Fingerpainting Monopoly And Awkwardness
Fingerpainting Monopoly And Awkwardness
Summary: Finger painting and Monopoly lead to an awkward moment.
Date: PHD014
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As always the Crew Lounge is busy with people shuffling in and out. Games of cards are being played. Some people are reading and others are talking. Though in the back sitting by himself is one of the new faces on the Kharon with a bottle of Aquarian Rum sitting on the table and a ice cold mug of beer. As the people move about Castor sits quietly watching everyone.

"Drinking alone?" Kisseus Matto comes 'round to Leda's table, "I can fix that," he offers, along with a wide grin. He sets down a stack of papers and a few bottles of fingerpaint on the table.

Castor offers a seat to Matto, "Have a seat, I'd love the company I just don't really know anyone here yet…but, you're in the Air Wing right?" Castor motions to the bar, "One more for my friend." He then offers a hand, "Names Leda, but you can call me Castor and I've learned there is nothing like a beer to help your creative skills."

As always the Crew Lounge is busy with people shuffling in and out. Games of cards are being played. Some people are reading and others are talking. Though in the back two men are sitting together, one with fingerpaint and paper, the other is a relatively new face on the ship. Both have beers in front of them.

Matto takes Castor's hand in a warm and inviting grip. "Castor," he smiles. "I'm Kisseus Matto. Kissy to my friends," he adds. "And nothing like a creative emotional outlet to exploit while intoxicated. Pull up a sheet of construction paper and let's do this thing," he passes Castor a sheet.

Matto looks over toward the door, his eyes lighting up with nothing but good feelings as he spots Poppy. "That's Poppy Tusculani. My ECO and best friend. And she goes through doors whatever way suits her." "Poppy!" he shouts, then, getting her attention. Hopefully.

A number of these people have probably seen each other around before, but in Willem's case, he has sort of kept to himself and really not talked to any of them all that much. That may change slightly this evening. As he turns about, hearing a bit of movement behind him via the open hatch, he wrinkles his forehead and squints, displaying a few lines as wont for someone as generally pale as he is. "Going to let a draft in." He attempts, lamely. Well, of course it's a lame joke. There's no breeze in space, stupid. Not really content on waiting for a reaction he turns back and studies the two men sharing a drink, or a conversation, or whatever. Nodding his head again, he continues vaguely in their direction, half-smirking.

Poppy has since moved towards one of the shelves and is attempting to wrangle down a board game that is probably too high up for her, finger only grazing the side of it as she hops up and down a little. When she hears her name she turns her head to look towards Matto, "There you are!"

Castor raises his mug to Willem before turning to see just what Poppy is doing. "So this is the famous Poppy Tusculani who I am told is the best ECO we've got." He then takes a sip from his mug, "Oh, thats nice and cold." He then puts the mug down and sets about to start finger painting first with a bit of blue.

"Here I am," Kisseus agrees, "Do you need to borrow a cup of tall?" he asks her from across the room, lounging backward lazily in his chair. "The very same," he tells Castor.

"I dunno. I was told they're all fairly good." Wil's voice raises but maintains that -smooth- Libran diplomacy. His half-smile remains and appears guarded, but friendly enough. This answer apparently suits him. While not entirely invading Matto and Castor's space he does edge towards them a bit further, in measured, guarded steps before he parks two seats away and sets his notes down with an audible -thump-. Working off the clock?

"I can get it myself," Poppy says, giving Matto her attempt at a withering stare that is, unfortunately, too good natured to be taken seriously. Still reaching up, she manages to get the box down although it half-falls on her in the process. She crouches down to gather up the bits that fell out.

Castor makes the ouch sound as he watches the box fall. He then says to both Wil and Poppy, "Name's Leda, though you can call me Castor. I'm a Viper Jock, Lieutenant JG. Anyway come on and join us for some rum or beer or you know whatever rots your brain. Kissy and I are finger painting." Castor says as he is working on some sort of blue and red viper shape, however, it looks sort of like a box with fins.

Matto takes a drink of beer, then another one, looking dutifully abashed at the withering stare. "Yes, Poppy," he tells her, then just squirts a few curlicues of yellow onto his construction paper. "What game do you have?"

"Eh." Wil begins after pausing at the seat for a minute or two. He doesn't actually open the books, or even remove the pen from his ear. "Actually, thanks." He indicates to Castor, "I mean. Fingerpainting and all. But I'll have to pass." He darts his head about the Officer's section and gives a little, lopsided shrug indicating his nonplussed state. "Was looking for Case. I saw that she pretty much slaughtered the booze in her Rack so I made the intuitive leap that she might be down here looking for some more." He pauses a beat, wearily. "Guess I was wrong." With this, he then rises to his feet and scoops the notes back up. "Gentlemen? Make me -proud-." He lazily jerks his thumb to one side, pointing at their little project. Oh, and his not-quite-grin is back.

Poppy carries the game over in the direction of the group, dropping the Colonial version of Monopoly on a piece of table not occupied by fingerpainting and fingerpainting materials. She clicks her tongue when she sees the other activity, "Oh Kissy, now you've got someone else doing it."

Castor says to Wil, "Good hunting." He then turns to Poppy, "What, try it, it is sort of fun. See I made a viper…or is that a shoebox in space?" He then holds up his papper. "See!" He then puts his paper down wipes his fingers off and takes a sip of beer.

And at Castor's suggestion, Good Wil goes Hunting with just a nod of acknowledgement. Preoccupied. Perplexed. He's been like this since the attacks. Not raging, not drinking(-too- much), but just been a little off. He heads on towards the Hatch now, walking languidly as he resumes the hunt for his hard-drinking Sec-lead.

"We're expressing our feelings in a healthy and constructive manner," Kissy smiles, his own feelings evidently comprising of… a yellow bumpy caterpillar. With wee leaf-shaped antennae.

"Ooo," Poppy says, craning her neck to look at the pair of paintings - the introduction that Kissy gave Castor having not been heard by her, apparently, as she introduces herself, "I'm Poppy."

Castor smiles warmly, "Well it's a pleasure to meet you. I'd shake your hand but they are a little dirty at the moment." He then watches the man leave, "Who is our hunting friend over there and why was he so…tense?"
Matto looks over there, but doesn't see anything but Willem's heel out the door. "Aaahhdunno," he admits. "But it might have something to do with the Cylons."

"It might," Poppy nudges Matto's legs with her own under the table, setting up the monopoly board, "Okay, you two. I'll roll and do all the hands-on stuff for you. You just tell me what to do."

Castor raises an eyebrow, "What do you mean?" He looks a little confused and his mind begins to turn, "I haven't seen any shiny metal moving robots on the ship?" He leans in and asks, "Has someone seen them? I mean I've seen the museum pieces and all but frak me…." He then says, "Oh, just put your fingers in the paint and then push the paint around like your fingers were a paint brush. It's a primal way to express yourself."

Matto looks down, "What? Too soon?" he asks, then looks toward the monopoly board, grabbing the brown paint bottle to squirt the foundations of a branch below his emotional caterpillar. "I want to be the hat."

"I know how to fingerpaint," Poppy says with a grin towards Castor, "I mean with the Monopoly." She gets the hat out and sets it up for Kissy, putting the little racing car down for herself before she turns back to the Viper fellow, "Which one do you want to be?"

Castor considers for a moment, "The shoe." He then chuckles, "I always sucked at this game." He pauses to take a sip of beer realizing that the Cylon thing was a joke and that he totally missed the Monopoly board he quiets down for a moment.

Kissy's thumb presses through the cold brown, jerking his thumb to one side and then back, then forward again, making the wood harshly barked. "Who goes first?"

"We roll," Poppy says, rolling some dice, "Okay, that was me. This is for Kissy." She rolls again. "And this is for Castor." She rolls once more. "I go first! In your faces!" She grins as she rolls once more and moves her little token up a few spaces, "Sagittaron Avenue? I'll buy it."

Castor sits at a table with Kissy and Poppy, paint and paper has been placed to one side of the table as a monoply board is being unfolded. Castor grins, "Fine, I'll go last." He then takes a sip of beer and asks, "Would anyone mind if I smoke a cigar?"

"I don't mind," Kissy tells Castor, "The dice love you, Poppyflower. Alright, my turn. I'll buy anything except the blasted trade routes."

"Okay," Poppy says, moving Kissy's hat around the board for him, "And sure, smoke away." She buys the little region that the hat lands on with some multi-colored Monopoly cubits and looks towards Castor, "Your turn." She rolls the dice for him.

Castor pulls out a long thin cigar and he sets the thing in his mouth, "Awwww a two. Well, the good news is I am close to the start. I'll buy." He then lights the cigar, "Of all the frakkin luck." he mutters as the cigar is lit. "You know I should slow down on these. I've got one box and then I'll have no more." He takes a long drag and then he puffs the smoke out in a ring. "How does the expression go, life goes on and now so does Kissy…your turn."

"It's Poppy's turn," Kissy notes, continuing to spread the fingerpaints in jagged zigzags toward the corner of the page, looking up, "Oh, hey, at least you stopped Poppy getting the monopoly on Sagittaron," he grins. "And they're your cigars, smoke 'em if you've got 'em, right? Might not be around to smoke them tomorrow."
"What'd I end up with, anyhow?" Kissy remembers to ask.

Poppy gives Matto another little nudge under the table with her foot, moving the pieces around and then moving the pieces for Kissy, "You ended up with Gemenon Boulevard. I'll buuuy … the Eversun Company."
Matto looks down again, "Am I just that kickable today? Ha! Gemenon Boulevard. I love the smell of burning heretics in the morning." He creates a few sworly knobs in the wooden branch his yellow bumpy caterpillar is sitting on.

Castor rolls the dice, "One, two, three, four and I'm on Caprica Crossing. I'll buy it." He then gives a slightly satisfied grin. "And this is how the house of Leda will be built." He then takes another sip of beer. "So, what is it like living here long term? I mean, I used to be on a Battlestar so this is a bit different. Everyone seems energetic. Everyone has their quirks which is a good change of pace."

"Its call footsy, Captain Asexual," Poppy says with a shake of her head, ankles criss-crossing underneath her chair as she settles down and looks at the game again, "I like it here."

"I've been worse places," Kissy smiles. "Always did like to be on the move," he adds. "That's Lieutenant Asexual, Junior Grade," he reminds Poppy. "I can't say about long-term. We've only been posted here, what… a month?"

"We've been together for a while," Poppy says with a nod, although she leaves the specifics to Lieutenant Asexual, Junior Grade. She continues to move the little pieces around the board, buying up when she can.
"Forever," Kissy smiles warmly at Poppy, finding enough explanation in that one word. He's likewise content to buy, and buy. "Though our squadron was more involved with rescue ops and the like than actually having people trying to shoot at us."

Castor considers this and then as he gently and almost unperceptively ashes his cigar says, "Well, Good. It is good to serve with friendly faces. Especially such faces that are so friendly with one another." His tone is calm and slightly amused. He takes his turn going to jail only to avoid it with the get out of jail free card. He then smiles, "Yeah, I was on the having people shoot at me end a lot. Nothing so exilerating as being shot at and missed. Search and rescue is dangerous though…especially with dropping people in and out."

Poppy nods her head in response, remaining silent for the time being.
Matto drags fingernails of brown out of the centers of the little sworly knobs. "Out more than in, at this point." He looks up at Poppy briefly. "Hey, you alright over there?"

Castor is about to roll the dice and stops to let Poppy answer.

Poppy nods her head, smiling happily enough although she's keeping her mouth shut for now and playing her part of the game in silence.

"Hm, the old paintings on the tombs," Kissy begins quietly as he watches Poppyflower, "They do the same dance, don'cha know?"

Castor takes a sip of his beer, "To good times" He says softly to himself. As he rolls the dice he then says, "And to blowing your dice roll, Kissy, I owe you cubits for landing on your street and you've got a motel there too…frak me." He then chuckles and takes a puff off of his cigar. "So, I'm flying on cap tomorrow."

"I'm fine," Poppy says quietly, her side of the footsy game under the table noticably absent now, "I'm gonna build a hotel here … " She says as she lands on Caprica City.
Matto takes up his own beer and drinks some more from it before looking over at the board. "Prime land, that," he nods quite seriously, then looks to Castor, "Oh? What shift, we might be up with you," he adds.

Castor chuckles, "Third shift. Vampire shift." He shrugs, "Give the new guy all the frakkin bad shifts." he then says, "What about you two?" He looks at Caprica City and says, "Aww frak me. Alright…my turn." He rolls the dice at his Picon Place, "I'm buying this." He again gently puffs on his cigar. "You know there is something nice about this fingerpainting and a boardgame, you know, I mean it's like being a child again…only with beer."

"Kissy is a big kid," Poppy says with a grin, moving the pieces around and buying up some more real estate, "But yeah, I think we're on CAP with you. We've got to cover some more Raptor time, Kissy. Because … " She pauses and visibly decides not to talk about that right now, "Because we're a little short."
"Are we?" Kissy asks, sounding surprised. "I just fly what they put up for me of the big board," he notes, as if to say, well, that's not his fault if they've shorted the team. To Castor, then, "Bah. Vampire shift is the best one. Get to sleep all day, stay up all night. It's like everything your mom and dad wouldn't let you do."

Castor laughs as Kissy talks, "If that isn't the truth I don't know what is." He then says cautiously, "Short on flight time? Well, I'm sure you'll get picked up soon. I prefer 3rd shift too. It is nice to stay up at night, CAP is generally quiet and the shower is fairly clear by the time you get done with CAP. Oh, and it is just your wing and the stars during the CAP. Humbling really." He then lets off a small chuckle, "You two really are like big kids, huh? Good, both you should keep that."

Poppy simply smiles and nods at the 'short on flight time' remark. She doesn't venture into what she actually meant, apparently she prefers to keep that secret for the time being. She actually colors a little about the cheeks when Castor calls them both big kids, taking an extreme interest in one of the Community Chest cards.

Matto grins at Castor, a big, winning smile that seems to belong to your best friend. "I don't think we need much else in the way of being humbled, honestly," he tells him, "But year. Stars are brighter at night." It's a lie, of course, but he means it. "Just Poppy an' me, out for a midnight cruise. Hey, Poppy, remember that one time on Caprica we rented that car and went driving up in the mountains, and we were like, just, inches away from the edge of the road and a fifty-meter fall?"

Castor finishes his beer and says quietly, "In light of all that has happened if Commander Shepherd removes the ban on fraternization you two friends might want to consider getting together. If we are going to survive we are going to need new pilots and that means babies." His tone is low and would most likely only be heard by Kissy and Poppy.

Poppy opens her mouth to comment on the time they went on a trip before she hears Castor's words. She colors up vividly once again, blushing furiously and turning her face away at the thought. OH GODS.

Matto had his beer bottle halfway to his mouth before he just sets it on his thigh, staring at Castor, open-mouthed.

Castor looks at them both and says, "Eh, it's just a thought. I'm just talking about the survival of the human race. I would only suggest such a thing if the fraternization laws were lifted."

Poppy, still blushing, turns to look at Matto with a stare that speaks volumes.
Matto looks back to Poppy, as well, communicating with that telepathic bond that exists between best friends and siblings, his mouth opening and closing a few times, wordlessly.
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"I, uh," Poppy finally tries to speak, sputtering a little through her embarrassment, "I … I don't think we think of each other that way."

Castor is clearly clueless of the truth as he gets another beer and sits back, "What do you mean?" He says as he takes a drink of beer.

Matto turns to look at Castor, then back at Poppyflower, quirking a brow toward her, then looking back to Castor, coughing subtly and leaning toward him to murmur something to him quietly.

Matto leans up again and rubs his nose with the top of his hand, nodding to Poppy quietly.

Poppy's brow furrows as she looks at the pair of them, wondering just what was muttered.

Castor slowly leans back and very thoughtfully before he says, "All of that fraksense that just came out of my mouth. Pretend I never said anything. I'm just going to go over here and sit with my foot resting comfortably in my mouth." He gives a weak awkward smile.

"D-don't worry about it," Poppy says, still looking a little quizzical at Matto, " … SO! Delphi. Pay up on the rent."

Matto seems content to forget that it was said, and he grabs the green fingerpaint. "Is it my go, Poppyflower?" he looks to the board as he squeezes out a few dots.

Castor rolls and is apparently keeping his word and doing fairly poorly at Monopoly. "Ah. Poppy, I owe you 200 cubits." He pays up is money, "Really, this game is cutthroat." He then leans back into his chair sipping on his beer and finishing off his cigar.

Poppy reaches for the cash and does all the transactions so the boys can continue finger painting, "Looks like I'm winning."
"You've got a keen eye for finance," Kissy grins, making little heart-shaped leaves on the end of the tiny twigs, one, characteristically, with a bite out of it. Then he holds up his painting. "What do you think?"

Castor grins, "You win, I'm out of money." He turns to look at the painting, "It reminds me of the early Virgonian Impressionists." He then stands, "Sadly, I need to head out. I've had my fill of beer for the night. However, I look forward to flying third shift cap with you."

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