Gentlemanly Jock
Gentlemanly Jock
Summary: Lt.'s Yuuri and Passi engage in conversation at the General Lounge
Date: PHD06 (April 24)
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The lounge is starting to fill up with officers and NCO's. The coffee urn is popular among the crowd. Yuuri is stretched out the complete length of a couch with a notepad in his hands. He appears to be reading over notes that he's taken from the gun camera footage the previous night. He's dressed in his blues, a rare site for any who know him well enough.

12 more hours before she can even be cleared for duty, enough for the concussion to begin to fade or at least prove itself to be nothing major. Sam slept for a little bit, but sleep is never really easy these days and Martin kept poking her awake to make certain the concussion hadn't gotten worse. So she's sporting some bags under her eyes ontop of the lovely racoon look that comes with a broken nose. She's smiling, at least, as she drowsily heads for the coffee station..

Over the top of the notepad Yuuri recognizes a familiar sight. Black bags and a blue nose, just like himself. "Morning el-tee." He offers Samantha as she passes, he doesn't keep eye contact and goes back to reading his notes.

Samantha lofts a brow and smiles in his direction. "Mornin', Typhoon. How you feelin'?" She asks with that chesire cat grin as she pours herself out some of the black stuff from the coffee maker. She pauses there for a moment…"You want a cup?" It seems she's even being charitable, willing to bring him coffee after his big win yesterdya.

"Not a big coffee drinker actually." He replies to the offer, "But since I'm not allowed to bring my flask around full of water, I'll take a cup of H2O." Yuuri arches his back, craning his neck to look at the senior viper jock. "You still want another round today?" His grin is charming, but shows the fatigue of little sleep and two flown CAPs already this day.

Samantha stops by the little sink, filling the second mug with water before she heads ofer in his direction and offers the glass of water. She sinks down onto the couch next to him, it being one of the free open spots in the room, and tucks her leg beneath her as she gingerly sits down. Oh yes, she is -sore-. She takes a sip of her coffee and smirks at his question…"Captain said no more fighting… She needs us to fight the cylon's, not each other. Elsewise I might take ya up on that."

"Surprised I didn't end up in hack lastnight for it." He chuckles, taking the mug from Samantha. Setting down the notepad he leans back against the couch and props up his feet on the table. "You really did take a beating yesterday huh?" Facial expressions can tell a lot about a person and Typhys' seems a bit concerned after being the one that put the beating on the woman.

Yuuri grins, the scab along his left cheek glowing a light shade of red around it. "I'd say the same, but the marines learned how to take a beating from me." A hand rises, fingers trailing down Samantha's back in comfort, "Oh I'm pretty sure if there wasn't a war going on, you'd actually be cooped up longer with that concussion. I'm just glad no one actually spoke about the fight." The fingers go flat as they reach the top of her back after the full pass, patting gently. "Captain Macek said something about a boxing match the first week I was here. I'd love a chance to vent in the ring with him."

Samantha seems a hint surprised at the hand against her back, but she doesn't complain, content for the human contact for the moment and just leaning there comfortably against him. They were all family now after all, right? She considers about the boxing match, lips pressed…"He might still be up for it. It was Legacy who was pissed last night I got my ass handed to me hard enough to be off duty for an evening. The Captain…well, I think he's made of tougher stuff. You could see if you could set it up, but they're probably tryin' to be careful with all resources these days. Us included."

"Ah the Raptor Driver.." Yuuri nods in confirmation, his shoulder giving way to the woman as she leans against him, "Sometimes I figure I'd be a better marine, especially after hearing the CAG say she don't give two fraks what I say." He chuckles, chest shaking lightly, "Even told me if I don't like it, hand in the pins and go to a different department." His smile is a bit sarcastic, "My last CAG might have been my older brother, but atleast he understood the trust every pilot in the air wing had to have. Everyone had ideas and it was heard, he had an open door policy about suggestions. Everything worked fine there." He pulls the hand from her back and drapes it along the back of the couch, stretching his feet out across the table.

Samantha frowns a bit deeper…"the CAG really said that? Why the hell…" Sam shakes her head, seemingly honest to gods perplexed at their higher ups for the moment. She takes another deep sip of her coffee and leans a bit more against his shoulder, feeling the lacking sleep and the soreness. It always sets in the worst when one finally gets almost relaxed. "Well…I don't think the airwing should lose you. I still think they're training you for somethin'…but yes, you'd nicely fit in among the Marines. I think you made a lotta friendly supporters yesterday."

"That reminds me.." Yuuri leans towards Samantha, but doesn't try to touch her, instead reaching into his pocket and pulling out a hand full of silver cubits. "Your cut from the fight." He leans back against the couch, holding the fist full cubits ready to be dropped into her hand.

Samantha seems a hint surprised, staring down at the cubits…"What?…What the hell did you rig?" She asks with a bit of a laugh, not complaining though, as she accepts the cubits and shoves them into her hip pocket. More money than she's seen in a long time from the way she handles it.

"I placed a bet on myself before the fight, plus I think one of the corporals.." His mug hand rising to form air quotes, "A daddy's boy, bid a lot on me and shared his earnings." Typhys continues to chuckle, "I don't think any of them have gone ballistic in the ring like we..or rather I did."

Samantha shakes her head, "No. We did. I shoulda gone down in the first two minutes but I wasn't lettin' some young punk show me up. I egged you on… it was both our damn faults. Or, well, both our shows, I should say." Sam admits with a wiry little smile, still a strange bit of pride on her bruised face as she takes another good sip of coffee…"Well good. the Daddy's boy should share. Not that cubits are gonna do any of us much good these days. Nice to dream though…" She rubs her fingertips across the money in her pocket, still in a bit of shock about it.

Yuuri quirks a brow about the daddy's boy comment, "So I take it you don't like Triple or myself then?" His head cocks to the side, icey jades looking at Samantha's face, "I don't brag like the Lieutenant does, but the majority of my relatives were upper ranked…It's how I got assigned to this hell hole." Yup he's finally admitting how much he hates it here. "I got sent here because my grandfather knew the late CO and told him that he would send a promising pilot to fill the roster." Shaking his head he continues, "I didn't mind being just a pilot for my father on the Eclipse, being over shadowed by my brother as CAG, I had little to worry about." He takes a small sip of water, eyes looking away from his company.

Samantha lofts both her brows as she hears that, looking him over with a few considering moments between speaking…"Well, you don't brag, at least…that's what really matters. You don't act like the sun shines outta yer ass and I should be kissin' it like a baby's cheek. Long as you act like you know your shit, respect your fellows no matter our upbringings and do the job, well…i ain't gonna hate ya for anything. Moment you think you deserve somethin' cause of who your daddy is….well, I will put you into the floor of that ring."

"TRY" Yuuri cuts into her last sentence, a charming grin slicing through his lips, "You can talk all you want about beating me, truth be told; I could floor anyone in the air wing in hand to hand combat." He keeps his eyes on Samantha, winking playfully, "And I only brag about things I can back up." With that the hand draped across the back of the couch ruffles Sam's hair before falling back again.

Samantha wrinkles her nose as her blonde hair is ruffled, it makes her look rather younger even than her thirty something years. She winces too, not really supposed to move her nose at all, and finally just chuckles. "Yes, well… that's why I don't hate you. You don't play the daddy's boy card and we'll get along fine. Hell…I don't even like my own family, much less anyone else's."

"Atleast you weren't expect to live up to the family name." Yuuri adds briefly, "Honestly I feel free of my family ties. Only good feeling I had — aside from mopping the mats with you..Since the transfer." His icey jades study the woman before him and he would normally try to charm her off both feet, but doesn't. "You know you don't look your age with all the brilliant colors of your face and your hair all messy." He compliments, taking a rather large swollow from the mug.

Samantha laughs bitterly for a moment as he mentions her living up to the family name…"You don't know nothin' about my family, Typhoon…" She's about to say more, but she just bites her tongue. Apparently, that's a bit of a sore spot for her. She reaches down, pulling out the pack of cigarettes Martin had bargined to get her. She taps two free, offering one in his direction even as he comments on her age. She lightly elbows him in the side for it. "You're quite good at these backhanded compliment things, aren't ya?"

"Bout as deadly as the real backhand." Yuuri didn't miss a beat and smiles, taking the cigarette into his lips. He reaches into a pocket, withdrawing a lighter, lighting first his then offering to ignite his companion's. "Nope, I don't know anything about your family." The charming still showing with the addition of the lit fumarella stick, "And for now, it'll stay that way with your reaction."

Samantha seems about to say something… but then she shakes her head slowly at his last words…"Don't matter now anyway. All past us…" Though there is an odd, brief touch of tension behind her eyes which she shakes off and leans over, letting him hold the flame for her cigarette as she breathes in deeper than before, just savouring the spike of nicotine and tar down her throat. She settles in against his shoulder again. "Only family we all got now is right here."

"I guess I've been dubbed the brother no one wanted?" He chimes in trying to lighten the mood again. "Surprised you actually want to be seen around me with all the hype about my attitude. Might tarnish someone's reputation." He takes a long pull from the cigarette, exhaling as he continues, "Especially you after yesterday. I figured some sort of pay back or another."

"Frak them. You didn't deal out nothing more than what I was asking for… and I've seen worse attitudes, especially on this ship. You ain't never been anything but gentlemanly to me and I'll sure as hell repay the favour." Now relaxed, Sam's backwater accent comes out just a bit more. She takes a deep breath of her cigarette and just contently lingers there, against someone she's coming to quite respect…if not care about, as they share the smoke and the oddly both tense and casual conversation.

"Well since the academy I've kept my pants on and frakking them would just be wrong…well a long and tiring process." Yuuri's good humor shines again. "Careful about the gentlemanly thing, you start acting gentlemanly to me, people might start thinking I'm the feminine one." He points out, coughing/laughing a pull of the cigarette. When he recovers, his head tilts to the side, "That accent..where you from anyways?" He nudges her with a shoulder.

Samantha laughs deeply at the frakking comment, shaking her head to him, "Nah… you should get a good frak in on occasion, it helps things. Keeps the brain cool and the body limber." She admits with a warmer smile, but then she's been getting some on a regular basis lately. She takes another breath of her smoke and laughs…"Mm… Feminine one. You might look cute in a dress. I got a red polkadot number, though I ain't sure you got the chest from it." And then he asks her where she's from and she smirks a bit…"I thought we weren't talkin' family? I… well…I'm from space. Born on a freighter… family's all Gemenese, though." And those words are said with a certain amount of hate in her voice, strangely.

The chuckling and laughing of the two seem to be drawing them closer. Yuuri realizes this, leaning his head back some and blowing the smoke towards the ceiling. "I swear, you try to get me in a dress, I'll do more than a concussion to you." He head snaps down, lips still holding a grin, "Freighter eh? Sounds like a lovely little planet." He keeps his displeasure to himself hearing she's from a Gemenese family. "So you're like a religion freak huh?" Though -trying- to hold back his disappointment, it can't be helped that his voice is a bit flatter and the sincere grin turns into a sarcastic smile.

Samantha laughs a bit more at the concussion comment, shaking her head, but then he accuses her of being a religion freak and she just goes -stiff-. That was not a good button to push. She takes a deeper drag of her cigarette, breathing away her temper for a moment before she calmly answers…"The gods are nothing more than children's fairy tales made up to help the guilty sleep better at night. The only things I believe in are my heart, my gun, and my ability to be faster than you on the battlefield. Frak the gods and frak the oracles. Mad men and women trying to pretend they are important because they're mentally ill."

Her reply soothes him a bit, the stiffening of her body can be felt along his side. Yuuri is tempted to take her right here on the couch after hearing those beautiful words of 'Frak the gods' His voice and demeanor change dramatically back to one of a semi-relaxed man. "Well I'm sure my heart is like ice, I have a bigger gun, and depending on which.." His charming grin return, inhaling the smoke, "battlefield you are taking about, I'm probably faster." He exhales as he finishes, hand going to ruffle her hair again.

Samantha laughs deeply, grinning up to him. "Yeah. I hear men with bigger guns are generally faster. Proves that quantity doesn't always mean quality." She gives him an innocent little smile, bracing herself for whatever retaliation might come from those words. And -all- too happy to drop the subject of the gods.

"-THAT- battlefield my friend, is the one where I'm no minute man." Yuuri respond quick enough to know it was coming. "Don't make me give you a fat lip." He warns playfully, hip-checking Samantha. He's done well holding the cigarette and mug in the same hand, but leans forward butting out the cig and setting the mug down before leaning back and draping his arm along the back of couch again, "I don't think Jupiter's brother would really enjoy us being this close." He chuckles remembering the first night he met Martin's little sister, "She said if I wanted an easy frak, you'd be the one."

Samantha settles into his arm, leaning there, comfortable even if Martin would have an issue with it. She isn't really about self restraint these days. She takes another drag of her cigarette, savouring every last hint of it before it burns into the filter. They too will run out. "Well… Jupiter's brother knows that we're walkin' a fine line with regs any time… but despite what Jup thinks, I ain't an easy frak. She's just jealous all the boys are lookin' over here and not her way." A bit of a feminine rivalry going on there? Maybe… Sam still remains comfortably close, even if her eyes are a bit narrowed…"I'd be mad at the bitch if I wasn't so worried."

Yuuri quirks a brow listening to Samantha speak, her closeness to him still a little unsettling with his feelings towards another woman and pissing off a member of the air wing, Martin. "Well from what she told me, she makes quite a bit of noises at night." He chuckles, "So I take it she doesn't like you frakking her brother then?" Chin close to his chest, his icey jades look to the woman.

Samantha shrugs slightly, frowning a bit there, but not too tense about it all. "Probably not… Ain't sure why. Suppose she thinks I'm gonna break his heart or something. But Martin's a grown up boy and… well… what happened, happened. We're both adults. Enjoying ourselves. Gotta let off steam somehow. Dunno why the hell she hates me otherwise." Sam admits with a wiry little smirk, actually a hint concerned over this all even if she tries to hide it beneath a careless, ironic attitude.

"Could be the fact it's just that - blowin' steam." Yuuri offers, "I mean, the feelings could dull someone's edge in combat." He breathes deeply, not really use to having anyone other than a girl friend, frak buddy, or cousin this close to him, he starts to perspire slightly about the forehead. "I go to the firing range or the gym to blow off my steam." The playful - trying to relax motion of his hand ruffling Samantha's hair begins again, "Besides, it's been so damn long since I had a frak, I'd paste the poor woman to the ceiling of my bunk if it ever -did- happen."

What does a girl say to that? Samantha's lips part, but there really are no words. She actually might be blushing, just a bit, beneath her bruises at the image. She chokes faintly on a chuckle…"I… ah… well…if… If that gives you an edge in combat… I… Well… all the more power to you… I never found metaphorical blue balls to… make me sharper in a viper. But… that's just me." She admits with a hesitant little chuckle, still blushing, especially as his hand has found its way to her blonde hair again.

Her reactions relaxes Yuuri a bit, seeing him put her into a studder. "Is the grown woman who blows off steam blushing!" He taunts her, "The one who could take a beating from a marine and get up, blushing?!" OH is Typhys enjoying this moment, "You don't get blue balls if there is no intimate contact or thoughts. A few fumarella sticks and you feel better." His hand stays on her head, playfully massaging it and continuing to ruffle it.

Samantha closes her eyes, enjoying the massaging and trying not to give herself away as blushing any more… Because that's just awkward, really. She chuckles drowsily to him…"I just… well…I mean. I let off steam. I don't sit around talkin' about it. That's somethin' fer closed doors, yanno?" Apparently, there is still a -little- bit of a Gemenese streak in her, or at least a lady who can, on occasion, be shocked by some rather visual mental imagry. She finally kills her cigatette, but she doesn't pull away from his hand, not one little bit. "But yes. So. New Subject. ah… the… Coffee is good? Good if you don't sleep, you know. Better than water." Safe subject!

Yuuri chuckles, "You seem so readily able to talk about it until it gets interesting?" Well atleast Yuu knows how to get Samantha blushing now. He doesn't say much more on the sexual subject, "Don't have a knack for coffee really." He leans back further against the couch and removes the hand from her hand, "So how'd you get 'Case' anyways?"

Samantha chuckles a moment…"I'll tell you 'Case' if you tell me Typhoon?" She inquires with a tilt of her head, apparently good for tit-for-tat in this instance. She finishes off her coffee with a gulp and then sets it aside, arms entirely free now so she can just curl up, on the couch, against him, her sore form happy for the easing warmth of another nearby body…

"Pretty simple really." Yuuri starts, allowing Samantha to curl up against him further. "We were on a rescue Op near Geminon. Two engines cut out and decided to make an emergency landing." His head lulls against the back of the couch, arm stretching further down the length of it, "It was a bad call on my part. I lost thrusters and then the viper just shut down. Needless to say the bird ended up making a mess of the deck as it spun and flipped." His right hand rests in his lap picking off lint from the pant legs. "Was told I was lucky to be alive but did hellashush damn to the deck."

Samantha winces at the thought, turning her head and looking him over for any sort of scarring or anything she might have missed from the hellish landing. "Well…least you survived to tell the story. And it ain't a bad callsign, really. Mine stands for Spacecase… though most people 'round here don't know that, thankfully. I… ain't too fond of open spaces, we'll just say that. Born on a ship… spent most of my life here… never plan to leave. End of story."

"Afriad to lose yourself hmm?" Yuuri question is rather sincere, though some could take what he asked as a bad joke. He really has no visible marking that show signs of the crash. "Was called Stitch for the stitches my brother gave me onboard the Eclipse my first day though." With that comment he smiles towards Samantha.

Samantha laughs a wee bit…"Stitch. Yeah, Typhoon is an infinitely better call sign. And… I dunno. Just don't like planets or the sky… grow up in space and you know that much wide open anything means, well… you die. I know it ain't true when yer in an actual atmosphere. Still holds true in my head." She admits quietly, not really having told anyone on board before. She pulls out another cigarette and suddenly sits a bit straight. "Don't…go spreadin' that around, kay? Tell them it's cool…for a court case or somethin…"

For the first time, other than ruffling her hair, his hand reaches around and grazes her cheek, never putting enough pressure to cause pain on the bruises, "Court Case, Spacecase..Hell case is short for the twenty-millimeter rounds coming out of a viper cannon as it barks loudly, destroying everything trying to do her harm." Yuuri offers a reassuring smile and a gently gaze from the icey jades, "Besides who am I gunna tell? The Captain?" He scoffs and reaches for his mug of water, taking a sip before looking at Samantha again.

Samantha seems a hint surprised at that touch on her cheek, going still a moment before she pulls out her lighter and just strikes hot on the end of her second cigarette. She give shim a half smile at those words and just nods slowly. "Yeah, suppose so. Thanks anyway. Besides… you know you can call me Sam…off duty."

Typhys chuckles at her words, "I should return a book to a friend soon." He digs into his pocket and pulls out his own pack of fumarella sticks, "If you need cigs, let me know alright? I brought eighteen cartons for this little journey..Guess I planned ahead." He sparks the end of the stick, setting the mug down to enjoy the smoke, "I'll finish this with ya before I head out."

Samantha seems impressed by the cartons, chuckling softly, "You might regret that offer in 6 months, but sure as hell yes… I think Martin is stocked too. Damn, was I the only one not aware the world was ending?" She states with a bit of a smirk, but it's getting towards the end of her cigarette, so she stands up gingerly from the couch and stretches out sore muscles…"Well, it was good talkin', Typhoon. Anyone gives you shit about yesterday, you send them to me."

Yuuri follows suit and stands up, gather the book on the table he had mentioned of returning to his friend. "Don't worry, you don't have to frak for a pack with me." He offers a brief wink before walking past her, brushing shoulders.

Samantha allows the brush, not really leaning into it, but she doesn't avoid it either. She smiles to him…"See? Told you. A gentleman." And with that last note, a small chuckle on her voice, she heads back for another cup of coffee to mingle with the others.

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