Film and Ideas
Film and Ideas
Summary: Yuuri and Roubani discuss the enemy and come up with an idea on how to track them.
Date: PHD05 (April 23)
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The ready room is quiet and dark, a solitairy shadow has front row seats to the display vaguely illuminating the area. On the screen is a gun camera view of the first encounter with the Cylons.

Yuuri is seated with a tray in the chair next to him. He looks to have been here some time, constantly going over the gun footage, taking notes on the notepad in his lap. His hair is still damp and the small patch of skin is scabbed over on his cheek. The coloring of his face remains black and blue around the nose.

Light slivers through the hatch as Roubani pulls it open. The darkness makes him pause, giving his eyes a second to adjust, before he closes it again behind him. In his crisp blues, he has a laptop bag over one shoulder.

The light gets Yuuri to pause the film and turn around, half expecting it to be the CAG or Captain and bitch at him for what happened to Case. But the form isn't either of them, sighing quietly his hand rises to flag over Poet, "Evening Poet."

"Good evening, sir." Roubani either can't see the older man's bruises or simply doesn't draw attention to them, stepping up towards one of the other chairs. His thumb hooks into the laptop strap and he watches the screen. "I've wanted to see this," he says under his breath.

A finger points to the screen, "The dog fight?" Yuuri inquires of the Ensign with a quirked brow. He reaches over and grab something from the tray, an apple, and sinks his teeth into it.

"Yes, sir." Roubani's eyes flicker as a Raider zooms past, his expression on the edge of a thoughtful frown. He taps one of the chairs by Yuuri and asks, absently but politely. "May I?"

"Yeah go ahead." Yuuri motions towards the seat Roubani had touched, grabbing a few notepads and a book from the seat. "I have something for you." He tears a page from the notepad and hands it to the Ensign. Drawn on the notepad: Multiple 3D images sketched nearly perfectly of the Cylon Raider and Heavy Raider.

Roubani slides into the seat, putting his laptop bag down at his feet and pulling the machine out. As it boots he rubs his ring finger over his eyebrow and takes the papers he's handed. His brows draw and he holds the paper in both hands, studying it. "You drew this, sir?"

"Many actually." He replies, pausing the film again and taking a glass of his water. After licking his lips he pulls out a Yuurigami Cylon Raider, made from chewing gum foil, and offers it to Roubani, "Was going to show it to the CAG, but Major said she didn't give two fraks what I thought." He shrugs and leans back in his seat.

"It's amazing." Roubani seems fascinated by the rendering, his frown thoughtful. "I could use this to help with an external vector analysis, if you'll allow it to be scanned." He nearly misses the fact that Yuuri's hand is out again, and he peers at the origami before taking the wing between two fingertips, with care he doesn't touch the Lieutenant's hand along with it. He turns it over in his hand. "I'm sure the CAG is simply in…high temper."

"Oh I'm sure the reason I'm here is one of many that the Major and Captain dislike me." Yuuri chuckles, "You can keep the 'Yuurigami' Cylon aircraft. Fenris called it that when she saw my collection." He offers a faint smile, "You want me to rewind the film? I'm almost done with it. I've watched it twice already."

Roubani sets the folded Raider down on top of the drawings, on a different desk. His laptop takes up his own. "If you would, sir." He enters his password into the computer and then sits back, waiting for the film to restart. "There must be a good deal to take notes about."

Yuuri holds up a notepad and flips through the pages, the light given off by the screen allowing Roubani to see nearly every page filled with diagrams and notes. "Just a few." He chuckles and sets the pile of notepads and the book onto the floor before him. The screen goes black and Typhys hits the play switch on the remote, again the room is illuminated by the most recent dog fight.

Roubani settles forward in his seat, folding his arms behind the laptop keyboard and leaning on them. He doesn't say a word through most this replay, watching it the way someone would pay close attention to something being shown in a second language. "They're so fast," he says under his breath. "Do you know if they give off signatures of a FTL drive?"

"Well, you can't really see any signitures on the cams, but they are capable of limited FTL jumps." Yuuri reaches for a notepad, flipping through the pages briefly and stops holding the chicken scratch writing/diagrams on it. "Like a Raptor. Hmm.." He offers the remote to Roubani, "It's a bit further in the film, you'll see those smaller vessels jumping away. At the distance you just see blips and flashes."

That news makes the young Ensign's expression all the more somber. Roubani taps a button on the remote, freezing the frame and running forward until the blinks appear. "Perhaps the Raptors got some readings from that signature. They might be able to tell how far their jump capability is."

"What worries me is the fact that those were escort fighters that we fought." Yuuri rubs his chin with a finger, "And personel carriers are those pontoon shaped lodged in the Constantine." The elder jock looks over at Roubani, "If they do have limited, where did they launch from?"

"If we're able to tell their distance capability," Roubani replies, thoughtfully, "Then the next time they attack us we can run focused scans within a determined radius. It might suss out whatever their source is."

"That's if we are still in one piece." Yuuri chuckles, "And any of them are left." He takes another bite from the apple he's been ignoring.

Roubani shakes his head. "We wouldn't need any left. It could be done at the start of an engagement. We can analyse their jump signature and set it to trigger a scanning program."

"To pick up distance right?" Yuuri looks curiously towards Roubani, "But to get an accurate picture of what's at the end of those distances, we'd need a Raptor, wouldn't we?"

"I'm sure they wouldn't mind the glory," Roubani says, mildly. He sits up and picks up a pen, drawing a sketchy flowchart on a loose piece of paper. "We would first need to analyse the Raptors' readings of the jump signatures from the last battle. Then write a program to detect those signatures and install it into the Raptors' scanners. Bandits jump in, it automatically triggers a distance scan. Now whether the CAG would be willing to let a Raptor go and investigate any findings during a battle, well. I couldn't say."

"Ok, I thought that's what you were getting at." Yuuri nods in understanding, "So we'd need the data from Captain Legacy's Raptor?" He grabs a notepad, flipping it open and writing down what Roubani just told, "You want me to try and find her tonight?"

"If you would, sir," Roubani nods. He scribbles a couple other random notes, not in words but in complicated math. "You can likely explain it better than I can."

Yuuri nods, "I'll go find the Captain and speak with her about it." He turns and gathers his notepads and book under an arm. He picks up the yuurigami figures and slides them into a pocket before lifting the tray. "Anything else Poet?"

Roubani picks the remote back up. His thumb pauses above the button and he looks up. "Just one thing, sir." He sounds uncomfortable with his question. "Do you know anyone in the squadron who knows how to instruct?"

"That was my goal before getting transferred here and I was told that Fenris was an instructor as well." Yuuri replies, "Why do you ask?"

Roubani looks back at the screen. With a few touches of the rewind button he scrolls back to where his own viper is visible on the screen, one of his shots going wild right before enemy fire slams his wing. "Because that is unacceptable."

"I could help teach you if you want. Sim or out in the black." His icey jades squint down at Roubani, "I have a Bachelor's in CFT (Combat Flight Tactics) and an Associate's in Flight Training. But it's really up to you, Captain Macek has me flying four CAPs a day."

"Then I suppose it's more up to you. I have more hours to stare at sim walls than you do." Roubani runs his fingers over his touchpad, waking the computer back up. "If you're so inclined to it though, I would endeavour not to waste your time."

"Then sure, I'll teach you what I know." Yuuri smiles at Roubani, "I'll get a hold of Captain Legacy and maybe tomorrow we can gather and discuss." With a nod of farewell, the elder jock steps up the stairs towards the exit.

Roubani doesn't smile back, but the young man hasn't smiled once this entire conversation. He nods once. "Sir." As Yuuri turns to go he picks up the remote, footage rolling again as he starts to type.

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