Friendly Spar?
Friendly Spar?
Summary: Sgt. Castaine and Lt. JG Yuuri's arrogance clash during a sparring match.
Date: MD052 (April 13)
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[ Marine Berthings - Deck 2 ]-----—[ CEC Kharon ]---------
IC Time: Mission Day #51 OOC Time: Mon Apr 13 18:35:10 2009

Only maintaining a small security force, the Marines on board the Kharon have a similar bunk layout to the pilots. The single squad stationed aboard maintains the cleanest environment seen anyplace else on the ship and it shows. The three lines of bunks are clean of debris and trash almost without fail. A single metal table in the center of the room is that of standard Navy issue. However, the bunks hold one distinct difference from every other aboard: The curtains on each bunk are light tan and appear to be made of a thicker material. Hanging from the ceiling above are numerous firearms in various states of disrepair, some of which look flat-out blown apart. Painted on each firearms' buttstocks or receivers is a name and rank accompanied by a date.
-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear --——

Yuuri Castaine
Marine Bunks
[H] Hallway

-=[ Quick Glance ]=-----------——

Lieutenant JG Typhys Yuuri ("Typhoon")
26 year old bronze skinned male with light brown, box-cut hair and icey jade eyes. 5'11". 190lbs.

Sergeant Mia Raye Castaine ("Ember")
24 year old peaches & cream female with red hair and hazel eyes. 5'2. 105 lbs.

Having just finished his run through the ship, Yuuri stops at the hatch labeled for Marines. Sweat pours down his face, tank and shirt holding a stain on his chest. Silver dog-tags dangle around his neck over the stain. He's taking a chance at the Sergeant being here and raps on the hatch.
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Castaine's bunk is closest to the hatch and it's not to be a doorman but it seems today that's the position she's filling as she pulls the hatch open. Her gaze sweeps boldly up and down his form before hazel eyes settle on his jade ones. "You stink," she tells him bluntly. "I realize some gals swoon over that look but so far as I'm concerned - there is only one way that is sexy and this isn't it. Run out of lean towels, did you?"

"Well.." Yuuri chuckles as Castain tears into him right away. His breathing is a bit ragged, "Hello to you too, Sergeant." He leans on the hatch with his elbow, head tilting to the side, "Didn't think of bringing a clean towel on a run and honestly didn't plan on stopping in the berthings." He chuckles through his breaths, "And if I was going for a swooning woman, I don't exact think it would be a Marine."

Castaine hitches a hip against the hatch, crossing her arms over her chest. "If you wanted me to go all easy on you, you wouldn't be here smelling the way you do, Lieutenant." She offers him a bring grin, almost daring him to deny he doesn't enjoy dancing with the flame.

Yuuri laughs this time, nearly sliding off his side of the hatch. "All the marines on the Kharon as arrogant as the pilots?" The grin doesn't leave his lips, "Besides, what you doing in the berthings anyways? Being lazy?" He points a finger only an inch or two from the woman's nose. "Feel like hitting the gym early?" He finishes with a mock pouty and taunting voice, "Or is the little marine too tired?"

Castaine lets out a long low sigh. "Oh right. This is where I'm supposed to rise to the challenge you so casually threw out there or jump at the bait, hmm? Here is a clue for you, flyboy. Five older brothers. You're going to have to do better then that." She falls silent at that, wide hazel eyes watching him, judging him, perhaps?

Yuuri just stares at the marine, "I honestly can't say I've met someone without wings as arrogant as you." He still hasn't entered the hatch yet, he normally waits for allowance, "And I'm not your brother." His grin widens, "Good thing to, otherwise you'd probably be eating the floor by now."

Castaine's grin turns into a smirk. "I wouldn't be so sure about that, flyboy." She ducks around him and does a slow careful walk around his form, looking him up and down slowly, sizing him up. "And now, you're not one of my brothers. They work for a living and it shows in every muscle." She just can't help poking the pilot. "Oh, and this isn't arrogance… this is confidence washed with some cockiness, and a whole heap of pure guts." She settles back in front of him and grins, "If you can't handle it, it's okay to admit it."

Yuuri's head spins around his shoulders keeping an eye on the Sergeant. With nearly a foot in height difference it isn't difficult. With each poke, Typhys' muscles flex, the ache from the earlier workout almost subsiding. He is quiet built and his days playing pyramid helped with his muscle tone. "Arrogance is confidense and cockiness." He points out.

Castaine chuckles softly, pushing a stray lock of hair behind an ear."I had no idea I was being offensive. My apologies if I bruised your delicate sensibilities." Turning, she grabs her -clean- towel off her rack before gesturing to the hallway. "Lead the way, Mister Sensitive."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Yuuri:Melee vs Castaine:Melee
Yuuri: Success Castaine: Bad Failure
Net Result: Yuuri wins.

Yuuri is starting to lose his cool, yes he's known for keeping his anger in check, but this woman is really getting to him…Or is it? He grabs for her arm, taking it at the wrist and pulling it behind her back. He steps behind her and pins Castaine against the wall, his head leaning forward until it's next to hers. "I'm not sensitive, nor am I just a flyboy. I am a superior officer." His breathes falls across Castion's ear and cheek in a heated tone. What she can't see is pure pleasurable grin and amusement in his icey jades.

There is a reason Castaine is still a Sergeant. Her mouth. She grunts as she makes connection with the bulkhead, her body going deadly still in his hold, almost as if the pressure were building. "There is no doubt you are of higher rank, /Sir/," she begins and there is something in the way she drawls that last word, something that screams 'sure, I can play the part of the ass kisser but it doesn't mean there is respect'. "Though superior might be a stretch."

"There's the word I was looking for." Yuuri pulls back and chuckles loudly now, brushing off Castaine's shoulder. "Well now. I think you are ready for a good solid work out in the gym." It can't be missed, his icey jades are lit up in amusement and he continues to wear that devilish grin he flashed her in the mess hall.

Castaine pushes off the bulkhead as she rotates her shoulder to loosen up the tightened muscles there. She shoots him a glare but there isn't a lot of punch behind it. "After you, /Sir/" she replies with the same infection on the word. He asked for it and it seems he's going to get it now, in spades.

After a brief walk through the hallways…..

[ Gym - Deck 3 ]--------[ CEC Kharon ]---------——
IC Time: Mission Day #51 OOC Time: Mon Apr 13 19:57:36 2009

This is a rather large room that would accommodate quite a few people. The typical battleship gray color that coats the walls and floor of most of the ship is broken up here by the rubberized flooring that's done in a neutral tan. The other main addition to the flooring are stacks of dark blue mats that are available to be pulled out for a variety of purposes, though one standard is generally left at the back of the room which is considerable in its size and has a big, bright red circle taped onto it for sparring.
Free weights sit along one wall, the racks extending a little further out into the room. On the other side are the typical nautilus-style equipment common to most gyms, their standard weight sets adjustable by a simple change of the metal key in the stacks of iron. There is a fresh pile of folded towels sitting by the hatch, a plastic bin on the other side for the deposit of used towels in need of a wash.
-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]=-------—-
Yuuri Castaine Kale
[H] Hallway

-=[ Quick Glance ]=-----------——

Lieutenant Russell A Kale III ("Triple")
29 year old white male with brown hair and brown eyes. 5'10". 195.

Sergeant Mia Raye Castaine ("Ember")
24 year old peaches & cream female with red hair and hazel eyes. 5'2. 105 lbs.

Lieutenant JG Typhys Yuuri ("Typhoon")
26 year old bronze skinned male with light brown, box-cut hair and icey jade eyes. 5'11". 190lbs.

Yuuri enters through hatch, ahead of Castaine, into the gym. He glances over his shoulder at the marine behind him. "So what type of workout you doing tonight?" The amusement in his eyes hasn't left, even through the hallways he chuckling to himself about the change in attitude the woman has had since being shoved against a bulkhead. "Or you want pay back in a spar?"

Castaine seems to have shifted her game as she follows him into the gym. "Oh no, /Sir/. Sparring might lead to you getting injured, /Sir/ and we can't have that, /Sir/. Then I'd have to patch you up, /Sir/ and we wouldn't want you at my mercy, now would we, /Sir/?" Slapping her towel over her shoulder she shoots him the sweetest of smiles before heading to a blue mat where she drops down and begins to stretch.

'Games, this woman must think every man is the same.' Yuuri shakes his head and returns a sarcastic smirk to her before following Castaine to the blue mat. "Surprised you aren't in the brig." Yuuri starts stretching down to touch his toes and bending at the waist. He looks over at the young woman as he grabs both shoes at the tip and grunts. "Glad you got over your sarcasism back at the berthings Sergeant." He offers a grin, releasing his toes and squatting to his ass, beginning another set of stretches.

Castaine and Yuuri (AKA Mr Sensitive) are on the blue mat, stretching out before a work out, likely. Mia is on her rump, legs stretched out before her, her body laid out over one of them, nose touching her nose. "I've done my share of brig time, /Sir/" she's telling Mr Sensitive. "Hasn't killed me yet and it isn't likely too, /Sir/." There is always a game being played between the sexes, it's as old as time itself. Rising up, she bends the other way, stretching out again. "And you don't survive in the Marines without a decent helping of sarcasm and wit, /Sir/."

Kale walks into the gym, a towel around his neck that does little to cover the thick muscles of his upper body. He wears what was once a white wife-beater but now from time and wear has developed into something closer in color to a used coffee filter. His sweat pants are worn as well, ragged around the bottoms. He nods as he enters and heads for the free weights. "Evening."

"You don't survive in the cockpit of a Viper without being the best." Yuuri assures Mia with sarcasism. He spreads his legs and leans down the length of one, nearly pushing his nose into the quads as he stretches. "I got no qualms with Marines, hell one of my buddies on the Eclipse was a marine." He inhales and leans back up, doing the same stretch down his other leg.

Castaine just rolls her eyes at Yuuri. "How proud you must be to be the best of the best along with the million other pilots, /Sir/" she offers him as she springs lightly to her feet. Sweeping her towel off the floor, she tosses it over her shoulder before gathering the length of red hair that trails down her back. Quickly it's twisted up into a bun as she moves to the weights.

Taking a seat at a weight bench, Trip pulls the towle from his neck and wiupes his face with it before tossing it over the end of the bench. There is a gleam in his eyes from listening to the two of them and he chuckles out loud while turning to the long barbell and checking the weights.
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Yuuri stretches out his arms for a short time, he had already done a workout this morning and needs to finish up a few sets on the bench. Following the redhead, he steps to the weights, "How much Sergeant?" The stain on his chest is just beginning to dry from his previous run, "I've already benched this morning, so I'll spot and maybe get a few light reps in." He offers sincerely.

Castaine lets out a soft sigh. "I don't really want to lift tonight, /Sir/." With that said, she turns and heads for the sparring mat. Getting her ass kicked by a pilot is something she'll never live down with her squad but what's a girl to do if she wants to improve? "Lets go, /Sir/."

Kale lets the chuckles die down as he sits up fully on the bench and turns to watch this. "This should be fun." Weights ignored, Kale grins wide and leans back against the wall. "I got five on the marine. Best two out of three?"

Yuuri looks over his shoulder at Kale then to Castaine and starts chuckling. "Well, if that is what you want." Both hands rise palm up in a sarcastic manner of surrendering to the challenge. Typhys walks over to the mat, claspsing his hand together behind him and lifting them up, stretching his shoulders. "And why not make it interesting, 15 cubits bet on me." He says over his stretching shoulder at Kale.

Castaine drops to the mat for a moment to unlace and remove her boots. Tucking the laces back into her boots, she sets them on the edge of the sparring mat and rises again. She rolls her shoulders then falls back into relaxed boxers stance.

Yuuri watches Castaine in amusement, their recent encounter in the hallway did give him an ego stroke. He mimics the woman in removal of his boots, tossing them to the outskirts of the mat. He's not really a boxer, but has had his share of brawls. His stance is taunting, legs a bit wider than shoulder length, his left arm dangling at his side, right fist lifted to his face.

Castaine cocks a brow at Yuuri but she doesn't comment. She moves carefully around him, those lovely hazel eyes watching him.. and not his face but his shoulders, the hips, the feet, watching how he moves, how he shifts. Dancing in on his left, she sends a jab out towards his ribs.

<FS3> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Castaine:Melee vs Yuuri:Melee
< Castaine: Success Yuuri: Bad Failure
< Net Result: Castaine wins.
Yuuri's feet shuffle in a circle, following Castaine's movement, when she jabs he is too slow and a fist to his ribs. He grunts loudly and inhales quickly trying to gather his breath. He rolls his neck brushing off the dull pain throbbing along his ribs. In retaliation, Yuuri steps forward quickly and brings a leg towards the back of Castaine's left knee in a leg sweep.

<FS3> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Yuuri:Melee vs Castaine:Melee
< Yuuri: Failure Castaine: Success
< Net Result: Castaine wins.

Castaine dances away from the punch she delivered and because she's watching his swivel points, she sees his hips move. She ducks sharply to the left, avoiding the leg sweep and while he's off balance, she moves in on his back to send a kidney shot his way.

<FS3> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Castaine:Melee vs Yuuri:Melee
< Castaine: Good Success Yuuri: Success
< Net Result: Castaine wins.

Yuuri's leg sweep misses wide and is definately off-balance. Castaine's movements can't be kept up, her blow striking his kidney. He falls to the mat, chest heaving from the blows he received. Typhys punches the mat and gets back on his feet, lining up with Castaine again. He jukes to the right and goes for her right leg, trying to kick it, tripping her and send her to the mat.

<FS3> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Yuuri:Melee vs Castaine:Melee
< Yuuri: Bad Failure Castaine: Good Success
< Net Result: Castaine wins big.

Castaine watches the pilot carefully as his anger gets the better of him. Props to Mia for NOT mocking him, yet. She's light on her feet, dancing easily out of his way yet again. When he kicks out with his foot, she slips in and leg sweeps the one holding him upright.

<FS3> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Castaine:Melee vs Yuuri:Melee
< Castaine: Success Yuuri: Good Success
< Net Result: Yuuri wins.

Yuuri is seriously on the losing end of the stick at this point in the match. With his leg being kicked out from under him, he lands heavily on his back. With the wind completely knocked out of him, he gasps helplessly on the mat for a brief minute. He rises, clutching his chest, still unable to fully get a deep inhale of oxygen. He staggars briefly before using what air is left in his lungs and sending a foot at the side of Castaine's head with a mighty kick.

<FS3> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Yuuri:Melee vs Castaine:Melee
< Yuuri: Good Success Castaine: Failure
< Net Result: Yuuri wins.

Castaine's body spins around from the impact of that foot being kicked into the side of her head. She drops to the mat heavily and rocks back on her heels. A hand wipes across her now bleeding nose as she turns those wide hazel eyes up on Yuuri. Without a word she rises and scoops up her towel holding it to her nose. She doesn't need to say a word, likely, the look of pure disappointment should have been enough.

Yuuri catches himself with hands and feet after connecting a solid kick to the marine's head. He is still clutching his chest, trying to gather his breath. From all fours he looks to Castaine, his face edging on concern but doesn't show it quickly. "You ok?" he asks rising slowly to his feet and grabbing his towel. He still has his guard up as he approaches the woman and kneels by her side wincing at the pain in his chest.

"I made it a point to NOT hit your head because I figured you needed it and not just your ass in the seat and hand on the stick to do your frakking job. I had thought common courtesy would prevail instead of you just getting pissed off and taking the cheap shot," Castaine offers in a tone that's a far cry from the cold sassy one he's been getting. "Your tactic's are now well noted, sir."

Yuuri doesn't seem to take offense to her words, instead he pulls the towel away from her nose and eyes the damage, knowing her reaction will more than likely pull away from him and put the towel back he speaks briefly, "There is no courtesy in the cockpit Sergeant. That is one thing you need to understand. You might believe us to be flyboys, but we are equally or more aggressive than Marines. If we aren't, we are dead quick." He takes a step back and lets Castaine do her thing, though his hand rests on her shoulder and squeezes lightly, "Next time don't try to be easy on me because I'll do the same thing." His chest rises and falls a bit easier now, air finally filling his lungs.

Castaine turns away, shaking her head. "I never said I was taking it easy on you and the last time I looked? This was the /gym/ and not a cockpit - which I spend NO time in, I might add. I was under the impression this was sparring. If I was mistaken, then by all means I'll get my gun and shoot you in the face. Because that's what *I* do on the ground when I'm fighting for my life." She falls silent for a moment then turns back to look at him. "You have to understand.. I'm a medic and half way to being a full blown doctor. I hit you and I cause -any- type of permenate damage and I'm held accountable. Not just for hurting you but for KNOWING what I was doing, what I could do, before I did it. So I'm expected to kick your ass and not hurt you doing it. "

Yuuri grins and flops to his ass. "You forgot /SIR/ Sergeant." Ok now the guilt is starting to build. "Anyways, I'm sorry I let my instincts go." He wipes the towel around his face drying the sweat. "It doesn't look broke.." He offers and adds, "You wanna hit the head and grab a meal afterwards?" His face flashes a brief flicker of pain as his hand massage his lower back.

Castaine sighs and fingers her nose. "I don't care if it's broken - that wasn't the point, " she offers back with a little grin. "Just understand.. sparring is sparring. Fighting for your life is fighting for your life. There is a difference and if I ever have to patch your ass up, I'm pretty sure you don't want me brain damaged and try to do it, hmm?"

He rises to his feet and extends a hand to help Castaine up. "I'll try to keep that in mind if there's a next time between us here." The devilish grin returns as his icey jades look down into those hazel eyes of the marine. "Anyways, I'll walk you back to the Marine Berthings and shower in the squadron head. I got CAP in a few hours. Catch dinner quick?"

Castaine rolls her shoulder but nods. "Food is good. Fuels the body.. /Sir/." Clearly, from her side of things, they are back to normal. She stuffs her feet into her boots but doesn't bothering to lace them up. She just shuffles for the hatch.

Yuuri follows the marine and offers any help he can give her. His hand carries his boots close to his ribs, which are still in pain from the brawl. "Glad things are back to normal Sergeant." His back is still hurting him, pain shooting up his spine, but he doesn't say anything.

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