Get Your Head Together
Get Your Head Together
Summary: A certain pilot is asked to visit a certain papabear.
Date: PHD063
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The last of the afternoon CAP is just filtering out somewhat noisily, to the tune of boots striking the deck and the odd taunt or two going up between the raptor drivers and viper jocks. There's a ball or two of crumpled paper littering the floor that someone used as a makeshift missile, and the CAG himself is just cleaning up some papers off the podium. He glances at his watch once, like he's expecting someone.

Leda steps into the room not sure of what is going to happen next, getting asked by the Papabear to come to talk can always be a scary thing. The pilot makes his way into the room as he attempt to figure out what he could have done wrong, or, well right. His mind moves back, no one shot - check, no one punched - check, no one mouthed off too - check. His mind begins to roll at the possibilities.

It takes Kai a few seconds to notice Castor standing there, since he didn't announce himself. After he's finished tucking papers into his folder, he looks up, and nods slightly to the man. "Have a seat, Lieutenant."

Castor takes a seat as ordered, he keeps his movement clean as he does his best to be a good officer. He then asks, "Sir." He says not even presumming to know what this is about.

Kai is in his flight suit, dark hair a little matted against his head like he had a helmet on not too long ago. The schedule puts him on the morning's CAP, which means he's probably been out already, and hasn't had time to shower and change. "I'm going to cut to the chase, Leda, since I know we've both got things to do." He rests his butt against the back of the chair opposite, arms folding over his chest. "Is there something you'd rather be doing, than flying, Lieutenant?"

Castor looks at Kai, "Sir?" He seems confused by this, "Sir, flying is the one thing I am good at. I love flying and I love being a pilot." Well, that took him by suprise, the look on his face is like that of a kid who was just offered to kick a football by a girl in a little blue dress that yanks away the ball at the last minute, pure and utter confusion.

Kai's expression doesn't change, which may or may not only make Castor sweat more. "Then perhaps you'd like to tell me why, despite our last talk, you've managed to piss off at least three separate people in your squadron, with your poor attitude? If you want to keep flying, Lieutenant, you're sure as hell telling me otherwise."

Castor says, "Sir, I…" he pauses, every time Kassia warned him and every time he backed off, he knows he should have listened to her a little more closely. He then says softly, "Yes sir, I probably did piss some people off, sir." He then takes a moment to lower his head slightly, more in contemplation, he isn't supposed to be the pilot that pisses people off.

Kai meets the other pilot's eyes, if given the opportunity. Otherwise, he merely watches him quietly, whatever he may be thinking or feeling kept strictly under wraps. "You had a brother, right?" he asks after a long pause. His tone is still completely neutral.

Leda nods his head, "Yeah, Pollux, and to be honest, sir, he was a better man than I ever will be. Never made trouble, never started fights, he looked after me and took care of me after my parents died." He adds, "He was someone special, sir. You would have liked him. Though he died…" he pauses, "before the war I mean. Died during a routing landing, it was a mechanical failure."

Kai waits until Castor's finished speaking, before nodding slightly. He doesn't interrupt, and doesn't speak for a few moments after. "I had an older brother. His name was Jorska. I spent.. a good part of my life trying to be like him. Right down to having a chip on my shoulder, and pissing off my instructors in fleet academy."

Castor asks softly, "Are you religious, sir?" there is something in his voice that is a bit of a crackle, like the tone of someone who is walking on shattered glass, religion is a known non-topic for Castor.

"I am," the Captain answers without pause. There's no hesitation, no awkwardness in that admission. His expression turns mildly quizzical.

"Funny story, my folks were religious types too. Strong believers. They loved the Lords and when my brother and I were born we were taken to an oracle. The oracle made a prophecy that said since we were twins one of us would live and be a hero and one of us would die." He takes a moment to let the words spill out of his mouth, "So, Pollux died, I know because I saw the crash and I saw his body; I saw it all." He then says, "Now, Pollux always looked out for me because I was always making trouble, he was the good twin and I was the bad one." His voice becomes slightly strained but he holds himself together, "Pollux did better than I did in school and he got out, earned himself a job as a flight instructor for the Athena War College, that is where I went - my brother never taught me how to fly, regs wouldn't permit it. Everyone loved Pollux and there were rumors he was going to be shipped out for something better and then he…" Castor simply folds his hands together, "And so, I was left, the last of the Leda's, I was supposed to be some big hero and the real hero, my brother died. So, I started to realize I had to live for my brother, live into his ideals, y'know, get my shit together. It was because he died that I busted my ass to graduate at the top of my class just like he did. I've been pushing on ever since."

Kai is, again, silent through all of that. He's probably in a decent mood today, or he would've interrupted somewhere in the midst of Castor's spiel. There's a soft sigh when the man's finished speaking, and he rakes his fingers through dark, somewhat matted hair for a few moments. "You can't let yourself live in someone else's shadow, Leda. I can tell you this until I'm blue in the face, but you've got to sit up and figure it out yourself. You can't live for someone else's ideals. You can only live for your own." His hand drops, and there's a crunch of his flight suit as his arms re-fold. "I'm not going to have this conversation again with you. You're a good man, and a fine pilot. I need you up there, Leda. I'm already babysitting one Ensign, I can't afford to babysit a man who's been due for a promotion, for some time now. If shit like this is brought to my attention again, you're getting busted down to a nugget, and we're starting right the frak over again with you. Got it?"

Leda says softly as strength returns to him, if anything, he listens to command, especially, Marek, he then slowly stands as he offers a salute, "Aye, sir, I'll shape up I promise. I don't want to be a bother, sir." There is a strong sense of sincerity in his words as he walks, "And sir, thank you for taking the time to talk to me."

There's a touch of warmth in the CAG's eyes at the response he receives, though the man doesn't smile. The approval is subtle, if indeed it is approval. "I'm going to hold you to that, Leda." He remains in his lean against the chair, even as the taller pilot moves to his feet. "Your job is to fly your viper, and keep your wingman safe. You're not the squadron's hall monitor. If you see some shit going down, you come to me, or you come to Lieutenant Hale about it. You do not take matters into your own hands." To the last, he nods once. "You're worth the time. Just don't push your godsdamned luck. Dismissed."

Leda simply nods, "Aye, sir. I'll find you or Hale, Sir." His tones are again, sincere, honest, and in this case apologetic, "I am not to take matters into my own hands." He then throws another salute regarding being worth the time and this has a tone of appeciation, "Thank you, sir, it is good to know I'm worthy of your time, sir." With that one Jig is out the door.

The salute's returned, and after Kai watches the man go, he pushes off the chair and returns to gathering up his papers.

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