Small Arms

This is a page that lists out the primary small-arms available on the Kharon and can be seen regularly by some crew. It was a page originally put up by Castaine's player (thank you!) and the source, as listed at the bottom, is the BSG RPG Corebook so all rights are reserved by that author. Some of the information has been changed to reflect proper terminology. As a further note, these are only the hand-held firearms used by the Colonial Navy and Marines but are mainly under control of the Marines within the Arms Lockers throughout the ship. The big cannons and ship-to-ship weapons that are mounted to the ship are under the control of the Weapons Department and are thus, not listed here.

Weapons List


  • Aquarian PM: This sidearm was used by the Aquarian military and police forces prior to the formation of the Colonial government. Since then, it has largely fallen out of use, and has become a collector’s piece. It is semi-automatic and uses 9mm ammunition in an eight-round magazine.
  • CAL Mark 23: The Caprica Arms Laboratory developed the Mark 23 for use by Colonial Marine Special Forces units. This semi-automatic uses .45ACP ammunition and comes equipped with a sound suppresor. It’s laser aiming module (LAM) projects a tell-tale red dot on a target when aiming; the silencer makes it hard to hear the shot from more than ten yards away, and to identify the location or direction of the shooter.
  • CAL P9: The Caprica Arms Laboratory manufactured this handgun for a short time before the Cylon invasion. It is semi-automatic but has only a limited .44 Mag nine-round magazine.
  • Dragon Mark XIX: This large-caliber, gas-operated semi-automatic pistol was developed by Jewel Research and manufactured by Scorpia Military Industries (SMI). It uses .357 ammunition and holds nine rounds in a magazine. Only available to the military in this configuration, there is also an explosives launcher underneath the barrel. It was standard-issue to pilots for many years.
  • Picon Five-seveN: The Picon Five-seveN is the standard issue sidearm for the Colonial military, developed and manufactured by Picon Firearms. Not surprisingly, it uses 5.7 x 28mm ammunition. It is semi-automatic and uses magazines of 10, 20, or 30 rounds, which fit into the handle of the gun. The 30-round clip extends almost 2 inches below the butt of the pistol. The Five-seveN has a second barrel mounted beneath the main barrel for firing explosive rounds. Each explosive round must be loaded individually.
  • Stallion: The small, four-barreled pistol of compact design was originally designed by Picon Firearms he semi-automatic has never been a military issue sidearm. Each barrel holds one .357 round.
  • Viktor CP1: Viktor, a small firearms manufacturer from Virgon, manufactured the CP1. The only gun Viktor ever produced came to be widely used throughout the Colonies. Designed to be a concealed-carry weapon, it is semi-automatic. A single magazine holds 12 rounds of 9mm ammunition.
  • VZ 52: This military and police issue pistol saw wide use on Virgon prior to the formation of the Colonial government. Two brothers designed the gun, and it was manufactured by the Virgon government. It is semi-automatic with an eight-round mag using 7.62 x 25mm ammunition.

Submachine Guns

All submachine guns can fire semi-automatic, burst, autofire, and spray. (Firing abilities of these are subject to change)

  • VZ Sable: Produced on Virgon before the formation of the Colonial government. Not a horribly reliable weapon, but it works well as long as it is kept fairly clean and out of the mud. It has a 30-round magazine of 9mm rounds.
  • CAL USG: The CAL Universal Submachine Gun saw wide use in the Marine Corps before the relatively recent introduction of the P90. While not as common as it once was, the USG remains a favorite among older Marines due to its reliability. A single standard magazine holds 25 rounds; a Bull Mag, which is an inch wider except for where the clip feeds into the gun, holds 40 rounds. The USG uses .45ACP ammunition.
  • SMI 1150: This handheld SMG was originally designed as a back-up weapon for SpecWar units during the first Cylon War. Its small, reliable, and inaccurate as hell due to its superlight weight. The magazine holds 25 rounds of 9mm. The wire frame is actually a folding stock that can be used to steady the weapon and improve accuracy. Somewhat.
  • Leo Raisen: Originally developed as a compact weapon for tank and aircrews, the Raisen was impressive. It boasted a built-in optics system, ergonomic design, and a floating bolt. It even fired full-size rifle rounds for penetrating battlefield and cylon armor. It was never phased into production due to the high cost, losing out the big to CAL for their USG design. It was manufactured for some time and sold to private security firms so these SMG's can still be found. Each magazine holds 20 rounds of 5.56mm and can only be effectively operated under single shot or three-round burst.
  • Leo M12: The Leo Model 12 was the official weapon of the Leonis military prior to the formation of the Colonial government, and was still in wide use up to the Cylon invasion, though law enforcement agencies used it more than the military. Varying magazines of 20, 30, or 40 rounds used 9mm ammunition. All are freely exchangeable with the Leo Storm carbine.
  • Picon P90: This compact submachine gun developed by Picon Firearms is used by the Colonial Marine Corps as the primary weapon for urban and close-quarters fighting. The P90 has a short barrel and bullpup configuration. This places the 50-round, translucent magazine on the top of the gun parallel to the barrel. The gun has a low recoil, allowing for accurate burst fire. The P90 uses 5.7 x 28mm rounds.


  • Mossova 500: This pump-action shot gun was used primarily as a hunting weapon. Still, marines have been known to use the Mossova in certain situations, and all are trained in its use. Security forces aboard many civilian ships use the Mossova. It is a 12-gauge shotgun, holding 5 shells in the magazine plus one in the firing chamber.
  • Striker: This semi-automatic shotgun is commonly used by assault troops and riot control forces. Its circular magazine holds a dozen 12-gauge shells. The regular ammunition can be replaced with explosive shells that act much like grenades when fired.
  • Zeus Model 37: This pump-action shot gun was the oldest still produced in the colonies. Its spare, clean design and reliability won it common use among the military, law enforcement, and civilians alike. Its 12-gauge shells load and eject from the bottom; four shells are held in the magazine plus one in the chamber.

Rifles and Carbines

  • GMAR: The Gemenon Military Assault Rifle is a recent product, an attempt by the Gemenon-based Tacatta Arms Factory to break into the colonies-wide arms industry. The Colonial Marine Corps purchased several thousand GMARs about a year before the Cylon invasion, so they are relatively common among the fleet. It uses a 5.56 x 45mm round in 25 and 30-round magazines.
  • Leo Storm Carbine: This carbine was the primary combat rifle of the Leonis military up to the formation of the Colonial government. Even afterward, it saw extensive use. Designed to use magazines and ammunition freely interchangeable with the Leo M12 submachine gun, it uses 9mm rounds. Mag sizes vary, but most users opt for the 15- and 20-round varieties. The Storm is semi-automatic and usually comes equipped with a RedDot Aiming sight.
  • Milirem 700: The Milirem 700 is an extremely popular hunting rifle; the military version is the standard Colonial Marine Corps sniper rifle. Originally manufactured on Aerelon before the formation of the the Colonial government, the military version was produced primarily on Picon prior to the Cylon invasion. The 700 is a bolt-action rifle with a standard five-round magazine of 7.62 x 51mm ammunition. It comes equipped with a 10x telescopic sight with a Mil Dot reticle.
  • Milirem 4700: This is a popular civilian hunting rifle has never seen use by military or law enforcement personnel. The 4700 is a rotating bolt-action rifle that uses a four-round magazine of 30-06 ammunition. It has an 4x telescopic sight.
  • SMI 80: The Scorpia Military Industries 80 is one of the standard combat rifles used by the Colonial Fleet and Marine Corps. It has a bullpup design, with the pistol grip forward of the magazine and the firing mechanism in the buttstock. This allows for a long, accurate, free-floating barrel in a rifle of compact design. It fires a 5.56 x 45mm round from a magazine that can hold up to 30 rounds. Most SMI 80s are equipped with a 4x optical sight with a powered glowing pointer for limited night sight.

Information from the BSG RPG Corebook.

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