Friendship in the Making
Friendship in the Making
Summary: Castaine and Yuuri get into it like always; Yuuri meets Cygnus and the beginning of a friendship emerges.
Date: MD055 (April 17)
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The Marine berths are quiet this time of day. The curtain is drawn over Castaine's bunk with only a stocking foot poking out. Hanging off the side of her bunk is an old guitar.

There is a brief knock on the hatch before is sound of it opening can heard and a head pops through. The head is followed by the rest of Yuuri's body and in his hands is a bunk of ice cold water. It's been a few days since he's seen the woman who inadvertantly sent him to sickbay, which lead to his encounter with the Captain, and removal from flight status. He slips bunk by bunk through the berthings, glancing at rank and name tags near the lockers. He locates Castaine's and finds her foot, his hand grabs the curtain ready to pull it back, the small bucket still in his other.

When the curtain is pulled open, Castaine is within, having come off her rotation in the sick bay mere hours ago. She's on her belly, one leg flung to one side, her foot poked out. She's in boxers and a tank top and socks so there is really no missing the huge black/purple bruise on the back of her shoulder and the back of her thigh. Her hair is messed up, hiding her face, it's length now clear.. yea, it's really long.

For a moment time stands still as Yuuri's icey jades look on at the beauty laying in the bunk. That brief moment is broken with a crooked grin and a bucket of ice cold water being tossed on the back of Castaine, followed with a devilish laugh.

Castaine's sudden and very girlish shriek is anger and shock filled. She comes off the rack in full pissed off mode, hair sticking to her face as her sleep clothing clings to her skin is a way that just isn't fair to any red-blooded male. When she sees Yuuri, she growls and throws a punch at him but her foot slips on the water dripping to the deck.. Sadly she misses him completely and ends up on her bum on the rack. She flings an arm out, pointing to the hatch. "Get. The. Frak. Out!"

Yuuri can't help but laugh at the look of the woman until she throws a fist at him. He bends at the waist and backs away from the swing only to snap forward, attempting to grab at Castaine. "Whoa hey!" When she hits the floor, his face turns to concern. Amusement still dancing in his eyes, he offers a hand up. "Good morning Sergeant."

"Get. Out." Mia tells him again, as she pushes herself to her feet. Turning, she grabs her towel from the foot of her rack to dry off her face. Without waiting for him to depart, she hooks her fingers under the hem of her shirt and yanks it up and off her head. Still she isn't speaking to him as she rubs her skin dry before reaching for a dry shirt.

Yuuri pulls back his hand as the woman rises to her feet alone. "You want to grab some chow?" He speaks as she takes off her shirt and quickly adverts his eyes, pretending there's something in one of them he rubs a fist against one and coughs, "Uh..I…Uhm."

Castaine doesn't seem care about the pilots unease as she skinnies out of her boxers as well. She's well built, that's for sure. She's quick to pull on clean, dry boxers. Only then does she drop to a dry spot on the rack to change her socks. She stuffs her feet into her boots before pulling that long mass of hair back, giving it a twist, letting it hang over one shoulder. Quick movement strip the bed and along with her wet clothing, she pushes past the pilot, heading for the hatch.

Yuuri blinks for a split second as she strips further. "Damn woman." And swings a hand towards her ass, smacking it solidly as she walks past him. He turns to follow.

Castaine takes the slap but doesn't comment as she stomps out of the marine berthing, carrying her wet bedding and clothing. She turns and heads for the laundry room, stomping the whole way. Nor is she speaking to him. At all.

Yuuri follows the the marine through the halls and down the stairwells, trying to coax conversation out of her. "Hey c'mon what's the problem?" He says as they reach the laundry room.

Castaine resists all coaxing on Yuuri's behalf as she opens a washer and loads it carefully. Soap is added and the washer left to do it's thing. She shoots Yuuri a look that promises serious pay back for the bucket of ice water. Then she stomps out of the laundry room.

Yuuri tries to stop her by putting an arm across the hatch. "Hey hold on Sarge. Just stop a minute." He tries to get in her way.

Castaine is brought up short by the arm across the hatchway. She tries to push his arm out of her way but he's stronger then she is. With a sigh, she ducks under said arm and walks out of the laundry room.

Yuuri grabs her wrist and is drug out into the hallway, but the force of pull gives him leverage to pull Castaine back into him. "Hey, what's your deal." He says, both icey jades looking down at her. His other hand reaches for her shoulder to keep her still.

Castaine can't seem to break the hold he has on her so she turns on the heel of her booted foot to glare at him. "My deal?" she demands hotly. "MY DEAL? I didn't come into your berthing to dump ice water all over you while you were sleeping having gotten off shift less then three hours ago. What's YOUR deal?"

"Spittin' fire." Yuuri grins devilishly, "I like that." His hand nearly brushes against her hair and pulling away. "Grab some offduties and catch some lunch in the mess?"

The situation poor Mac is about to walk into is tense to say the least. Yuuri has Castaine pinned against the bulkhead with a hand to her shoulder, his weight behind the hold. Anger sparks dangerously in those wide hazel eyes. Suddenly her jaw sets and she jerks her knee up and into Yuuri's body swiftly. It's clear she /could/ have kneed him in the groin but she twists her upward swing just enough to bury her knee up against his inner thigh. "Next time it's the jewels," she tells him hotly.

Cygnus was hoping to have a relaxing day off duty. Time to finish settling in, get caught up on laundry and maybe even find time to play some guitar. Instead he seems to have walked right into yet another crew conflict with a basket of laundry clutched in his arms. "Does this always happen on this ship," He wonders aloud, blinking at the two figures scuffling against the bulkhead.

Yuuri's grip loosens and he reaches for his back as the knee to his thigh gets him to shift weight. He slides against the bulkhead next to Castaine. "Uh frak," Typhys growls and notices another in the hallway. "Whatever.." he finishes towards the woman. "I'm gunna get some food."

Castaine just shakes her head at Yuuri. "You're unbelievable. You start this then get your tail in a knot when I get angry? We're not in the second grade anymore. If you have something you want to say, then say it.. no games." She turns away from Yuuri then butting up against the appearance of Cygnus. "No, sir. Not always." A beat and then, "Welcome aboard."

"Thanks," Cygnus grins wryly, "I think." Eyes shifting from Castaine to Yuuri and back again, he shifts his weight from one foot to the other, in an attempt to find a less awkward way of hanging onto the basket, which he ultimately decides to set down beside him. Offering both what he at least hopes is a friendly smile, he offers, "Marius Cygnus. This is definitely an… interesting ship."

"Second grade? You haven't said a word to me other than 'get the frak out' this whole time. Now I'm suppose to say what's on my mind!?" Yuuri just blankly looks to Castaine, then shoots a glance at Cygnus, "Easier to carry laundry in a sack." That's about as much attention as he gives the man before turning back to Castaine. "Like I said, I'll be in the mess.." He turns towards Cygnus again, "If you both want to join me."

Castaine's gaze slides over to Yuuri. "I was asleep and you came INTO the berthings and dumped ice water on me out of a bucket and I'm supposed to be happy and thank you? Damn right I'm mad." She shakes her head at Mac and shrugs her shoulders. Maybe she's just missing something, which she asks him with a look.

Cygnus blinks at Castaine and raises both hands up on a show of peace, grinning, "Don't look at me, I'm not getting into the middle of this one." The wink that follows the words suggests he's merely teasing, "I proudly graduated the second grade long ago, thanks." Shooting a rueful look at the laundry he gives Yuuri a nod of agreement, "I think you're right, this was all I could find on the fly though. I'll have to do something about it." Bending to pick the basket back up he continues, "Let me stash this in the laundry room, and I'll come along." The truth is, he's thankful for the invitation, still trying to get his bearings here.

"If you think I'm just going to shake you to wake you up, you are way off." Yuuri starts, "I came in to ask if you wanted to grab a bite to eat."

Castaine sighs, pinching her nose between her fingers. Men! Gah! "Using my name is an acceptable way of doing that, Lieutenant." Then she moves off for her rack to actually put her offduties on.

Once Marius stashes the basket in the laundry room, he follows along behind the others somewhat bemused "So, ice water in the bunk? That a standard wake up to look forward to?" One eyebrow arches its way towards his hairline. "I'll keep that in mind."

Yuuri follows Castaine through the hallways and stairwells back to the marine berthings. He double-times his steps and leans his head down near her ear, "You know, we haven't even introduced ourselves." He whispers this quietly in her direction. "Only way I knew to look in that bunk was your rank." After he finishes, Yuuri drops back a few paces and leans up against the bulkhead outside the berthings.

Like the fire she's named for, Castaine's anger burns hot but it also burns quick. With a tortured sigh only a girl can pull off well, she offers, "Castaine." A beat and then, "No more ice water wake-up calls" then she ducks into the marine berthing to change her clothing. "Mess in ten," she says before closing the hatch firmly.

Cygnus leans back against the bulkhead, bending a leg to prop one foot against the surface behind him. "So we waiting, or just heading down there?" A slight frown, "It is down, right? I keep getting frakking turned around. The layout isn't what I'm used to."

Still leaning against the bulkhead, Yuuri looks to Cygnus, "Gotta go down one more hallway before taking the stairs down. This isn't a battlestar." His arms stay crossed as he waits for the return of Castaine.

Castaine isn't gone for long when she returns, those long locks tucked up in a bun now though her hair is still wet, so darker then normal. She seems surprised they are still waiting for her when she comes back out. "I'll be up there in a few. Need to go sling my stuff in the dryer." With that, she strides off for the laundry room.. again.

Yuuri walks after Castaine, talking over his shoulder to Cygnus, "Meet you at the mess." He catches up to Castaine, "Hey wait up."

This time Yuuri walks infront of Castaine, returning from the laundry room to the mess hall. The room is pretty packed with but a few free tables. He takes his place in line and starts selecting his food, moving down the counter.

Castaine is in line behind Yuuri, a tray before her, which she's sliding down the line, selecting food. She peels away from the chow line before he does, however, moving for a drink. Once she's packed her tray with as much as she'll eat, she weaves through the busy crowd to an empty table along the back of the room.

Cygnus brings up the rear, having remained quiet for the last few minutes. He scoops up a tray and moves down the line, but doesn't seem to show much interest in what he's putting onto the tray. A piece of fruit, some vegetables and that's about it. Following behind Castaine, he sets his tray down on the table across from her. "Seems like a good enough spot," He offers with a grin.

Yuuri joins the two and sits next to Castaine, setting his tray down and immidiately beginning to eat. About half way through his third mouthful he remembers something and pulls out a bottle of pills from his pocket. after opening the small bottle he empties a pill into his hand and pops it into his mouth. He washes it down with a drink and looks to Castaine, "Accidents."

Castaine mmhmm's in the back of her throat at Yuuri. It's chow time so the Marine eats; spoon in one hand, fork in the other. A voice among the crowd gains her attention so she looks up, tracking the voice to the speaker. She watches for a moment before she returns to her food. "It's better then eating standing up," she offers to Mac.

Cygnus snickers and picks up his fork, which he uses to push the rather anemic looking vegetables around the plate to at least show a pretense of taking an interest in them. He raises a brow in Yuuri's direction, "You get hurt?"

Yuuri waves his fork dismissively, and speaks with a mouthful, "Nothing terribly bad." He continues to chow like in some sort of competition with Castaine.

Castaine reaches a hand out to pat Yuuri's shoulder. "Mr Sensitive hurt his ribs," she offers to Cygnus with a sly little smile before she returns to her eat. She doesn't seem to be racing. For her, this is just a Marine thing. Pausing, she sits up a bit and takes her drink in hard to enjoy its wet coolness.

Cygnus carefully begins to peel the orange he'd set on his tray, breaking off one of the sections and popping it in his mouth. "Rib injuries can suck," He shrugs as he pulls away another segment and sticks it in his mouth, actually managing to chew and swallow before he speaks again, "So you two been assigned here long?"

Yuuri shoots a glance at Castaine and finishes chewing, "Almost a week. Was transferred here from the Eclipse." He takes a napkin and wipes his mouth, "Haven't had a shore leave in two and a half years. This up coming one is going be nice." He finishes with a smile.

Castaine is wearing the sweetiest, most innocent smile imaginable when Yuuri tosses a look her way. Mmmm milk! It does a body good. Setting her drink down, Mia turns to her muffin. Pulling the cap off, she smears her little pat of butter onto her muffin then takes a bite.

Cygnus is pretty certain he's missing something that's going on, but he shrugs it off and slowly manages to down another section of the orange. "I haven't been here very long either," He says to Yuuri with a grin, "Got transfered in from the Solaria after I got reassigned divisions." The small frown he's suddenly wearing would seem to indicate the idea for the transfer wasn't his.

Yuuri's foot 'slips' and kicks Castaine's ankle under the table. "Didn't like the transfer either huh?" He questions Cygnus, glancing briefly at the woman to his side.

Castaine rises from her seat and steps around it, cup in hand. Without a word, she makes her way to the drink area to refill her drink. There, she plucks an orange off a tray and heads back. Before she sits down, she bites into the orange just enough to break the skin then squeezes it in her fist.. over Yuuri's head. One good squeeze. Two. Three and she sits back down. "I'm enjoying this transfer, actually" she offers sweetly enough before digging back into her food.

What Cygnus says next while Castaine gets up to refill her drink is something he's fairly certain Yuuri will understand, "I miss flying." There's a slight anger in the cadance of his words that's mixed with whistfulness. "Getting transfered over to support isn't exactly the kind of transfer I was hoping for, but," All he can manage is a shrug to finish the sentence. When the marine returns, the decent view he's got gives him an inkling that something is about to happen, "What are you d…" The words trail off as the orange is squeezed over Yuuri's head, and Cygnus bites his lower lip - hard - to keep from bursting out in a laugh.

Yuuri's eyes had left the marine as she stood up and had begun listening to Cygnus, nodding fully in agreement, "I had my flight…" The citrus scented liquid drips onto the top of his head, "Status revoked.." A hand goes to his hair and brushes it in the direction of Castaine, "A few days ago" he grunts, finishing his sentence.

Castaine just keeps busy eating. Fork. Spoon. Whatever. She's listening to the chatter and can't hide the small grin at the break in Yuuri's speech pattern. She hums under her breath between bites but other wise, she doesn't take part in the conversation.

"I guess we have that in common then," Cygnus agrees, pointing a section of orange in the other pilot's direction before popping it into his mouth. "It's been a few months for me though." His gaze shifts between the two for a moment, before he shakes his head a bit, "So… like," A hand is waved in the air between them, "are you two always like this?" The words are finished with an amused smirk.

Yuuri takes a napkin and wipes his hands, "She's got a thing for me." His icey jades look up from the napkin at Cygnus and he grins, "She's a pretty little fox isn't she? Pretty fiesty." He sets the napkin down and reaches for his glass of water, he pulls the glass towards him and picks an ice cube from the water. Yuuri rolls it in his finger and thumb for a moment and lobs it at Castaine.

Castaine gets hit full on by the ice cube as it smacks into her chest bone and slides down the front of her tank. Only the quick intake of breath marks how cold that ice must be but beyond that, she ignores it. "Oh, I do have a thing for him, it's true. I'm /itching/ to put my fingers around his throat and squeeze until he's a lovely shade of purple."

"Depends how fiesty you like them," Cygnus smirks out with a wink, obviously not serious. When the icecule goes hurtling through the air he sits back in his seat a little, though a few drops of water still spatter him, which he wipes away while wearing a slightly goofy expression, "I guess I really am the only one who graduated second grade." A shake of the head later he states, "Why don't you two just frak and get it over with? Would be a lot more peaceful for the rest of us!" Yup, the smirk is back in place, now.

Yuuri turns to Castaine with a sinful grin, "That itch involve stroking the purple flesh between you fingers too?" Cygnus' comment gets a chuckle from Typhys. "Oh I think I'm passed second grade." He takes a drink of the water and glances at Castaine with a playful wink.

Castaine just rolls her eyes at the both of them and goes back to her food. "Both of you can frakk off," she tells them but there is a playful note in her tone.

Cygnus snickers at Castaine looking for all the world as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. "I would, but I haven't got a date." He simply smirks over at Yuuri and quips, "I think you're thinking about second base, not second grade, my friend."

"Well that would insue more than just a friendly pat on the back" Yuuri says as his hand bounces off Castaine's shoulder. "And I'm sure Castaine is too good for one of us. We better wait til Leave to find someone that could keep up with us."

Castaine nods as she finishes her lunch. "Yes, I am too good for the two of you." Turning a bit, she rests back against the bulkhead. Slowly she begins to peel her orange.

Cygnus chuckles, "Why, because we're pilots?" One eyebrow goes arching upwards, before glancing over Yuuri, "So you already have plans for Leave then? I haven't even had a chance to give it any thought yet."

Yuuri waves a hand dismissively, "No-no. The reason she's too good." He slaps the table, "Check it." Pointing a thumb at Castaine, "She wants a guy she can beat up." He laughs and slides his tray onto another table, "A relationship she can wear the pants in."

Castaine pushes to her feet, hands slapping down on Yuuri's shoulders. "And true to his gender, he's got it all wrong. I want a guy that's honest and doesn't play games. Something I think that the majority of pilot have a problem with." She grabs her tray and whoever else who might be finished with their own and deals with them.

Cygnus blinks at Yuuri's words then turns his attention to Castaine, giving her a considering look as if sizing her up, "You know, she might just be fetching in some thigh high black leather stiletto boots with a cat-o-nine tails in one hand. Very fitting." The expression on his face is almost impossibly angelic as he speaks.

Yuuri watches the back side of the red head as she takes the trays away and speaks to Cygnus, "I'd give up my flight status completely for that." His fist going to his chin, finger pointing at Castaine.

Castaine pauses to ponder that.. her in black leather boots, a cat, and nothing else. "I might have to try that on leave.. maybe even take pictures.. that neither of you will ever see." She smiles sweetly as she turns and heads out of the mess hall.

"You're not my type," Cygnus bellows out after Castaine's back as she leaves, then shoots a frown at Yuuri. 'Man, not even that is worth your flight status." One shoulder shrugs upwards towards his ear as he snickers, "Besides, I can always give you the address of a few places on Tauron…"

"You'll have to excuse me Mac." Yuuri rises to his feet, "Not gunna let this one go. Regardless of anything. That -is- my type." With a nod and wink Yuuri bids farewell to Cygnus, "Stop by the sims tonight, we'll fly a few together since we both grounded."

Castaine turns so fast she cuts Yuuri off as he follows behind her. "Go away." She points in a direction. "I don't care which way you go.. just go."

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