sir." He seems to relish this order. "Uh. Requesting a bit of help. I don't want to jostle her." While Wil -could- carry her he's not the biggest guy on the block and is trying to be extremely careful.

Kai is easily big enough to carry the young woman. If he isn't, it's probably because he doesn't trust moving her at the moment. So he remains crouched beside her, waiting for a medic to be summoned.

….Back in the bunks.

Leda settles into his bunk as he says to Samantha, "Eltee, I'm sure Papabear will forget about this." He then takes a breath as he attempts to find some rest, "Seriously, this goes down in the history of forever as a weird day."

Some time later…The hatch swings open yet again producing one agitated-looking Willem. "Well that ruined my day." He says, sourly.
Samantha sighs deeply, shaking her head. "We shoulda only sent one or two as messengers. Was my own damn idiotic fault. Gonna be demoted after this whole frakking month." Sam mutters out quietly as she paces the interior of the bunks, smoking a cigarette that she got from Castor's locker, tension running across her whole back and shoulders, even her unslung arm.

"Seriously, Eltee, seriously?" He shakes his head, "You won't be demoted because no one else could take your place." He then looks up at Willem, "Seriously, tell me about it. It was a strange day." He lowers himself into his bunk a bit more as he relaxes.
"Teach me to ever set foot in Chapel again." Willem admits, his lips twitching a little in an attempt at a joke which goes nowhere. "I get it now. I get it." He sighs roughly as he taps his hand against the pistol which is still hanging at his side. "Nah. If blame gets laid, it's going to be on all of us. We didn't stop Mooner from going first, and then we -all- followed her."

Willem shrugs his shoulders a little bit as a follow-up to this. "It's not just you. Don't worry so much."

Samantha shrugs slightly again, taking another drag of her cigarette. "We'll see. I shoulda ordered Mooner to stop, I knew what the Captain said. Frak it, too late now. We'll see what more shit rains from the brass. Can't be as bad as the rest that has come from the Gods today." Sam states flatly, no doubt or mocking in her voice. Maybe she really is starting to believe again. She continues her pacing circut around the room.

Castor looks over at Sam to say, "Sam." Yup rank went aside for the moment, "Do you really think you could have stopped Mooner? Hell, even Captain Marek has a hard time with her." He then closes his eyes for a moment, "No one can lay blame on you, sir." He says going back to rank. "He then says to Wil, "And seriously, if we are the biggest mess that comes out of this then we are all well frakked and far from home." Yup, even in the gallows Leda is looking up.

There's a brief knock on the hatch - very brief - just before it opens and Marines start spilling forth into the Red Berthings. A child is leading them - at least, that's what it looks like in the near blackness. The Marines are, of course, armed with flashlights and other toys. "Ladies and gentlemen, please don't be alarmed," Epi calls in That Voice. "By order of the Commander, we're here to search the berthings, Sirs." At least she remembers the Sir this time. Two other Marines move in with her, as well as another dark haired Marine. The two guys, however, head toward pre-determined quarters.

"This includes your bunks and lockers. If you have any lotions, oils, or other personal items of a goopy nature, please warn me verbally before I shove my hand into your stash." Salazar notes, with a deadpan expression. She, like her cousin (MSGT) Peri Nikos, has mastered the deadpan. She makes her way to the first bank of bunks and lockers, and begins a visual search with a tiny flashlight. She begins with the underside of the bank of lockers in her row.

Samantha blinks, looking up to the Marines which have stormed their way in the room. Great. Sam smirks, and offers…"Uh… Locker 15 is mine. There's a bit of lotion and… lube in there. Just a warning." It's Sam, really…isn't that what everyone expected to be in her locker ANYWAY? She's still a bit blushed as she admits that, watching the Marines and then looking to everyone else curiously.

Castor watches this happen isn't sure what is going on as he looks at Salazar, right, he remembers her. He then watches the Marines silently for a moment as lights shine off, yup, this made today offically weirder, "So, we are the enemy now?" He asks politely but concerned because he has a bit of insider knowledge of what has been going down in the CIC, however, the only people on the Kharon that would know this would be the people who leaked to him. He then adds, "My locker has what I need to wash up, my hooch, cigars, and two cigarettes for the Eltee." He says thumbing over to Samantha. He then goes back to resting on his bunk and if something disappears from his locker he will not be pleased. He rubs his forhead, seriously, Marines, searching pilots lockers, the world has flipped upside down. Castor then says softly to no one, "This is what going mad feels like."

Wil's already leaning against the lockers with the arms crossed. "Huh? Oh." He presses himself away with a preoccupied look. He pushes himself upright with an outstretched hand as he eyes the new Marine presence in here with a slight tilt of his head. "Have at it." He says, jerking his thumb towards a locker about three-quarters towards the right side of the locker row. "That's mine. There's really nothing I can think of warning you about." He then points to one of the top bunks. "And that's me too. Same disclaimer.".

Epi takes just a moment to offer Castor a small smile before she gets to work. "No Sir, you're not the enemy. Some G-4 has gone missing, and we're under order to search the whole ship." On the plus side, the Marines really aren't making a mess of the pilot belongings - there's respect there. They are, however, in a hurry and damned good at what they do. "Has anyone seen anything strange? Seen any clay looking substances?"

Salazar makes her way down the bank of lockers, pausing as she hits the mother load of sexual deviancy. "Corporal, this one's yours." She leaves Samantha's locker open, and makes her way down the way. She's fast and thorough, hand scooting around inside with a minimum of rattling. It's not until she gets to Castor's locker that she pauses, and narrows the focus of her flashlight beam. She leans in very carefully. "If you're fond of breathing, you should consider exiting the premises. Calm and orderly. Dover, secure this room." Her tone suggests it would be a good idea to listen. She reaches for her webbed belt and a the small demo kit clipped there. "Corporal. How do you feel about tight deadlines?" Nestled within Castor's locker is an armed surprise.

Samantha's lips smirk as she actually manages to scare a Marine away from her locker. There's just condoms, a few magainzes… one personal device, and two bottles of lube. But yes, Sam is a woman in her middle thirties and thoroughly enjoying it, that much is clear. She's about to make some remark when her eyes widen. She stares between Castor… and his locker, and the Marines, her eyes widened in utter confusion…

Leda looks at Epi and returns her smile, "Good to know, Corporal." He then raises an eyebrow, "Some G-4 has gone missing?" He takes a breath and he hopes no one is looking at him as he rubs his forhead because this is his longest and strangest day ever, okay not really, but it ranks in the top five. He then says, "Clay substance?" He attempts to remember anything claylike. He then opens his eyes as he looks to where Salazar is an in the dark he gives an almost paniced th' frak look as he sits up. Did someone bomb his locker. He then says, "Okay, correction, this is what going mad must feel like?" He looks at the locker as he prays that it isn't armed to kill anyone.

"G-4? Nooo." Willem's eyebrows raise. Unless there's something in his locker or bunk that he is not aware of, upon search it will contain a few books, notes, and the locker door, like most every other pilot's contains a row of photos and random pieces of memorabilia depicting people, places, and things. If they even get to it. He's about to comment more when Castor's locker is called out. His mouth hangs open. Speechless. "Huh?"

Up until the point in time Salazar mentions there's a bomb, Epi's been busy searching lockers. She's at Sam's when, well, she lets out a sound akin to utter awe. No, seriously. She just stands there staring for about ten seconds. "Sweet. Frakking. Gods.," the Corporal says quietly. "I've never seen one that big. Son of a bitch." Her ponytail shakes back and forth a little. "I didn't know they MADE anal beads in that color. And what the frak? Does this thing run on tylium?" Probably not hard to guess what she's looking at. But then her attention is wrested away. There are booms, and there are BOOMS. Apparently she's more of a fan of the big death than the little one. "Tight spaces? Love 'em. Tighter the better. You can feel a hell of a lot more that way. I like 'em tighter'n an Admirals asshole. Alright, Sirs. I would suggest getting yourselves out of here. An incindiary device has been located." She moves toward Salazar and holds the Big Maglite up so the woman can work. They seem to be, well, working neatly as a team. Marines. They do that. "Especially you, Sir," she tells Sam. "You won't wake up from this one and you sure as hell won't need a cigarette afterward."

Kai strides rather briskly into berthings right after Epi gives her speech, half into his flight suit and half out of it. The CAG's fairly COVERED in grease and tiny scrapes, like he'd spent the better part of his evening crawling around in a duct somewhere. Which, with the way tonight's been going, maybe he did. Of course, he stops short when he spots a pair of marines in his living area. And looks immediately to Samantha. The frak?

"Beads?" Wil mouths. It's completely inappropriate at a time like this, given all that's going on and the general level of confusion and implied culpability and he just gives Sam a glance. His shoulders shrug a little bit. "Right now, I want to shake Dash's hand. Maybe." Shaking his head suddenly, he turns a bit red realizing that this is probably the wrong place, and wrong time. Stepping -away- from the general vicinity, he moves towards the hatch in a slow series of steps, just glancing at Castor, and Castor's locker again. And the marines. His mouth is still open. "Sir." Kai's here though and now he falls right in line. "Should we clear the Berthings?"

Samantha is actually blushing… but it's fortunately completely dashed by the fact that Castor's locker is armed to the teeth with a bomb. She's already heading for the hatch, all too happy to be out of sickbay to be going back there again. As Kai comes in, she reports…"Someone wired Tinman's locker to the teeth, Marines are recommending we get the frak out of dodge and that's where I'm going, sir." She reports flatly as she steps outside the hatch and around the edge, but still is listening through its opening.

Salazar is hunched in front of Castor's locker bent over the device inside. Under normal circumstances, this might be questionable behavior. She moves back slightly, then takes a knee in front of the locker after giving Epi a gander. "Huddle, Corporal." She reaches in and pulls something out, then tosses a mysteriously bullet shaped four inch object over her shoulder toward a bunk across the way. Heads up, Karim. Incoming. That ain't a missile. "Sources of vibration and explosives do not mix, kids." She ignores the pilots, and readies a pair of wire cutters. "Bottom or top, Corporal?"

Castor is moving the hell on up out of the room as he prays he isn't the one to get in trouble for having a bomb in his locker. He remains quiet as his mind races trying to think of who he would have pissed off that badly and this makes him go even quieter, almost to quiet, because he is very stressed out at the moment and this means the Tinman has come out to play and for now the Tinman is moving with grace and detached composure because it beats flailing about like Jerry Lewis and screaming. He follows behind Sam as he wonders why he was the target and as he attempts to figure out why someone would have beads….on second thought it is best he doesn't know as he continues walking. He is however praying silently that there is no bomb armed and no pilots will die. He doesn't want to lose family.

don't have a frakking clue." Wil shifts his head to one side as Salazar hucks a, well, bullet and steps aside and then edges through the hatch. NOW is a good time to go. NOW.

Kai doesn't stop to ask questions. The demo team says to get out, he gets out. "All right, move it, boys," he tells the assembled pilots crisply as he turns on his heel and heads for the hatch.

Samantha steps outside with the trio of pilots, frowning deeply. She's not saying anything for a long, long moment, but her eyes have now found Castor almost wonderingly. Her head tilts… but she keeps her tongue bit. She's just trying to do the math in her head about this all, and none of it is adding up.

Castor simply stands there wondering if he is in trouble for having a bomb in his locker or not as he wonders how it got there. He hasn't said anything but his eyes have met Samantha's a few times and she can easily see that the Tinman is out because he is acting in a cold and controlled manner.

Announcement: Nike shouts, "There's a shudder and then a low whine as Kharon's main power cells come back online. Lights flicker on as emergency lighting in the hangar bay, CIC, sickbay and Engineering fade out, and the ship's engines begin spinning back up in tandem."

"Well." That's all Wil can get out here as he looks amongst his fellow pilots. "Well."
Kai steps out last, after a few other bewildered pilots have hastily shoved themselves into something presentable and vacated berthings. The Captain keeps moving along the corridor until they've reached a 'safe' distance, and then turns to Castor. And just watches the Lieutenant for some time, silently.

Samantha just shakes her head faintly at Castor, both a motion of being perplexed and one of almost distrust. Did he put it there? That's what her eyes are asking. Did. You. Do. It. SHe doesn't dare voice it, but they've known each other long enough that she's staring hard at him, searching for any sort of answer from that Tin face that he's pulling…

Castor for his part would appear to be together before he finally says to Willem in those controlled tones, "I talked to Nevice and she and I are okay." He then adds, "And the only other person I've pissed off on a regular basis is Mooner and she isn't in a position to plant bombs." His mind is racing on who he pissed off, was it Delores in the Mess, nah, she likes him. He then remembers something that was said to him about the concept of a invisible saboteur in regards to classified intell that even Papabear might not know. He then really grows detached at the though that the Cylons might have more than a virus on this ship because he hasn't pissed anyone off that much.

"This is frakked." Willem says, finally, his tone tinged with disbelief. He looks around the little gathered circle of pilots again, cupping his hand to his forehead.

Kai doesn't move for the longest time. He might not even be hearing what Castor's saying, but then again, he might. Finally, after a breath, he tears his eyes away from the pilot and calmly heads for the nearest wireless terminal, a short way down the hall.

Samantha watches Kai slowly, splitting her attention between Castor and Kai, her shoulders straight and tense, all humor completely forgotten now. SHe frowns to Will for a heartbeat…"This has been frakked a long time now…" Is all she finally manages to mutter, but then she goes back to watching Castor.

Leda just stands there as he attempts to do the math or maybe he is just emotionless, eitherway, there is not an expression on his face that would indicate what is going on inside his skull. Then Kai speaks and Castor looks over at Kai, wait, did Papabear call down the heat on him. A sudden strange stillness full of weight fills him as he look at Kai and he wonders if he is going to jail or if he is getting a protective escort. For now, he simply remains quiet as his brain is burning with questions that he isn't sharing.

"I'm the last person to ask why the world ceased to make sense." Willem just mudders, numbly as his hands are tucked behind his back. "They'll get to the bottom of this." He says in a hollow tone of voice, turning to eye the corridor.

Pissed off? Yes. Cranky? Yes. Randy is already not in a pleasant mood as she makes her way down the hallway, hand resting on her night stick, expression grim and salute at the ready as she greets the

Kai hangs up the wireless handset with a solid *thunk*, and strides back over to where the gaggle of viper pilots is lurking. Red berthings have been cordoned off by the marines, and there's undoubtedly one guarding the door in full combat gear. His eyes meet Castor's, and strangely, there isn't any anger in them. Whatsoever. It's almost.. pity? Concern? The Captain plays his cards pretty close, though, so who the hell knows. "Corporal," he greets the arriving MP. "Please detain Lieutenant Leda until the S2 can speak to him. There are no charges being placed at this time." Which is probably a nod, at least, to his trust and loyalty in the pilot, since he could probably find *something* to bring him up on, given what they saw back there.

Samantha remains quiet, stiff and strong, standing near the wall and watching this entire scene with widened eyes, trying to conceal her worry and shock at the matter. She's doing her best to go as robotic as Castor manages, but Samantha generally fails at keeping her heart off of her sleep.

Castor Leda looks up at Kai and when the look hits him he is suprised, he expected anger or even disappointment but something resembling pity? He then taks a second to look at Randy, he holds up his arms so she can take his side arm, yeah, on the worst day ever list this is clearly number five and possibly number four. He then looks at the other pilots and back to Kai before he says, "Sir, I'd never knowingly harm a pilot." His tone has changed and carries with it a sense of honesty, well, at least from his perspective but it isn't every day that a bomb is found in one's locker then again when sex toys are found in your best friend's locker, that is equally weird. He then follows protocol to move where Randy wants and when she wants because he sooooo isn't looking for a MP beat down.

"Yah." Willem says, opening his mouth lamely and then closes it. He shakes his head as the protective custody order effectively goes down. "Yah." He shakes his head from left to right and tucks his hands neatly behind his back. Apparently he is waiting for -something- to happen here but is not in any hurry to say or do anything himself.
Randy's baby blues flick over to the lieutenant in question and sweet up and down his body in a quick once over before she steps forward towards the man and then to the side, extending an arm to gesture down the corridor. "Sir, if you will please accompany me, I will escort you to the brig." She nods firmly, and might not know what is going on but she's just here to be muscle and escort peeps yo. He looks over towards Kai and the others though. "Was there anything else sirs?"

"I believe you, Lieutenant." That's all the CAG has to say. And he means. Every. Word of it. There's a brisk headshake to Randy's question. "No, Corporal. I'll be by later tonight, once the situation in berthings is under control, to give a report. Thank you." A steadying breath. Then, "The rest of you, feel free to crash the raptor berthings or hit the lounge for some coffee. If you're up for the next CAP, get suited and get ready to roll. The show must go on, and all that." He, then, begins heading briskly away, back to the hangar bay. It's gonna be a loooong night.

Samantha just gives a brief nod to Castor as he says he'd never harm anyone, a faint smile crossing her lips, that the best thing she can do close to reassuring right now, but she tries. "We'll…visit when they let us…" She echoes after him, and then looks back to Kai. The comment about the black berthings makes her grin. "Hmm.. cuddle up with Black Cat. Wonder if she claws in her sleep." There's that humor again. But she turns a concerned look towards their bunks. All her stuff is in there. Her magazines. Her… Rabbit.

"Huh. I'm going to check on a couple people." Willem says, distantly, brushing the back of his hand against his forehead. With a deep, halting sigh, he declares, "I'll be ready. Sir." There's a one-beat pause there and he stands a little straighter, shifting from one foot to the other.

And out of the Red Berthings come Epi and Salazar. Epi's smiling and bouncing, rather like she just came from a damned good frak rather than defusing a bomb. "I wonder if he's going to mind that we have to cordon the area off for a few hours," she asks Salazar's back.

"… Good thing it's protocol." Salazar steps out of the berthing with bomb parts in hand. She glances down the corridor to note those present. And the back of the CAG making his way down the corridor. She raises her fingers to her lips, slips two into her mouth, and blows a shrill whistle to catch his attention. These marines. No damn manners. "Corporal, please tag the Sheriff, if he's not too busy, and I'll stow this mess after I poke at it for markers." And then she hustles up to catch up with the CAG. He's going her way. Dover remains behind to be sure the Red Berths remain secure.

Castor follows along with Randy as he is lead off to the brig, and for once the Tinman breaks, a sense of confusion can be seen in his face, there is a bit of fear, and a sprinkling of panic and he isn't sure of what to say as he nods back to Samantha and like that he disappears.

"And Passi, report to the ready room first thing in the morning. You're off flight status until then." So sayeth Captain Tightpants. Then the CAG is off. He makes it about halfway down the corridor, when that whistle sounds— a glance is sent over his shoulder, without breaking stride. Salazar. Figures. He keeps walking; she can catch up.

Wil grits his teeth. He shakes his head a little bit from one side to the other. "Guess I have to go crash somewhere. Or something. I don't bloody well know."" He mutters under his breath as he takes on off down the corridor.

Epi watches Salazar go, bemused, then shakes her head. "I'd best get up to CIC to let the Commander know."

Samantha sighs to the women, realizing they're definitely not getting back into the berthings, and Kai's mention of flight status. She murmurs something quietly beneath her breath, dragging her left hand across her face as she heads for the black berthings instead. Time to hot bunk with the raports…"Aye, sir. See you in the morning." SHe murmurs to Kai, then disappears.

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