Fresh Air
Fresh Air
Summary: Samantha visits Castor in the recovery ward.
Date: PH 039 (28 May 2009)
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The recovery ward is an odd place and currently Castor Leda is just coming too in the ward, apparently the smoke inhilation knocked him out for a good long while. He takes a moment to look around before he mutters softly, "Huh, hey, who…is it my birthday?" He then takes a moment to look around the room as one eye opens, "Why am I here?" His mind goes back to the last thing he remembered which was fire and possible death, "oh, I survived." He says with all the enthusiasm his groggy head can muster.

Samantha is actually settled at the side of his bed because, dammit, he's a friend. And if she loses one more friend this week she's really, really going to lose it. So she's settled there, waiting for him to wake up. Apparently, her own exhaustion has slightly taken her as she's slumped back in the seat and snoring very lightly. A book rests on the floor beside him. Was she -reading- to him?

Castor looks over at Sam and he gives a soft smile as he studies the book before he says softly, "Sam, wake up. I'm alive." he then takes a moment to sit up in bed, it doesn't come all at once, he did take in a lot of bad air however he is not going to look weak in front of Samantha not right now. Sam was hear for Castor and he is trying to be there for her. Friends till the end. "Sam?"

Searider Falcon because, dammit…she likes pulp. And it was one of the only classics in the library she can stand. Sam blinks, stirring from the bed and picking her head up slightly as she looks behind her, and then up, and finally releases a breath of relief at seeing him and hearing his scratching voice. "Thank gods, you frakker…don't you frakkign do that again! I could beat you."

Castor winces slightly as he lets out a soft cough that could also be a chuckle, "Hitting a man in the recovery ward, that would put you on a level above Jupiter or Eddie." He then takes a moment to get his breathing back to normal, "I won't be checking out and it isn't my fault that the crewman set himself on fire and a crate at the same time. Last I remember I was barking orders and then I must have passed out from the smoke." He then says with a serious level of concern, "Have you seen Kassia?"

Samantha shakes her head gently, "I haven't. Got off CAP, heard what happened, and came to see you. She ain't on the casualty list, though, so I think she's safe. I'm sure she'll be by soon." Sam states, a touch more gentle, rather more reassuring that before as she looks him over, the worry clearly hooded in her dark green eyes. "How…how you feelin'?"

Castor takes another long breath, it would appear that he will be alright, "Well, I think I will be cleared, I must have passed out from the carbon dioxide. I'm not on oxygen and there has been no surgery." He then takes a moment to look over at Sam, "However, I feel like I've been drinking for four days on an epic bender." He then takes a moment says, "I meant was she waiting for me, Kas, and she wasn't there."

Samantha frowns a bit more…"She might be on duty, yanno, hun. I'm sure she's around… so don't worry your head too much about it, really. I bet she was here when I was on duty and we ended up missing each other when we switched off." Sam states as reassuringly as possible, really not wanting to cause issues for the man, her voice not teasing or taunting at all for once.

"She is going to be pissed at me, really, there might be blows pulled on me." He then looks over at Samantha, "It was wierd though, the crewman caught himself and the crate on fire and Kissy and I were looking for a lightbulb for the Commander." He then frowns, "Think the old man will be mad we didn't get his lightbulb?" He then takes another long breath of clean air.

Samantha rolls her eyes gently to him and reaches one hand up, rubbing her slender fingertips against his shoulder, "I think he'll understand… and I'll get in the way of the punch if she comes in too hard. Can't have you off duty too long, after all." Sam states with a half chuckle, considering taking a punch again. HEr left side of her jaw is already utterly black and blue…

Castor studies Samantha, "Heard you had a knock down in the ring?" He turns his head to get a better look, "You okay? Tell me you knocked the other person out?" He then takes another long breath as he is still coming into his full strength as he takes a moment to make a joke, "However, this new bruise of yours matches your eyes." He then says, "So are you and Marty a thing again?"

Samantha laughs a moment at the comment of the ring and she reaches her fingertips up, gingerly rubbing at her lower left side of her jaw…"Eh… no. Jupiter made me taste mat. I… I ain't certain if I really fought my best either, but it's done, and I think she got out some much needed anger." Sam frowns at the question of she and martin, definitely looking a hint more awkward. "I…I don't frakking know. Been sleeping in his bunk but… we ain't done anything. just sleeping. Feels…weird… after everything…"

Castor says, "Well, there is the trick of it all, Jupiter is angry all the time I think." He then says, "Remember the other day in the ring with Ashe?" He then lets off another small chuckle before he says, "How is it weird? The two of you had a long history together and you both care for each other so you know it can't be that weird." He takes a moment to mull it over in his head, "Maybe it was meant to be?"

Samantha twitches just a bit at the thought…"I don't know. I feel like…I'm running back to him on someone's grave." Sam admits quietly, not having intended on this being a counseling session, but he's asking all the questions. At least she's stopped crying, in the very least. She pushes one hand through her hair and sighs, shaking it off.. ."Who knows. it's just weird."

Castor says softly, "On Aquaria we have a saying, if you love someone set them free, if they come back to you than it was meant to be." He then takes another giant breath, by giant, this would mean testing the lungs which leads to a cough, "And so maybe you two were meant to come together." He then looks over at Samantha as he says, "And what has happened in the past is behind us, no sense in worrying about it. For us the moment is gone." He says in deeply supportive tones.

Samantha still looks doubtful, a frown crossing her mouth but she doesn't exactly want to argue with him, especially as he's hacking up a lung. She reaches one hand over, rubbing up and down his back for a few heartbeats to try and calm him down before she finally just responds. "We…we'll see. The best we can do, right? We'll get through it…somehow." That's the most she's willing to offer, still on the fence very firmly.

Castor stops coughing as he takes a moment to lean back, "Sam, you know what is best for you and I'm not one to talk about letting go of the dead, frak knows I still miss Pollux but I also know that you and Marty were together for a longer period of time than you were with the Padre." He then adds, "Sit on the fence as long as you need too, but Marty cares for you."

"…Yeah. Together before… shit even went down, really. But… frak. It's going to hang over our heads. If I could have just stuck with Martin, maybe…" Sam isn't going to finish that statement. The Padre didn't kill himself because of her. Surely not. There was no way. It was selfish to think that way, but still…the doubt is clear in her eyes. She suddenly stands up, sighing, pushing one hand through her hair. "I… I am glad you're feeling better…I should go…"

Castor studies Samantha and doesn't push anymore, he did just wake up from a nasty bit of carbon dioxide poisoning however he does say, "Sam, just, don't beat yourself up anymore it isn't you and I don't want to see it. You're my friend and I want to see my friend happy again." His voice continues to be supportive, tired, but suportive, "Hey, thank you for reading to me." He pauses a moment before he says, "No one has ever read to me before while I've been out, frak, no one has ever visited me before while I've been out." He then takes another breath, "So, thanks Sam for being my friend."

Samantha doesn't continue in her desperate attempts to escape, since he's speaking with her and NOT about Martin or Ajax. about himself. and that's a safe, happy subject. She gives him a half smile and returns in his direction, leaning over to give a quick, tight hug to his torso, if he'll permit…"Of course, Castor…I'll always come. We're friends."

Castor allows the hug and in fact hugs back slightly, "I still think Kas is going to kill me." When he breaks off from the hug he says, "I think Kas is the one, Sam." He says softly, "I mean, the one you know like for all time. Though we both need to wait a while before we get tied together." He then leans back in his bed most likely out of being completely wiped out.

Samantha smiles a bit more, returning the hug tight before she gently rests him abck down into the beck, not wanting him to push too hard. She smooths one hand through his hair for a moment, if he permits, and nods in approval…"I know… and…that's good. You deserve it.. both of you. I am happy for you…" She states softly.

Castor looks over at Samantha and says, "Can you imagine it, throwing into the mix? I mean settling down." He then says softly, "And you know…" his voice becomes quieter, "I'd like to build her a cabin somewhere…something…" his eyes close and he manages to get out the word, "nice." And like that he is asleep.

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