Fight Night III
Fight Night III
Summary: Kharon's third scheduled night of arranged boxing matches. Price v. Jarot, Komnenos v. Roubani, Passi v. Ferris, and Hale v. Adelphi.
Date: PHD103 (31 July 2009)
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Fight Night dawns cool and slightly scented of some sort of cleaner. The cleaning crew has recently been through the gym to wipe down the sweaty surfaces and prep the ring for the night's violence.

Several would-be fighters mill around the ring in the back of the gym, and a large marine, with an unlit cigar, stands watch over a small tin box in hand. He shakes it now and then, and the dogtags inside of it jingle and rattle against one another, and the sides of the box. MSGT Peri Nikos gruffs out, "Tags in if they're goin'." He drops the box to the floor of the ring with a heavy clatter, and stands back to wait, muscled arms crossed. "Three or four bouts, depending on how long you pansies take getting to three points. Match starts in two minutes."

And the ship's littlest Marine bounces over toward the poor Master Sergeant, slipping out of her tags as she does so. "Evening Master Sergeant," she chirps. Epi's got that slightly bloodthirsty look about her, as if she can't quite wait to get into the ring. With a clang, her tags get dropped in the box and she steps out of the way, looking around to see who her competition might be.

Roubani is here with the normal crowd that packs in for fight night, mostly keeping to himself as he stakes out a spot in the bleachers. On the way, though, he pulls his dogtags from around his neck and drops them into the box with a soft jingle. His expression's neither gleeful nor dreading the bout, likely as it is that he'll end up in zen communion with the floorboards. Finding himself a seat, he's quiet as he starts taping up his hands and wrists.

Jules steps up to the MSGT and chucks her tags into the box, offering the man a smile in passing as she goes to one side of the ring. She's got her standard sweats on. Plus, she took the liberty of stitching the outline of a bunny on the back of her sweatshirt in dark black thread. Arms folding across her chest, she waits for the call to violence.

Ariadne drops her tags into the growing pile, smiling at Epi and Roubani as they come into her sight. "Epiphany. Nadiv." She finds a seat near the latter. "How are you?"

His gym bag slung over his shoulder, Wil makes his way into the gym along with the gaggle of Aircrew who just showed up. It's a small gaggle, to be sure. He has a neutral, drawn expression and given his past record it's likely he is preparing for whatever bloody beating the Gods(if they exist) have in store for him. There's a bit of a distracted quality to his movements though. It may be that he's not really in this.

Thorn enters the gym with a cigarette in his hand. His very first stop is the tags box, as he swiftly removes his from around his neck and deposits them into the box with a clank. He moves off to the side of the room, pulling up a piece of wall, leaning on his side as he finishes his smoke,

Willem belatedly tosses his own tags into the pile as he makes his way by it.

Samantha steps into the room, her hair still soaked and in braided pigtails, fresh out of the shower. She's in her BDUs, holding her small fight bag that includes knuckle tape, water, mouth guard, etc. She's got her sling off, hopefully for good, which is revealing the nasty scarring of her arm. Maybe it just makes her look tougher? Still, it might be a surprise when she uses her still slightly stiff moving right hand to take off of her tags and toss them into the box before she surveys the room of somewhere to sit. "…Anyone bring booze? Since we're allowed again."

The new ensign had been caught up in the frenzy of fight night, it'd seem. Intercepted by Willem and Samantha on the way back to his berthing, to settle in and start writing down some thoughts, Ensign Ferris is now following those two down to the gym… and when they arrive, the tall pilot reaches for his neck, tugging slightly upward on his dogtag chain and moving after the others to throw his into the box, like them. Since, that seems to be the thing to do. "So, I assume they draw names for the sake of match-ups," he comments off-handedly, toward Willem quietly.

Riiiip goes white tape. Riiiip. Roubani gently bites off the pieces as they're pulled, working on securing his long-fingered hands. His eyes occasionally flicker up, evenly regarding the growing crowd before looking back down. When his right hand is all done he pats down his pockets until he finds his cigarettes, sitting up a little bit to light one. Smoke starts to curl right as Ariadne sits down, lucky her. "Good evening, miss."

Epi beams up at Ariadne and dips her head. "Going well. You're going to fight," she asks, head canting to the side. "Good luck!" And then she's off again, finding herself a seat where she, too, can begin taping up.

"Yeah. It's a shipboard tradition, apparently." Wil suddenly snaps out of whatever has him absorbed as he acknowledges the tall Ensign. "Apparently. It's random. I don't know why I show up to these things. I think it's just a matter of showing face. Proving a lack of cowardice. That sort of thing." There's a lack of enthusiasm there. He looks at some of the other faces assembled, grinning a little. Roubani. Epi. Ariadne. Then back towards Sam. "There'll probably be booze afterwards. Just as well. Drinking and fighting don't mix with me, Case. You know?"

Komnenos takes another drag from the cigarette, holding it in his mouth as he begins to tape up his hands as well. A cloud of smoke begins to coalesce over his head as he finishes and turns his attention back to the growing assembly of Kharon's crew. He flexes his hands as he begins to pace amongst the crowd.

Looking more amused than offended by Roubani's smoke (or perhaps by that strange phenomenon whereby the smoke always seeks the non-smoker), Ariadne purses her lips and blows at the white plumes in the air. She smiles warmly at Epi. "I am," she affirms. "And thank you. Hermes and Nike smile on you. She reaches down into her bag and begins taping her hands.

Looking more amused than offended by Roubani's smoke (or perhaps by that strange phenomenon whereby the smoke always seeks the non-smoker), Ariadne purses her lips and blows at the white plumes in the air. She smiles warmly at Epi. "I am," she affirms. "And thank you. Hermes and Nike smile on you." She reaches down into her bag and begins taping her hands.

Samantha tilts her head towards Willem, patting his shoulder gently, "But, Pookie, yer so -cute- when you're drunk." She winks to him and then looks back to Ferris, nodding a touch more seriously, "Yeah, Ferry. Sos we can't take out our frustrations on the exact people we want to take them out on. nice and random… also so all the big bad pilots don't pick the little wussy Marines to beat up, yanno? This makes it fair and shit. And sometimes funny as hall hell. You puttin' yer tags in? Go ahead. we'll go nice on ya, kid." She winks to Ferris, digging out a rumpled pack of probably stolen smokes from her waist band of her slacks.

"They never did anything like this back on Ambrose," Jaimson simply explainsafter a moment, shaking his heada little bit as he moves to find a place to sit with the other pilots. "I done threw 'em in," he comments toward Sam. "So, we'll see what fate's got in store for me on this." He settles back quietly, looking around at some of the other people assembled… Roubani, a face he knows. The woman he's speaking to… not so much. None of the marines strike a chord, either…

Cats and smoke, the two things that never fail at clinging to people who don't like them. Roubani makes a halfhearted single wave to push the smoke away from Ariadne, then stops. It rolls right back at her. He watches her hands for a few moments while she starts taping, then turns his attention absently over the crowd just in time to catch Ferris and Willem's eyes. His chin makes a slight lift towards the tall men.

MSGT Nikos tips his head to glance down at the bouncy little marine. Way down. He's almost a full foot and a half taller than the miniCorporal. He grunts a greeting. Man of few words, Nikos. He nods to Jules as well, in response to her smile. When he spots the bunny on her sweatshirt, the large marine just shakes his head slightly. Of course it's the baby marines that show up. The MSGT silently asks the Gods for strength. And more cigars, while he's at it. MSGT reaches into the box, once a good number have gone in, and yanks out a random tag. "Price. Try not to get yourself killed." He casts dark eyes to Case as she opens her yap, and her accent goes all over the place. "Case, stow your shit. I remember what happened last time you stepped into the ring."

Jules finds herself a perch on one of the pieces of equipment and watches, having prepped her hands already. She leans forward, chin in her palms as she waits for the fight's second participant to be chosen. There may be some idle kicking of her feet as she waits.

Ariadne takes the mouthpiece from her bag, studying it before fitting it in her mouth. She tries to get her lips around it, then spits it out into her hands, laughing. "Lords of Kobol, how unwieldy."

With almost robotic, daresay, -cylon-like- precision, Willem checks the tape on his hands and raises his right arm aloft and shoots Samantha the bird with all the obscenity he can muster, closing his eyes and sighing all at the same time. He shakes his head. "Uh huh." He says, dismissively. He manages to juggle conversations as he turns back to Ferris, "I know. Planetside's different. Much different. I chalk it up to the claustrophobic tension up here. It's not like a garrison." He looks amongst the others again and starts whistling 'Der Komissar' subtly. He might not even be noticing it. Blame Thorn. Suddenly he catches himself as he -does- eye Thorn and that small amused curl of his lips is there again. Sighing a little bit, he looks towards the ring. "Heh. First. Twice in a row. THANKS HERMES." Even his sigh is bemused. Having caught Ariadne's glance he looks at her now and tilts his head. Lack of recognition there, but a nod on his part. Back to the ring. He finally walks on up to Sgt Nikos and just points at the vessel holding the tags and grumbles, "I've lived -this- long, Sarge. Just. Grab one. Whatever. I don't have it in for anyone."

After a moment, Thorn's pacing carries him over to the gaggle of Viper pilots. "Fancy seeing you lot here," he says with a grin. As Nikos calls Wil's name, Komnenos looks over at Rebound. "Well, good thing Elder's not around tonight, what?" Thorn asks, a teasing note in his voice. Then, a look back over at the other two. "Hey, Case. Who's the new guy?" he asks, with a jerk of the head at Ferris.

Samantha's accent is ALWAYS all over the place, depending on how relaxed or possibly drunk she is. The mix of the backwoods Gemenese and Piconese and just poor freighter dweller slang, there is nothing upper class or proper in Case's words, but she clearly tries. Sometimes. She jawdrops in Nikos' direction.."Oh, come on! You love my voice. Loike a fresh spring breeze 'tis!" She thickens her accent to HORRENDOUS porportions, before winking in Nikos' direction and settling back on the bench. She chuckles up to Ferris, "And this is a mild night, so far." She leans down, grabbing her own tape out and beginning to peel it off to go at her knuckles. Her eyes flicker in Thorn's direction, nodding to the now empty spot at her side. "The kid here is Ferry. Or, well.. Ensign Ferris properly, I suppose. Pick up from Scorpia. Says he's a pilot and a smart data guy type. Still waitin' fer CAG clearance, I hear. Seems nice enough. He's sleeping in Ajax' bunk. It's frakking weird. Ferry, this here's Thorn. He's an ass who sings in the shower."

Roubani glances past his shoulder at Ariadne again. He is, thankfully, too polite to offer up any particular commentary on her troubles with fitting large things in her mouth. Ashing the cigarette between his feet, he idly watches the crowd. Mostly the pilots, since they're the loudest.

MSGT looks over at Samantha again and reaches in ta draw another tag. She just had to respond. He chews his cigar, rolling it in his teeth, then replies gruffly, "Try not ta bed him, hear." He glances down to the tag in his hand, and then looks over to Willem. "Son, you should have picked your own." His dark eyes scan the crowd, and pause on a petite marine. "Jarot. Stay above the belt."

Ariadne catches the 'sings in the shower' bit, glancing over at Thorn, Sam, and Ferry with a grin. She asks Roubani, "Have you done this before?"

"Actually, I got cleared by the Captain this afternoon. I'm gonna be on a sort of probationary period while the Cap gets a feel for how I handle flying," Ferris responds after a moment. Flexing already taped fingers, he hears what's going on, and glances toward the ring, blinking. "Looks like they've got things ready to go," he comments toward Thorn and Case both, nodding. He watches on…

Epi bounces on the balls of her feet, laughing quietly as her name's called. "Awww, but Master Sergeant," she mutters. "I can't -reach- above the belt." There's a grin a mile wide on her face, though, as she bounces up and into the ring. Apparently this woman has the energy of a ferret on speed - she doesn't stop moving. Hands are taped, mouth guard goes in, and she hops back and forth, waiting on her opponent, sizing him up.

"Once," Roubani murmurs back to Ariadne. His dark, reserved eyes stay on the crowd. "I had the good fortune to be matched with someone who bore the same resemblance to a semiparalyzed ostrich that I did. I doubt the gods will be so kind twice in a row."

"Where's the fun in that, Sarge?" Wil finally says, with a bit more ease as the tags get fished out. "As an aside, I'd like to…drop the Air-Wing/CMC rivalry for one night given…" He doesn't finish, just blinking. "Like he said. Elder isn't here." He jerks a thumb at Thorn and eyes the tag. And Epi. His forehead wrinkles a little bit. Finally he looks down at his taped-up hands and at the diminutive Marine. The look he gives her indicates that she might as well be seven feet tall. With that, he climbs into the ring languidly and stands at attention in his corner, with a calm look on his face.

"Guilty as charged," Thorn says to Sam with a smirk before casting an appraising glance at Ferris. "Lieutenant Komnenos, t' be more specific," he continues in his harshly accented voice, giving the ensign his name before turning to watch the fight. He raises an eyebrow as Epi's name is called as Willem's opponent. Should be interesting.

"Semiparalyzed ostrich," Ariadne echoes, her eyes on the ring. "What a descriptive visual. Lots of… lurching and flailing."

Samantha leans over, a bit closer to both Thorn and Ferris, as she whispers…"The hot chick looks like… I dunno… a ferret on meth, or somethin'. I ain't seen vipers move that fast before…" And then she yells loudly, "Go hot chick! You're HOT!" Cheering from the sidelines, her accent entirely too loud now. But she's in a good mood.

"Feathers everywhere," Roubani answers Ariadne, tone wry as he watches the ring. He squints an eye shut as he lifts the cigarette for a drag, exhaling the smoke through his nose. "It was not a pretty sight."

He's got almost a foot on her, and yet Epi's grinning, broadly. She moves to the center of the ring and gestures for Willem to join her - yet she doesn't wait for him to get to the center. As soon as the bell rings, she's springing forward like someone just snapped her bra strap. And oh, look! She gets even smaller as she tucks herself down a bit, almost crouching, to attempt a simple, straight shot at Willem's solar plexus. You know, the thing she's about eye-level with at the moment. The crowd's shouts - ok, Sam's shouts - seem to be spurring her on. There's a little wasted movement as she makes like a duck and bobs, but she's clearly having fun.

"Sorry." Wil's only words to Epi as he squares off, with a slight smile that is indeed apologetic, but polite rather than patronizing. He squares off, keeping his guard up as he moves. Well, he moves more than he sticks, attempting a quick jab with his right as he keeps his left in front of the majority of his torso, trying to guard the biggest part of the target as he can. She blocks him successfully, though. CAN he guard? No. Well, no he can't. He was just a little too off to one side and takes a hit, as he flies back with a hard grunt. "UGH." He grits his teeth through the mouth guard as he steps in again, wincing a little.

At Sam's exclaimation, Ferris just sort of gives her that look, before his look is exchanged with Thorn. "-Yeesh,-" he comments, watching as the fight begins and the little woman begins to move as she does. And as the first punches land, he winces for the sake of Wil. Wow.

Jupes comes through the hatch a little late the festivities. She wears her sweats, per usual, and her hair is damp from a recent jog around the ship, per usual. It's pulled back in a tail. She's sweaty. Time to hang out in the gym and … "Hades titties, Case. You run out of men and decide to try drunken neanderthal pick up lines on the women this week?" She always walks in at the best of times. "Shit, what's Rebound got himself into?" She cranes her neck to look through the crowd of cheering onlookers.

Ariadne hides her face in her hand, wincing as she peeks through her fingers. "I'm not sure I can watch," she murmurs, clearly pained for the pilot in the ring.

"That's Shortstack," Thorn whispers back to Case. "Yeah, she's a little sparkplug, she is." Is that… fondness in his voice? Perhaps. Even so, he's pulling for Willem… air wing solidarity, and all. "What the frak, Wil? You going t' let a Marine half your size bust you up like that? Way t' keep giving us a bad name, you!" There's a grin on his face as he heckles his fellow pilot. "Come on, Rebound!"

And it begins again, another exchange of blows as Willem strides back in. He's quick, but not quick enough, apparently as a series of low strikes towards the small Marine's face are largely ineffective. Swing, jab, and he leaves his torso -wide- open as the one-two motions are rendered useless. Uh oh. This is going to hurt.

Roubani just smokes, settled forward so his elbows rest on his knees. That black equation of a tattoo on his left arm is well visible with the T-shirt and these gym lights. There's a soft murmur as Willem keeps getting hit. "Gracious."

Samantha looks over to Jupiter, smirking, though there is laughter in her eyes. "Nah, she's hot, what can I say?! No wonder Rebound's gettin' his ass kicked. I'd be distracted too!" Now Sam just falls into cheering pretty much any time a punch is laid down. She's not on anyone's side her really, just happy to be cheering on the crew…

Epi's not too bad at blocking and dodging. While his punch is blocked, it does skim off her forearm and she dances back, grinning up at the pilot from around her mouthpiece. For a moment, she stays well out of his range, waiting until he's on his feet and ready again. One hand is kept mostly in front of her face, the other held low, protecting her stomach. When she darts in again, it's with a series of punches designed to drive him back. Yes, she's using both hands, leaving herself unprotected. But it's a flurry of hits landing in the vicinity of his torso with one almost playful tap on his chin.

Is that a quiver in various panties? Probably. All th' same there's a plume of grey smoke that is seen even before the young Sergeant comes in through the hatch with his medkit in tow. Though for them in the corps, they've stayed away from him since the incident with the Lieutenant. Dutch, is still his surly self, but he is also being rather silent. Either he's pissed or he knew the Lieutenant well. Hard to say, and knowing Dutch if you ask, He'll bite your nuts off.

He passes the tag collection box and tosses his own in, as he passes on by, off to the stands.

"C'mon, Rebou—" The cheer is cut short from the enthusiastic seeming Ensign as he watches the fight, only for a wince to appear on Ferris' face a moment after a jab or two lands real well. "C'mon! You can do it, El-tee!" He whistles, one of those loud whistles, chering on the pilot… Jupiter's appearance is also noted when she initially remarks on Sam's own cheering, and he looks over toward her for a moment, before turning his head back to watch the fight.

Jupiter happens to glance over as Dutch walks in. She is silent for a couple of beats until the marine comes up about even with her. "You look like you put on your bunkmate's special sock, Sergeant." She can't really see Epi wailing on Willem, since the small woman is obscured by some of the crowd, so her attention wandered.

Jules shakes her head as the fight goes on. When Dutch enters, she spots him in her periph and pushes up to her feet, sidling through the crowd of people in that direction.

"She's very good, isn't she?" Ariadne remarks, watching Epi dodge and weave. She chews her thumbnail pensively. She glances up at her smoke halo and purses her lips, blowing ineffectually with another wry smile.

"You look like you need to shut the frak up." Tit for tat seems to be Dutch's reply as he sits down and turns to look towards the two who are currently fighting. There's a look over his shoulder back towards Jupiter. "What have I missed?" So far. Dutch doesn't catch Jules, moving, as such he keeps smoking on his slow burning cigar.

MSGT counts off the current points, though those watching can surely see for themselves. "Two points Jarot. One point Price." He removes the cigar from his mouth to boom, "Hang in there, son." The furious flurry of fists that is Epi inspires a bit of pity in the marine.

"Very," Roubani murmurs in response. Granted this is against Willem, here. His attention wanders briefly, skimming the crowd again. Samantha. Ferris. Dutch. It lingers a little while on the last before going back to the fight.

Oh, that had to hurt. Two swings, two misses, and a lot of hits taken by the pilot. He manages to keep it together enough to vocalize. "Crvlr". That was supposed to be 'clever,' probably, but you know. Mouth guards. Willem groans as he takes that very last hit to the chin but it's clear the majority of the damage wreaked upon him so far has been in the torso area. There's going to be some -nasty- bruising going on soon. As he flails back though he manages, either through incredible balance or just sheer dumb luck to sidestep and swings his right arm around low in one massive blow to Epi's side. And it connects.

Just off Cap, Hale's had time to change into clothes for the fight night and then beat a rapid beat of footfalls to the deck, and finally has showed himself here. Ready and apparently willing to fight as with a grin he's tossing his own tags into the box. With that Rabbit, living up to his name is almost bouncing over towards the risers..though this is more of a swagger than anything else.

Poor Willem. That hit to Epi's side had to be something akin to bowling for the man. The little woman's clearly not above getting up close and personal with her opponent - but this one seems to be showing some signs of strategy and common sense. She takes the hit to her ribs with a wince and dances back for a moment, out of arm's reach, and starts circling Willem. She's not out for long before she comes back in with what looks like it might be a kick. Or maybe a left hook. She's moving rather fast and seems rather determined to whittle a few inches off the pilot.

Jules siiiidles up next to Dutch, but doesn't say anything. Nope. She keeps her arms folded and watches the match. Or pretends to. Marine Solidarity. Jupiter is eyeballed and smiled at before she offers, "Glad to see you made it out of that dance in the cargo bay alive, sir. You were so drunk you were flammable."

"Oh. Ow. My goodness." It's hard to tell is Ariadne's flinching is for Wil's chin or Epi's side. Her shoulders hunch up and she grimaces. "They're going to be so sore."

"Very clever, Sarge," Jupes replies to Dutch, tone a bit dry. Maybe she's taking lessons from Marek. "I'm pretty sure you missed your shower today." Her heart doesn't seem to be in the mocking, because a moment later she adds, "Shortie is abusing Ginger." Maybe she's lusting after his cigar. Probably she just wants a shower and some treadmill time. She yawns, and steps up to drop into a seat right next to Dutch. Secondhand smoke is better than no smoke.

Belatedly, Jupiter asides to Jules, "I didn't even get laid. What use is being drunk off your ass if someone doesn't take you home? No use. I woke up in Rebound's drool puddle on the middle table."

Thorn watches as Willem's haymaker slams into Epi's side, and snickers as the two keep flailing away at each other. He takes another drag off his smoke, watching with a smirk still glued onto his face.

Samantha just has fallen into quiet laughter now. This definitely wasn't the best of matchups. Or possibly it's the totally most awesome match up, she can't decide. She finishes taping her own knuckles up before clapping a bit harder…"You gonna fight or frak up there?!" She finally yells out.

"Shouldn't you be busy blowing, Swift?" Dutch asks with a brow rise over towards Jupiter, but then he's looking back just in time to watch the fight seemingly turn. Well at least Ol' glass jaw is holding his own against Epi. "So I see. I wonder who will want to be patched up first?" murmurs Dutch with a grunt. There's a look towards Jules and his smile shows slightly before its gone and he is looking down. He'll pay attention later.

As Jaimson watches on with the fight, he can't help but keep on cheering a little more. Minor, indistinct cheers, but eventually, he settles down, intent on the fight for the time being. "C'mon!" From time to time, he'll yell it.

It's not exactly clear what just happened here but hours of humiliation in previous bouts have finally come down to this. Something clicked in his too-often-bashed head and finally, finally Wil's taken hard lessons to heart and after this initial counterattack finally connected, the ginger-haired pilot's eyes narrow upon her and rather than playing the standard 'guard up, hop in' game he sticks to his strengths. Lateral movements. The occasional feint, as he draws in, seeing Epi get closer, he weaves sharply to one side in such a drastic and violent manner that he might almost lose his balance. In another place and another time, the Drunken Master himself might take notice and approve, except this likely -was- a planned accident. As he rights himself, guard up, instead of relying on little punches again he goes for a solid pair of blows aimed down at the Marine's torso with all the might his sore body can muster. It might be mediocre, but it might work.

Roubani brings his taped hands together between his knees, gently kneading his left palm with his right thumb. Cigarette smoke continues to trail up his shoulder and towards the ceiling, making little coils that join the rest of the collective gray cloud forming up overhead.

Hale clambers along working his way threw crew members up to where the collected berthings of pilots have decided to align themselves. However his wrapped hand is moving to clasp Thorn's shoulder as he finally gets himself situated. "Bloody 'ell Mate, looks like its a right night." a right night for a fight. "How's it going me mucker?"

"You know, I would, Sarge, but I'd have to find his cocktail weenie, and a girl just doesn't have time for that shit and a job." Jupiter glances over at the med kit. "You got any smokes?"

Despite all of Epi's training, despite all of her previous bouts, she falls for it. She falls for it hard. She falls for it so hard that Willem's punches connect with the edge of where he got his last hit in and another one that knocks her flat on her ass. Yes, the Marine actually looks -surprised-. She just stares up at Willem for a moment, then pops a glove off, spits her mouth guard out, and offers him a hand once she's on her feet. "Good match, Sir."

Ariadne gapes at the ring for a moment, then turns excitedly to Roubani. "Did he WIN??" she asks, astounded. "Dear Lords, I think he won!"

Dutch chuckles, as Black seems apt on keeping up with him. But, she's always been one of the pilots with the best insults which says something for the Sergeant's tastes. "Yeah I do," Elder barks back-before watching those last blows land. There's a shake of his head, and he is chuckling softly. "Well, If you want it, trooper, you'll have to knock someone flat on their ass."

MSGT calls, "Match to Price." The dark eyed marine looks between the two fighters, and his gaze turns last to the ginger pilot. Hm. Perhaps the man simply acclimated to the short one's stature. He makes a note to suggest a pilot ground force engagement should they ever encounter an army of half pint cylons.

Komnenos' attention is torn away from the fight at the clap on his shoulder. He grins as he recognizes Hale. "Rabbit my lad," he greets the Viper pilot. "Can't complain, bruv, can't complain. Achin' t' step into the ring for once," he adds with a twinkle in his eye. "And yourself?" His attention goes suddenly back to the fight, and he puffs in astonishment as a pilot actually wins a match for once.

This catches Wil off-guard. More than the punches did. He just stands there now, staring at his gloved hand, open-mouthed, and panting through maybe a little bit of pain. He winces a little as he glances down at Epi and then pulls off his gloves, tucking them under his arm methodically, and spits out his mouthguard. "Holy shit." That's all he can come up with, for a moment. Nobody's more surprised than him. "Sorry. I think I got lucky." He says through a tiny, embarassed smile, still wincing a little. He takes the proferred hand with his own and shakes it, though. "Good fight. Uhhh. I think I exhausted my bag of tricks." This done, he slowly, stiffly walks on out of the ring and stows his gear as soon as he is able.

Samantha blinks and shoots to her feet, tapped hands clapping hard as Willem actually WINS this one. "Holy frak, Rebound! I could kiss you, but I think your girl might beat me up! Hellll yes! Let's keep it up… whole night wins for the red squadron!" She yells across the room, grinning wide and reaching over to clap Willem hard on the shoulder…"Very, very nice. You can beat up girls!"

"Bet you got a real good sleep that night, though," the blonde pig-tailed marine offers Jupiter, rolling her shoulders a little. Jules smiles and looks back towards the fight, just in time to catch Wil win it. Blinking a few times, she says, "Well, it's about time. He's been sufferin' through these nights since we started them."

"There y'go!" There's a clap or two from the youngest pilot in the flock, and he gives out one more cheer. Ferris seems to be getting into this. What a surprise. Or maybe it's just taking his mind off all the crap that's happened thus far - like it should.

Kai ambles in, some might say fashionably late, others might say simply tardy. He's changed into fatigues for the evening, and might be spotted slipping through the crowd toward the congregation of pilots. Which probably means something roughly along the lines of following his nose. The recently-concluded fight draws his attention, and he slows his progress through the gym for a few paces so he can catch Wil's eye — if possible — and nod curtly in his direction. Nothing loud, nothing obnoxious, just quiet recognition.

A faint smile twitches the corner of Roubani's mouth for the first time in a few days. It fades away again as the ring starts to clear out, and he flicks his thumb against the cigarette filter.

"Is striking with the hand all that's allowed in these competitions?" Ariadne asks Roubani, curiously. "Or is that just what the last two chose?"

Epi slips out of the ring after Willem goes, no longer quite so bouncy. Off to the side she goes, working at the tape on her hands, head down. She settles in on a seat and takes care of business.

"Hands, as I understand it," Roubani murmurs back to Ariadne. "I for one would not wish to be kicked with combat boots." His hand gently scratches the back of his unevenly-cut hair.

Hale grins back towards Thorn as he takes his seat nudging a Ensign out of the way. A shake of his head as he watches Rebound come away with a win and there's a rise up to whistle, and cheering back for Rebound before he is looking down And joining Thorn. "Same thing mate, both times these things have come up, I've har the worst luck. Now that I can fight? Won't bloody miss the chance if I can."

A little late, Thea slips into the fight, head down. She's in her uniform and out of the sling - for once. Her left hand is still bandaged, so it's likely she's not going to be throwing her tags in. Once inside, once she hears some familiar voices, the Captain glances around, looking for a place to sit.

Yeah, well, Wil's not particularly glowing like a winner. He just appears surprised. Maybe Epi did hurt something. As he makes his way past, he shoots Samantha a dry look. "That wasn't my intention. And I'm sure the Corporal is very good at her job. Which is -not- to get in fistfights with Centurions." A pause. "I don't think I've ever done that before." Win or hit a girl? It could be either, or both, given his reaction. "You're like school in the summertime, Case. School in the bloody summertime." Finally, the rest of the crowd slowly dawns on him. He nods to the CAG, a bit abashed but standing tall all the same. And Jupiter. Hale. All these people. Finally he retreats to the bleachers himself to take care of business. Item #1 - water.

"If you need a medic, see Elder." The fates seem whimsical today, and by the Fates, of course we mean Master Sergeant. Nikos digs a meaty paw into the box and pulls out two random names, reading them off to pair the fighters. "Roubani and… Kom — toomanydamn syllables. Get in there and tear it up. If you bleed, we got a medic. Try not to bleed on the mat."

Jupiter glances over at Dutch, then snorts and looks back to the ring as everyone is startled by Willem's apparent win, which she more or less missed. "I heard the MPs record these up in the sec station, then add little pen tablet commentary and doodles, and screen them for jollies every time someone pisses off McT and the company gets extra PT." She looks to Jules for a moment, then nods. "You figure that — is that a bunny?" Her eyes drop to the sweatshirt's design.

Samantha blinks at Willem at the comment in her direction…"School…in the summer time? … You mean, for the stupid kids?" She genuinely doesn't get it for about 2.5 seconds and then her eyes go wide…"Hey! I got class! I put the -ass- in class, I tell ya that." And she gets up, shaking her booty a moment before laughing warmly and settling back down, definitely more relaxed than she's been in a long time, but then she's off medical leave and that makes any girl happy.

Kai continues weaving his way toward the bleachers housing the bulk of the pilots, Hale getting a firm clap to the shoulder as he passes around behind him. "Nice to see you made it this time, Rabbit. Thorn, good luck." Something resembling a smile flickers across his lips as he looks to the ECO, and then settles in to watch.

Roubani and…heh. He clears his throat quietly, standing up in the bleachers and commenting to Ariadne under his breath. "Excuse me, miss. It's time for my head injury of the month." He sidles out of the row of benches and starts for the ring, stride reserved rather than cocky.

"Missed the chance last time, I won't miss it again," Thorn agrees with Hale. And just like that, his chance is upon him. His eyebrow rises as his name is called, along with that of Kharon's newest jig. "Well, at least it's not a frakking marine," he mutters to himself as he grabs a pair of gloves and ducks into the ring. Kai's voice registers just as he enters, and he tosses off a nod to the CAG as he waits for his erstwhile opponent.

"Nice fightin', el-tee." Jaimson, still seated relatively close to Sam, Thorn, and the rest of the lot, congratulates Willem as he approaches. As the next list is drawn, he watches as Thorn takes off and then as another… somewhat familiar name and face moves in. He tilts his head slightly. "Pilot on pilot," he comments off-handedly.

Dutch snots at the names drawn but he is looking over towards Roubani, and lets his hard gaze remain on the snipe for a moment before his voice is coming out in a bit of a bark, laced with tobacco smoke. "Beat th' frakkin shit outta him Snipe!" Someone should cheer for engineering and for now, it is going to be Dutch.

Thea's just in time to catch Thorn heading for the ring and she offers him a smile. "Good luck, Thorn," she calls, then heads for a seat near Kai and Hale. "Evening Spider, Rabbit," she greets both quietly. "How did the first match go?"

Ariadne grins, shaking her head fondly at Roubani's departing words. "May the Lords bless your endeavor, my friend." She looks about the room, afterwards, frowning slightly, eyes scanning the crowd.

"Thorn." Roubani's soft voice greets the ECO as he climbs up into the ring. Gosh, this is some serious nerd on nerd action up in here. He catches Dutch's shouting and alright, that pulls a faint smirk for the Marine. Two-fingered salute that way.

Hale claps Thorn on the shoulder "Get em Brother.." though he is friends with Nadiv, he's a wee bit closer with Thorn, all the same he's wishing his friend luck, and looking back over towards Thea as she and Spider are now noticed. A grin there to both "Evening Captains.." its not as wide as it usually is, given the recent events, but it is a smile none the less. "I think.." Hale says looking back to the ring "That Price, beat one of th' marines. The small one.."

"Poet," Komnenos replies. "Undoubtedly the match of th' century, eh?" He smiles without malice at Roubani as he dons his gloves. A jaunty salute of his own in Hale's direction, then he's ready to go.

Samantha blinks at the match, her eyes going a bit wide…"Wow… Poet and Thorn. This could even be hotter… We need gelatin." Sam yells, continuing with her school during summer attitude. But then, she's definitely from the white trash part of the universe and, at the moment, she's revelling in her heritage!

"I failed gym in ninth grade." Wil suddenly mouths a matter-of-fact confession to Sam as he pauses a moment on his epic water run. "Spent two months ditching with Ramon's sister hiding behind the bleachers, smoking. I figured it she was just using me to nick mom's cigarettes that April, but I had to make up that summer." He snorts a half-laugh and a thin, self-mocking smile dots his countenance. -Then- he goes off for the water again, busting into the cooler and pulling out a bottle. "It was luck, Rabbit." He says as he edges near Hale and Captain #1 and Captain #2. Settling up on the bleachers now a row or two down from where Roubani was, he looks up at the ring, squinting. "Oh. My." This is directed to no-one in particular.

Roubani offers Komnenos a dry smile. "The demand on Pay per View will be staggering, let me tell you." He backs up from Komnenos, raising his covered hands.

"I'd record it," Thorn returns in a deadpan. He mirrors Roubani's movement, stepping back and bringing up his gloved fists into a ready position.

"Frak that," mutters the CAG, eyes cutting toward Willem briefly as he makes his way over. "You're a viper jock, Price. Learn to puff up your chest and strut off your victories, once in a while." He's joking. Probably. Somewhere under that unsmiling face. Legacy's arrival garners a slight crinkling at the corners of his eyes, and a curt nod as he digs around in his fatigues for a cigarette.

"Mmmmm," Thea replies, dipping her head. "Well, that's score one for the Air-Wing tonight," she comments. Hale gets a smile and a slight tilt of her head, almost curious, before she turns her attention to Kai. One hand goes out. "Only if I can have one too," she tells him solemnly.

"I believe that's the sound of the camera lens breaking." Roubani mutters under his breath as they start circling. His head's not entirely in what he's doing, that's unfortunately apparent in this first minute or so.

Epi remains on her seat, gently massaging her ribs as the next match comes up. "Get him Lieutenant Lightloafers," she calls - big voice for a little girl. "You can do it!"

Rising, Ariadne rubs the back of her neck, still frowning. She carefully threads her way through the crowd to the edge of the ring, looking up at the pugilists, rubbing her uppers arms as though suddenly cold. Wearing the same, troubled expression, she glances — inexplicably — at Kai.

Watching as things gear up, Jaimson is a bit quiet for this one. Instead, he decides to look about at the other pilots that've come into the arena, and his eyes scan over the crowd for some familiarity. And… other than Wil, and Sam, and the CO… he doesn't really notice anyone else at the moment. So, his attention goes back to the fight.

"Quit talking you pussy-And frakking punch him in his throat!" Dutch cheers out for Roubani, and then settles in to watch the fight that's coming in. A glance back towards the ring as more cheering comes out, but he is likely not going to comment much more

Komnenos circles cautiously for a moment; Roubani's not the most imposing of figures, with all due respect to the snipe, but Komnenos isn't exactly an experienced brawler. He doesn't remain cautious for long, though, as he suddenly steps in, swinging a right hook — and almost ends up flat on his face for his trouble, as his mind moves a little more quickly than his legs. Somehow, though, he manages to avoid tangling himself up at the last moment, and a heavy fist is plowing towards Roubani's torso.

"I save it for when it matters, sir." Wil calls out towards Kai, and, wait, he -can- puff up his chest, it seems. "To blatantly steal from Stesticheus' 'Annals of War,' 'Every dead Cylon in my wake is a hymn yet to borne from my lips.'" He shoots the man and odd, distant smile and then goes back towards his water. From where he's sitting, he looks about, at the ring, and gestures towards Ariadne who was just sitting by Roubani moments ago. "This might be interesting. They're both…strategists. Not bruisers." He gestures towards the gym appraisingly as he speaks to the woman, suddenly.

Jupiter snickers at Epi's cheering/jeering from the sidelines. She reaches over to take a bottle of water someone made the mistake of leaving nearby and unguarded. She cracks the top, and takes a sip. It was still sealed, so it's probably just water. "It's like watching old people have sex."

Of course, Wil didn't quite remember the translation -exactly-. Still, he got the gist of it. It's not like he's a walking -encyclopedia- of ancient Thracian poetry, just very good at remembering bits of it.

Hale chuckles as he watches the fight going on, before he is looking back towards two Captain's A reach to pat Kai's good leg, finally clueing out of the fight night madness "I am too sir, see if I can't get us another victory.." A chuckle as he catches Thea's look and a brow raises up, before he's going back to watch men match minds..and knuckles?

"Over my dead body," Kai tells Thea solemnly, before tucking a cigarette in between his lips and rifling for his lighter. His attention's mostly on the imminent nerdfight, but a portion of it's undoubtedly reserved for not getting his smoke snagged. A glance back to the ring finds him eye-to-eye with the priestess, whose glance he returns impassively. "Didn't know you were a scholar of Thracian poetry, Rebound," is added, slantwise, to Willem.

The ECO's punch connects and connects pretty hard, sending air straight out of Roubani's lungs with an accompanying sound. He moves backwards and out of range as he pulls air back in, doing his damndest to re-focus now that he's got pain as an aide. Not much of an aide, however, as whatever's on his mind is a lot louder. And more distracting.

Samantha is just, apparently, enraptured at the amount of not hitting each other that's going on. Case is quiet for once. She likes both these guys too damn much to actually cheer on their… well, not hitting each other. "This is almost embarrassing. We got some carrot to cheer them on with? Winner gets to code a new sim for free or something?"

The little Marine's cheers get louder as Komnenos connects. "Way to go, Lieutenant! Come on, you've almost got him! Dance, Lieutenant! You can do it!"

Ariadne inclines her head towards Wil, though her eyes remain on the contestants. "Do… you think they might devise a strategy that results in landing blows?"

Jupiter is on the prowl for smokes, but she was waylaid by an unguarded bottle of water, and likely hasn't noticed anyone but Dutch with a lit smoke. She stays where she is, inhaling the secondhand, gathering her energy, biding her time, etc. "Case, go choke on somethin'."

And with that, Thorn scores the proverbial first blood. He hangs back, recognizing his reach advantage over the slightly shorter engineer. He curses softly to himself, rebuking himself for his near mishap; the ECO is moving a little more deliberately now. After gathering his wits a moment, he once again advances on Roubani. He throws a few more experimental hooks, still favoring his right side… until all of a sudden his as yet unused left hand snaps into action, heading right for Poet's chin.

Samantha blinks up to Jupiter, confusion painting her features as she smirks…"Holy frak, Fingers… what crawled up your panties? Jus' havin' a good time… I don't mean it, yanno…" Sam mutters in the woman's direction, her voice a bit quieter now, not quite screaming loud cheering any more.

"It's probably not in my jacket, Sir." Wil says towards Kai, matter-of-factly but there is a brief twinkle in his eyes. Good humor fights its way through. He swills on his water bottle and continues. "I spent a lot of time after my crash trying to figure out what I wanted carved on my tombstone. That didn't make the cut." He pauses a beat. "Tauron girls, though. They're tough. You needed an edge to get their attention." Given how the stories went, his knowledge of literature went…unappreciated. Finally, he shoots a comment back to Ariadne after casual glances at the ring, "That's not how it works. Well, maybe it is. They're both smart guys who will figure it out. I'm sure." He says this just as they -are- figuring it out. Well, at least Thorn is.

Dutch still is not sharing with Jupiter, after all because he is entirely focused on the right going on and there's a wince as those blows come in back and back. However As it seems Komnenos is winning, well that should be something "Mithras' balls.." A mutter and a spit as he is looking back towards his medkit. Looks like he might have to pat some wounds and kiss some frakking boo boos.

Rather than make a swipe for his cigarette, Thea simply elbows Kai lightly in the side. "That can be arranged," she mutters under her breath, grinning at him. She seems a bit surprised by Hale's response, but just laughs quietly and turns back to the ring. Like others, her smile isn't as wide as usual tonight. Her eyes are shadowed.

Roubani snaps back a few tags here and there but nothing that gets into point-scoring range. He favours the left himself, his right side a touch stiff even though he rarely wears the brace on his elbow and wrist anymore. Thorn's well-timed hook to the face catches hard, snapping his head back as the glove pounds right into his chin. That looks like it frakkin' hurts. teeth grit, he comes back with a slam against Thorn's arm but it comes up just too narrow to pull a point on the ECO.

To Roubani's credit, his blow isn't a bad one. Thorn grits his teeth as Roubani's counterattack pounds his shoulder. He doesn't fall back this time, though, sensing the advantage and going for broke. He's noticed his two point scoring blows have forced Roubani to raise his guard; Thorn tosses a few feints and easily blocked jabs at Roubani's face to encourage that notion… before finally directing a mighty jab into the younger man's gut.

"So say we all," murmurs Kai in response to Wil's comment about Tauron girls. How the curmudgeonly old CAG, who must be like a bazillion years old, would possibly know this? Well, it's anyone's guess. His brow furrows a little at the direction the fight's taking, and he asides to Thea after a moment, "Going to try your luck in there again?"

Ariadne puts her hands over her mouth, stifling a dismayed sound. "Oh, Nadiv…" she winces deeply. She cranes her head around, asking Wil, "There's a medic here, right?"

And Epi's on her feet cheering - though there's no bouncing and one hand is cradling her ribs. She does, however, seem extremely excited about the outcome of the bout.

And kaboom, there's the third point. Straight into the same spot that the ECO hit before, say goodbye to air. Roubani stumbles back and almost kneels from the force that just got directed into his midsection. It's a couple seconds before he can cough and straighten up again, taking shallow sips of air to reinflate. It wasn't a spectacular fight in the least, but the young man for whatever reason looks a bit calmer after it's done. Despite the nose that's starting to bleed. He coughs again and nods to Komnenos, starting towards the edge of the ring. "I'd say well-done, but that implies you had competition." A slightly dry smirk. "Good fight."

Samantha is on her feet when Thorn actually takes the win, rather happy that the pilots are doing well tonight…"Frak yea, Thorn! Guess the whole crew don't get to hear -either- of you sing tonight." She mutters over to Will and Thorn, some sort of bet from earlier it seems, and even as Thorn comes out of the ring she jogs over to give him a proper hugs and a ruffle of the hair in congratulations…"Nice to see ya work up there. Even if it was just poor Poet. Least ya went gentle on the kid." She's laughs again, nodding to Roubani…"Nice in there, yer gettin' faster, Poet… few more nights and you'll be wipin' the floor with all the snipes."

MSGT regards the fighting duo with impassive eyes. He gnaws his stogie, then calls out, "Match to… Komnenos." It takes him a second, but he squints and gets the name correct. "Clear the ring. Up next is…" The man reaches for the box of tags. Two come out, and he reads. "Passi and Ferris. Get in there." He jingles the tags box, then drops it to the mat again.

Legacy glances over at Kai, sidelong, and gives him a wry little smile. "I will if you will," she tells him quietly. "Though I dare say that the Major would make sure the next bullet was right between my eyes if I opened up this shoulder again. Are you going for a bout tonight?"

Hale is chuckling as the next match seems to come, and there's a raise up as he is moving over to greet Thorn. "Oi brother." called out, as he'll help the ECO get out of his gloves and basically see to it that there's not too much he needs to see Elder about. Bloody medic is a right grouchy git. "Good work out there."

There's a mighty wince when the gutshot occurs, and Ferris breathes in slightly as he does. "Ouch," he comments, shaking his head a little bit and hrming slightly… He shakes his head a little bit, shifting slightly and clapping some for Thorn. Then… the inevitable seems to occur: his name's called. And nontheless, it's to… Passi. Wonderful. He glances toward the woman for a moment, before shrugging. "Let's get to it, shall we?" He hops from his seat, moving toward the ring and inserting a mouth-guard… And in he goes over the ropes.

"Heh. So say we all, indeed, Sir." Wil calls out distantly to Kai as he blinks rapidly, half-smiling. "Nah. Seriously. I pick these things up. I as was concerned about where were came from as where we are going as a people." After letting this little bit slip, he winces as Roubani goes down. "Poet. Gods." He shakes his head but leans in further just to make sure the man can still walk. He tilts his head at Thorn, nodding once in the distance. Back to Roubani. Back to Ariadne. "Sgt. Elder." He says, explaining as he points at Dutch. "Which is funny, he's usually one of the people delivering the beatings at these things. There's a certain symmetry to that, if you think about it."

Then Samantha Passi hears her name… along with the new kid. "Awe… seriously? I don't wanna beat Ferry up, I barely know'em!" She winks at Ferris…"Come on. We shall 'get to it' indeed." And with that, she's ducking under ropes. Sheflashes him one last wink and stands, getting onto the balls of her feet, dukes up, including scarred by sling-free arm. Here goes nothing.

Thorn claps his opponent on the shoulder. "Luck, is all that was," he responds with a grin as he, too, slides out of the ring and is approached by Hale. He pauses, nodding to Rabbit as the pilot helps him unlace the gloves. "Thanks, Rabbit," Thorn responds, before flashing a smirk over at Sam.

"I'm fine, sir." Roubani assures Willem at that wincing and leaning. "Thank you." The shoulder-clapping by Thorn is met with a half-smile that looks worn out to the core, and as he slides out of the ring he settles down stiffly on a bench nearby. That spot below the ribs is going to be a fabulous shade of purple tomorrow. He pulls off his left glove, pinching his nostrils shut against the ribbon of blood running from it.

Kai studies Willem thoughtfully for a little while, cigarette smoke creating a haze over his features that even bright blue eyes can't quite pierce. When the raptor Captain speaks, his gaze flickers to her shoulder. Then back up to her face. "Nope. Not planning on it." He turns slightly to exhale away from her, attention roving then to the new combatants entering the ring. "I'm glad to see people in decent spirits, considering," he mentions, apropos of nothing.

Thorn, for his part, is relatively untouched, which will spare him from a visit with the grouchy corpsman. There'll likely be a bruise in the morning… his poor left shoulder, first a Cylon bullet and now a snipe's haymaker. He belatedly returns Wil's nod with one of his own, before the gloves are finally off, a cigarette is lit, and he settles in to watch the next fight.

"All right, then." The new guy is gonna get right to it. Once Passi's in the right and the formalities are all said and done, it's time to go. Ferris' style of fighting isn't exactly… refined, as it were. When he goes in, though, he's got his guard up against the shorter opponent, watching for the reaches. Due to his size, though, it's kind of hard to duck the lower shots at his chest - but he's going to do what he can to block 'em. He moves in - the first of the few punches he throws in his first combo being a hook, and then a couple of jabs - coming up just short. It's in those moments of the jabs when he leaves himself open for the attack that's likely going to cost him.

"Resiliance," Thea says quietly, looking out over the crowd, not really at any one person. "It's an amazing thing. I'm glad to see the wing had such a good turnout tonight."

Roubani lapses into his usual state of silence, keeping his nose pinched shut until the rebellious thing has stopped bleeding. He glances at his bloody fingers, watching them for a few seconds before his eyes come back up, shoulders hunching a little as he rests his arms down on his knees. Voices are gradually differentiating again for him; he looks at Hale briefly, and then Thea and Kai. Darkly-circled linger there for a few moments and then shift slowly to the ring.

Kai leans slightly onto one hip, shoulder brushing Legacy's as he fumbles around in his pocket for a handkerchief. Clean. It's tugged out, and offered wordlessly to Roubani with an attempt at eye contact. Whatever Thea says gets a soft, oh so eloquent grunt in reply.

"You took that well, Poet." Wil says. Coming from him, it actually doesn't sound like a consolation prize but a note of congratulations. Uh, after all, if anyone should know about fearlessly marching to your own ass-kicking in the ring, it would be Rebound. He leans over and rustles through a cooler at his feet and pulls out another bottle of water, gesturing to the Ensign.

Samantha isn't going -too- rough on him, but then she's just got off of medical leave and it's clear she's favouring her right arm, even if just a little bit. Probably more out of nerves about it than any actual lingering damage. Still, she's using her short height to her advantage, ducking beneath the taller punches and getting in a good combination to his stomach before she ducks out again, beginning to circle, give him time to catch his breath. No joking is yelled this time, but then a mouth guard actually seems to stop her big mouth from being TOO loud…

Ariadne watches the new match with interest, hands folded in her lap. "Why does everyone wear such large gloves?" she asks Wil. Then, to Roubani, "Are you hurt very much? Should you see the medic?"

Dutch is still studying the fights with a rather cool gaze. His kit beside him, yet it seems no one wants it just yet. Don't worry someone will get mightly injured at some point and then he'll tell them to quit crying like big babies while he patches them up, before sending them on their way. Why? Because that is what he does. All the same he's watching more pilots smacking pilots.

Oh a nice white thing to get blood on, fancy that. Roubani coughs quietly and looks up as the hankerchief's offered. His eyes meet Kai's for a second and there's a brief ghost of a smile. It's a little crooked, like he's sorely out of practice with the expression, but at least it's real. "Thank you," he murmurs to the Captain, then after a careful nose wipe, he glances at Willem. There's a flash of gratitude in his eyes at the water bottle, which he accepts. "I suppose it's an important skill one should hone, hm?" It's a little wry. To Ariadne he gently shakes his head. Gently. It's starting to pound a little. "No, no, I'm alright."

Jupiter considers the fight in the ring, but something prompts her to rise. She drops a hand on Dutch's shoulder, and then turns from the bench to make her way off after a slight squeeze. Hatch bound. Probably a shower beyond that. Unless she's going to go toilet paper Marine Country while half the Corps is distracted.

Apparently in the middle of the fight is the time to finally speak to Dutch. Jules sinks into a seat adjacent to the man's medkit and asks, quietly and in a tiny lull between cheers and calls from the crowd, "You okay, Sarge?" She tries to do it on the down low, leaning over like she's adjusting a lace on her shoes.

Thea slides out of her seat for a moment and returns shortly with a bottle of water which is opened and offered to Roubani. "You doing alright, Poet," she asks, voice quiet now.

Komnenos winds slowly through the crowd, a trail of cigarette smoke following behind him. There's a look of concern over at Roubani, but Thorn keeps his distance as Thea goes to talk to Poet; instead, Komnenos goes over to the cooler and grabbing a bottle of water. Putting his cigarette aside for a moment, he drains nearly half of the bottle in one gulp.

A little smirk to Roubani as the water bottle is passed along and suddenly, and rather out-of-character, Wil leans forwards and bellows, "WATCH YOUR NINE, BIG GUY!" as he cups his hands to his mouth, staring at the ring. Not that he's showing any real hostility towards Sam, or anything. It's just identification with and support for the new guy. "GROUNDSIDE, MOTHERFRAKKER! REPRESENT!" Whoah. Where did -that- come from? One airbase rat to another. He chats back at Ariadne now. Friendly enough. She's a stranger, but it's not like rank matters much in this setting. Unless he's talking to the Captains. Then it's still 'sir' this and 'sir' that. "Glove size? Someone might say it's overcompensation. Really, it's padding, though." He answers the question seriously enough.

The first round didn't go so well, with Ferris getting a little winded when the first few hits land on him and he lets out a huge huff when they land, grunting, as it were. But that ain't gonna stop him. When they untangle and he catches his breath, he's quick to move back in, with a new vigor. His tactic? Lay low. Using his height, he moves in -extra- close, intent on laying some body blows against the opponent and keeping her restrained due to the height he towers over her with. He could leave himself open, but his blocks are up as he moves in.

Kai's features soften, just a touch, when Roubani offers the smile. His nod is subtle, but the approval's definitely there; it takes guts to get up in that ring and make an ass of yourself. He settles back against the bench then, combat booted feet kicked up on the seat in front of him (just TRY asking him to move them, biyatches) as his attention returns to the match. Calm, the Captain, in the midst of all the shouting and jostling. Jupiter's departure earns a slight furrow of his brows.

Ariadne blinks at Wil's outbursts, then laughs. She nods minutely as he explains the gloves. "Ah," she responds, turning back to watch the match with a bemused smile.

"Nope." Dutch offers as he looks back. Finally peeled from the fight as he focuses in on Jules for a moment. "I've had a shit ton of better days." A shake of his head as one hand is coming up to remove the cigar from his mouth with a twist and a tap of ash onto the floor before he is looking back to the fight for a moment. A sniff and another drag of his smoke. "No, I am not ok, kid."

Roubani already has a bottle of water from Willem, unfortunately for Thea's kind heart. His eyes are on the ring, especially as Willem starts shouting like that, but he gives Thea a minute nod. When he talks it's just a murmur between them, his mouth not moving all that much. "A little tired, sir." Simple words, complex tone. He's much more than 'tired'. "You?"

The new guy is someone Sam doesn't quite know how to read, so when he changes up his tactics he's actually getting the upper hand on her a few times. She grunts roughly as her shoulder is smacked back, and there's a nice upper cut to her jaw that's gonna slip her lip and get some blood on that pretty, tough little face. Still, as she actually begins to read what he's doing, she changes her own tactic, using his height and balance issues against him. She goes in for a faked out punch as her leg comes up behind his knee, doing her best to totally knock him off balance before delievering a final, hard uppercut to the underside of his tall jaw. For once, her height is entirely working for her. "Srry, Fry!" She yelps out between her mouthguard. Maybe she actually feels a bit bad beating up the new kid.

Thea's a little late to catch on to the fact that Poet -has- a water bottle, but she gives him a wry little smile and lifts it in toast. "About the same, Poet," she tells him quietly. "It was good to see you in the ring." Yeah, she's worried about him, but she doesn't push it. She simply retakes her seat and offers the bottle to Kai.

Oh well. His cheer went, um, unheeded by the Gods. Or at least Ferris. As Ferris goes down, Wil shrugs, lopsided. "Oh well. I tried." He notes, wryly, as he goes back to his water. He brushes at something invisible on his fatigue pants.

Jupiter is forced to pull a Uie to retrieve her tags from the box. Dammet. She skirts the edge of the ring, making her way over toward the Master Sergeant. She'll arm wrestle him for the box if she has to.

Tiiiiiiiiiiimber. Let the laughs commence! Even though that first time he had managed to get the upper hand, Ferris was now backing off on the defensive when she changed her own game up. When it's all said and done, though, that jaw-pop just ain't gonna get dodged. Losing his balance, the tall pilot goes over and down, grunting again when he realizes what's happened. However, he is quick to get back to his feet, spitting out his mouth-guard and wiping his mouth - thankfully, not too bloody, thanks to the said guard - and shaking his head. "S'all good," he remarks. "Good fight!" With that, he's out of the ring, moving off to the side to find a water to claim. Or somethin'. For his first fight, not too bad.

Roubani gently taps the bottom of his bottle against Thea's before she moves away, then tips it up for a swallow or two. His hand absently pats his pockets down for his cigarettes, but his pack is empty. Hell. He exhales through his nose, settling for water.

"Me either." Jules straightens up from her mock shoe-tying. Rolling her shoulders, she takes up a slouch in her seat and says, "But. I figure any day is better'n the day I had brains land on me." She reaches into a pocket and tugs out a rolled up wrapper. It's shaken. The very bottom nub of a chocolate granola bar falls out into her palm.

Thorn's attention goes back to the fight just in time to see Ferris go down, hard. "Way t' go, Case," he calls out. Then, a smirk at Ferris's prone form. "Welcome t' Kharon, lad," he snorts, before moving through the crowd once again. This time, he does go over to Roubani, an unlit cigarette in hand. "Peace offering?" he asks Poet, offering him the cigarette with a small smile.

Samantha assists Ferris up, if he'll let her. Either way, she's patting his back as they duck under the ropes together, breathlessly grinning as she pulls out her mouth guard. "Damn…damn good fight. Boy gave me a run fer my money… that was nice. Gotta do it again, Ferry. Though I do feel like I was tiltin' at windmills, mister giant." She winks at him as they head back into the audience, her lip just bleeding a little bit from that initial punch.

MSGT Nikos tears his eyes away from the match only briefly to eyeball the pilot who comes over to retrieve some tags before the event is over. In her peripheral, he witnesses the end of the bout. "Match to Passi." His voice holds no inflection. He picks up the tag box, and digs around in it before handing it off to Jupiter.

"Do people often tell you that you're a godsend, Lieutenant?" Roubani murmurs to Komnenos, reaching up his fingers to scissor them around the white cigarette. His lighter, luckily, is handy, and he flicks it to life. "How is your arm." Referring to the one hard punch he did manage to land.

Kai just sits quietly, and observes the match that's just now concluding. He seems perfectly content to enjoy his cigarette and be in the midst of his pilots, tonight.

"I've had brains splatter on me before. Its not much..shit's spongy as those shitty little capsule dinosaurs you could get as a kid." Dutch says as he looks back towards Jules for a moment. A switch of his cigar to the other side of his mouth for a moment. "I've seen bones sticking out of a frakker's chest..Ain't ever had to kill a friend before." A shrug "Shit's different then."

MSGT reads off, "Adelphi vs. Hale." He glances around the room. One of the names isn't as familiar as the other. The marine calls out, "Anyone who bleeds on the mat pays extra."

Ariadne tucks a lock of hair back behind her ear, quietly viewing the staggering, bruised (and occasionally bleeding) folks who've preceded her into the ring. Hearing her name called, she stands and moves to the ring, climbing over the ropes. She leaves the gloves behind.

"Actually, no," Thorn responds, his eyebrow crinkled. "Especially not after I just did my level best t' ground them into the mat," he continues flippantly. "But I'll take it. You going t' be all right?"

The tall pilot allowed himself to be helped up, and out of the ring he'd go with Sam. It's all in good fun, this whole thing, after all. At least, that's Ferris' apparent idea of the whole thing. He settles back into the bleachers, nursing his jaw calmly and rubbing at it slightly, working it a little. "Damn," he remarks quietly. "Y'got a punch," he comments to Sam, still working his jaw. In the meantime, as he settles into the bleachers… it's near Willem, nudging him with his arm as he moves to sit beside the pilot. "Not -too- bad for the first fight, I guess. Right?" he asks, snickering a little bit. "Could've been worse."

Jules doesn't look back at Dutch, she keeps her gaze forward and on the fight, but her voice is kept low enough that her response is undoubtedly for her fellow marine, "Hope I never have to. Anything is possible, though. I think the past couple of months have shown us that, at least."

There's a look up as his name is called. A chuckle as he is taking the pair of gloves, and Abraham is tightening the laces. "Right lets go and do it.." Hale mutters to himself. And so with a grunt the Tall pilot is rising up from his place in the stands an is taking his time to clamber in. Poor Lieutenant, he's seeing if he lives up to his name in the ring as he does on land. And into the ring he moves.

Legacy smiles a touch wryly as Kai leans back and then retracts the water bottle, taking a slow sip from it. Ahhhh, another pilot is called, and a new face, given the expression Thea's wearing. She studies the odd pairing curiously.

Bowing her head to Hale, Ariadne says, "Lords of Kobol smile on you," before putting in her mouthguard. She bends her knees slightly, putting one foot slightly ahead of the other.

"Yeah. You could have been steamrolled by that sack of bricks," Willem says, sidelong to Ferris with a point at Dutch. "Or…" He doesn't finish the sentence, wincing slightly. Speaking of symmetry, his last two beatings were at the hands of Dutch and the man Dutch put down. He clears his throat in an abashed manner as he curiously watches the newcomers to the ring, mouth hanging open. Slightly. "Huh. Her. And Rabbit. This is odd." He clicks his tongue.

The Master Sergeant makes no comments about barehanded combatant(s), particularly when there's a pilot involved.

"Mmhmm," Roubani makes the sound quietly in his throat. "A little ice, it'll be fine." Whether or not the bout injuries were what Thorn was actually talking about. He pulls a small drag on the cigarette, squinting slightly through the smoke towards the new pair in the ring.

Sen seems to have arrived just in the knick of time. The person she came to support just had his name called. She's actually in off duties tonight, instead of her usual dress blues or yellow coveralls with her hair left loose in its natural disarray. She steps through the hatch, sidestepping a crewman who's on the way out and giving him a smile. The ChEng then weaves in towards the bleachers to find a seat and watch the abuse. Nope, her tags don't come off to go in the kitty. As she sees Hale move toward the ring, her fingers touch her lips and she gives a shrill encouraging whistle.

Jupiter snags her tags out of the box, and sets it down. She drops the dogtags over her head, then resumes her earlier exit. She nods to Sen as she passes, and then scampers out the hatch while there's still the off chance Marine Country may be emptyish.

"Mo'afagh bashed, Rabbit," the CAG offers in a low voice as Hale rises. The pilot's given a tip of Karim's cigarette if he looks over, and he murmurs to Thea, "Think she might be a priestess of Ares?"

As Ferris' eyes drift toward the Dutch fellow, they widen. Visibly. And quickly, they abruptly find something else to look at - like the ensuing match. "Odd, why?" he asks idly, toward Will, head tilting to the side as he he crosses his arms slightly.

Ariadne does her best to move swiftly out of Hale's way, but doesn't quite manage. She oofs and winces as his blow lands, looking startled and off balance.

Samantha settles there with Willem and Ferris, crossing her legs and beginning to casually untape her knuckles as she sees the next pair…"Come on, Rabbit…. Red Squad got every win tonight, you better keep it up or we're hazin' yer ass once we get our bunks back!" Sam yells across the ropes, then chuckles back towards Ferris and Willem…"Oh, come on, Dutchboy over there's a big teddy bear under neath. Or he used ta be, at least… Medic and all. He cares deep down so he gotta make up for it by bein' a bastard on the outside."

Hale's bounching on his feet as the fight begins, already getting into the odd loose motion that he's taken before when he's coming in. Rabbit is one thing, and that is quite quick, where as she tries to move, he comes in with a hit that has a little mean on it. All the same When there's that opening he takes, and he takes it hard with a jab to her mid section. A rock back on his toes as he is already getting ready for the next bit of blows.

"Good t' hear," Thorn replies to Roubani. His momentary guilt assuaged, he turns his attention back to the ring, and shouts encouragingly in Hale's direction. "OI, MATE! Knock 'er block off, what?" He grins as Hale lands a blow, then turns over to Sam. "Not every win, Case…" he reminds the woman, his grin widening to show teeth. With one last nod to Roubani, he meanders on over in the direction of Wil, Sam, and Ferris.

Thea studies Ariadne, watches her move, then nods to Kai. "Perhaps," she says quietly. "I imagine it will be nice to have another religious type on board." The bulk of her attention, though, is on the match.

Roubani nods slightly to the ECO. He remains where he is on the bench as Thorn gets up to rejoin society, the smoke from his cigarette curling into the now-empty space beside him, an acrid buffer between himself and the rest of the world in the gym. He continues to watch the match.

Priestess of Ares? Probably not. Or, if so, Ares is pretty embarrassed about now. Ariadne moves in with an open fist, apparently meaning to strike Hale with the heel of her palm. This, however, leaves her left side entirely open.

Sen gives an amicable nod to Jupiter as they pass, and then she's ferretting out a seat in the middle of pilots and marines and snipes, Oh my! She seems to gravitate towards the latter, and those of matching brass, so she ends up finding a place that sort of triangulates her in the middle of Kai, Legacy, and Roubani. As she sits, she pulls a lollipop out of the pocket of her fatigue pants, and unwraps the cellophane. "There ya go!" She cheers as Hale seems to be fairing rather well.

Left side, being wide open Hale's moving right for that open spot. And with that the Tall Pilot is moving with jack rabbit like speed to send a hard hook towards her jaw. No the Lieutenant doesn't take prisoners it appears. And whether Ares feels embarrassed, HeKate is probably smiling favorably on her son here. He'll apologize if he damages too bloody bad.

"Evening, Captain," Kai greets the arriving Queen Snipe, somewhat brusquely. His cigarette's toyed with absently between thumb and forefinger as he watches the fight progress, and once he's aware of Samantha nearby, he turns slightly to lean over and rap her knee with his knuckles. "Good fight, Passi."

First, a glance to the approaching Thorn. "Odd. Dunno why I said it, really." Wil narrows his eyes quietly as Sam explains' Dutch's place in the universe. "He's an allright guy. Just, whatever you do, don't say this in front of him." Wil leans over towards Ferris and mutters something in Thracian. It's lilting. It translates to, 'Your mother's got something unexpected under the hood.' Well, not literally, but you get the idea. He just nudges Ferris afterwards. "Uh, probably -not- a good idea to say that." Back to the fight now as Hale manages to stand tall. Well, even taller than usual. Other than that, he remains quiet, pursing his lips a little.

It's the sound of candy unwrapping that alerts Roubani as to who's come up near them, rather than sight or — gods forbid — smell. His dark eyes shift to Sen, giving his CO a polite nod if she's looking. Which she probably isn't. He lifts his chin slightly as the match goes on, head making a slight tilt.

And just like that, it's over. Ariadne hits the mat — was there supposed to be some sort of charge for getting blood on it? Looks like she'll be taking donations. Her mouth and nose pour crimson as she pushes herself weakly up. Arms. Hands and knees. Stand—whoaaa with the standing. A little dizzy there. She grasps the ropes and breathes deep.

With a bit of a snicker, Ferris shakes his head slightly and just watches the match. "You're bad, el-tee," the ensign simply remarks toward Willem quietly, glancing sidelong toward Passi for a moment as she gives her own two cents about Dutch. However, he says nothing else, and just watches the fight. Obviously, Hale is the one in favor…

Samantha looks over to Kai and smiles at the rapping, nodding warmly, "Thanks, boss… Ferris, the new kid…he's good people. Damn good people. I consider it a privillage to have gone up against him his first night… was a damn good fight." She nods curtly in Ferris direction, her words actually dead serious for the moment, no joking there. She likes the kid. And with that, her eyes turn back to the fight…"Come on, Rabbit… All but ONE fight was won by a red guy!" She mouths over to Thorn with a grin, 'Happy, buddy?'

"Oh…dear. Oh, miss." Roubani murmurs that quite to himself as Ariadne goes spinning and plud onto the ropes. Well, Dutch'll get his fun in tonight, looks like. He stands before he realises he's doing so, even though he's too far from the ring to do too much good.

It seems whatever Hit hale followed that hook up was what the doctor ordered as the Priestess drops, leaving the Lieutenant standing there for a moment, almost as if hovering over, waiting for the match to be called or her to try for a smack. All the same when its game time Hale remains in the game..well save for the bit of muffled words that come out "You alright?" but it probably sounds odd due to the mouth guard.

Sen magically seems to catch the look from Roubani, and she raises her cherry flavored treat in greeting. Her attention goes back to the ring, watching Hale land a rather nice blow that has her wincing slightly, the corners of her eyes crinkling. "Evening, Captain." She repeats back to Kai like a parrot, only looking to him out of the corner of her eyes. The woman constantly looks like there's an inside joke floating around inside her head, her smile easily worn. It splits now, as pops the lolli in her mouth.

"That was…" Willem's mouth opens as he eyes the brutality in the ring with a slight wince. "Rabbit. Didn't know you had it in you." He exclaims, a bit taken aback. He reaches down into the cooler below and pulls out a couple more water bottles, offering one to Ferris and stowing the other one for the time being. He's probably continuing his new-found tradition of offering water to the match's loser. Finally, he shakes his head. "I use my knowledge for nefarious purposes." He finally admits to Ferris, with less mischief than the words would imply.

Legacy glances over toward Sen and offers a smile, now that the bout's over. "Evening Captain," she says, dipping her head. "Welcome to the fun."

And Kai tends, more often than not, to look ever so faintly smug behind his inscrutable facade. If there's an inside joke, maybe he and Sen are sharing it. A smile briefly crinkles at his eyes when Hale comes out four zip for the win, and then he cuts his eyes toward his watch out of habit. He flicks some ash from his cigarette, and pulls again.

Komnenos seems to be in fine spirits tonight; yet another grin flashes across his face, this one directed at Sam as her correction satisfies his honor and that of Raptor crew all over the ship. As he sidles up to the assembled Viper pilots, he notices the arrival of the CAG. "Captain Marek," he acknowledges Kai, dipping his head and taking a drag from his cigarette.

"Fide. Ibe…" Ariadne coughs — breathing blood. Not so good. She turns towards Hale and hooks her arms on the ropes. They seem to be the only things holding her up, at the moment. She spits out her mouthguard and tries again. "I'm fine," she manages to wheeze. "Thank you. Well fought." She lifts an arm and wipes the blood from her lips and chin. The blood keeps coming, or course. She looks a little put out by that.

MSGT nods in approval, and reaches up to remove the stogie from his mouth. "Match to Hale." There's little inflection until he shoves the cigar back into his mouth, and calls out, "OFficial festivities are now closed. Feel free to beat each other on your own time." The marine holds out the box at the end of a long, meaty arm, and gives it a shake, waiting for all to come and claim their tags. Shake, shake. What that really means is it's time for the MSGT's nap time. But people can stay and fight without the official judge.

Kai shifts a little where he's sitting, and stretches one arm out along the back of the bleacher behind him. His cigarette smokes, untended, between his fingers while he watches the ring clear out. "Good hits up there, Thorn. Doing the Ghostriders proud." It's spoken without quite looking over at the younger man, his voice a touch burred.

The little white stick dances across Sen's lips as she moves the candy from one side of her mouth to the other. "Thanks." She tells Legacy earnestly. "I don't tend to come to these things, but I promised Lieutenant Hale my undying support. It seemed to have worked."

Roubani stays on his feet, watching the young woman in the ring until it's evident that at least she isn't dead. His eyes have a flicker of loser's symapathy, though it's certainly not patronising; he gets no closer to the bloody festivities. Picking up his water bottle he closes it up with a soft popping sound, and takes a drag off his dying cigarette.

Hale nods once towards Ariadne, before he is giving a grin that only a Pyramid goon could love "Right." said back before he is swaggering out of the ring and bandying down t' remove those gloves from his hand. Give him a moment, this can take a bit of time when one does not have fingers in order to undo those things.

Legacy laughs softly and nods. "It would appear so. He had an excellent match." She offers her water bottle, again, to Kai. "The Air Wing had a good showing tonight, all things considered."

"I just hope Captain Eos doesn't take exception t' my beating up her shiny new lieutenant," Thorn answers Kai with a sardonic smile. "But thanks, sir. I try."

Dutch watches an merely looks back to the bleeding woman a half assed glance back to his kit, but all the same Dutch ain't budging. He'll probably see to it if she comes over, other than that he is just people watching. There's a fain look back towards Jules, and the corner of his lip dances up barely "Thanks for talking with me kid.." he intones before he is rising and making his way for the hatch.

Ariadne manages a rather horrid looking smile for Hale — though if intentions can be measured through such a thing, it seems sincere. She drops onto one of the corner stools and puts her head between her knees, pinching her nose shut.

"Speaking of nefarious purposes. I have exciting places on the ship to see and people to thoroughly annoy. I'll catch the tail end of the afterparty. I am sure." Wil looks amongst the little group sitting near him. He retrieves the spare bottle of water and the gym bag as he ambles to his feet, smiling faintly. He tosses an awkward flavor of that grin at Epi as he catches her. "Next time, Corporal." With that, he ambles down the way through the gym with a few slow, stiff steps. Even if he won, he took some hits. That will probably hurt in the morning. He stops by the ring a moment and slips the water bottle under the ropes. "Huh. Don't take this as Gods-given advice, but as they say, the Lords lift up those who lift up themselves and all that." He tilts his head between the now-bleeding Ariadne and Hale. "Next time, aim straight for his gut. He's a big teddy bear. Really." He finally shoots Rabbit a tight, joking smile and then proceeds on towards the exit.

"He doesn't need his face to do his work, anyway," Kai answers, deadpan, to Komnenos' observation. His eyes flicker back to Thea, and a slight shake of his head's given to the offer of her water bottle. He after all, hasn't been up there sweatin' it out. After another glance at his watch, he tosses his cigarette away and starts pulling himself back to his feet. "Good showing out there, all of you," he comments to the group in general, whether or not they're actually paying attention. "Thea," is his farewell to the raptor Captain, fingertips grazing her shoulder as he starts trudging away.

Jules offers a simple "Hooah." in return as Dutch moves to leave. She pushes up to her feet not too long after, popping the nubbin of a chocolate coated granola bar into her mouth and wandering over towards the box. Snatching her tags, she's headed for the hatch herself.

Samantha looks towards the group of pilots with whom she's standing, sticking close to Ferris for the moment, possibly trying to make certain she didn't hit him TOO hard… but also grinning at Thorn, apparently rather proud of his win for the night…"So. Condition two is off… Means we can all -drink-. I say we grab whatever booze we got, hit the lounge…or the black berthings, if they're bein' welcoming, and remember the fact we're all frakking alive and we should enjoy it."

Ariadne raises her head, eyes switching from Kai to Thea with a look of concern. Or she might just be punch drunk and seeing three of everyone, because Nadiv gets the same look.

Roubani does not hear that exchange between Kai and Thorn, thankfully. He's back in his own private headspace as he's tended to do through most of tonight, arms folded and looking at nothing in particular. It's only once Kai starts heading out that he notices movement nearby, and gives the CAG a slight nod, then looks absently back towards Ariadne in time to catch the eye contact. He clears his throat softly. "Are you…quite alright, miss?"

The Big Guy is fine. Ferris has started getting about, since the festivities are over, and seems to have reclaimed his dog tags somewhere amongst the fray. Letting them hang from his neck, he checks the chronometer on his wrist, hrming slightly and making a slight face. "There's some stuff I gotta do," he comments idly as he hears Sam's call for booze. "But if you guys are going to go drinking, just let me know where, I suppose. I'm gonna get some stuff done before I do anything else tonight," he explains. "Y'know, stuff that actually needs to get -done.-"

"Bruised ribs," Ariadne replies with a soft wince. She checks the integrity of her teeth, tongue behind her lips. "Split lip. Nose… isn't broken. Jaw…" She works her mandible back and forth a few times until there's a POP. She sucks in a breath, then smiles weakly. "In place." She frowns slightly. "Why do you fight?"

Hale looks off as Willem slides on by before he is looking to the trinity of Captains, though Kai is leaving. All the same the CAG is given a grin and a nod to the vacating man before he is looking back down to his gloves, working hard to bloody pry these things off. "I swear they make this much more bloody difficult than it should be…"

Sen grins around her lollipop, watching Hale's plight. "C'mere, Lieutenant. If I can strip an engine, I can surely help you with your gloves." She calls over, making a little gesture for him to climb up by her.

Thea tips her head back to look up at Kai as he leaves, offering him a smile. "Have a good night, Spider," she says quietly, touching his hand briefly. Her attention turns back to Hale and Sen and she offers the pair a grin. "Yeah, they usually do. Isn't that the way it is in the military?"

"Well, I'm in, for one," Thorn chimes in. He reclaims his dogtags as the crowd begins to thin out, replacing them on his neck. "Still got some brandy left from the card game," he explains as he finishes off his cigarette. "I'm not on the CAP rotation for tomorrow, either… think I'm scheduled t' handle some paperwork in the offices tomorrow, but I can do that with a hangover." His lips quirk in a smile at that remark.

Samantha strides over casually, leaning against Thorn as she gazes across the rest of the group…"hrm… other than new kid there, seems no one else is interested. This you and me gettin' drunk all alone? Could be dangerous." She teases lightly, pulling out her last cigarette from the waist band of her running slacks. She sticks it between her lips and retrieves a lighter from the empty pack before striking up a flame and breathing in…"No one else for drinks? Oh, Thorn is -doooomed-."

Roubani gently rubs his arm, the other staying folded. "Sometimes the body simply wants to. It needs to." He replies to Ariadne in a quiet murmur. "If we spend our energy solely on true aggression we lose sight of ourselves." He looks over her face. "Would you like some ice or something?"

Hale smiles towards Sen and then he is clambering up easy as pie as he shows her, his gloves. A look is given back down towards Legacy and a smile for the Captain before he's laughng softly. Still the perma green mouthguard in his mouth. "Yeah welb.. We're pilots. Not sposed to be easy.." or something. All the same he grins and looks back towards Sen "You see th' fight?"

"Oh, come on, you all aren't going t' leave me t' this one's tender mercies, are you?" Thorn asks no one in particular, mock desperation in his voice. "Can't believe none of you lot wants t' drink, anyway." He shrugs, turning back to Sam. "Guess it might just be us, then," he says with a smirk as he puffs on his own cigarette.

Ariadne nods, listening to Roubani. "I agree. It's as important to have catharsis for the body, as well as the mind and spirit." She smiles, wincing a bit as it pulls her split lip. "Besides, competition pleases the Messenger — the martial arts, Athena and Ares. Only Nike, really, requires victory…" A wry chuckle. "As you can see, I'm still working on that part." She gestures to the ring. "Our bodies are miracles. This is a form of worship, like many others. And.. yes. Ice would be welcome."

"I'll catch you guys later. Just lemme know where to find the hooch when I'm done doin' my thing," Jaimson remarks candidly, quickly ripping off the tape from his knuckles. His stuff gathered, he begins to head out, just trying to work his way out as he moves through the exedous.

Sen tucks the candy into the pocket of her cheek, her lips already tinted a little red as she lets it dissolve in her mouth. With her perma-sweet tooth, it's a wonder her dental work isn't more extensive. "I did. You won." She offers quietly to Hale, bemused. "Have you ever tried to read the instructions on a self heating MRE?" She asks of Legacy, that smile lingering in her eyes. "It's as if the person writing them got paid by the word. How hard is 'break capsule, shake, put the frak down'?"

Thea looks between Sen and Hale for a long moment, brows pulling together slightly. But then she makes to stand, chuckling quietly. "You'd be surprised how many people don't read things properly," she tells the Engineer with a crooked smile. "Congratulations Rabbit," the Captain says to the pilot, voice quiet. "If you all will excuse me? I have a few things to tend to."

Roubani is much less talkative tonight than he tends to be. Which really wasn't all that talkative to begin with. He simply nods, offering no verbal answer and waving down some medic passing out ice packs. "The cold should help with any swelling." His eyes wander, absently finding Thea as she announces she's leaving.

Hale nods back towards the Captain "Thanks, Cat." a nod over as one glove is freed, and that hand is sliding out as fingers wiggle for a bit, before he is looking back towards the Raptor pilot. "Right-right." called back over before he is looking at Sen. A brow up as he is waiting for the other glove to fall. "Don't think I got pegged that time..Seems my running has bloody helped."

Samantha gazes over the group one last time, and with no takers, but all the injured actually getting the help they need, she sees no need to linger…"Hmm.. yer bunk is crowded. Let's go to the lounge and steal a few couches. You're buyin'. My booze is still locked up in my off limits locker!" And with that, she pats Thorn's shoulder, grinning wide, and begins her swagger out the door towards the hallway. She calls behind her…"Party in the lounge for anyone who's not an old fart! Booze always help's bleedin'!" And with that, she leads the way away.

"I guess you'd think a smashed mouth would render me less talkative," Ariadne observes wryly, putting the ice to her face. She smiles at Sam's general invitation (wincing again), but doesn't seem inclined to take it up. Right away, at least.

Sen offers Legacy and amicable smile. "Have a good evening, Captain." Her teeth crunch absently on the candy in her mouth as she focuses on Hale's second glove. "I believe firmly in not running unless something is chasing me. You did really well, I just don't want to boost your ego too much. No doubt your wingmates will do that enough already." Her tease is light and well meant.

"Proves your dedication to the spoken word," Roubani replies to Ariadne, very gently teasing. It still seems difficult for him to smile tonight, and not just because of swelling nose. He watches Thea go and then Sam, though doesn't seem immediately inclined to go off to yet another noisy place. There's a glance at his watch, a moment of thinking. Probably about how early he can get away with starting shift.

"Nadiv…" Ariadne begins, removing the ice from her lip a moment. "There's something…" She pauses and frowns. "When you have time. We should talk."

Thorn waits a moment, shrugging as no one else seems inclined to share in the afterparty. "So be it, then," he muses to himself. "Good fight, Lieutenant," he calls out to Roubani before heading for the door himself.

Hale nods once to the retreating Captain. A shake of his head, but once the gloves are off, he is taking his time in removing his tape. Though he heard Sam's invitation-it seems the Lieutenant is not quick to move for such a trip. Instead he is staying with the lolli-chewing Sen. "Ah, See I'm a bit of a punisher. I run even when m' body asks me if I am bloody mad." a grin there as he looks back towards where the others are, before blinking back towards Roubani "Oi, Poet got promtoed?"

"Good night, sir." The last word trickles automatically out of Roubani's mouth as he talks to Thorn. It'll take him a while to stop doing that. He looks back at Ariadne, raising an eyebrow slightly. "Alright. I'll be at chapel after service, if you like…" Then he looks up at Hale, clearing his throat in mild embarassment. "Um…yes, sir."

Sen wads up a bit of tape she removed from Hale's hand and sets it on the bleacher beside her. "I pinned him just this afternoon, as a matter of fact." Her voice raises a bit, so it easily carries to Roubani. "You're supposed to be celebrating, Jig." She reminds him with a smile.

Ariadne nods. "I'll see you then, Nadiv. Thank you for the ice…" She carefully hops down from her seat on the edge of the ring. "And congratulations on your promotion." To Hale, she offers a careful smile. "Good fight, Rabbit." Pressing the bag of ice to her rapidly swelling lip, she departs.

Hale moves to sit down beside the ChEng with a grin back towards Poet "Congratulations brother." Of all the people that hale would say deserves to be pinned he would argue that Roubani is the top of that list. "You're made for it mate." Called out before he is looking to Ariadne and nods to her. "You too-Sorry bout th' jaw.."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Your confidence means a lot to me," Roubani's voice is quiet, and the humility in his voice is unmistakeably not false. He nods to Ariadne, then looks at Sen. "I am, sir." He's here, isn't he? "The noise, I just…" He shrugs and clears his throat. "Would you kindly excuse me, I've just got to go check on some things."

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