Get In The Game
Get in the Game
Summary: Three pilots discuss why something is wrong.
Date: PHD053
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Castor walks into the Black Squadron berthings, he takes a moment to look around and he takes a look at Kassia's bunk. He was hoping that he might find her here however it is empty at the moment and so the man crawls into Nevice's bunk so that he can wait for Kassia. He takes a moment to look at the berthings, really they aren't that different from the red squad berthings. He then lets out a deep breath as he closes his eyes and says, "Kas, where are you?"

Kassia comes walking through the doors a few minutes later still dressed in her flightsuit her helmet under her arm. She looks like she's just finished her CAP, with a yawn she staggers over towards her locker and places away her helmet, then wriggles herself out of the flightsuit hangs that also before she's placing a pair of shorts on and a clean tank, removing the old one first. Once dressed she closes her locker and wonders over towards her bunk. And what should she find there but a tinman. "Hey, Cassy." She says going to knee on her bunk and give him a kiss before she sits down and places on a new pair of bedsocks. "What you doing in here, I figured you'd be asleep by now, I would have come over when I showered and stuff."

Castor looks over at Kassia, "Yeah, well, I guess I just missed you is all." He then smmiles at the kiss as he looks up at Kassia, "Besides I needed to see you for reasons that not even I am entirely sure of." He teases softly, "Though, if you wanted to sneak off to some quiet corner and you know…" He then leans up slightly, what has happened to the man, recently as if someone has turned on a lightswitch the man has become insatiable.

Kassia blinks up at Castor her hand going to his chest. "Easy there, love I'm really tired as much as I'd like to find a nice corner all I wanna find might now is a nice comfy bed, you know?" She says, clearly a little shocked at his sudden need for imtimacy this isn't like him at all, he's always willing but never so suggestive.

Castor frowns slightly, "Sorry Kas, I don't know what the hell has come over me…it is like I'm a sixteen year old boy again and I can't help myself." He continues to frown as he knows this isn't who he is and yet he can't help it, "Kas, I think…there may be something wrong with me. I don't know what it is but I'm frakking horny all the time and it won't stop…I've never had this problem before, I went seven years without and suddenly I NEED physical intimacy." He shakes his head, "Should I go to the doc?"

Kassia frowns at him for a moment, his confession puzzling her a little. "Well, your in a relationship also for the first time in seven years, maybe it's because now you can be intimate your body somehow knows and it's just telling you what it needs. I'm all willing to, let you get it out of your system Cassy, your a great lover but not right now. I'm sorry I'm just so tired maybe later…" She then shakes her head. "I don't think it's anything that serious give it a few days…" She says, she's feeling a little depressed herself lately, like she just can't find her positive attitude.

Castor sits up so he can get shoulder to shoulder with Kassia, "Hey little one, what is wrong?" He says as he fights off his needs for a minute, "I know you are tired but…something isn't right." He then leans in to the woman so their shoulders are touching, "You want to talk Kas cause the past few days you have just seemed off." He takes a breath, "So here we are, both of us in spaces where we aren't who we are."

A rattle of rings and the curtain to Poppy's bunk slinks open a little bit. Out crawls Kissy Matto in nothing but his regulation boxer-briefs and a bad case of bedhair. He grabs his dark red thigh-length bathrobe from his locker and pulls it on and around himself with a yawn as he stumbles toward the head.

Kassia looks down at her hands and just sighs softly. "I aint been the same since I got on this frakking ship." She says suddenly propelling herself out of the bunk and beginning to pace. "You haven't fallen in love with the real me Castor, I'm not so native and shy and withdrawn. This isn't me, I'm usual upbeat, out going I laugh more I joke around more I'm so much more confident I don't give a frak about what anyone thinks of me. I'm more like Jupitir and Eddie, like not like this!" She says clearly destressed. "This isn't me!"

Castor frowns as Kassia breaks physical contact with him, he needs it like fish need water, however he steels himself back and as the woman begins pacing he says, "Ya!" He doesn't shout it but the words have a certain sense of gravity as if to say, 'listen to me'. He turns to look at Kassia, "I'm in love with you…okay, the real you. I should go see the doctor about wanting to frak all the time because this sure isn't me." He then adds, "And yeah, you are usually more upbeat and I know it. I know I love you and I want to learn more about you though it seems we are both off right now and I don't know why." He shakes his head and then he lowers the head to look at the floor as he presses his hands together, almost as if he was praying, "Though I know this much I need you and I mean that as more than just a physical need." He then goes silent for a moment as he prays to something anything that isn't the Lords.

That's okay, don't mind Kissy, he's just going to go drain the lizard and wash up anyhow. He washes his hands, face, neck, and organizes his hair a little bit less crumpledly. He brushes his teeth and coughs up some phlegm.

Kassia looks at Kissy as he passes her and sucks in a breath, she stands there looking at him for a few moments her pacing stopped for a beat and then she's continuing. "Upbeat that's a good way to describe it." She then runs a hand through her hair, the mass of mess curls as distrought as the woman is right now. "I love you too, Cassy, don't every thing I don't but right now…I don't know whom I am and I really hope that once I do I'll still be the person you want." She goes to sit back down next to him and take his hands firmly in her's some how sensing he more then likely needs her. "If you feeling this bad, love we can go find somewhere." She says taking a deep breath, she's tired but she doesn't want him wondering the halls, looking else where.

Matto shuffles back out of the restroom, peering at K/Cassy as if seeing them there for the first time. "Oh hey guys," comes tumbling out of his mouth, "What's up?"

Castor squeezes Kassia's hand, "No, let's just sit." He does have the head after all and he has been there once already and he might be there several more times before it is all over. "I can wait for a bit of…" as Matto shuffles in he says, "We should sit here for a while and be together and maybe we will remember who we are." He squeezes Kassia's hand softly and he whispers softly only loud enough for Kassia or maybe bats to hear, "And I am not going to frak up what we have I love you to much." He then looks over at Matto, "You know, same old, same old." He doesn't tell a lie but he doesn't tell the truth to Kissy either.

Kassia nods her head again as she tires to get her mood more positive. "It's kinda funny, I can't even find peace in the temple, I try and talk to Aphrodite and she just ignores me I can't get my candle lit, I can't seem to get into a positive mood, it's like the gods have just left me…" She looks towards Castor. "Yet, she gave me you, I don't get it."

Matto is distracted from his consernation by gummies, which have him flying up to his bunk like he's got wings on his feet, looking at the package, "Oh, wow, awesome. I'll have to add these to my hoard," he sits on the edge of his bunk, legs dangling down. "And don't count on Aphrodite. She's hellish fickle."

Castor says to Matto and begins with a hint of his normal 'I hate the Lords' speech, "Not that I give a…" he pauses as he remembers that Kassia is religious and instead he says, "Why is Aphrodite hellishly fickle?" He asks attempting to gauge Matto, as far as he knew Matto was another member of the flock, "Or did I miss something some where." He adds, "And enjoy the gummies, they may be the last pack that I will find on this ship." And this says something considering that the man seems to be able to find all sorts of crazy things on this ship. Paint, womens underwear, and who knows how much booze.

Kassia is about to lay into Castor but she doesn't bash the gods there for she doesn't start…"Maybe your why she's left me." She says suddenly, throwing down his hands and standing up. "I mean you hate the gods, your always cursing them and you was my first friend here." She says softly maybe suddenly pinning all her badluck on the very man, that brightens her day. "Maybe she's angry I loved you?" She shakes her head and goes to pour herself a drink. What if that's true…?

Matto holds them to his chest, "I've got my stash stashed away," he notes, "Poppy tells me when I can have them and not, though. She's going to be supervising my withdrawal when the gummy supply runs out. It's NOT going to be pretty." He then crawls furhter up into his bunk as the lovers begin to spat over Aphrodite, of all things. "Knickers… honestly, are you going to let Aphrodite dictate the terms of your relationships, or are -you- going to make those decisions for yourself?"

Castor looks at Kassia, "Hey, no. Don't even think like that. Not even for a second, Kas." He says, "I've stopped cursing the gods." He doesn't add in the bit about he doesn't publically curse the gods. He then says, "And if you believe Aphrodite brought us together, then maybe she brought us together on account of us needing to be with each other." He then turns as Matto speaks, "And yeah, Kissy is right, we can't let even the Lords tell us we can't be together, you and me Kas, two peas in a pod and I'm not giving you up. I don't care if Aphrodite shows up and tells us we couldn't be together, I'd fight her for you."

Kassia sighs softly, as she goes to sit down next to Matto this time, she crosses her legs and folds her arms as she looks at Castor, it's a few moments before she finally speeks. "We rely so much on the gods, I'm no exception." She finally says. "I can't brake a life time of habbit, she's always been with me always purified me and gave me positive thoughs and help keep the negative ones out. She's left me I know she has." For a second Kassia thinks she's about to scream with rage, but she's strong and after a few minutes she takes a deep breath, a smile is given Castor. "I'm in no hurry to leave you Castor Leda, we're commited remember, I don't know about you but to me that means something."

Castor lets his eyes track Kassia as she walks over to sit with Matto, "If it means something to you then it means something to me…" He says softly, "and I'm committed to you. We are together in this and that means something to me." His words are serious and honesy as he adds, "I'm no fan of the Lords but I'll make sure my mouth remains shut about them and I mean it - we are together and that means something."

Matto crawls back into the back corner of his bunk, though Castor gets a slight nod of approval at his statement concerning Aphrodite.

Kassia nods her head and gets up as she think she's made Matto uncomfortable. "I'm going to grab a shower I'll let you boys talk, about how much you hate the gods while I can't hear you." She goes over towards her locker and begins to strip down her clothes, tank and shorts are laid aside, and a clean set of plain old underwear are brought out. "You know it's going to suck when we start running out of the most basic things." She says more to herself then anyone.

Matto was kind of uncomfortable, in all fairness, and he seems minorly relieved when he's left alone in his bunk. "Yeah," he agrees. "If we last that long, at least."

Castor looks at Kassia, "Hey, I've got a knack for finding things." He then turns to Matto, "And tell me more about Aphrodite being fickle cause I haven't met a believer who has said that before." He then looks back at Kassia, "Have a good shower…." He says as his thoughts drift off in a very naughty fashion to Kas in the shower and he snaps himself out of it as he begins to think about something else, namely the problem at hand. "No, but seriously…Kissy?"

Kassia goes to sighs softlu, seems even Matto is jumpy around her. "One day people will tell me what is it, that makes em so…" She slambs her locker shut and goes to head into the showers, she picks the nearest one, and shuts the door the sounds of the guys drowed out by the water, as she begins to rince herself off.

Matto shrugs vaguely, laying down on his own still-made bunk, tucking the gummies up on his top shelf and curling up with his pillow. "You don't think Aphrodite's fickle? She cheated on her husband, didn't she?"

Castor frowns slightly as Kassia goes into the shower, "She did?" He takes a moment to think this over, his knowledge of all of the Lords is a bit, spotty, he knows the easy readers version of the Lords and not a lot else. "Hey, Matto, is it normal when you want to….you know frak, all the time." His voice carries with it a certain sense of heaviness, "I mean not the normal guy level but I mean, EVERY, moment you want to frak." He frowns, "I think I need to see the Doc, this isn't normal it is like I'm a damn teenager again."

Castor looks at Matto, "Godsdamn it Matto, this time I am being serious, I keep getting these urges and things keep happening and…." he says softly, "I'm supposed to be an officer damn it and not some godsdamn horny ass teenager." He then takes a moment to rub his chin, "I just….do we have any medicine that takes away the need to do it so much."

"What, like chemical castration?" Kissy wonders, "I honestly don't know, I'm sure something like that -exists.- Whether we have any on the SHIP is another matter."

Castor lowers his head, "I really need to see the doctor…this isn't normal." He then says, "And what if this got me taken off flight?"

"If the doctors take you off flight status, then you shouldn't BE on flight status," Kissy reasons. "Going up impaired isn't going to do anybody any good."

Castor looks at Kissy, "No, but seriously, Kissy - I can't go off flight. So long as I can move I have to fly." He then takes a moment to let off a small grunt, "Yeah, I've got to go to the doctor." He starts to look at the shower and his mind begins to fill with these thoughts, these horrible and yet wonderful thoughts, "Kissy…what have you been doing over the years you know for when you get the urge? How do you kill it?"

Castor adds, "Oh right…sorry Kissy, I forgot you had the problem with that." He then looks awkward again.

"Yeah, well," Kissy finally stops staring dryly at Castor as Castor digs his head out of his ass, "In all honestly I'd rather have my problem than yours."

Castor looks at the floor, "I'm of a mind to just start taking cold showers, constant twenty four hour cold showers, it is an all the time thing and it is a pain in the ass." He says, "So how is it we have opposite ends of the same problem?"

Kassia comes out of the shower at this point wrapped in a towel her toothbrush and washbag in her hands. "You done?" She asks, then looks towards Castor, before she says to Kissy. "I think he's just found his dick for the first time in seven years." She seems to have calmed down in the shower and seems more like herself, perhaps it won't last long but for now. "But if you wanna go find a hiddie hole flyboy you best think of one while I get dressed." She says going sit down next to him on her bunk, she bends over and begins to dry her hair.

Matto shrugs faintly in Castor's direction, "Happens, I guess," is all he seems eager to get into a discussion of his boyparts just right now. He drags down a book from his shelf as the others make plans to leave.

Castor shakes himself off for a moment coming back to his normal self, "I'll find a hideyhole when you are well rested and ready, not when you are tired." It takes him a moment but somehow seeing Kassia acting a little more normally brings Castor back to the real world, "Sides, right about now, I'm thinking not frakking like a rabbit is a good thing." He takes a moment to look over at Kissy, "Sorry for the weirdness, Kissy." He then looks over at Kas. "So, we can't drink and we can't frak…well…we could but…" he shakes his head, stay in the game Leda, "What should we do?"

Kassia cocks her head at the other Riper pilot and rolls her eyes, "Well I'm for a nap if you don't wanna sort you problem out, or you could take a shower." She sniffs at the man. "You do kinda smell very ripe right now." She teases him of course, her calm and positive attitude is back and it feels good though how long the goddess will let her have it is anyones guess. "Shower, we'll take a nap, and leave poor Matto be…Eh and Matto." She sys softly. "Why did you get all creeped out when I sat on your bunk. You once offered to let me share it with you and Poppy, why all the tention when I just sat down?" She not mad, or upset just confused.

Matto lays his head down on his pillow, "Hey, you're welcome up here any dang time, Knickers. You, too, Tinners. Both of you come on up and we'll have a fine time of it. Just leave Aphrodite in the chapel, please."

Castor stands, "Right, I'll go shower up in the red squad berthings, it is where all of my stuff is." He then leans in to kiss Kassia gently on the lips before he looks over at Matto as he teases, "Fraid I can't do that Kissy, I'm a man that has been spoken for and Kas is a woman that has been spoken for. So, I catch you with Kas and I'm likely going to do not so good things." He then stops himself from saying something bad about Afrodite in front of Kas especially now that he knows how deeply she feels about Aphrodite. "Anyway, I'll be back in a bit."

Kassia shakes her head. "That's not the point Matto, you was uncomfortable and I seem to be making alot of people…" She's about to say something else, when Castor speak. "You touch Matto, Castor and I will frak you up, he isn't interested in women you idiot, gods can't you just back off seriously." She's lost her mojo, her mood sank like the drop of a hat. "Go shower Castor, and sleep before you really piss me off."

"I'm sorry, Knickers," Kissy apologizes. "I didn't mean to make you feel unwelcome. Come up here and let me make it up to you. Tinners won't mind, he was just kidding about all of that."

Castor looks at Kassia, "Yeah, I was funning Kas." He then notices the look Kassia is giving him and he knows when he should listen to her so he steps out of the Black Squad berthings. As soon as he closes the door he says softly wincing, "Well, that didn't go over so smoothly." He then goes to take a shower a long cold shower.

Kassia scrambles to her feet and goes over to Kissy's bunk she kisses him on the forehead and smiles at him softly. "It's fine Kissy, Castor is just trying to be all manly I'm like." She says with a sigh, then goes to finish getting dressed.

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