Getting Patched Up
Getting Patched Up
Summary: Doctor Locke gets visitors in the form of people needing medical attention. Kitty and Kissy have a heart-to-heart afterwards.
Date: PHD 190 (10-25-09)
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Camille has been on call and alert, waiting for the first casualties to come in from the mess that's been going down. She's pacing the floor, a trauma bed ready and the operational area good to go depending on what is needed. She's all in her scrubs, hands thoroughly scrubbed up and gloved.

Now that Engineering has people assigned to getting the electronics back up and such so the FTL drives can be brought online, Callie has the chance to get herself checked out and just in time as the pain has gotten to the point where she can't ignore it any longer. Her left arm is held close to her side and she takes great pains to move into the room without getting near anyone, the girl very protective of that limb.

Fortunately, Camille isn't swamped yet. She looks up and over the moment Callie comes into the room, that professional, though motherly, concern crossing her features. "Oh, come here…sit down…" She looks behind her, calling to one of the technicians behind her, "Get the x-ray up and running, we'll need to get her in soon." Before she looks back to Callie and gingerly looks across the woman's arm. "Now just sit and relax, let me see it…what happened?"

Callie is not a big, brave Marine like Panda is, nor is she one with exceptional pain tolerance, two facts that are readily shown; without work to distract her, Callie sniffles and the tears she had managed to hold back fall down her cheeks, looking very much like a little girl. "I-I fell w-when the sh-ship listed, sir." She sits down as told by Camille and lifts her arm, the forearm distorted as the bone juts out at funny angles from not one but three different places. "It hurts," she concludes lamely.

Camille swears lightly as she sees that arm and, as much as she -hates- giving pain medication, she's not cruel. "Can I get half a dose of morpha over here?" She snaps to one of her junior nurses, and soon the woman bustles over, a clean needle gently sinking into Callie's skin and that slow, distant numbing trickling across her arm as Camille probes the bones a bit more. "We're going to need to reset this… let's see how bad it is…" And see if pins or surgery will be needed, but she doesn't voice that. She just gingerly escorts Callie over to the X-Ray machine, grabbing at the lead vest. "I have to ask…there is no way you are pregnant, correct?"

Callie hates needles but she doesn't fight the injection this time, letting the gods-gifted pain meds do their job which will make Cam's job easer at the same time. When she's asked if she's pregnant she has to pause and she looks sheepishly at the lady doctor, her face going pale and then red, white at first and then flushed when the embarrassment sinks in. "I don't think I am, sir," she drawls out while looking anywhere else but Camille, the girl not sure how to answer that, exactly.

Camille blinks, a hint of surprise crossing her face as she hears that. Of course, it's going to be happening more and more often among the crew — as birth control gets less and less, people determined to enjoy their days as much as they can. Camille clears her throat and nods quietly, "Just lie down beneath that vest and give me your finger." She offers gently, reaching over for a finger stick and a strip. A quick test takes but a moment, and gives both of them the peace of mind of not exposing a young fetus to the radiation of an x-ray. A quick prick later and Camille is smearing the blood onto the test strip…

The strip reads a big old negative, thank the gods. "Uhm, hey Doc? Can I still work?" She pulls the vest up over her body at the same time she asks, the thick, heavy thing tugged so that it covers her from shoulder to mid-thigh, her vitals well protected, especially those she might need if she ever gets it into her head to become a mommy. "I ask because we got the FTL to fix and we can't afford to have anyone down and I..uh, it's my job…" The explanation slows to a crawl as the meds start to kick in, the rapid fire speech breaking down into a verbal crawl before she quiets entirely.

Camille relaxes a bit as the test confirms negative. "No… you're not pregnant. Let's see these slides and we'll see how bad it is. Once we get the arm in a cast you should be able to work with your good arm. But you'll have to take it light." She rolls the woman into the proper position in the x-ray, clearing the area so they can get a good few shots of the full arm, and of the break points.

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.
<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Three throughout the ship.

It'll probably look pretty nasty - not gross-nasty, thank goodness but nasty in the way that crunchy bones always look when x-rayed; the ulna is cracked through in two places, causing them to press against the flesh while the third s a green-stick type, not broken completely but enough to require medical help, definitely. "Will I still be able to play the kazoo, Doc.." Callie asks while in the middle of drug-induced giggles, "…or is my kazoo career fraked to Hades and back?"

Camille will need a bit of time for the x-rays to develop, but she rolls Callie out of the x-ray area and to a comfortable corner of the sick bay, so friends can visit while they are waiting. She smiles reassuringly, "How is that morpha feeling? We're going to look over those x-rays and get a game plan as soon as they're developed, dear." Despite being a leading surgeon of the ship, Camille constantly has this 'mom' aspect to her. Protective and mother henning constantly.

Matto comes stumbling in, lazy-footed, with his ECO. He doesn't appear badly off, not in comparison to most, unless someone happens to take his usual casual lethargy for a sign of head trauma. Most military sorts, after all, aren't exactly the type to -stroll.- He does begin to ache a little, though, as the endorphins wear off, but he makes no outward complaint but a vague sneery grimace as he settles into a place to sit and wait patiently. Like a patient does. Legs crossed at the ankles out in front of him.

"It's all good, Mom," Callie murmurs, Camille's demeanor along with the medication getting her to do so. As the waiting begins she starts to doze, no one here to visit her currently but that will most likely change once things calm.

Absalom does not stroll, but, struts into the sickbay. The man is maybe putting on a bit of a front as he's a little pale and just a touch wobbly, but he makes it to the chair he needs to be at safely, and plops himself down. He looks over at Matto and asks, "What're you in for?" lightly.

Camille does a double take in Callie's direction as she's called 'mom'… but it makes her smile, softer than before. She reaches one hand up to momentarily stroke against Callie's hair. "Just relax. It'll all feel better soon." And with that she looks back to the room, giving a quick look to the other patients. "Take a bed…who was next?" She does her best to make certain no one is bleeding out, but they all look equally injured, and nothing life threatening. "Any head or neck injuries?"

Meandering in after Matto is Kitty, her hand held to the back of her head. "This happened before the damn fighting," she explains to her pilot-best-friend-brother. "Stupid ship moved in ways ships of this type and size should not move and I fell out of our Raptor." When Camille starts with the questions she falls silent, her eyes going to Kissy. "Uh…darn."

Matto grins at Absalom, "A bandit asked us to dance, spun us around a little bit, that's all," he chuckles. Then, when the doctor approaches, he looks up to his ECO, "Her head's hurting her. We got a little shaken up outside," he explains. "I'm fine, just sore." He looks toward Absalom, unsure what to say about him.

"I aint bleedin am I?" Absalom asks in a bit of a stage whisper to Matto, as he glances at his backside. He then shakes his head at Camille, "I'm fine, just need to check and make sure getting blasted by a toaster didn't scramble my circuits too much."

Camille nods immediately, looking over to Kitty first then…"Alright… sit right up there." She reaches for her pen light, tilting Kitty's head up and immediately checking her pupil's reaction to see quite how bad the concussion is, as well as probing to gently be sure a goose bump is forming on the back of the girl's head…"Not so bad, I don't think…Are you dizzy or nauseated?" She nods gently to the men, as if to say she'd be with them next.

Matto smiles warmly at Absalom, "Not as far as I can see," he tells the guy. "Hey, have we ever met properly?" he chatters slowly with the other guy while they wait, head lolling back a little as his elbows prop themselves on the armrests of the chair in the waiting area.

"Probably, but, its been a while. I've been on this here ship all one hundred ninety days so far. Absalom Harris," Absalom says, holding out his hand for Matto, adding, "More commonly known as Shadow." And, upon noticing the rank he adds, "Sir."

Kitty clears her throat as she has the light shined in her face, squinting. "No, not nauseous but am a little dizzy. Nothing too bad. Felt worse after taking a hit while playing Pyramid as a kid, to be honest." There is a slightly awkward pause and then, with a drop in her voice, she leans in close to the physician and asks, "Hey, did my brother ever come in for that test?"

Camille gives Kitty a bit more of a grin. "he did…but I must say that is confidential medical information I am not permitted to reveal." She admits simply, patting the girl's shoulder. "You should be fine. Nice goosebump forming, but take it easy and come back if the dizziness or nausea gets any worse. But you're responding normally." She then looks back over to Absalom…"alright, you're next…" The pen is flashed into his eyes, making certain his pupils are also giving good reaction, as she motions someone over to start patching up the minor lacerations.

Matto reaches out a hand, himself, taking Absalom's in a hold more gentle than most men would attempt on their first handshake with another, coming across pretty laid-back, "Hey, no sirring me in the s'bay," he chuckles. "Or much of anywhere outside of a cockpit, as far as I'm concerned. I'm Kissy. Kissy Matto. But just call me Kissy. I really should get to know the names of the rest of Red Squadron," he grins. "I've seen you around, but I don't guess we've ever chatted," he still idly shakes at the Shadow's hand. "Oop, and we're not chatting now, I guess. You're up," he grins.

Absalom leans back a little instinctively as he's flashed in the eyes. He seems to be all there, and really doesn't have any other injuries. "Yeah. I've heard of you, heard you on the comms today, seen you around, but if you'd ask me to put name to face I'd have been fraked." He replies to Matto while getting looked at. He says to Camille, "I'm fine. Just a bit shook up from nearly becoming toasterchow."

Kitty nods. "Yeah, I figured and, on hindsight, I'm glad that you're not able to tell me because I really…and I mean -REALLY- do not not need to know about my brother's sperm count or if those little tadpoles glow in the dark, you know?" Her inner-censor is so not working well, maybe a result of her falling on her skull. "Anyhow, thanks for looking at me." Doctor Locke is given a smile before Kitty slips away, getting somewhere where she won't be in the way.

Matto draws his hand back across him, grimacing a little again as his sore shoulder protests. He lifts both hands blearily to unfasten the top of his flightsuit, unzipping it and peeling the sides apart as he tries to turn his head to the side and down to look at the pretty colors starting to blossom where his neck meets his shoulder and down his chest where the suddenly careening Raptor threw his weight into the strap holding him in. But turning his neck down that way doesn't help the situation -at all.- "Ow?" he comments mildly.

Camille nods gently to Kitty, "Of course, hun…" And then she smiles, patting Absalom's shoulders. "No severe internal bleeding. Same orders as the lady, if you feel any worse you come straight back here, but you should be good to go." And then it's Matto's turn. She slips in, taking over for the nurse looking over his scratches and bruises…"How's your head feel? Your ribs?" She gives his eyes the quick concussion check before her fingertips gently begin probing his ribs, making certain nothing is too damaged. At his motions, she frowns, now giving a closer look to his shoulder and neck. "I think I'd like to get you in for x-rays as well. Just to make certain nothing is cracked. Over to the corner." She nods towards where the little x-ray console is set up.

As he's cleared Absalom stands up slowly, and moves to get out of the way as best he can. He nods once to the doctor, says, "Yes ma'am," and then heads right for the door.

Matto's eyes roll upward with a blink after the light's shined in his eyes, making little dark sunspots appear all over the room, flashing bright in the darkness every time he closes his eyes. But everything seems to be working alright. "Fine," he answers, in re: his head, "A little sore, just…" his face twinges as she presses his ribs up along ripening area down the front of his chest, "Just there, yah," he notes, Leontinian accent growing a little thicker than usual. His chin tips up, neck itself moving without issue, it seems, unless that motion happens to push his chin down toward the darkening bruise. "Okay," he answers, when told to go to the corner, standing and meandering over, getting out of the rest of the top part of his flight suit.

Kitty catches Matto's reaction to being moved and she pauses, frowning out of concern for him. Absalom is noticed and she gives him a wave but her attention is pretty much on what's happening.

Fortunately, Matto isn't questioned if he's pregnant. Apparently, Camille will just take that risk with this one. She gingerly gets him to lay down on the slab, covering more important parts of his anatomy with that lead sheet. "Alright. Just hold still…" And she steps away, motioning to the technician to start the x-rays as she finally steps over to put Callie's up to the light. She frowns…"Prep the operating area. We need to go on in Miss Callie…see if we can get some of these bones back together." She gives the orders calmly. "Develop Lieutenant Kisseus' x-rays and get his bones set once we know more. I'm going to go handle the little lady…" And with that, Camille is all business, getting ready to go into surgery.

Matto lays out and stays still as bidden. Only that last bit on Camille's part gets his attention, "You don't—" he sits himself up once he's gotten the OK from an attendant to do to. "You don't think it's that bad, do you? I mean… I can still move it and everything," he notes, though he doesn't, too much. 'Cause it hurts. A broken shoulder's not a wonderful thing for a pilot, after all.

Matto moves over to sit back in the waiting area. Just waiting, for now. Waiting for the pictures to develop. Lips drawn together, breathing quietly, as if trying to will himself not to be broken.

Kitty follows Matto and sits with him, not about to abandon him now. "Hey, it's alright," she whispers; she forgoes hugging him as she doesn't want to aggrovate the injury but she does put a hand on his knee, wanting to offer him some form of support. "Everything will be fine."

Matto takes in a deep breath, a good sign, though he doesn't really notice it. He offers Kitty a smile, then, though it's lacking a little in lustre. "Yeah— I know," he tells her. "How're you feeling?" he asks her. "I mean… you were kind of freaking up there. You going to be alright?"

Kitty shakes her head. "I would have been if it was just that but my mind is still kind of wrapped around the stuff with the bomb. Seems kind of 'ironic', doesn't it?" The word 'ironic' is dripping with sarcasm, Kitty unable to keep herself from being like that, too tired and too headache-y to try and temper her tone of voice. "Too many things happening too close together to make me feel alright."

"I know we've been dealing with a lot of shit, Babydoll," Kissy tells her gently. "But you've got to leave that shit on the deck when you climb on board. I know it's hard, but— well, actually, I find it makes it easier for me. I don't worry about the end of the human race. About bombs going off or people I love getting hurt or hurting other people. All I have to do is run pre-flight. Then run launch sequence. Then request permission to launch. Then activate launch sequence. Then clear proximity. Then fall into formation and set drift," he lays out each thing one after the other. "No room to think about anything else but what's being done right then and there."

Listening intently, Kiity nods, understanding fully what Kisseus is saying even if that's not the case for her, her mind and his working totally different in this case. "It's not that I worry for Panda, I don't think. He's tough as nails and I think he's too stubborn to die. I think it's myself I am worried about. I am too young to die." Her brow creases and then, suddenly, "You and Panda and Poet and Kai and everyone are immortal. Don't see any one of you dying until you all are called to be with the Lords. But me?" It's left to hang there.

"I'm dying just as fast as you are, Kitty," Kissy tells her, even using her real namd to let her know he's serious. "And being scared is natural. The instinct to run the frak away is one of the healthiest ones we have. But when you're in my backseat? I -need- you to be -there- with me," he emphasizes the fact. "I can't keep taking time out to tell you to calm down. If you're too scared to be up in the dark in a combat situation without panicking, then that's something we need to talk to Black Cat about. You need to be able to focus on jamming, and I need to be able to focus on flying. Otherwise we're going to be a pretty easy target." He looks at her with a seriousness not usually found in him, though it's tempered by his usual warmth and kindness. "I want you to look into my eyes, Kitty. And tell me you can be there for me."

Kitty shakes her head quickly, that not being good as a faint wave of disorientation hits, making her sitting being a good thing as she gets dizzy. "Ugh…oh, uh, no. Let's not go to the Captain unless it really becomes necessary, please? I really don't want her to have anymore reason to get upset at me over." Not that a lack of coping ability is her fault, but she's convinced that even the more minor of things will get Thea pissed at her and enough to yank her flight status out from under her. "I will make an appointment with our shrink though. Maybe she can help me out with with this and if things continue going wrong we can go to the Captain as the next step?" When she's told to look Matto in the eyes she does and in a somber tone she replies, "I can, Kisseus. I'll frakking make sure of it. I love you too much to want to let you down."

Matto returns Kitty's gaze, mouth open just a little bit. "Kitty. If things continue to go wrong, we may not -have- a next step," he finally tells her bluntly. "The next time I get distracted in the cockpit could be the last time I get distracted in the cockpit. The next time you don't get around to jamming a Raider that Raider could take us out. It only takes once. I can't deal with 'if.' If there is an 'if' in your mind, you need not to be flying into combat with me."

"She'll take me off of flight status," Kitty mutters. "But're right." She looks away and up, a wash of emotion falling on her face for as long as it takes for her to get herself over it, anger, desperation and depression just a few of those to be found on her features in the short span. "If she does, do you think she'll ever allow me to fly again?"

"That's not necessarily a bad thing, Kitty," Kissy notes. "If you can't do it, you -shouldn't- be on flight status. We have flight status for a reason. So that our superiors know who can safely handle themselves in a bird in a fight, and who will be a weak link getting others hurt," he continues to tell her. "I don't know what she'll do, but I feel like I need to bring this to her. She's got more experience than I do, she'll be able to help you better than I can. Maybe you'll just need to go to the shrink until she clears you. Maybe combat flying just… isn't what you were meant to do."

Kitty looks ashamed. "Yeah. I'm sorry, Kisseus." She hazards a quick look at him and then down at his shoulder, the fact that he's hurt finally, truly sinking in. "Frak." Her hands are rubbed over her face as she tries to distract herself from that. "You got to do what you got to do. I understand."

"It'll be alright, either way, okay?" Kissy tells her. Maybe he's just trying to convince himself of the same, especially as a nurse calls him over to a private area to discuss the results of the x-ray. He looks back to Kitty and gives her a nod as he stands. "Get some rest, Babydoll. Take care of your head," he tells her, the less sore of his two arms reaching out to squeeze her shoulder in a quiet gesture of support before he goes.

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