First Look Plans
First Look Plans
Summary: The Resistance groupies plan the first venture out into the wild.
Date: PHD 20
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The living room area of the Lodge has been set up to house a Big Meeting. It's one of those nights when anticipation has built to an almost fever pitch. Two members of the Resistance have already wandered off. There's a small fire going and dinner has been lain out. It looks like tonight's meal is venison patties, a version of hamburgers, spiced up with some fresh herbs. Phai is doing the side dish. Angel's just finished setting the platter of burgers out along with some homemade condiments, like ketchup made with overripe tomatoes. Nothing goes to waste.

Phaistion ambles out of the kitchen with a heaping bowl of what looks like spinach. He'd spent the afternoon figuring the dish out, and the greens have been lovingly cooked down with wild onions, garlic, pepper and salt. There's rich undertone to the flavors provided by the finely minced piece of deer he'd fried up to lend its flavor. The bowl is set down next to Angel's offering and he quietly murmurs to his companion in cuisine, "Is that it, or do you need me to grab anything else from the kitchen, Angel?"

Anthem strides in from outside, looking a little wet. Luckily, he doesn't smell, so one can assume he took a bath in the nearby creek. He is, however, limping slighly as he moves to find a seat. "Smells divine."

In the far corner of the living area tucked away is Achilles, curled up on himself and writing with a pencil upon a few sheets of paper that are folded and crumpled. He glances up at voices then goes back to his work writing.

Harkins can be heard outside before he is seen. There's the sound of clanking metal and polymers before his thunking boots can be heard on the porch. When he pulls the door open, he's probably not carrying what one might expect. There's three Colonial Marine battle rifles slung over each shoulder and he wearing a backpack that looks heavy as hell. "Evenin' folks. Smells like someone's been cooking up something delicious." No comment about the weapons, he just walks over towards the originating point of such sweet scents. "Good thinkin', too. I'm hungry. We can talk and eat."

Angel smiles up at Phai and shakes her head. "Not unless you want to bring the jar of tea in," she says quietly. "I'm going to go get the plates. It smells incredible. I can't wait to try the dandelions." Anthem's given a warm smile and she gestures him to a seat. "Settle in and relax. I'll get…" Pause. Harkins! And he's carrying odd things, things that have her head cocking to the side. She glances to Achilles, worried.

Phaistion winces a bit at Angel. He'd wanted to keep the dandelion part of the equation under wraps so that people would give the greens a fair tasting without prejudice. "I'll get it," He offers with a smile, and trots back into the kitchen only to return with a large jar of Angel's sun tea, to which he's added a few sprigs of wild spearmint for added flavor. Once that's set down, he finally finds himself a seat. "Good evening, everyone!"

Dmitri has arrived.

Achilles glances up when Harkins arrives, tilting his head at the weapons and his hand tightens around his paper, the man skirting back some as if expecting rifles to be aimed at him from his posture. His eyes monitor the situation before glancing towards Angel then back to the weapons.

Anthem grins at Phaistion. "Tryin' to feed us real rabbit food now, are you? Can't be worse than what the marines serve, at any rate." He looks up as Harkins enters and nods. He lets out a low whistle. "So, you weren't lying about those rifles," the marine states obviously. "There's a sight for sore eyes."

Harkins smirks at whats being set. Eating flowers and shrubbery doesn't seem too offensive. He carefully unslings the rifles one at a time and leans them against the wall. None of the magazines are in them yet, the chambers left open and locked back. "After we finish up here, you'll each get one of these." The backpack comes off carefully, the old man straining and grunting a bit. It reaches the ground, the sound something that betrays a heavy weight. "Loaded mags are here in the sack. Lemme grab m'maps while you all settle in. We'll get talking about this shit on the doublequick." He nods to each in turn before heading back into his little office.

The outside door creaks open again, and Cerberus comes tromping inside, ears flopping and tongue hanging out to pant for breath. His master comes in a few steps after, rifle slung over his shoulder, Dmitri's head lifting in a casual wave of greeting. "Folks."

Angelica turns and slides into the kitchen, moving on little cat feet, as she's wont to do. There's no disguising the furrow between her brows, though. She returns in short order with plates and utensils for the group. Cerberus' arrival manages to get a smile out of her and she leans down to scratch behind his ears briefly as she passes. "Evening," she tells Dmitri, smiling. "Come in and sit, we were just about to eat." Dinner - deer burgers and a delectable smelling side dish - is on the coffee table. Over she goes, starting to plate things up. The first plate is put near Harkins' usual chair.

The presence of food has Achilles perking up a bit but he quickly resumes his writing, half looking at the paper and half watching the others as he scribbles.

Anthem rises to his feet, moving to go serve himself. He grabs a burger and a healthy helping of the dandelion-spinach to which he adds the necessary condiments and utensils while doing his best to stay out of Angel's way. He sits back down with the food, all the while munching on some of the dandelions. "Good," he manages to say, turning the words into multiple syllables in between mouthfuls.

Monty returns with a map, rolled up. He approaches the table and sets it down in a clear area. "Alright, eat if ya like. I'm gonna say my piece if you all want to listen while ya munch. We can talk about this idea after I lay it out." He clears his throat, coughing once with a hand over his mouth. The map is unrolled and held at each end with a glass of drinkables. Its a laminated sheet that looks like its seen some travel in its days. Harkins produces a small grease pencil from a pocket and looks up to Achilles. "You gonna take a gander and eat some grub, son?"

When Harkins coughs, Angel winces and turns away slightly. She takes two plates over toward Achilles and offers him one. For the moment, she stays in that general area.

Cerberus snuffles at Angelica's hand briefly at the scratch behind the ears, then pads over to thump down beside the chair that Dmitri's just chosen, his own hunting rifle rested against the chair's side so it's not in the way of him sitting down. "I'm listenin'," he replies easily, gathering up one of those deer burgers and picking it up to take a bite thereof. Mm. Venison.

"If it is the map from the room down the hall I have seen it." When Angel delivers him food, he looks at her and says something before accepting it after cramming the papers into his pocket.

Phaistion seems quite pleased with Anthem's praise as he fixes himself a plate and settles himself down. Monty's cough draws his attention as well as a frown. He makes a mental note to speak to Angel about that later.

Anthem takes an oversized bite of his burger, and thus is too busy chewing and trying not to make a mess to do much of anything else - let alone talk.

"Smaller scale, Achilles." He then looks back to the map. It doesn't quite cover all the way down to Paros, falling short by a dozen miles or so. It covers a lot of the local terrain and the few roads in the area. Monty reaches out and makes an X on the lodge. "We're here. Gladwell Drive runs North/South here." A small circle is made over the Resort. "Gladwell Drive interscts with Highways two-fouteen and six-oh-six. Six-oh-six runs southbound from here. Two-fourteen runs a helluva long way out to the West. I've got maps but the next closest thing is farther than you folks want to hump." He takes a moment to pause, looking around. "If you all take six-oh-six southbound, you'll cover about fifteen miles, give or take, before you get to this little po-dunk town called Osprey. Its basically a couple of shops, a gas station and a hotel built around an industrial intersection in the middle of nowhere. Any questions so far?"

Angel offers Achilles a soft smile then moves to settle into a seat. "None so far," she tells Harkins quietly. "Should we stay to the side of the road or on it?"

"Tracking is more difficult on the road surface." Achilles whispers towards Angel, "And travel is easier but it also makes being sighted easier. The ideal would be to intermix between surface and off to hopefully confuse any attempting to follow." He eats some of the food and moves so she has room to sit by him.

Having not even entertained the notion of heading out on the mission, Phaistion keeps quiet, contenting himself with tucking back his meal.
"I'm presuming we're keeping to foot, and off-road," Dmitri asks quietly after he finishes off a bite of burger, both brows lifting as he looks over to the old man, "To keep from getting observed by… any enemy forces in the area?" A pause. "Do we have any confirmation on who it even is, yet, or are we hopin' to figure that out with this?"

"On it when there's convenient cover nearby. You'll move faster," Anthem says, nodding to Achilles. "He has the right idea." He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand before taking another bite. He gives the map just a cursory look for now, having already spent time looking at the local area. "As for what we expect to find…chances are nothin', or other survivors. Worst case is we run into Cylons or a heavily armed group of bandits - but we have to work on the assumption that we will run into them to be better able to evade them. So, it's on foot for now - I'd say. Vehicles will attract too much attention."

"Tracking is easier off road, like Achilles said. But that's assuming anyone is looking for you. So far, we've got no reason to believe anyone knows where we are. If those are cylons, they'd just drop a bomb on the lodge." Monty clears his throat and motions around the map with his hand. "But again, yeah, you will move faster on the roads. Since I won't be going, I'll leave that up to you all who will be out there putting boots down." He then looks down to Osprey and circles it as well. "I couldn't honestly guess what you'll be looking at, but any information will be helpful. And yeah, cars will attract too much attention.. on the way back. Its a calculated risk, but you all might be able to get away with one being taken from Gladwell and driving away in it. But just don't return in it. Up to you guys, again." He leans forward on the table, planting his hands on the flat surface. "This area around Osprey is about two-thousand feet. You guys might have radiation saturation in the area. Nobody knows how much since we don't have a Geiger counter. But I'll be distributing anti-rad doses from my stash to everyone who goes. I don't care about chances, I want you all to use them regardless. Better safe than dead, aye?"

Angelica's attention seems to be on Harkins, and there's a sadness about her as she watches the man. For a time, it's clear that no one else exists. She's simply listening, absorbing.

"Are we far enough from Gladwell to drive back to there, then make it the rest of the way on foot?" Phaistion offers the idea up for discussion, "If we found anything that was useful, we could load up the car, then unload it from there to here in trips through the woods."

"Perhaps this window could be used to lay a few false trails as well, away from us. Set up evidence of camps and a migratory path that goes where we aren't, so if anyone does come after us, they'll hunt in the wrong direction." Achilles comments it quietly while continuing to eat, looking at the ground by his feet.

"A little misdirection could go a long way, but we'll want to get an idea of the lay of the land before we try. But it's something we should do very soon," Anthem says. "We want to keep the lodge secret no matter what. And, yeah, better safe."

Harkins shakes his head to Phaistion. "The path that leads here from Gladwell isn't hard to find. You can see it from the parking lot if you know the general direction. But if you're spotted from the air and the car stays there after stopping, its just a matter of searching the area until someone or something finds us. People don't abandon perfectly good cars. Not in this situation." He then looks between Achilles and Anthem. "Good thinking. If you guys see a good opportunity to do that, use your discretion on it. It sure wouldn't hurt as long as its done right." Monty clears his throat again and finally settles into the chair beside him. "I'd like Gunnery Sergeant Hollas to lead this trip. I know I'm not in any particular authority to assign a leader for it, but I believe he is best equipped for it. He's got the best insight into maneuvers like this and I trust he can keep you all safe. Objections?"

"None," Angel says quietly, shaking her head. She finally pulls her attention from Harkins and offers Anthem a small smile. But the smile doesn't last. She's more thoughtful than anything.

Angel's words catch Achilles attention and he glances at her as if surprised. "You are going?" He asks quietly and frowns as if already knowing the answer.

"I don't guess I've got an opinion either way, I wasn't planning on going." Phaistion reaches for a second helping of the dandelions as he speaks, "I'm probably more use here working on the garden." Though, to his mind, Anthem is a good call for leading the party.

"I'm happy to play second fiddle if someone else thinks they can do a better job. And if things get real ugly, my hip could be a liability," Anthem states. "But, if everyone thinks I'm the best compromise for the job, ain't my place to argue." He frowns, then adds, "That bein' said, this is a recon. We shouldn't put all our eggs in the basket."

"The Gunnery Sergeant brings up a good point. This is a recon. You'll have some good firepower, but don't get into a fight if you can avoid it. Our only medic decided to walk off with that shifty, impatient kid. If you get hurt, it'll be one of us fixing whoever it is." For whatever that's worth. He settles back in the chair, reaching for his Deer Burger (tm). "So, what do you all think? Sound like an operation worthy of your efforts? If so.. I wanna hear from you all what our goals should be."

"I'll go if the Gunny feels my skills would be useful," Angel demures quietly. "Sir has trained me on a few things. I have some medical training, if something happens, and I'm a tracker." Well, -that's- a surprise. She's eaten a little of her food, but not much, not yet. She glances over at Achilles and quirks a brow a bit. "Are you?"

Achilles glances at the others and significantly lowers his voice in order to speak to Angel, practically whispering to her ear while looking at the ground, food seemingly forgotten. As is the rest of the room but he does go on whispering for some time.

"Seeds," Phaistion pipes up immediatly. "Especially non-hybrid seeds. It's the time of year too when shops and stuff would be putting out onion sets and bare root berry plants. They'd all be pretty light and won't take up a lot of room in packs. Food's got to be a top priority for us."

"Seeds will be useful, especially long term," Anthem says, nodding to Phaistion. "But, food, seeds, weapons, ammunition, medicine. Not necessarily in that order. Plus, get an idea of how frakked things are, and how lonely we are out here."

"I wouldn't be too concerned with guns and ammo just yet. Wait til you all start hitting back. Which could be soon, so note anything you find as far as they go." Harkins takes a bite of the burger and takes his sweet time enjoying it. "Medicine and seeds, yeah. Find what you can. Maybe an ambulance or something. Fill your rucks with what you can find there. But still, information. I've got a digital camera I'll give to one of you all. Get pictures of what you can find. We might even spot something in the shots that you didn't see at first glance. Also, take notebooks. Jot down notes. Things you see, smell, hear, or maybe /don't/ see, smell or hear. If you get a bad feeling about an area, make a note. Try and draw out why. People're more perceptive than we give rational credit to."

"We can bring back sustainables," Angel says softly. "If we have the time, I'd suggest taking what we can't carry and stashing it along the path where we can return to it if necessary." She's quiet for a moment, lips pursing. "Sir? Is it possible we can do with what we find like I did with the supplies from Gladwell?" For the rest of the group she eludicates, "I packed the ATV with as much as I could and drove it all the way up to where I couldn't drive anymore, then carried the rest back in. We can load up supplies and drive them part way, then carry them the rest of the way."

"Salt too. As much of it as there's room for." Phaistion's mind is doing that thing now where it's turning over the problems and sorting out solutions. "We need it to survive, and extra can be used to preserve meat." There's a pause, "Tarps too, if Monty doesn't already have some. We need to work out making that removable roof over the garden before the rains start getting really toxic." A few more bites of dandelion gets munched, "If you find yeast packets grab them, cause we can start a sourdough jar with a just a little that'll rise bread for ages as long as it's shepharded right." Monty's words prompt him to remember something, "If you see any bees, make note of it. And if you can find their hives, check to see if they've dropped dead bee corpses around them. Helps in telling how far down the mountain you go before the radiation starts getting bad. Damage to the bee colonies is key to note." To Angel he states, "And note down any fruit trees. stands of wild herbs, and stuff like that, please."

Dmitri finishes off the last of his deer burger, leaning back in the seat and continuing to listen to the conversation. "ATV? I thought we weren't going to be using any vehicles? Might be small, but it still kicks up dust, and a heat signature, Angel."

Achilles sets his plate down, half finished, and rises to his feet. Glancing around, he turns and makes his way towards the door of the lodge without further word.

Anthem grins at Phaistion. "If you're so deadset on knowing all that, maybe you should come along. Salt and weapons are both a bit of a problem because they're heavy in serious amounts. But, salt we can slowly get, especially if people use it to soften their water - it's a resource people will probably overlook. Another thing we can look into is iodine. Adding a bit to your diet is somewhat toxic if you take too much, but reduces the effects of radiation poisoning." He leans back, patting his stomach. "Bees aint' the only thing to note. Ants, birds, anything livin', any insects in colonies, they probably can serve as early warnin' signals."

"I wouldn't suggest taking any kind of motorized transport back this direction. It'll mean you guys will be gone longer, but I think its worth it to ensure we aren't spotted and you all aren't followed." Harkins takes another bite of the burger, eyeing it as he chews - his general sign of approval. "Phaistion, why don't you go with them? You know what kind of sustainable supplies we need. It might do good to have you along. You know how to shoot?" He's still looking over the Deer Patty. "Besides, you all are right about salt and iodine. We'll need it. If we don't have enough in our diet, it'll kill us. Anthem has some good ideas on the mind." He takes another bite and continues chewing.

Angelica remains quiet, though watches Achilles as he leaves. She nods, once, to Dmitri.

Phaistion turns his attention to Harkins for a moment, "Would you mind too much looking after the transplants, Monty? They'll need watering, I was worried about leaving them. There's not too many yet, just some strawberries, wild onions and a patch of herbs." As long as he can make certain the garden is being properly tended, going along isn't a problem.

Dmitri nods back easily, picking up the remainder of his plate and leaning down to set the plate on the ground for the dog. Cerberus eagerly starts eating. "So who's goin' and who's sayin'?"

"That's the question, ain't it?" Anthem states. "Three to five people is probably best. People who are in decent shape, most of whom can shoot. We'll need to leave some shooters behind, as well, to take care of things. And not just Monty," He grins at Harkins. "Nothin' personal, but even one old marine can't stand up to all comers." He looks down at his food, thinking about taking another bite, before continuing. "But we'll need some people who can think o their feet an' react to situations. We'll probably leave light and come back heavy if all goes well, so we need people who know what to get and where to look."

Harkins shrugs. "If all you need me to do is water the planets once a day, I can do that. I draw the line at singing, though." He laughs a bit, coughing once at the end. "And who goes? I'm not too concerned as long as people are going to get us this info. I know Frank and a few others have voiced interest but I haven't seen them about. But I will, for sure, be staying. You all can take who you think would be valuable. It might do some people some good to see what's become of our colony." With Anthem's words, Monty falls silent. The man only nods his head in agreement a few times. Something occurs to him, though and he does offer, "Keep in mind that the more people you take, the more you can haul back."

Angelica finishes up her food, quietly listening. But then she offers, softly, "I'd like to go, but will be happy to stay here to protect the Lodge."

"I'm not really a combatant, I mean I have some class setting martial arts experience, and I don't know a thing about guns," Phaistion admits ruefully, turning his attention to Anthem, "It's your mission, so it's your call, if you think I'm needed." A grateful nod is given to Monty, "No singing required, just a good long drink for them from the well should be fine."

Dmitri just leans back in his chair, his hand dropping to scruffle at Cerberus's ears as he listens to the others - and waits to see what their decisions are.

"I'm guessing that Frank, myself and then to a lesser extent Achilles and Salazar know how to handle themselves if things go south. That means that of those four, two to three should be goin'. I know Frank and Achilles don't get along well, but that's up to them to decide. As for the rest, it's really a volunteer basis as far as I'm concerned. Angel, Mister Bray, Dmitri, all of you seem up to it in my book. Angel'd be a good hand - she knows the basics of how to handle a gun and knows the area better than most. Phaistion seems bright enough, and probably will be useful if we make it to Osprey," Anthem muses. "But, I don't want to take too many. What we have here at the lodge is more important than we we'll be able to find an' bring back. Thus, we can't let anyone take it from us while we're gone."

Almost on cue, Achilles returns from outside, his arms filled with a collection of rocks that he carries over to where he was before and sets them down. If one were observant, they'd probably notice all the rocks are sharpened and look like crude knives. Its then the man sets to work organizing and selecting.

Harkins is perfectly happy to sit back and enjoy the rest of the burger. He nods his approval to Angel, giving her a little smile. Its finishes out with a gulp of tea. "I'll only need a few shooters here while you all set-out. If someone wanders up and it's more than I can handle with a couple people, we bug out and then ambush 'em when they leave. Easy as pie." He digs a fork into the greens and watches Achilles move back in with a bunch of rocks. Confusion in them thar brows.

Angelica dips her head to Anthem. "Just let me know when and where you need me," she tells him. "Phai can help me get supplies together for whomever goes. I have jerky done and trail mix."

"I'm up for it," Dmitri replies casually, his chin lifting up in a nod over towards Anthem, "If you need me along. I've got my own weapons, and ol' Cerberus here might prove useful on the trail. His nose's better than ours is, after all."

"I still have protien bars left too, that we can take," Phaistion mentions. Perhaps not the most enticing of meals, but the extra high volume protien will be good for the level of activity they're talking about. "Just my opinion, but I think it would be great to have the two of you along," He tells Dmitri.

"Present company would do admirably," Anthem states, then begins to wolf down the food he has left.

Achilles continues his rock organizing, glancing at the conversations that are taking place momentarily before returning to his work.

Harkins remains silent, happy to watch the group for a moment as they organize themselves.

Angelica nods in agreement with Phai. "I think it would be great to have you and Cerberus along," she tells Dmitri. "I'll make sure our packs are ready. When do we want to do this?"

Phaistion turns his attention to Angel, "Do we have some more empty cans, Angel? Or better yet, plastic bags, they'd be good to take along if we run across stuff that's worth bringing back to transplant." It's clear his thinking for this mission is going to tend toward future sustainability.

"Everyone will need a hunting backpack or the like. I want to have a shotgun and a few shells and a hatchet or axe as well, in addition to whatever else we take. That way we can break into pretty much anything we come across," Anthem says. "Weapons as people are comfortable. Food for two weeks if stretched."

"I've got rucks for people to take, but two weeks worth of food is going to stretch you all pretty thin on space. Especially if you all want to haul ammunition and something to sleep in. I'd suggest a couple days worth. If you need to kill some food, do it." Harkins continues eating his greens. "I've got your rifles here if anyone wants to use these. I've got a 12 guage you all can take, too."

"We can forage some along the way," Dmitri suggests with a shrug of one shoulder, "Although once we start gettin' closer to the nuked area, we'll want to do that less, o'course."

"My pack is pretty big, I was supposed to be up here in the mountains for nearly a month, so it can carry a lot," Phaistion replies, "I just need to empty it out, and repack it for the current mission." Suddenly he remembers something Monty had said the other night, "Hey Monty, you said people left stuff up here all the time, know if there's any fanny-packs? That would add extra space too."

Achilles lifts up one of his rocks, "I'll travel light." He states rather simplisticly and slips the rock into his pocket.

"Two weeks at a stretch. Starvation rations. I don't want to be overly reliant on foraging - anything you can take care of in advance is one less problem you'll run into. Eight to tens days is more reasonable," Anthem states. "A tent and some basic sleeping supplies would be smart. Some matches. I brought as many matchbooks as I could fit in my pockets from the Gladwell."

"Sure thing, Phaistion. We use those waist totes for shotgun shells and spare ammunition. Got a whole collection of them in the hall closet sitting in a box on the floor." Monty pushes back from the table, his plate not quite cleared but he seems satisfied. "I've got some flashlights for you all take take along too, but make sure you all practice light discipline." He coughs once more and rises from the table. "I need to see about a few things before I turn in for the night. Anthem, I leave them in your capable hands for this one."

"Sounds good." Dmitri pushes his chair out with a slight scooching against the floor, and bends down to pick up the plate that Cerberus was finishing off; collecting his other plates, he moves to take them into the kitchen. "Just let me know."

"Travelling light is one thing," Phaistion's voice is soft when he directs his words to Achilles. "But I hope you're planning on carrying your fair share of supplies that we find on the way back. Because if not? What's the point in going in the first place?" As usual, he seems to be thinking about the group collective. As Monty stands to leave, Phai's eyes watch him with concern, "Thanks Monty, those will really help, I'm thinking."

Anthem nods. "Of course, Monty, and thank you." He finishes up the last of his food before grinning at Phaistion. "I promise you, Achilles will find a way to carry his weight, one way or another. And take care of himself."

Achilles looks at Phaistion steadily and speaks in a level quiet tone. "I'd venture of all of the 'people'", he lifts his fingers to make quotation marks, "here… I'm the one most likely able to … as the good Sargeant put it, carry my weight and take care of myself. Isn't that right Sarge."


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