From Hilarity to Angst
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Summary: After an asthma attack brought on by laughing too hard, Kissy gets some bad news from the Captain; makes a certain proposition to Poppy; not the one she was hoping for.
Date: PHD39
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Matto stays on the nebulizer for a good twenty minutes, even though his breathing's returned to normal after five or so. Just to be sure. Once the medicine's all absorbed and the thing's unstrapped from his face, he gives a residual half-laugh with an easy breath, looking over to the Black Cat with a quirk of a smile. "Sorry, Kitten," he apologizes sweetly. "I guess things got a little out of hand."

Once he's unstrapped and Roubani's asleep, Thea heads over toward Matto's bedside and reaches up to brush his hair back, just like she did with Poet. "You need to carry your inhaler with you all the time," she chides him softly. There's a smile on her face, but it's tinged with something else, something akin to worry.

Matto looks duly abashed, "I was going to -sickbay- to -sit- and -read a book.- I honestly thought it was a pretty low-risk activity," he does argue weakly in his defense. "But you're right. I like air," and he likes the way she pushes at his hair, from the peaceful smile he gives, "And I love that nebulizer. I'm breathing better than I have since Martin punched me in the chest that one time."

She makes a low, quiet sound at the back of her throat. Sounds vaguely like a humph. But she continues to stroke his hair, considering him. "I need you whole and healthy, Kiss," she says quietly. "I have an assignment for you." And given her expression, it's not one she wants to give. For just a moment, she looks like a mother telling her child that he has to leave home.

"Hey— anything you need, Kitten," Kissy smiles at her, flashing his warm and friendly grin, as if attempting to be reassuring. "You've been flying all the getting-shot-at duty for a while, now. Got to give the rest of us a turn, right?"

Her smile turns a little wry. "This one's going to be you and me, kid," she says quietly. "You're going to be flying as my ECO, I think. Think you can handle it?"

Matto's features fall a little bit. He's never enjoyed going out without Poppy, and especially now— well. "… Sure, I mean, if you think so. It's not my best thing," he points out. And it's true, working ECM doesn't come quite as smoothly to him as piloting. "But if you need me, I'll be there for you. You and Lifer not getting along?"

Thea's quiet for a time as she studies him. "I want an ECO who can also pilot, whose skills I know and can trust," she tells him. And yes, she's struggling. "This is…It's a hard decision for me, Kiss. We've got a classified mission and you're my best. It'll be the two of us and a marine going to Virgon for recon." There. It's out there. Her voice is low, quiet, just for his ears.

"Fair enough," Kissy replies, then, grinning, "Oh, man, no sweat, I've run cab service to Virgon and back plenty of times. Could run that with my eyes closed," he chuckles softly, trying to keep the mood light, though his face falls a moment, "Classified… will I be able to at least tell Poppy where we're going?" he asks. This— seems important to him.

Thea shakes her head, once. "No," she says quietly. "It's just us. I haven't made the final call yet as to whether I'll step out and let you fly with Pop as your ECO, or whether I'll fly with you as my ECO. Lifer's good, but you and Pop are better."

Matto leans back, "Well, you know, it's whatever you decide, Kittenface." How the hell does he manage to make that nickname sound so serious? It's a talent. "I just… you know, Poppy and I… I don't know what either of us would do if something happened to the other. We keep saying, you know, it's her and me, together 'til we get shot down. Together." He looks up toward the Captain's eyes. "It's just that if something happened and she ended up… alone…" he shakes his head, looking down again.

The Captain reaches out to stroke his hair back again. "I know, Kiss," she says softly. "I…understand that all too well. But for something like this, I want you with me. I thought about not going and having you fly this, but I need to go." The woman watches him for a bit. "Think she'd take care of Karim if anything happened to me?"

Matto gives a short 'heh,' leaning his head into the Captain's fingers gently. "Are you kidding? Poppy can barely stand the man," he points out. "Sometime you'll have to tell her what you see in him, see if you can get her over it."

Thea continues to stroke his hair, smiling a little. "He wasn't always like he is now," she admits quiety, eyes going distant. "He used to be…different." There's a heaviness to her voice. "I wish you knew him back then." Before Thea did a number on him. "I don't anticipate much trouble, but it's…always a possibility."

Matto relaxes under the stroking of his hair, "We'll just have to be ready for anything, I guess," he murmurs, eyes drifting toward closed under the hypnotic power of the fingers running through his hair, "What was he like?"

"Light-hearted," she says softly, continuing to mother Kissy just a little bit. She's definitely in momma cat mode. "A little more life to him. Not quite so brooding. He laughed more, smiled more. Was more spontaneous."

"He still does have a sense of humor," Kissy notes quietly, completely content to be mothered at— he lacked a mother for a good chunk of his life, after all, and probably has major issues stemming from the fact. "The first time I saw it I almost died of shock. But it's nice… sort of playfully devious."

Thea smiles just a little at that and nods, once. "Yeah," she murmurs, gently curling a finger around one of his curls. "But he used to smile more easily. Not be so hard, truth be told. Softer, more gentle."

Matto's own smile spreads and an easy, happy sigh comes from him as the finger plays with that lock, the raptor pilot fairly well embodying 'softer, more gentle,' as he lies there, looking the complete antithesis of everything a hardened Navy Pilot should be. "I don't guess that's likely to come back, with everything that's happened. Still I would have loved to have seen it."'

"Maybe someday," she says with a faint smile, threading her fingers gently through his hair so she can massage his scalp. "It's not likely, though." The woman falls quiet for a moment. "Do you know he was mad at me because I didn't ask him about fathering a child?"

Matto opens an eye to peek upward, "I thought you said he was mad at you because you -did- ask him about that," he points out quietly, an arm reaching out to hook around the Captain's waist and pull her down to the bed with him for cuddles.

She leans down, though clearly sees the need for a bit of propriety. So she compromises and props. "No, I mentioned I wanted to find someone and I asked him to help me FIND that someone," she says with a wry little smile. "He was mad I didn't ask him to BE that someone."

Matto looks up into the Captain's eyes, both eyes open, now. "Wait, so… this guy… whose pillows you've been stealing… wants to be your babydaddy… I'm confused. Where's the issue?" he wonders. "You all are like a riddle." Like HE should talk, at ALL.

She reaches out and taps his nose with her fingertip. "He just lost two children, Kiss," she says softly. "I didn't ask him because his heart's still hurting, badly. He lost the wife he didn't want and the children he did, only to be confronted with the woman he's always loved. He feels guilty. He needs to mourn his wife. We talked all of this out -after- the fight and after he got back out and about again."

Matto looks back up into the Captain's eyes as she goes on, explaining some things always hinted at but never said aloud in any plain fashion. "Well, you know, maybe just give it some time, then, yah? I mean, it's not like now's the best time to be having babies anyhow, right? Let's get to the point where you two live through this somehow and find a safe and non-irradiated place to raise a child— by then there should be plenty of time to do all manner of proper mourning."

"Oh, I didn't plan on getting pregnant -now-," she tells him quickly. "I mean, it would have to be in the next couple years given my age. Besides, who would I leave the squadron to while I was waddling around the ship, fretting and being all hormonal? I mean, come on."

Matto bites his lower lip, all mischief all of a sudden, and he points a forefinger to his chest in one of the most hilarious statements all night. Because Kissybear could run a squadron of Raptors— right into the ground, with all the administrative know-how he has.

Thea leans in and ruffles his hair gently, laughing. "In about two years, yes," she says quietly. "Maybe less, since you'll be doing a lot of hands on work with me. But right now? No, you're not quite there yet. And would you -really- want me wandering around hormonal and wailing like a cat in heat in between bouts of crying and demands for food?"

Matto is in a recovery bunk, an arm slung around the Captain as he goes all mischief on her. He doesn't look poorly off or anything, but he has been given a space to recover in, genrally indicating that he's recovering from something. "Oh, Poppy and I would take care of all your cravings. Poppy's a wonder at hand-feeding, and I give a mean foot massage, not to mention backrubs."

Legacy is leaning against Matto, brushing his hair back from his forehead. Apparently she's gone all motherly on him. She's in her sweats and tanks. Roubani's asleep. Sadly, the cap looks like she's aged 10 years in a day. "Yes dear," she murmurs quietly. "But there's one craving that neither of you would be able to tend to. Not unless someone found her a harness or we put a splint on you."

"Sounds kinky," Poppy calls from the doorway, trotting on in with a white paper bag in one hand - although she quickly begins to conceal it in a pocket after a moment, "Kissy … you okay?"

Matto's eyebrows both rise, "I'd think that craving would get taken care of before you get pregnant," he points out, then turns, at Poppy's voice, surprised for a moment, then grinning. Maybe a bit too broadly. Must. Not. Tell. Poppy. "Yeah, yeah I'm good. I just forgot how to breathe again. They gave me the nebulizer," he adds, sounding a little swoony, "It made me all lightheaded and giddy. And my lungs feel human again, too."

Thea glances over at Poppy and smiles wryly. "Nowhere near as fun as it sounds, Pop. Whatcha hiding?" Then back to Kissy. "Never been around too many pregnant women, have you, dear? 4 months pregnant. Makes 18 year old men look chaste."

"Nothin'," Poppy lies, buttoning over the pocket she's deposited the paper bag into, "So whos pregnant now? Kissy, have you been keeping a big secret from me?"

Matto tries to clear his throat for effect, but can't even do that properly, his throat is so relaxed with the chemicals. "Yes, Poppy," he admits, somber-voiced, "It's true," he rests a hand on his belly, "I'm pregnant."

Legacy smiles wryly at Poppy and looks at her pocket then back to the woman. "I was talking with Kissy about the fact that I'd like to have a child in about two years, assuming things are safe. Already found a donor, and no, we're not going to be related through our children."

"Ah," Poppy says quietly, nodding her head and wringing her hands together behind her back, "Well, congrats, Boss."

Matto totally fails his humor check. Ah, well. Probably for the best. Been enough laughing tonight. "I can probably leave, soon. Are you guys heading back to berthings?"

Thea leans in to ruffle Kissy's hair then rolls to her feet. "I kept your spot warm, Pop," she says gently, smiling. "I'm going to stay with Poet for a little while. I…haven't wanted to leave him alone for long."

Matto opens his arms broadly as Thea vacates the spot on his bed, evidently desirous of Poppyhugs.
"You don't have to go … " Poppy points out awkwardly, "You were here first … "

Legacy grins at Poppy and shakes her head. "No, hon," she says softly. "It's you he needs. He was just keeping me company until you got here. I should get back to Poet, truthfully."

"I can totally hug two people at once," Kissy points out, "But I can't hug no people at once," he adds, giving a playful little grin, before he looks at Poppy, eyes going faintly forlorn, "Come here, Poppy," he tells her, sounding remarkably serious.

Poppy is a little taken aback by the seriousness but obediently presents herself to be hugged, producing the little white paper bag for Kissy, "Look."

And Thea seems to fade into the background, making her way over to Roubani's bed after a bit of a lingering glance at the pair. Wistful? Perhaps, but it's quickly and easily hidden. She settles on the edge of Roubani's bed, reaching out to stroke his hair back.

Matto barely looks at the white paper bag, despite knowing well enough what it contains. His arms wrap around Poppy and he hugs her close, hands coiling around her sides as he grips her, resting his head on her shoulder as if unwilling to let go of her.

Poppy blinks, perhaps a little confused by Matto's disregard of his favourite food ever. She doesn't complain about being held, although she does speak up, "You aren't still worried about last night, are you?"

Matto just shakes his head into Poppy's shoulder, not quite trusting himself to talk, right now. Usually he's all sorts of good at keeping secrets, but— not from Poppy. This is going to take some serious work. The length of this hug probably isn't helping, but he isn't letting go or even slackening a little.

"Kissy, really, I'm not mad," Poppy continues with a worried frown, "I know you couldn't help it … really, I understand."

Matto finally pulls back, sensing he's freaking Poppy some. "No, it's cool, Poppy. I'm just down on my hug quota, that's all," he offers her a cheerful smile.

"You can't lie to me," Poppy points out, patting him on the arm, "But you're allowed to have your secrets. So I'll pretend nothing is wrong."

Matto drags Poppy close again as she sees right through him, eyes moistening a bit with tears. "Thanks, Poppyflower," he tells her. "I'm sorry. I don't want to keep things from you."

"I know you don't," Poppy offers in her best, reassuring voice, "But sometimes you've got to. You're a good boy." She smiles a little at the last part, resting her head on his shoulder, "Just as long as you aren't going anywhere."

Matto tries, really really hard, not to react to Poppy's words, just keeping his head buried in her shoulder and his arms tight around her. But he tries just a little too hard, falling into a still, unsettling stilness and silence.

"Kissy?" Poppy asks, playfully at first until the stillness does indeed unsettle her and she turns slightly to try and shake him a little, "Kissy?"

Matto parts from her vaguely, looking up red-eyed into her eyes, and he swallows.

"Kissy," Poppy says, voice wavering a little as his expression worries her, "Whats happened?"

Matto shakes his head, "Can't say," he says simply, "Hugs please?"

" … " Poppy actually manages to speak a silence before she agrees to lean in for a hug, gulping noisily and looking truly fretful now.

Matto just holds Poppy in silence for a long, long while. "It's going to be alright," he posits, finally.

"Frak," Poppy mutters, not known for swearing at all, "You aren't making it seem that way, Kissy."

Matto does pull away at that, and he nods, looking down, away, guilty. Not five minutes in and he's already screwed things up massively. "Well, it will be," he repeats. "I'm sorry, I'm just a little freaked, okay? You know me. I'm not big and brave like you are," he adds with a little smile.

"I like you better that way," Poppy says quietly, "You'll live longer."

Matto grins, giving a little huff of a laugh, "True. You know I'll turn tail and run if anything scary comes along. I'm not dying on you, Poppy."

"You're the bravest coward ever," Poppy offers in return, laughing a little herself, "If you … need someone, Kissy. I know I said I wouldn't talk about it but that was before you looked like someone ran over your cat."

"I'll talk to you about it when it's over," Kissy promises, holding Poppy's hands tightly. "Okay? Be ready to listen then," he tells her.

"Okay," Poppy says quietly, nodding her chin and crossing her arms over her chest.

Matto gives a soft laugh, "Oh, man, I'd be the worst frakking spy. I can't even keep a secret when the Black Cat tells me to. Let's go home before this gets any worse."

"Okay," Poppy says yet again, still rather quiet as she stands up - arms wrapped around herself like she's cold.

Matto gets himself out of bed, and, with only mild complaint from the nurses, bustles off, grabbing his book and reaching out a hand to tote Poppy along with him.


Matto keeps toting Poppy along, even into the berthings and as he begins to climb up into his own bunk, trying to indicate that she should climb up with him.

Poppy appears a little hesitant, mostly because this whole secret thing is seeming more and more like it will end badly. But she does follow after a while, not stripping down for sleeping like she usually does - still clad in her off-duties.

Matto doesn't take the time to disrobe, either, but he slips to the wall and lets her have plenty of room beside him, whether she wants to come in close for cuddles or stay further off. "Oi— whar be Oi? An' what be Oi a doin'?" he begins to sing quietly, just for her.

She stays further off for a little while, knees held against her chest by skinny arms. She's obviously thinking about what things would be like without Kissy and they don't seem to be doing her all that good judging by the tears.

"A sleepin' out, just when the dews du roise?" Matto continues to sing, in a funny false Aerelonese accent. "Whoi, than's the varry waaay your 'ealth tu ruin. An' ain't respectable, loikwoise."

"Shh," Poppy says after a while, biting her lower lip and burying her face in her knees, "Shh."

Matto fails at comedy for the second time tonight, though he seems to find the song neccesary, as, even as she shushes him, he continues to sing, the accent fading and his voice resuming its usual sweetness of tone, mitigated by a certain seriousness of purpose. "Hey, that's you… always think of that, now: what may you be at now, tell me, tell me do. Hey, what a nose. And hey, what eyes, miss. Lips like a rose… and cheeks, likewise, miss. I'll tell you true, which I've never done, sir: I like you, like I never liked none, sir. Hey— but I do— like— you."

Poppy keeps her face buried in her knees, shoulders still shaking although less so now.

Matto reaches over Poppy gently to draw the curtain, leaving the pair of them in darkness. He doesn't molest her with futher singing, having said his piece.

"Kissy," Poppy says quietly once they're in darkness, reaching out to put a hand on whatever part of him she reaches first - a knee in this case, "If something happens … "

Matto reaches out a hand to reciprocate the gesture, trying for a shoulder but finding her cheek and eye instead, fumbling downward until he finds the shoulder he was looking for. He's silent for a moment, as if considering simply telling her that nothing's going to happen and putting a period on that sentence, but, finally, "… yeah…" he allows the conversation to proceed. It's occasionally important to talk about these things.

"I don't want to freak you out," Poppy continues, "Or make you feel worse … or whatever. But … I won't be far behind you if something happens."

Matto pauses again, "Poppy… Poppy, hey, don't talk like that," he tells her, voice attempting firmness, but failing just as much as other parts of his fail at firmness. "You know… we're all going to go soon enough. A year, two years, ten years… it's all a drop in the bucket compared to the other side. And, you know, the Cylons have come all this way to slaughter us… it'd be rude to go off and die before they get a chance, right?"

"I'm not gonna sit around here without you and wait to die," Poppy answers, her own voice not lacking firmness at all, "You're the only reason I didn't finish it when I saw what they did to Caprica."

Matto bites his lower lip quietly in the dark, "Poppy?" he finally pipes up again.

"I'm sorry," Poppy says suddenly, looking down at her hands despite only being able to see faint outlines, "This is all you need right now."

Matto gropes for her hands, as well, if he can find them. "Do you not want this? To… fight, I mean? Like this?"

"I don't know," Poppy says, barely above a whisper and holding out her hand so he can better find them, "I … just want to be with you. Thats all I ever really wanted. You're the most comfortable place for me."

Matto finds those hands and squeezes them. "Do you want to give up? Are you tired?" he asks her, "If…" he breaks off, "If there were a way for you and I to… go… together… would you want to take it?" Wait, where the hell is this coming from?

"I … what? No … " Poppy squeezes his hand back, shaking her head in the darkness, "Gods … no. I couldn't. I'd … I'm too scared for that, Kissy. I'd never want to leave you behind but I can't … " She sobs audibly in the dark, "I'm … I didn't know you felt that way. Gods."

"I don't… really, really want to," Kissy sighs, "I just… don't guess it really matters much, anymore. It's not like the Cylons aren't going to come stamp us out anyway. They've done this good a job and we haven't seen hide nor hair of the Colonial fleet. We're a transport vessel, Poppy. If we were, say, a Battlestar, maybe we could run off into the depths of the universe and find a nice planet to hide on, sure. But that's not going to happen. I'm…" he takes a moment to collect himself, "I'm pretty much thinking it's just a matter of when, anyway, at this point. And if it would make you happy… for us to make sure that we left together… well, I'd do that."

"I can't," Poppy shakes her head, "I … I couldn't stand knowing I'd be responsible for you dying, Kissy. You're too good. You're wonderful and perfect and every day I wake up and the first thing I think about is what we're going to do that day. And when we're out flying its about as comfortable as I've ever felt. If it is only a matter of time then I want to spend that time with you … and I don't want to cut it short."

"You never think… it might be unpleasant? To get exploded in a Foxbat?" Kissy wonders quietly, the thought evidently having been weighing on him. "I mean, that's more than likely how it'll go down, right? That's… probably one of the least pleasant deaths I can think of. I mean, it's not as if I want to die earlier than later, or anything… I'm just thinking, well…" he shakes his head, "I'm sorry, Poppy, my brain's in a bad place," he sighs.

"Lets not talk about it," Poppy says, although something about her tone suggests she'll contemplate the offer, "I … just let me think about it, okay?" She leans over to rest her cheek on his shoulder.

Matto wraps his arms around Poppy as she comes to lean close. "Okay," he whispers, moving a hand up and down her back comfortingly. "Alright." He squeezes.

"Mmm," Poppy murmurs quietly, enjoying the hands on her and closing her eyes, " … want some gummies?"

Matto shakes his head, just nuzzling down into her neck and holding her close.

Poppy nods and lets herself be held, unable to keep from sighing in a very pleased manner at the nuzzling.

"Poppy Tusculani," Kissy whispers. "It's time for sleep."

"Yeah," Poppy agrees, finally lying down, "I think it is."

Matto gives Poppy a gentle kiss on the side of her neck, humming a soft and meandering tune, then adding some gentle lyrics as he sings the girl to sleep.

"Kissy?" Poppy mumbles, three quarters of the way into sleep … almost unaware of what she's saying.

"Yeah, Poppy?" Kissy whispers, still awake.

"I love you," Poppy sleep-mumbles, "But you've spoiled me for other guys."

Matto gives a short, silent laugh at the irony of the statement, since that's usually a compliment reserved for guys who can actually perform in bed. "Okay, Poppy," is all he whispers in return. "I love you, too."

"Don't burn the pancakes," is all Poppy offers by way of a reply.

"I won't, dear."

And before long, Poppy has drifted off into sleep.

Matto joins her shortly, his snoring somewhat diminished by the nebulizer treatment he'd undergone earlier in the day, but he makes up for the decrease in volume by snoring right next to Poppy's ear.

Poppy wakes up a couple of times, although the fact that she is a rather sound sleeper results in her still getting a good night's sleep. And, as usual, she spends most of that night sprawled all over Kissy quite possessively.

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