Summary: Ollie retreats to the barn's loft after the raid on the amusement park.
Date: PH062 (30 Aug 2009)
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Scorpia, Grifter Falls Ranch, Barn Loft
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #062 (Back scene)
OOC Time: Sun Aug 30 00:35:30 2009

Stretched over the four stalls below, the loft extends the entire rear portion of the barn. During the daytime, a small square of light from the hay door plays over the faded floor boards that squeak every time they are trod upon. When the wind blows, the old pully outside squeaks on its chain, growing rusty from disuse when there is no more hay to haul. Just because the loft is devoid of straw, doesn't mean it's empty. There are old cask barrels stored up here, as well as several dozen bags of animal feed.

Ollie is headed for the loft about as soon as they hit the farm grounds. The backpack of spoils goes with her, and she shoves open the creaky old barn door before scuffing across the hay scattered dirt floor toward the ladder. And up she goes, backpack on back, rattling little corn kernels musically announcing her passage.

Andrew makes a stop in the house first. Put away the shotgun, the recovered pistol, and the ammo for both. He divests himself of the ruckpack and after assuring both his aunt and Mrs. Ezo that he's fine, he fills a couple of water bottles with some water and heads for the barn. The door creaks open again and he calls up to the loft, "Ollie? Do you want some water?"

That gives the woman plenty of time to spark up a hand rolled… let's go with cigarette. At the call from the young man, Ollie glances this way, then that, and toward the open levered window out, then exhales the smoke. She kicks her perch, a bag of animal feed, into a better shape for sitting on, and calls down. "Yeah, sure. Thank you, Andrew."

Andrew climbs up the ladder, offering her a bottle before he settles himself in for a seat. He doesn't ask the obvious question, only makes himself comfortable and takes a long drink from his own bottle.

Once the rifles and ammunition has been seen too, one lone man can easily be spotted coming into the barn with his campaign jacket worn over his simple clerical shirt and all. There's a glance up towards the loft once the door is propped open behind him. In case one needs to run or see danger coming. All the same the Priest doesn't initially come up, rather he waits for a few minutes before coming on up the ladder.

Ollie reaches over to take the bottle as it's offered. She nods to the young man, and drags her bottle to her lips for a sip. Her pack, full of amusement park finds, is slide over toward Andrew with a booted foot. "Pick something, if you like." As the carrier of the goods, she gets to choose the order in which they're accessed. "Thank you." For the water. After a few hits from the 'cig' her hand stops shaking. It was pretty subtle, and may have been missed. Her arms were crossed the whole way back, after all.

Well, if she's offering. Andrew pulls the bag over and rummages around inside of it until he secures what he actually wanted. Jerky, of course. But he also pulls out one of the bags of cotton candy, and silently offers this to the woman as well. "You gonna be okay?" he inquires finally. Since she's clearly not okay now.

Lysander lets his head crest up where it can be seen before he's pulling himself the rest of the way up into the loft. A dusting off of his jacket and knees, Lysander moves to find a seat, but he doesn't come too close to the other two just yet. Rather he takes time methodically unbuttoning his jacket, and then pulling down the zipper. One eye goes critically towards Ollie, but still, the priest says nothing.

Ollie smiles a bit wryly as she takes a little hit, then reaches over to take the offered bag of cotton candy. "Thanks. Y… yes. It's just been a while since I've been around — " She pauses, and seems to reconsider the words. "I'll be fine. Worse things could have happened." Her eyes flick to Lysander. She says nothing for a time. Crinkle, crinkle goes the bag of cotton candy as she opens in.

Andrew gives Ollie a peculiar look. "I hadn't ever seen dead bodies, for real, before," he offers, taking a long drag on the bottle afterwards. He kicks the bag of goods towards the priest, offering him next pick and then takes his time unwrapping the jerky.

"I'm fine.." no munchies for him yet, but Lysander is still watching Ollie before his hand is coming out. Apparently he's asking for a cigarette or something. All eyes focus in at Andrew for a moment and there's a grunt. "Its the way of life, kid." still there's no gruff behind it, no it is more matter of fact than anything. "They would have killed you if they had the chance.."

"I have." Her voice is quiet at that. She chugs some of her water, perhaps to stave off the urge to elaborate, but more likely because she's trying to wash away the smell and the cloying, lingering smell of decay. That sticks with you for a while. She rips off a cheerfully bright blue piece of cotton candy, and puts it onto her tongue to dissolve. She is still for a moment, and then she passes the cig. "It never gets easier."

"Wasn't talking about them," Andrew denies flatly as he leans against the wall. It was the other ones, the long dead, the decaying. A fresh dead body…well, without too much effort you can convince yourself they're just sleeping.

"Still part of life.." said back before Lysander is just staring at Andrew. "A cruel part of life." finally said before he is taking the 'cig' and two deep puffs are taken and held, before the slow burn and easing out. No coughing for the priest as he passes back towards Ollie. No-he is not offering it to the kid at all. "They should be burned or in the ground.."

Ollie waves off the return of the butt. She tips her water up, and takes a sip. "Kittens getting hit by cars is a part of life, too, but you don't seem me playing crunch, crunch spin with the classic car in the garage." The tone is mostly level, but there's a little undercurrent in it.

Andrew doesn't seem all that interested in the 'cig', to tell the truth. He's doing just fine with the jerky and the water. He's even moderate with the jerky, eating only two pieces before putting the rest back into the bag. "You sleeping in here tonight?

Andrew doesn't seem all that interested in the 'cig', to tell the truth. He's doing just fine with the jerky and the water. He's even moderate with the jerky, eating only two pieces before putting the rest back into the bag. "You sleeping in here tonight?" he asks of the woman. "'Cause I don't think the dog can get up here.." She probably needs a comforting presence.

Lysander raises a brow back towards Ollie for a moment, and another toke is taken. "Some thing on your mind, Oliver?" asked back to the woman before he is looking back to the boy. A faint look-thogh what it is does not quite reach. Instead of saying much more, the priest is taking one last hit, before passing the cig back towards Ollie again. Or at least trying to.

Ollie nods, glances over to Andrew. "Night's nice enough. Might not even need a blanket." There's a smile at the mention of the resident pup. "I might bed down in the hammock out back, though. Gallie can sleep under if she likes." She pops another bite of cotton candy into her mouth. She lets it dissolve, tongue pressing it to the top of her mouth. Finally, she says, "You should have shot him in the head. Letting him die that way was cruel." The words are very clearly enunciated, though she does not look at Lysander. Her eyes are focused on Andrew's hands.

Andrew understands the why of it, both sides to what he sees as the impending argument. But he doesn't jump in himself. He just takes another sip of his water and offers Ollie a sympathetic look.

"He died quicker all the same." Lysander says after a few long moments. "And I was not about to have him stay out there and possibly give out the way we came in to some passerby. Cylon, or Human." IE Lysander wasn't going to take a chance. "If you had a knife, that would have worked easier." Still there is no raise to the gravel that is Nikos' speaking voice. "I suspect if I had not shot him, he would have wounded you, maybe Joanna..Killed the boy here and raped the lot of you." bleak world view there.

On that particular note, Andrew chimes in. "I need to head back in before my aunt comes looking and sees you smoking in a barn." Yep, nothing to do with the necessity of killing people in today's world. He seems about to add something else but he thinks better of it, instead just taking his bottle and heading for the ladder. "Good night," he adds to both of them before exiting the loft and then the barn.

"Did you even hear the words that just came out of my mouth?" Ollie's usually quite polite manner is somewhat marred by the words she speaks, though the tone doesn't change so much as the implication.

Lysander looks back towards her. "Did you hear what I said?" apparently the priest believes he justified all of it. "Besides I am not going to waste another bullet. We put three rounds out..if there were patrols they would know where we were." exactly, but that is what the ex marine is supposing. "You alright?" finally asked as one brow comes up.

"No. I am not all right." Ollie replies, finishing off her water before she sets the bottle down, very carefully. "How could I be all right?" She turns her eyes to Lysander. "I just watched men try to jump us for some popcorn and cotton candy. And then instead of cleanly killing the one you mortally injured, you crushed his windpipe and he died unable to even gasp for his last breaths." She was sort of okay through most of that. It's near the end that her voice shakes a little.

"You are alive, and you should be." Lysander simply says before he is looking back towards the girl. And then he is moving to sit down, but he doesn't face Ollie at all. Instead he is content to stare outside the door and all. "And he did not deserve the clean death..Had they asked we would have shared." simple there "They weren't men." Not those he would consider as such. "But he received his last rites anyway- even if he could not confess his heard to the rich one as he died." A look back to her "It was either that or leave him moaning as I did not have a knife, and he did not deserve the other bullet."

Ollie's eyes fall closed. She draws up her knees and rests her elbows on them. Her hands, steepled, are held just in front of her face. Her chin rests against her thumbs, and the dips her head down a little as she takes a deep breath.

"You'll understand it one day." Not, when you're older or shit like that, but one day. Lysander slowly rises up as he looks back over to the blonde woman. One hand out he simply steps and places it at her shoulder. One might think that this is comforting, or such, but with the priest? Who knows.

"Frak you," Ollie replies, the words such a soft whisper that they're barely heard. Her shoulders draw up a little with the initial contact, then relax. Her face drops into her hands, and she takes several slow, deep breaths.

"Next time I'll say to look away.." Or ask you to do it instead of him. All the same the Priest remains standing there before that hand of his moves to catch and move some of her hair. "You staying up here tonight?" curious? Slightly, but then there is a lot that Lysander and Ollie do not seem to say to one another.

She stands suddenly. Ollie looks up, looks the priest right in the eyes, and she says very quietly, "I am capable of defending myself. Cruelty is never an option. What kind of priest are you?"

"A loyal one." Lysander simply says before he is looking away and then moving for the ladder itself. "I do the work I am called to. I do not question it, and I do not hesitate." there out like that before he is reaching for the ladder "Anything else?"

To say she was a little rattle by earlier would be silly. It's obvious. Ollie's eyes follow the priest to the ladder. She shakes her head slightly in the negative. "No," She finally replies, "Not tonight." Maybe it'll be taken up again, but it is a debate for another time.

"I'll be in my bed." nothing more said there. Lysander then slowly begins the trek down the ladder and out of the barn without so much of a look back towards the loft. Talk about the worst conversations to have when smoking.

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