Getting to know you
Getting to know you (Getting to know allll aboout you.)
Summary: Fenris finds Hale in the lougne. Hale finally asks Fenris as to why she is how she is. Oh Yeah Willem shows up too.
Date: PHD 58
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Fenris enters with one of her many books in hand. She makes a casual once-over of the place, then with a, "Hi, Rabbit." she makes her way over to sit down and get comfortable while she reads. "Everything alright?"

Hale is still reclined out on the couch, with that card held in his hand before he is flinging it only for it not only to not get close to the helmet, but flitter and fall weakly down beside him. A faint frown before he is looking back to Fenris who has come into the room. A smile around his half smoked cigarette and he nods with a chuckle, taking time to bend to get the card. "Yeah. Jus' thinking." a look back to her. "How about you, dove?"

Mud watches the card flutter listlessly to the floor, then, "Sorry." On his greeting query, she replies, "The same, thank you. I was going to read, but I can go elsewhere if it would be bothersome."

Hale glances to the card in his hand which goes back into the deck, that is immediately shuffled. Then shuffled again as he looks back to Muddy sitting there. "Oh you're fine-dove. Why would you be bothersome?" he asks before shaking his head. "I quite enjoy your company-You should know that."

Fenris replies, as she settles into her spot, "You don't cringe, which is a positive." as a concession. She flips open the book to a specific chapter, then wonders of him, "Your hobby is cards, hmm?"

Hale looks at the card in his hands, before he's flipping it again towards the helmet, this time it goes terribly wide and off into the distance as if taken to flight like a bird. A whistle for a moment before he is looking back to Fenris for a moment. "I bloody say good morning to you an everything." A chuckle as he looks to the cards in his hand "Naw, not-really. I preferred sports-an racing." A nod in her direction "Even creative writing.."

Fenris arches an eyebrow, "I didn't say it was the only positive." she corrects blandly. Her attention turns to the wayward card in flight, then, "I seem to be disrupting your aim…. So what do you write, mysteries, epic adventures of bygone days…?"

Hale chuckles all the same there before he is leaning back in his couch "You're not messing me up. I'm messing me up. I was always shite when it came to this" A chuckle as he sits up, motion for her to join him on the couch if she so wants. "Well I needed a major-in order to come out of college, with something other than Pyramid. So I wrote cowboy- books. Stuff I knew..Poems." yeah it might surprise you what all he has written. "Might do a memoir sometime. If I warrant it."

Fenris nods, her fingers tapping at her book indicatively, "I understand what you mean." She gives him a studious look for several silent moments, then, "if you have the inspiration, write some shorts." A pause, then, "However slight, any new creative effort means we aren't lost. It could also give you a wy to vent your frustrations in a way."

Hale nods, looking to the book. "Yeah." though whatever he is yeah’ing seems to pass there before he is rolling up his hands over his head, content to smoke silently. "I could give you the essay I plunked out given the chapters you asked me to read- if you're looking for some more views.." and feet are moved to sit on the adjacent table. Much like how he spread out in the bunks before bruising his arm. "I could probably write again-just need to scrounge a pencil and some paper." Pencils and pens he has. Sufficient amounts of paper is another thing. "May I ask you a question-Fenny?"

Fenris sits forward a little, then, "I'd be remiss not to accept." she replies in her usual tone. With the question, though, she closes the book around her fingertip and nods, "Certainly."

Hale nods slightly for a moment as he sits a little straighter, before leaning in to ash in the dented try which looks like some metal-shop kid made during welding week. "Might I ask then, why it seems you keep this wall up?" a motion for a second. "I swear- I do try t' get to know you better, but it feels like you rather just be-" quiet. "Left alone."

Fenris listens to the question, and her response comes freely, though not hastily from her lips. "I'm not putting a wall up, Rabbit." Her finger withdraws from the book entirely and her hand presses flatly against the face of it, "I'm making attempts at the opposite. I'm not putting up a tough front, or bottling things up, which seems to be what most of the Wing seems to think of me." Unflappable as ever, she pauses only for a moment, perhaps a breaths’ span, then, "You've probably heard some rumors about me by now."

"Heard you're a little cold. I just feel, an I am likely wrong about this." said given that she did just correct him on not having a wall. Hale-probably mistook contemplative-ness to simply being shut off. "Some other stuff, but I am not right t' poke about gossip. Figger you'd tell me sometime-bein bunkmate's an all."

Fenris nods, "I am, I suppose." she responds, making not attempt to correct that much, "I don't feel the same way as most people. I remember being different, before, but it's exceedingly rare for me to feel, even slightly, like I used to." The book is set aside and she goes on, "It wasn't the attack. I've been like this since before I finished high school."

Hale nods back before he is taking another drag of his cigarette. A look back to her, as the thing is plucked from his mouth-time taken to pass it over to her. Apparently Hale is not afraid of space cooties, or who might have them. "So you used to feel- but something changed you? I haven't seen your Jacket- nor have I paid much fluff t' what any out of Cafferty has said about ya..But what happened t' change you..least make you like this?"

Fenris's response is, "I've been across the veil, twice." spoken as plainly as her greetings, reports and goodbyes. "I know you've seen the scars by now. The second time I was brought back was when I noticed it. That my…" she rolls her wrist, splaying her fingers a moment with the motion, "connection to things, to other people weren't there, anymore. There are times when I can feel someone, but it takes time, and I can't tell who it would be until it happens." She goes silent then, her eyes holding on his, as this is where things usually go wrong.

Hale nods as he ashes again and takes another long drag "Twice? Crikey. I've never known one t' come back from it once." truth there, or so the expression on Rabbit's face should show this is something of amazement for him. And then he's looking to her wrist and following her fingers before he nods. "Seem em quite a bit-actually.." offers Hale, but doesn't mean he is judging. "Oh." said, well that seems to make the most sense. "Can I ask you another question?" and he's not breaking her eye contact. there's no weird motion or recoiling. Just his question.

Fenris nods, "Certainly." she replies. There's a good sign from him not wigging like others have, so, there can't be too much risk in answering another question, can there?

Hale nods then, with a slight pause "Can you tell me how it happened?" Perhaps it will also help him in his own coming to terms with what he just learned. After all its not every day you hear the person you've tried to get to know better and come closer with had died and come back twice. For Hale its bit of a shocker. But, not one to ever throw him for a loop. There's worse revelations for that.

Fenris nods, "I was fifteen the first time. My father had died recently, and I was hurt, and angry, and acting out." She settles back in the seat, her cadence unabating, "I was seeing one of the local pushers, I was his special girl, you see." There comes a little shrug, then, "He'd frak me any way he could think of, buy me things, things like that. One night, we were sharing a goodnight kiss, when one of his competitors opened up on him with a sub." Her hand lifts and she traces a circle over where the bullet scars riddle her chest, "I caught the blowthrough. I was down for a couple of minutes before they revived me that time. I did a one-eighty, then, got serious in school, stopped hanging out with the bad element."

"Fifteen?" asked as he is looking back over to Fenris for a moment. Hand moving to rub his throat and down over where her hand is though over on his chest. As if an empathy pain could be felt. But then Hale's never really been shot before so he can only imagine what that feels like. But at the rest there's a nod, as he allows himself the silence to digest that for a bit longer. "And the second?"

"My mother was driving me to a gymnastics meet, my junior year. We got T-boned." Fenris replies, giving another little shrug, "I don't remember the hit at all. I remember things that, in deference to religious conflicts, I won't go into, now." A little pause and she looks at his chest for a moment, then, "I was down for nine, that time. I spent the next couple of weeks in a coma."

Walking at a good clip, a flushed-looking figure of Willem edges through the hatch, wearing his latest smashed lip and bruised cheek with a certain degree of nonchalance. A green duffel bag is slung over his shoulder and his cheeks are flushed. By the way, his walk is still mostly steady. Mostly. He's been hitting the sauce. One would guess his drinking alone(if indeed he was) got a bit dull.

"Oh." added again. The wince is there, but it seems Hale's more channeling the feeling or feelings from the story than from Fenris. Just how he is, the big lug. And so he simply nods again. "Thought you got shot down or something…Hence th' scars.." admitted quietly before he's stubbing out his cigarette and reaching for another. Yeah he needs another. "I'm sorry if it hurt ya t' bring it up..Always was curious…Thought I just wasn't up to your snuff to tell the truth." a nod there "M' sorry dove."

Fenris shakes her head, "It's not an unreasonable assumption, given our line of work. In a sense, it is true." Her hand settles on her side, "The night of the attack, my Viper got torn up pretty badly. A piece of shrapnel went through the life support on my suit, right about here." She 'relaxes' then, and turns her attention to greeting, "Willem, good evening." before, back to Rabbit, "It doesn't bother me. As often as not, my explanation leads to problems, though. I'm not always certain who could handle it, and who couldn't."

It wasn't as though Willem was even listening in as he crosses the empty expanse of the lounge, padding (slightly) unsteadily. Boots tramping against the floor and dogtags swinging with his movements, he stops a bit, blinking uncertainly as he catches the two Lieutenants having probably a deeper conversation than he is necessarily capable of at this time. Still, he perches on a nearby chair while nodding at the two after Fen says hello. He doesn't particularly say anything, just yet.

"Muddy, dove. You shoulda told me earlier. An here I was a thinking you never liked my company." all the same Rabbit simply nods leaving it there-needless to say if anyone ever did talk sour about his bunkmate Hale would do more than silently disapprove now. "Well- I ain't squicked out yet..So I think you're fine gel.." A look over when Fenris offers the greeting and there is a smile as Hale finally lights that new cigarette "Oi Willem, how's tricks?"

Fenris gives Willem a more detailed once over then, "Are you alright?" she wonders of him. her eyes flit toward Rabbit for a moment, then, "I think the Wing is getting used to me in general, by now."

"I'm doing Jus', just fine." Willem says, barely slurring. Cracking a little of a grin which looks faintly ghoulish with his swollen, fat lip. "Don't mind me. Uhh, look, I'm not meaning to interrupt. Just needed a change of scenery." His fingers drum on the table.

Hale nods, "Still, I got your back." so let it be dually noted. A flick of th' old eyes back over to Willem as he watches the other pilot for a moment, before he's cracking up, sending a cloud of smoke towards Rebound. "Someone's been wettin th' fields I see.." Or tying one on. "Didn't break the seal I hope mate-" Ahh college how one learns to drink properly. A glance back to Fenris for a moment "Hope you know, that now I slightly have this new knowledge I'll be talking to you more.."

"It was an outcome I'd considered." fenris deadpans, looking Rabbit's way. "The better of two." That said, she looks back to Willem and, "You aren't interrupting anything. Do you need help getting into the chair?"

"Really. I have -no- idea what you speak of, Rabbit." A small flash of a grin at Hale a s Wil shakes his head pointedly from one side to the other. "Figured I'd just read down here." Another shake of his head towards Fenris as he starts to fumble with his bag, slinging it onto his lap. He's not fall-down drunk, but then again, he's probably had enough for the evening.

"You're the bloody worse liar I have ever seen.." Still the grin remains as Hale takes another drag of his smoke. Needless to say the JiG won't hear any lectures from Rabbit. In fact the taller LT is quite fond of Rebound-or so he's decided over the course of getting to know the bloke. "readin's good mate-what did you bring?"

And then eyes are back over to Fenris, who gets a rather big smile. "Hope you can handle it love." a grin before his pack is back up and offered over to Willem, if he wants a smoke or not.

"So far, so good." fenris replies, though her attention does turn to Willem for his answer. What will it be? Her own book resides beside her, still closed, as the conversation took root before she could really get into it. Neglect. The tome has angst, no doubt.

"More dirt." Wil says, tersely. Suddenly, he blinks, in a response to Hale, swinging his bag over his shoulder, all of a sudden. For what it's worth, he's expressed a deal of respect for these two since his tour on the Kharon. But he plays his cards close to his chest. "Just more dirt." He repeats. "Listen. Maybe this wasn't a good idea right now. I need to clean up." Suddenly, he pads off the chair. "Sorry." He mutters, apologetically.

And with that, Wil shoots the two an unreadable but pleasant enough expression as he pads towards the hatch. Wow. Weird.

Hale watches with a pause before a noise and a puff of smoke is given off. A shrug and he's lookng back to Fenris "He's a bloody riot-usually..That's t' oddest I have ever seen him before." noted before Rabbit's leaning back into the couch "What are you reading, Dove?"

Fenris lifts the book, showing him the title of: Eureklytus. She decides to elaborate, "Some of his writings are tapped in a lot of philosophical compendiums. A lot of later philosophers, particular from Caprica seemed to come to a lot of rather tight parallels with him, either by influence or outright plagiarism, there aren't many who can say." She looks at the book, then to him, "These are his combined works. I've never finished them."

Hale looks and leans in a bit just to read it better, before he is nodding along while ashing the cigarette as the need comes. After all-Hale is a casual smoker-not inherently one who is addicted to it. "Huh- I never got into philosophy when I was in college- stuck to language- and history myself. Took some art classes…" a look back over to Fen. "How'd you get into philosophy if you don't mind me keeping you from your reading a small stint longer.."

Fenris shrugs a little, setting the book down, "It made sense." She looks to his face again, as is her way, and goes on, "Given what I'd seen, and, how profoundly my life had changed. I looked for people who had anything to say about experiences like mine. It turned out a lot of them were philosophers." She pauses a moment, a breath, then, "When I decided to be a pilot like my father, and it came up to Majoring in college, I took philosophy, since I already had a foot in the door, so to speak. And… the discussions were…" she does her little wrist roll, "engaging. Not fun as I remember it, but, it got my brain going, if that makes any sense?"

Hale nods a little more "Yeah-no I get exactly what you mean. I get the same way about pyramid, or sports in general when I see it or hear it. So like- I know what you mean. Synapses firin' an all that yeah?" A chuckle for a moment and he is leaning back against the couch for a moment. Content to smoke while he lays there "Don't mind if I jus' hang around with you while I smoke, an you read do you?"

Fenris shakes her head, "Relax. Enjoy it while we can." she says in reply, then settles into osition and opens the book to start looking for the page she'd opened to, earlier, "I'm surprised no one's tried to organize teams." she comments out of the blue.
Hale opens one eye, and keeps it open. Here he was, going to enjoy said relaxation when the word is out. And so it remains open and swiveling over towards Fenris, like some great Leviathan's eye might have done to ancient mariners. "Wot?" asked and then he is turning his head over to look-really look to his reading companion. "What did you jus' say?"

Fenris looks his way, "Was I mistaken?" she replies in her tone, then, "We must have sufficient people who've played, or are willing to learn, to fill out a couple of teams." She gives a little shrug, then, "Or was it about relaxing?"

Hale opens both eyes now as the cigarette is pulled from his mouth. A soft cough, which he covers with the other hand, and the tall pilot is unstretching himself and sitting back up, as he was when she first sat down. " Who do you know whose played before?" because now-now Hale's wheels are turning, and he's got a bit of a edged grin there. "Would you play?"

Fenris answers, "I'm not afraid of the idea, but I wouldn't have any idea what i was doing." casually. She looks at the book for a moment, then back to him, "I'd suspect a lot of the more physical sorts aboard have a reasonable understanding of the game. I suspect the gym would have passable equipment. then it would just come down to a ref, wouldn't it?"

Hale nods. "Yeah..yeah.." and then there's a grin from Rabbit as he hops up and for a moment one might think he was about to lunge at Fenris, however the pilot manages to hold back for a moment. laughing loudly in the rather rickety boisterous manner per usual. "Whoaaahahahah. Oh Fen. I could kiss you right now- but don't believe we're that close yet." a wink given "You can keep it as a raincheck though…If you'll excuse me love- you gave me a bloody brilliant idea."

Fenris nods, "Duly noted." she replies in her usual tone and with a languid wave of her hand, she offers, "Go forth and recruit, league master." She gives a little dip of her head, and adds, "Good hunting."

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