Foregone Conclusion
Foregone Conclusion
Summary: Lietuenant Samantha Passi crashes alone in the forest of Scorpia and is stumbled upon by a dead man…
Date: Post Holocaust Day #71
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Samantha has no real clue where her craft is. She ejected, parachute actually opening and things going as trained, even if the whole world was spinning. She's on the ground now, her chute half caught in some branches, but it looks like she managed to touch down without any real tree issues. Unconscious, or stunned, for the moment… she's not moving from the rag-doll thrown position in the pine needles and underbrush of the wooded area. The right side of her face is -covered- in blood, but then face and head wounds always bleed a ton worse than they actually are.

Sounds can be heard, simply it sounds like something is moving in the trees, but its hard to make anything out given the scale of things. If one was to look carefully they might catch the shadow'd form of someone approaching slowly, and carefully. Though the features are obscured, it appears to be a male about 6'4, and dressed in darker clothing. A leather jacket over a black shirt, and jeans around the waist. No words, not just yet.

Samantha rolls over onto her back, giving a low moan and more than a few curse words. She reaches one hand up, tugging off her gloves and tossing them into the needles as she tries to grab for her face… and realizes it's just all covered in sticky blood. "…Frak me…" She murmurs lowly, still half groping her way back into consciousness as she props herself up onto her elbows, blinking out of her good eye to the daylight around… Daylight. That just makes her stop a moment. Stop and breathe.

Eyes keep watching the downed pilot,before there's more movement. Snapping of twigs heard as the figure starts coming closer to where Samantha is propped up on her elbows. The face would be able to catch, and one that would be familiar to her. beard clings just so, and its the same cut, in fact the entire same face of someone she knew. However the one thing it is missing. is an eye patch. Hand up as if to shield the sun from his own eyes. "You alright?" Even the same Arelion accent…

Dead. She was dead. Samantha had to be. Strange that Hades, or where ever the hell she'd go, looks so much damned like Scorpia. And that, while his eye is perfect, she's still seeing blood out of her own right eye and the world's spinning. She stares up at him, dizziness soon mingling into utter confusion as she studies that all too familiar face… still sitting on the ground, stunned, but more than just physically now. "….Ajax?" She breathes out in utter confusion.

"Ssshh, girl." comes the words, soothingly from his voice, but the smile shows as his hands are coming out. A few more steps closer to where she is sitting "Here, let me help you up, and get you out of here. Make sure you're all right..Ok? Lets just be slow and easy..You took a bit of a hit there…" Still the man seems not to say that he is indeed Ajax, or is infact- not Ajax.

No sense. It makes no sense. And yet, this was the man Sam trusted almost beyond anyone else. She reaches her fingertips out, carefully accepting his hand so she can be scooped up off of the ground, operating on emotional instinct more than mental paranoia for a few heartbeats. She reaches her free hand up, trying to wipe some blood from her eye even as her forehead and half her face leaks freely from the impact with her canopy and half destroyed flight helmet. "I… I think… I'm fine. Just… dizzy. But…if you're here… I suspect I'm dead. That doesn't explain the dizziness, though." She states rather numbly.

He feels warm, and normal. Like a real live, living man, but then that could easily be your mind, frakking with you. "Alright then..Lets get a bearing on who you are first, then go through where you are? Alright.." words almost as if he was talking to your if he was a part of it. "Let go with name, rank, and serial.."

Samantha blinks at him, in utter confusion…"Ajax…you know me. It's… Samantha. But…. frak… this makes no sense. Frak…" How hard did she hit her head? She clings a bit tighter to his hand, squeezing there, confirming that he's still alive and warm and here. Or, more so, that she might definitely be dead. She looks from his eyes to the area around. "Hades…looks a lot like Scorpia… How… the -hell- did you -GET- here…"

"I know, but we're doing this for you right now. Samantha. Lets go rank..ship squadron. Just humor me?" the voice eases out, as his free hand moves, brushing her down before he's laughing. A curious look given over to Samantha. "Simple, dove. I'm here the same as you are.. Now, come on and lets get through this, we need our berings, and to get away from here incase they come looking for you, right?" By they he clearly means toasters, or so his tone might indicate.

Samantha isn't certain if he's checking her concussion or what, but he's still in trusted face mode, so she offers quietly, "Lieutenant Samantha Passi… Case to the squadron, from the CEC Kharon… Red Squadron. Humored?" She quips back, smirking at him tightly, once more half falling back on humor to stay sane as he begins to brush off her ripped but mostly in tact flight suit, needles only sticking where blood has dropped. "Now… same question to you. Who the frak are you, because I saw Ajax Crydel's body…I went to the frakking funeral."

"Ok, my turn, as long as you are willing to keep this up.." Voice is soft as he remains in close, hand pressed to the small of her back, as he is trying to lead her away from the crash. "I am simply Ajax Crydel..Remember, kiddo. You did just crash..So I am a part of you, as you are yourself..So while you're here..I'm here.. Ok.." or it could be something more, after all she can touch him and see him. Hear him.

Samantha allows herself to be lead, blinking in confusion still, but the world spinning isn't helping. The concussion she has is probably fairly severe, or so it looks with the blood and darkening bruise that goes deeply into her hairline and dips onto her forehead and temple. Maybe it's for the best, as she's rather more easily swayed while in shock than if she was fully in her right mind. She breathes shakily for a moment, as they continue to move. "Not… not possible. I am not… seeing things. I can feel you… you're real… this… Frak." She shakes her head almost violently and that alone makes her stumble, the world going black for a second.

The man keeps moving her and there's a look back to her. "Just trust me, alright.." his laugh the same rough bit of gravel on pavement that skitters, and his grin just as crooked, when he was missing an eye. Still he is leading here down, a cut path, winding into the woods. "Give me numbers-Sam. Stay with me. How many on board, how many Vipers, raptors..guns..Stay with me.." And when she shudders, he stoops to pull her closer to keep her from falling.

Samantha rests her hand against his arm, holding on a bit tighter/closer just to keep herself steady as they keep going down the path. She's not stumbling again, though, so must not be too badly off. "I'm fine… fine, Jack… just a bit dizzy and confused as all hell. Because either… you've a twin… or, I'm dead… or I'm making you up out of my imagination, which means I'm far more hurt than I thought…or the impossible occured. And none of that makes sense…But…I'm here. With you. Sure.. ain't goin' anywhere. Think my bird is dead…. "

The Man simply keeps moving her along with him, as they continue down the path, ever so careful as he leads her, till he is stopping. A motion made for her to quiet for a second. "Yeah your bird is dead.." A look back to her "But you're alive, and we're going to keep you that way. Can you tell me why we're here on Scorpia?" A look brow raised, before he's motioning for ehr to come along closer with him. "Besides, you know, walking wounded, dove."

Samantha trusts him. Even when she was certain it wasn't working, his arms felt safe, comfortable. So very solid and supportive. So she continues to walk, stopping as he motions and drawing in closer against his chest as her own bloodied hands wrap around his shoulders slightly. "…We… we were escorting Raptors. On a recon mission… that doesn't explain you, though. Ajax. You're… -dead-. I saw your body. Saw you out the airlock. Dead. I frakking attended your frakking funeral!" Her voice slightly crackles with that, some of the raw anger returning which she felt that whole time.

"Sam." comes those words. "Focus on why you're here and not on me. I'll answer everyting here soon enough, but right now I need to know that you don't have a concussion, that's so bad, that if you fall asleep on me, you will die. Ok?" The Man focuses that glare on her, before he's leading into a small clearing by a stream. "We're stopping here..Make camp.."

Samantha follows him over and, if he lets her go, she's going straight for the stream. She wants to get some of the blood off her face, make certain that her eye is just sticky and tacky with blood, not actually injured. She kneels over there, with or without his help, and begins to use the water to splash off her face (as long as it looks to be running clear). "Fine…" She states flatly at the comment about stopping here. She takes a good few moments to lean over the water… world still spinning, but at least her face is half clean, when the nausea hits. Frakking concussions. She tosses most of what she ate at lunch and a few cookies thrown in before finally just fully sinking to rest on her buttocks, breathing deeply. "…sorry. That… that feels better…"

The Man lets her down by the water. and lets her drink, mean while, he's moving to cover their tracks on down, in case anyone tries to follow after. A few minutes pass, and you might think he simply has vanished. Was indeed a bit of her imagination. And then he shows back up, coming from a different direction. "We weren't followed." and he moves, coming slowly over to sit by her. "Ok, so we were reconning Scorpia, why?" Again it seems like its just idle chatter meant to keep the brain going.

Samantha has washed most of the blood from her face, though that means the wounds are clear. She's got a vicious long gash going from above her temple to amost her jaw, where something in her helmet cracked with the force with which she hit her canopy. The faint bump is growing larger beneath the bruising and another gash in her hair, but she was lucky. Didn't lose the eye, by far less than an inch. She takes another sip of water, washing her mouth out and spitting before she finally looks up and over to him, staring at him a few hard moments and then doing the, possibly, un thinkable. She jerks up and -slugs- him one! "That's for killing yourself, you frakking idiot!" She needed to get it out of the way.

Eyes are quick, and he sees the punch coming enough to reacht to it. take it well without breaking his jaw. His head slugs to the side, before he is looking back towards Samantha, a hand rolling there for a moment. Quiet. "I deserved that.." And so he simply stays there at his side, before he's pushing up. "Help me gather wood-for a shelter.. and then we'll talk more. But, think for a second. Why are we down here, what are we looking for?"

Samantha's going mad. She's slugging it out with a dead man. Who is very clearly alive. She frowns a moment at his insistance on the inane questions, shaking her head clear, but she sighs, "Just recon. Looking for supplies, parts… Tylium, if there is any left. That's all. Stupid… little shit that we just lost half the wing for…" Sam curses again, a moment of sick anger and worry in her voice as she thinks about all the others who have gone down today. Her green eyes turn, staring out over the landscape, looking for smoke or anything else. "They might still be out there."

"Yeah they might." comes his answer, but then he is looking back to her, as he slowly rises and brushes himself up, further, Already walking to start gathering tree branches and he's motioning over to a log. As if this was all planned, but it can't be right? After all you're talking to a dead man. A clearly dead man. "We'll find them tomorrow. Right now, lets get you squared away.. Do you have your emergancy rations…pills, med kit?"

Samantha watches him as he goes, still sitting on the side of her hip, near the water, a fresh trail of blood beginning to leak from her face and forehead wound again. Facial lacerations are a bitch. She finally, slower this time, pushes herself up to her feet to follow him, beginning to tug off her back pack that the chute was in, looking through it, "Yeah, seems like the emergency kit is in tact. And fine… I'll stay tonight, then go looking… but you owe me an explanation. I'm serious. You said you'd explain it so spill.

"I had some things, that were not working out for me.." says the man for a moment, A close bit of watching. "What I did was selfish, but was needed, gods knows. BUt you're alive..You're fine.." A grin there soft, for a second, as his hand reaches out to pass a few branches to her. "You know.." A pause and he is looking back to her. "Last thing that passed through my mind was you. I missed you.."

Samantha blinks against a sudden sting of tears in her eyes at his very last words. She didn't want to hear that. She doesn't look at him, staring down at the ground now as she accepts those branches and goes about the habitual practice of building a fire. "…isn't this place crawling with toasters? If we build a fire we're an automatic target, Jack…" she admits quietly, but her hands still keep up with the motions. It's better than hitting him again. Or giving into the fact that she's lost her mind. She allows a few more moments of silence to pass. "…so… If you died, and you admit you died… how are you here? Always honest, didn't we lay that out from the start?"

"We're building a shelter, dove. Not a fire, unless we need it to pull out shrapnel from you and clean the wound…" A look to her as she cries, and one hand comes out, to offer, something f a comfort, to wipe the tears, mainly, to try to, before raising her head to look to him. "I did." he said plainly. As for how he's here there's a faint grin "Ah.. Gods aren't through with me yet, dove. I have some work to do.."

Samantha looks up as he brushes those beginning tears from her lashes. She's not actually letting herself full on cry, but he can manage to get a few drops before what they are building hits her with a quiet realization. "…Frak, yeah… sorry. Not… Not quite with it…" Sam admits, truly having hit herself more than she first realized. She readjusts what she's doing in the building process, pulling back away from him again. "…the gods… don't work like that, Jack. We've had this conversation. They… they died… a long time ago."

"Then how am I here?" said simply, before he's leaning in and dropping what boughs he's kissing her cheek softly "Or how could I do that.." the closeness maintained, unless she pulls away from him again. One hand ghosting to her hips, before he's looking back to her. "Lets not have it now..Lets just get you taken care of.."

Samantha wishes she had an answer. But she doesn't, and he's kissing her cheek and it feels so damn good. She just drops the branches for a few moments, leaning against him, burying her nose against his scruffy cheek and breathing in deeply. He certainly felt alive, warm, very much like himself. Maybe the Gods did exist… maybe there were miracles. She can't stop the tears this time, leaning against him, just like that a few moments. "..The… Gods… oh… Artemis…" It's both a quiet, desperate prayer and a moan of gratitude at the same time.

The Man stays right by her and holds her tighter, possibly for support, and possibly because he neds it himself. She snuzzles in, and one hand comes up to comb through her hair, grimy as it is with the blood and all. "We need to get you cleaned up, and any wounds taken care of…" murmured softly against her skin. before lips claim it again. Oh either the fates a cruel, or they really sent you an angel. "You'll be fine, I'll watch over you."

Samantha breathes in deep against him, just leaning there a few more moments, not really able to fight any longer. The Gods, believe or not, always seemed to pull through for her. So she nods slowly, just accepting the moment, finding some sort of safety and sanity in this embrace enough that the tears and any bit of shaking stops. She pulls back, after some time, taking another shakey breath. "Yes… let's… just get this… built. Safer. Better." She turns a wary, silent look at the sky before she silently begins to work, letting pure survival training take over.

Soon enough they would have a nice, and fine shelter built to typical military standards. Its a simply bough covering for a lean-to which should provide some camoflauge and thus go unnoticed. When its done the Man Jack, is simply croched by the river, washing his hands, before he is turning and looking back to her. The daylight slowly beginning to dwindle. "Let me take a look at you? Remove your flightsuit..Set the gun aside.." so it doesn't go off, when he's checking her over.

Sam worked in silence. He'd notice something different about her, though possibly it could be attributed to the concussion or the crash, but some of her confidence is gone. She, every now and then, stares up at the sky with an utter wariness in her face. She's not completely losing it, but there's a strange tension that seems to have come out of no where and has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the planet. Once the shelter is built, she can't wait to get inside. She'd rather shimmie out of her flight suit in there than the open air, which is exactly what she begins to do, grabbing at the zippers and carefully pulling them open to reveal her sweat soaked tanks beneath. "Good… good to be out of the… open space. Not walking targets…"

Jack, simply keeps quiet as he watches, studies Sam, while she helps out, though once in a while he might offer a touch or small kindness, that is till they shimmy under the cover of the branches. Once she is peeling out of her suit, his hand is moving to the flat of her stomach, a touch as if to reassure she is fine, and that he will be indeed taking care of her. "We're fine here. They won't find our tracks, and we'll be safe…I want you to eat and rest…And I'll take first watch.."

Samantha gives him a slightly sterner smirk, staring up to his handsome eyes from where she's settled down against their support wall. She peels out of the legs of her flight suit, most of her right side a vicious black and blue, she slammed into the interior of her viper damn good it seems, but she hasn't fallen over dead yet so she's probably fine. "I… I ain't sure I can sleep, Jack. Just sit down… relax. We'll hear'em coming, right?" She states almost hopefully as she turns to drag out the rations from her pack, focusing on the small things now. Easier than the big questions. She doesn't stop his touch but she doesn't quite return it yet, just ripping open a foil of dehydrated food.

"I could help you relax." The smirk there, that might remind her of older times, and warmer beds. However it seems he won't push, even if hands are sliding under her tanks. There is no over groping as he is simply feeling her ribs, before pulling back. Eyes focused on her as she takes time to see to her rations. "Give me the gun, I'll keep first watch, and you're going to need to sleep, otherwise, you'll be shite tomorrow and you know it." the man Jack just looks back outside, stilling for a moment and shaking it off. "We can't go back the way we came, they'll be looking for you there."

Samantha breaks off a small piece of the dehydrated meat, taking a few uncertain bites of it before she offers some in his direction. She shifts, letting him check over her ribs as he wants, but not quite returning the affections physically yet. It's not exactly a romantic hideaway they're on. Everything seems in fact, if horribly bruised or possibly slightly cracked, but nothing life threatening. She makes certain he eats something, giving him a levelled glare if he dares refuse, matching the glare about the 'relaxing' comment. "I'll sleep in a bit. I… I hate… frakking planets. And I still don't know exactly…how you're here… anyway."

"Seems you picked the worst place t' crash then huh?" Asked as he looks back to her for a moment. There a glare, and he chuckles, one hand mving to take the meat. As if to prove further that he is alive, he bites in and eats easily. Taking time to chew, but then he was a Marine wasn't he? So this is like a picnic for him. "Can I ask you something?" A glance back to her over his shoulder, before he is motioning for this gun. It seems he is dead serious about keeping the first watch.

Samantha finally rolls her eyes, taking off her gun and handing it, handle first (proper position) in his direction. The safety's on, of course. She watches him eat the meat, as if it were just strange confirmation that he was living, before she takes a bite of the rest of her's, finishing half the pack before stowing it back inside her bag…"Sure. Ask away. And… I certainly picked an interesting place to crash. No clue how any of this makes sense, but it happened, and we're here…so ask." She murmurs softly, keeping her voice to just a whisper so they aren't making any sort of real noise outside of the shelter.

"Why did you go?" asked almost out of no where. Gun is taken and he checks it in the traditional way, making sure a round is in the chamber, and then the safety is flicked off, before he's facing the other doorway, not really looking at her, but only once does he turn his head to keep his eyes peeled on the pilot. "I wish you knew what that did to me.."

Clearly not the question she wanted to hear. Exhausted, injured, and now swallowing back that guilt she had been working on putting to bed all week last week, she sinks onto her uninjured side, half facing him as she actually considers how to respond to that. "…Dunno. You… scared me. Hated the religion stuff. Always have. Only wanted a nice frak and… then there was more. And it was nice but… scary too. Still loved Martin. Probably always will. Dunno if you ever stop loving someone… you included." She admits on a quiet whisper.

"Yeah well it killed me." pun put aside as the man Jack's voice turns cold, just for a moment. gun still pointed out the opening of the shelter, simply in case anything should stumble along. "It was nice..acctually made me feel like I was still belonging- and all that. It gutted, Samantha." And with that he is content to leaving it simply where it lies., before he is looking back. Silence thick as smoke in the small space "I loved you."

Samantha closes her eyes tightly as she hears that, lips pressing together, that raw grief and guilt welling up in her throat again as she hears those words… Confirms what she -feared-. What everyone told her wasn't true. Of course it couldn't be her. She says nothing for a long moment, swallowing back another welling of nausea as she curls up onto her side and doesn't even look at him, even if she's still facing him. "Gods…Jack. I… I'm sorry. I'm… a fool… and a bitch… and I… I told you that from the start…" She whispers out after several long moments before catching her words, falling quiet again. Finally, she whispers, "For… what it's worth… I…I think I did love you… I do… I could."

The man Jack, smiles before he is looking back towards Samantha, and there is a slight nod, though the smile does not reach. "Well, its the past now.." one hand idly coming up to rub at his neck, as if relieving pressure unseen there. A cough and he is looking back to her. "Get some shut eye, because I will be waking you up early in the morning. We're going to need to leg it out of here, and I'll need you ship shape. Can you do that for me?" A brow raised.

Sam wants to say more, eyes reopening, staring up at him, and yet there is nothing there. She finally nods, sinking her head onto the pine needles and her arm folded beneath her. "…But it's not… in the past. You're here… now. It's… now. Again." She whispers quietly, unable to hide the ache from her voice and it has nothing to do with her head. She does shut her eyes, though, half asleep or half unconscious, at least, but her heart isn't ready to drop this.

Jack turns his head for a moment. "My death though is…" he adds with a soft smile, before he is coming in closer to her, one hand moving one hand to rest on her heart, and press down gently. "I don't think you'll kill me again." a soft laugh, at his own dark joke, before he's winking. "Unless you're set on it?"

Samantha gazes up to him from where she lays there in the darkness, barely able to see each other by the distant reflections of moon light, but she can't look away, not when he touches her like that. She takes in a shakey breath, her hand reaching up, fingertips lacing through his…"No… no. Never set on it… gods…if I had ever dreamt, Jack…ever even thought…" Her hand tightens more against his, white knuckled and so strongly insistant.

Jack continues to look down in the darkness, before finally he drops his head in and lays a kiss, softly on her lips. That hand of his squeezing hers, before he is pulling his head back, after a moment. "If you thought, you'd kill yourself?" a shake of his head. "Sam.. just sleep easy.. Things will be clear in the morning.."

Samantha returns the kiss, just a single moment, a joining of lips near fingertips, and then she lets him pull away, not fighting it, too tired and heart sick to protest more tonight. There would be time tomorrow, there had to be. "…Good night, Jack. See you in the morning…" She whispers, tucking her head down onto her arm again and shutting her eyes. It will be a long while before she actually falls into sleep, but she's trying to get there.

Night would be long, perhaps Longer than Sam would expect, as he doesn't take time to rouse her for watch. if she were to wake a couple of times. He would be there. A tender word, or a soft press of lips, but nothing more. However Morning would come like a big blaring signal. And something would feel wrong. If she was to check her things, compass, and map are missing, along with the man, no longer there.. Upon further inspection the extra clip is to the pistol is missing. when she would come out, sitting clear as day on a stump close by is her gun. Empty, save for the one bullet lying next to the piece. And in the dirt, it is clearly written and easily read :You are a foregone conclusion.: Other than that there is no trace that the man had even been there to begin with.

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