Garrick Baines
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle as Garrick Baines
Name: Garrick Baines
Alias: None
Age: 30
Hair & Eyes: Black hair; brown eyes
Faction: Resistance
Position: Security Guard
Colony: Picon
Play Times: Afternoons and evenings
Timezone: CST


Immediate Family

  • Gregory Malcolm Baines, father: welder, presumed killed on Picon
  • Magdalene Quinn Baines, mother: homemaker, presumed killed on Picon
  • Semele Longwell Baines, wife: waitress, killed five years ago on Sagittaron
  • Gideon Martin Baines, son: killed five years ago on Sagittaron


  • Certificate of Secondary Education: Picon Authority of Schools, Children, and Families
  • Vista Union High School, Picon (incomplete)

Service Jacket

  • Dishonorable Discharge: Desertion
  • Twelfth Colonial Marine Regiment, Second Battalion (“Arrowheads”): 34 months
  • Fort Breaker, Sagittaron: AIT (Heavy Weapons)
  • Twelfth Colonial Marine Regiment, Third Battalion (“Sunrays”): 48 months
  • Camp May, Leonis: AIT (Rifleman)
  • Camp Hammond, Leonis: Boot Camp

Physical Features

  • Close-cropped hair
  • Neatly-trimmed moustache and goatee
  • Severe burn scars on legs and lower torso

Common Knowledge

  • Garrick carries at least three knives on his person: two in his belt and one in his left boot.
  • He cultivates a crude, vulgar, and altogether loutish persona, audience be damned. He's even been seen swearing in front of a young mother and child.
  • Nobody has ever caught him drinking or smoking — though that's just because alcohol and tobacco are in short supply these days, right?
  • His most prized possession is his wedding band: a plain silver ring he wears at all times.
  • He's very suspicious of strangers, to the point at which he's quick to assume the worst about their character and motives.


  • Garrick claims to have been a street racer at one point in his life. Given that he only seems to know how to drive at two speeds — fast and faster — this might not be as implausible as it sounds.
  • While he's not a tinkerer, he does know his way around most everyday machines. Give him enough time and he can hotwire your car, fix your coffeemaker, and so on.
  • He's not exactly the most technical fighter Scorpia has ever seen, but he can hold his own against most people — especially if he's got a knife in hand.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Diana Taibbi: The Bad Girl. Ex-mil. She shoots, she fights, she talks nasty with the big boys. Bit like this chick I knew in the 3/12 — without the banging body, but nobody's perfect. Arguin' with her makes livin' on this bombed-out shithole fun. Sorta.
Dr. Ibrahim Cahen: The Doc. Useless until guys start gettin' shot. Then he's just kinda useless. Don't die 'round him: he'll cut you up lookin' for a tumor or some shit 'stead of puttin' you six feet under. Scientists, man. Ain't right in the head.

Recent Logs

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