Fight Night II - Return Of Fight Night
Fight Night II - Return of Fight Night
Summary: Elder v. Leda, Legacy v. Marek, Mars v. Spiros, Barghest v. Black.
Date: PH061 (18 June 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Gym
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #61
OOC Time: Thu Jun 18 21:30:19 2009

This is a rather large room that would accommodate quite a few people. The typical battleship gray color that coats the walls and floor of most of the ship is broken up here by the rubberized flooring that's done in a neutral tan. The other main addition to the flooring are stacks of dark blue mats that are available to be pulled out for a variety of purposes, though one standard is generally left at the back of the room which is considerable in its size and has a big, bright red circle taped onto it for sparring.

Free weights sit along one wall, the racks extending a little further out into the room. On the other side are the typical nautilus-style equipment common to most gyms, their standard weight sets adjustable by a simple change of the metal key in the stacks of iron. There is a fresh pile of folded towels sitting by the hatch, a plastic bin on the other side for the deposit of used towels in need of a wash.

The Early Bird catches the worm. Or in this case, the best seats in the house. Making his way to some ringside locations, the sunglasses wearing Ashe moves towards a seat and sprawls himself down in it, taking a nice spread out relaxed position.

Now THAT'S a strange sight. The Raptor Captain's been pretty much invisible at these fights of late, and certainly not participating. Tonight, however, she's dressed to kill, literally. Ok, so maybe more dressed to hit someone. Thea's in sweats and tanks, dog tags in hand as she makes her way in. The normal easy smile is gone.

Master Sergeant Nikos, the master of tonight's ceremonies, stands by the ring with a metal box in his hands. It's the same metal box from the bout two nights ago — the box that holds the dog tags. The burly marine tosses it down on the corner of the ring, and his voice booms across the crowd of onlookers and fighters alike. "Tags in the box. The name called calls a challenger from the box. Stay off the eyes and the balls. Three points declares a winner. Don't make me call a medic." He pops his unlit stogie into his mouth, and grins, holding it in his teeth.

Sitting up from his seat a bit, Ashe notices the Raptor Captain walk in and commit herself to fighting. "Hells yeah Cap!" He calls out in approval and actually goes so far as to motion to a nearby seat near the ring for the pilot.

Likewise clad in comfortable, athletic clothing suitable for beating ass is the MP who's currently stepping in to get a bit of energy released. Barghest looks around at the gym, absently wrapping her right hand, whilt her tags tangle from the pinky of her left. As she nears the recepticle, she lets them slip off to join their bretheren, rolling her shoulders as she starts to open some distance.

Jason is not dressed to kill. He is dressed purely to spectate. He enters the gym, moving carefullly around the dogtag depository. Not even taking the chance to linger there. He double-takes when he sees Legacy prepped to do some damages. That warrants a couple seconds of staring. He finally manages to de-stun himself, giving his head a shake and proceeding to the sidelines to watch.

Thorn walks slowly up to the box, dog tags in hand. He pauses just in front of it, and just looks at his tags, still clenched tightly in his fist, almost as if he's loath to part with them. Finally, with a sigh, he tosses them in. "Frak, I hope I know what I'm doing," he says to himself as he finally releases them.

Legacy is, as mentioned, dressed to kick ass tonight, it would appear. She's usually so mild-mannered. Ashe's cheer gets her attention and she smiles over at the Marine - though the smile doesn't quite reach her eyes. She holds up one finger, indicating she'll be right over, then goes about looking around the room, as if looking for someone specific.

Mars enters the gym dressed in sweats and pulls her hair back into a pony tail. She doesn't have her dogtags in hand, rather they're around her neck. Glancing around at the number of people in the place, she pulls a face, grimacing to herself and aims for one of the not so occupied corners to try and get a workout in.

Kassia comes up behind Komnenos as always and places her hands on his shoulders. "Good man!" She says with a grin, spotting Jason. "Come on lets go sit with Jason, is your boss here?" She asks, looking for Kom's driver as she moves to go sit with Jason. "Jay!" She waves then groans her head is still not feeling a hundred percent.

Cue more bodies filtering in the Hatch, however with the filing in of Marines, comes in tow, Sergeant Elder. Already a lit cigar hanging in his teeth-and his hands are wrapped. It seems like someone has put the Corpsman to challenge of getting himself another KO tonight. A slight nod given over to a medic. Hands shaked before he's taking his time to meander and then drop down his tags into the tin again. After all Dutch has a rep to protect. A clink of tags-and he's in.

Nodding towards Legacy's finger hold up, Ashe spots Dutch make his arrival and motions towards him calling out. "Sarge!" A motion to indicate the empty seats that will most likely constitute the Marine section, close enough to throw out insults, far enough away to make snide comments about officers.

After a few more sets get tossed into the tin MSGT Nikos wastes no time in plucking out the first set to get things started. He lifts the tags, and takes one of those squinty looks at the thing. "Elder. Get your ass in the ring double time."

Komnenos shakes his head. "No, I left him in his rack, sleeping like a baby. Then again, he's not much for these things." He follows Kas over towards the sidelines. "Speaking of which, how's th' head?" he says with a half-smile.

Roubani is certainly not here to fight either, right arm still in the same shape it was two nights ago. He skirts around the bigger clusters of loud ruckus, heading for the benches to find a seat somewhere he can see. And smoke, without anyone bitching at him.

Jason offers a general "Hey" and grin to Kassia and Komnenos, arms crossed along his chest. "Looks like the Captain's getting in the ring tonight." He can't keep the surprise out of his tone. His gaze narrows a little at Kassia with mild concern. "You okay, Flash?"

Kassia nods her head as she goes to take a seat next to Jason. "Yeah, I'm fine." She says directing her answer to Kom as well, she then spots Roubani. "Hey, Roubani, plenty of seats here." She calls, looking around at the little corner the raptor Squadron has taken. "She'll kick anyones ass." She commands on their captain. "I certainly wouldn't get in that ring with her."

Mars eyes the dog tags being thrown into the pile as she test-lifts a dumbbell. She eyes the dumbbell next, then looks over towards the pile again. A few seconds later, the dumbbell is set back down and she moves over towards the pile, slipping her tags off and tossing them in. "Better than making with the strength training for an hour," she mutters, before finding a place to sit that isn't anywhere near anyone else.

Dutch is on his way over towards where Ashe was, already tossing the LC his medkit, about to say more when there's the call from Nikos. Already grinning he's passing his cigar to a private next to him, and turning towards the ring. "Well Boys-lets see what I can do." A cheeky ass grin, before he's pulling his mouthguard from his pocket. As for whom he is fighting all he calls out it "Give me a Pilot." Or so that's his hope, nothing like taking down another one of those wing wearing sonsofbitches.

Barghest makes a lazy circle around the ring to be, absently rolling her shoulders and flexing her arms. As the MC calls out the firstfirst contendor, she looks off that way and comes to a pause. Who's filling out his dance card?

"She looks pissed, what?" Komnenos notes in agreement. "Almost enough t' make me want t' take my dog tags out and run screaming for my rack." He's only joking, of course. Well, maybe half-heartedly so. He looks around at the crowd; lot of Marines in the house tonight. "If my tags do get yanked, I'm likely t' have the floor mopped with my face."

MSGT Nikos reaches into the pile and picks up the first tags he comes across, looking over the name. He looks up, and calls, "Leda, you're up." The squinty brown eyes of the marine go to Dutch. "Do not break him, son."

"Thank you," Roubani comments to Kassia, as he settles into one of the available seats. Something on his heavy black belt clanks metallically; forgot to take off a multitool or three after duty. He fishes for a cigarette from his pocket, getting it lit as he listens to names being called.

Thea clearly doesn't find who she was looking for and no, she's not happy about it. She dips her head toward those she knows, though goes to sit not too far from Ashe, in one of the seats offered.

Castor steps into the gym and he does love this night, so far he hasn't one a fight yet, but, there is always hope. Almost as soon as his name is called he looks up, "I gotta hit Dutch?" He then gets on his gloves and climbs into the ring. He looks at Dutch, "Hi, my name is Castor and I'll be your punching bag tonight."

"Aye Master Sergeant.." comes the Corpsman's reply as he is laced up and clambers through the ropes. A few test swings to the air are given As Dutch is already getting ready to square off against the Pilot whose been called in to face off with him. Snort as he crouches and is already getting his gloves up. A slight cough before that wry grin of his shows. "Ayup-spect you are." Big talk from the Sergeant, biiig talk.

Looking as Dutch gets yet another pilot, Ashe shakes his head. "Come on Dutch… you ever going to hike up your skirt and get a real fight?" He glances then towards Legacy as she comes to sit down not to far, leaning over to speak. "How you doin' there Cap? You got… a look y'know."

Jason shrugs to Kassia. "Well, I wouldn't either. Not saying she isn't up to it. Just never seen her go at this kind of thing before." A "Hey" is offered to Roubani as he joins them. The clanking gets an interested look. As does the smoke. It reminds me to light up one of his own.

Komnenos says, "Oi, Poet." Thorn nods to the ensign in greeting. He follows suit, pulling out a smoke of his own; mentally, he's surprised it didn't occur to him until now, fumarella fiend that he is."

Kassia nods her head at Roubani. "Don't mention it." She says then turns her head as Castor name is called. "Hey Dutch, try keep him in one piece willya." She calls, with a grin then says. "He's going to kill him." But she doesn't seem too concerned Castors a big boy he can take a lick or two. "Sometimes it's good to have a fight or two, I'd never have a chance in hell so I keep my tags around my neck."

"Thayer." Roubani literally had to doubletake there. "I haven't seen you in ages." He offers over his lighter to the Raptorbunny and looks up at Kom, nodding once. "Sir. Lieutenant Stathis hasn't come?" He sounds mildly disappointed at that fact. His eyes flicker towards Legacy as Jason points her out.

Legacy leans back slightly in her seat, eyes on the ring rather than the Marine. "It's been awhile since I've gone to a dance," she tells Ashe quietly, chin up, out slightly, eyes narrow. "Long past time. I have a score to settle tonight."

Jason smirks at Roubain's doubletake. "I tend to blend into the bulkheads. I heard you were lending a hand down in Engineering." Light. Smoke, smoke, smoke. Once he's done with that he adds, "I figure that's good news for the rest of us, that a physics guy has his hand on the throttle." His attention goes to Castor as the pilot gets up for punching bag duty.

Komnenos shakes his head. "He hates these things. Skipped the first one myself, but figured I'd make an appearance for this one." He's done more than appear, though, having offered himself up as a potential sacrificial lamb. "Cat's looking to fight tonight herself… should get interesting if her tags are pulled. Wonder if she's looking to fight anyone in particular?" He regards the Raptor captain thoughtfully from afar as he pulls on his cigarette.

Ashe listens to Legacy's words and after a moment nods his head. "I suppose you do. I hate to rain on your parade Cap? But, he won't be showing. His ass got beaten last go around, if it's who I think it is from the jive I've been hearing. So you're going to be shit outta luck." But a smile then touches the young Marine's lips. "So if you need a back up plan, I'll go easy on you." Looking back towards the ring, Ashe calls out, "LEDO. Hit him in his tits!"

Roubani smiles at Jason, even if it is a touch thin. The department change is still bittersweet. "I'll do my best not to turn the FTL drive into a time machine." He looks back at Legacy a moment and then to the ring, taking a drag off the cigarette as dutch and Castor start up.

Barghest hmm's and folds her arms as she draws up near the other Marines, intent on the beatdown to be. This should be… vivid.

A bit late, Jupes enters the gym in mid-bout, looks like. Her hair is pulled back into a tail, still wet from a shower. She fishes her tags off as she approaches the ring, making her way through the bodies to have a look at who's up.

Kassia settles back in her seat legs going to perch on the seat infront of her. "Time machine, what an interesting idea, I'm not sure if I'd want to go backwards or forwards. Maybe forwards." She says then shakes her head. "I really hope he doesn't cripple." She says, but then again a good ass whooping might do him good.

Leda is fast, faster than Dutch and he begins to provide some decent footwork as he attempts to circle around Dutch, after the footwork he spots a weak point and he throws a punch. Leda is keeping it friendly and professional, and while the hit is solid it isn't going to be one for the books, looks like his form is a bit off.

Legacy is seated not with the pilots, but over with a Marine, Ashe, to be specific. Thea glances over her shoulder at poor Ashe, arching a brow ever so delicately. "Your tags aren't in," she asks quietly, sweetly. Oh, yes, it's likely she'd kick his behind if they were. "And who am I looking for?"

And once the Master Sergeant backs out Dutch moves quickly His left hain feinting a jab for Leda's face, only to have his right send another at the Pilot's side. Apparently Dutch is going with the age old addage of not breaking the Lieutenant JiG seriously. Or he's trying to warm up. To Ashe's own call he's just grinning, even wider, when Castor seems to bring it, or at least tries a decent bit more then Willem. OH SNAP. But Dutch sees exactly what he is looking for, an opening, and where as hits are deflected, or catch him lightly, the hook aimed for Leda's gut is a hit that lands, and solidly. He might not move 'quick' by pilot's standards-but Dutch hits as hard as a bull.

MSGT Nikos nods at the two in the ring exchange a few throws, and his eagle eyes are locked on the two. He reaches up to remove the cigar from his mouth, and barks out, "One point to Elder!" He crosses his arms and grins as the pilot scraps with the huge marine in the ring.

Kai drifts in some time after the games have begun. His hair is damp, his tank tops are damp, he looks like he just got out of the shower and walked in here— and he probably did. Unobtrusively, he winds his way closer to the ring, and pauses when he spots Legacy. Buh.

"Sometimes I wish I'd gone into Engineering myself," Jason says, and he does show some actual regret. "But the Air Wing was my way of rebelling." He adds, "I'm a pretty lame rebel." He keeps his eye on Castor, wincing when Dutch hits. "Come on, Leda!" he calls encouragingly. Air Wing solidarity and all that.

Ashe looks square back at Legacy and reaches down, pulling his tags and dangling them. Taking a moment to catch sight of the Sarge with the bucket, he chucks them that way then leans towards the pilot. "Honestly sir? I'd venture it's someone who resides in the Red Berthings right? I got respect for ya'll Raptor pilots, but they are definately not the sort who have the backbone to get their upcomin's. But, well my position on that is pretty well known right?" The Marine grins.

Xanthus comes in with tape wrapped around his knuckles like he's overprepared for this. Duck and Weave? Not likely. Not likely. He comes in in time to overhear Jason, "You didn't miss much. I did the engineering thing. Navy was a better idea."

Roubani snorts quietly at Jason. The Ensign's not much in the mood to comment about it all though, it seems like. He shifts on the chair, trying in vain to find a way to sit that won't jam his arm awake. Oh well. Cigarette, yes.

Barghest takes in the scrap with a faint smirk. It's always nice to watch a fight where everyone's showing signs of life, after all. This isn't turning out as lopsided as she originally estimated, and she calls in a, "C'mon! Get'm!" toward the ring.

Mars detaches from the wall she pressed herself up against in her quest to avoid the clusters of people surrounding the fight, but only when Xanthus enters. She moves up behind him, getting her slapping hand ready along the way by taping it up.

Already the gloves are flying back between the two. The footwork might seem to pay off, but still Dutch remains rumbling where he is, blows coming hard from both or so it seems as Dutch is keeping his gloves to protect his body looking for openings before a hand moves to protect his face, as he offers his own opening with a wild hook-to back the Pilot off him, the opening is small, but its there, should Tinman see it and go for it.

Kassia hmms softly not really paying attention to what the others are talking about her eyes on on the two men in the ring, she gives wince as Castor takes the first hit. "Oh, that had to hurt." She says, then quickly glances around. "Engineering?" She asks. "Isn't that sort of like, cooking you got to be good or everything comes out frakked up?"

"We aren't talking research and development, Nevice," Roubani mutters. "We're talking changing lightbulbs." All that maintenance, the electricity, the plumbing, the patching the hull with duct tape? Engineering. He keeps his eyes on the fight.

Thea's quiet for a moment, attention divided between Ashe and the fight. "Perhaps," she tells Ashe, voice low. "It looks like they're evenly…" Ahhhhhh. It's at that point Thea catches sight of Kai across the gym. And then, finally, she smiles.

Jason gives Xanthus a curious look. "Navy Engineering is what I meant. Doesn't matter now, though. I'm well enough where I am." He cracks a grin at Kassia. "My father was a naval engineering officer. Never heard him compare it to cooking. But things can get very frakked up if you don't have good people watching the gears." His own eyes go back to the fight, doing some more shouting for Castor.

Leda keeps dancing and watching, his eyes are sharp and they are constantly looking for a way to get a solid hit in. It would also seem that the previous hits have seemed to bring the fire out in Leda, he isn't going to step down because one blow to the gut and one wild hook is a bit much and so he simply dodges the wild punch and it is at this moment that he spots his openingand so he goes for it as a solid hit is landed on Dutch's face.

Antioch skulks in, easily missed in the crowd already assembled in the room. He finds himself a nice, quiet spot with a halfway decent view, and loiters, hands in his pockets. Clearly, he still feels very much the outsider, given how little he knows people. Absently, he touches his tags, as if contemplating making friends through punching them in the face.

The MSGT arches a brow slightly as the littler pilot tags a point on Dutch. He widens his stance a little, chin coming up slightly. "Point to Leda." He eyes Dutch then, but says nothing to the marine with a crowd watching. You can almost hear him thinking up new PT routines. Or maybe he's just constipated.

Jupes slides around a marine to toss her tags into the growing pile in the box. She grins as Castor gets himself a point, and calls, "Put it to him, Tins!" It's not quite the trash talk from last time, but she just got here. Maybe she needs to warm up.

Komnenos watches as Dutch scores the first heavy blow. He winces, but then his face lights right back up as Castor comes back with a strike that makes it seem like this really could be a match after all. "Good shot, Tinman! Take that bloody Marine down a peg or two, what?"

When Thea smiles, lesser men begin quietly pissing their pants. Kai, fortunately, is well acquainted with that particular look on Legacy's face. He even takes the time to fish out a cigarette and light up, before wandering closer to slot in at her unoccupied side. "Looks like a good fight," he remarks casually. Like he's testing the waters, maybe.

Ashe is about to respond to Thea when he sees the fight and yells out. "Come on Dutch! Take off your bra and get going here girl. If you lose I'm kicking your ass to the Red Berthings with the rest of Team Chump!"

Kassia suddenly gets to her feet yelling and shouting excitedly as n Castor gets his hit in. "Get him Cassy!" She says, then looks around because she's getting rather excited here. "Eh, em…" She sitting back down. "Yeah, Engineering." she mutters, then just grins hell who she kidding. "Punch his lights out!" She calls.

Xanthus doesn't seem to notice Mars even slightly. There's someone behind him? Really? No way! That was just the wind or something, "Ah. Navy engineering. Hey, I dig. I dig. Totally different sort of bag, that. Getting your hands all grimy's a pretty good thing. Engineering at a university's just about twelve shades of boring."

Thorn is surprised despite himself. He'd always dismissed organized fighting as an idiotic, barbaric sport, but it certainly seems to take a new meaning when one actually has a personal stake in the fight, the honor of the air wing being on the line and all. He finds himself engrossed in the fight, even to the point of nearly ignoring the conversation going on right next to him; for the moment, things seem to be even, but that Marine looks like an awfully tough customer.

Thea laughs quietly at Kai's comment. And no, her eyes never left him as he made his way across the gym. "Tinleg's holding his own," she says softly, dipping her head. "He's gotten a couple good swipes in. The Marine, though, has a little more reach and a bit more finesse."

Mars hauls back and slaps Xanthus upside the head. It's a good loud slap. Only afterwards, as she steps alongside him, does she offer: "Jester." She also goes about taping up her other hand.

And when the blood goes splashing across the gym floor, who cleans it up? Engineering! Though thankfully not Roubani; commissions are awesome. He smiles slightly at the fight, tapping ash off his cigarette onto the floor. Or someone's boot. Who cares.

It seems the tap to Dutch's face was all that the Marine needed. A trun of his head, before he's swinging back, already the blows exchanged between the two as seem to grow harder and heated. Dutch waiting for that Opening before his own right hook Catches Leda in the jaw, rocking him back against the ropes. The second point is barely called out before Leda's back and charging towards Dutch and now it seems the both fighters are entangled. Sloppy hits coming in from both sides, a few hits below the belt on both sides, aimed for kidneys or worse. And whether by accident ot not, an elbow catches Dutch in the eye, to which already there's a snarl Eye forced shut before words are coming out loud

"You Frakking son of a bitch!" And those who know the Corpsman know well enough that's not right, the two tangle up more perhaps to the Master Sergeant's dismay before finally Leda's pushed off, before it comes in a two punch combo, one hook to the right of Leda's head, and then a rather ugly, and Mean looking hit to the left side of the pilot's face and jaw. Its this one that takes down the Pilot and leaves the Marine standing with a fist raised. Yeah end of the fight. Or so the bell chiming would show.

Xanthus jumps! Once he lands on his feet, he turns around, and then he actually faces in the correct direction, looking startled, "Oh, I see how it is! You like it rough!" He doesn't sound to be even in the vicinity of serious. I mean, you can't even see the lights from here. "You want to go? Let's get on the horn, call some freaky people, and make a scene! I…" He stops and turns towards the sudden commotion and stays exactly put.

As the fight gets more festive, Ashe stands up and calls out. "Hells yeah! Mop the floor with him Dutch!" A good fight brings out the best of everyone. Glancing at Legacy nearby, then following to see Kai, Ashe grins and yells out again through cupped hands. "Come on Leda, get up! You can get another manicure with the rest of the ladies in the Red Berthings!"

"I don't think getting on the horn is necessary. Look around you," is Mar's response, frowning at the fight as it comes to it's violent conclusion. "We're surrounded by freaks."

Jupes finds a spot to grab a lean against a bulkhead, watching the match from her vantage point. She looks around to see who's got smokes nearby. Someone has to have one, right? "You." She points at Antioch. "You got any smokes?" She glances over toward the ring again, and grins a little as Castor goes down. "Ducking. Gotta work on that." She glances over toward Ash as he shoots off about Red. "Go frak yourself, Swift."

Jason winces at Dutch's victory. That had to hurt.

Barghest unfolds her arms as it seems things got a little spicier all of a sudden and she takes a couple of steps toward the ring by habbit. As it comes clear that the dust (teeth) are settling, she brings herself up and looks at Dutch for moment.

Kassia turns her head towards Ashe, her expression rather cross. "Don't see you in that ring with him, think you can do any better then Lada?" She asks, pointly, then grins because she's just giving the guy shit. "Get up Leda!" She calls.

MSGT Nikos just watches the fight that quickly turns into comedy. He shakes his head and barks out, "Match to Elder." He sounds like he's mostly sure, but there is some room for doubt. He reaches up to rub the side of his face, and calls, "Clear the ring, see a medic." Something about messy kids is muttered under his breath. He digs into the box and pulls out a set of tags, hoping to banish that last move from his mind with fresh violence. The tags jangle and he calls out, "Legacy. The ring is yours. Challenge anyone in the box." He rattles the metal container, and holds it up.

Kai had been watching Legacy, but sounds of the sparring match turning more heated, drag his attention thattaway. He's silent for a good while, transfixed, until the marine manages to put Castor down with that ugly double-hook. "Good match, Tinman," he calls out to the pilot, eyes lingering on him a little longer before they turn back to Thea again. "Evening, Corporal," he greets Ashe distractedly. "Dare I ask what brought you here, aside from the smell of blood?" That's to the raptor squad leader.

Roubani smirks at the various shouting. He crosses his legs and slouches into a position that might even be called comfortable, flicking ash off the cigarette again. Second night, same as the first.

Anton frowns at the result of the fight. Well, it *was* even — until Dutch went apeshit on ol' Tinlegs. He whips out another cigarette and lights it from the smoldering stub of his previous one. "Good show, Leda," he calls out, disappointed that the Red Squadron pilot couldn't have turned the tables on the arrogant Marine. The Viper jock *did* at least give Dutch a run for his money, though, so Komnenos is more than willing to give him credit for that much.

"And they're making a scene, yeah. Call me prophetic. It'll inflate my ego, and I love that." Xanthus smiles wryly, but dimly at the display before him, "Sure. I'll have a go with you."

Ashe, still standing up hears his name called out and finds the culprit, pointing at Jupiter. "Frak myself? Damn straight. Only way to guarantee I won't get a disease. What are you guys going on now anyway there Black? Third? Fourth outbreak of herpes in Red Berths?" After firing off the salvo, he hears another contesting and finds the source. "I ain't fightin' him cause I didn't bring my dress and pearl necklace for their little sashay around the ring." Finally he nods towards Kai, actually smiling. "Evenin' sir."

Leda stands, bloody and beaten, he glares at Dutch for a moment before he spits a bit of blood and then a long smile comes across his face as he features change. He lets out a laugh and says, "Well, I got your attention then didn't I and next time you won't get off so lucky, Sarge." The fight is still in him, but, the marine has more skill and Castor didn't have enough luck. He then moves to step out of the ring and he stops to get medical attention first but he gives A wink or something like a wink to Kassia, it is hard to say since he is going to be a bit sore for a few days and probably purply.

Legacy rolls to her feet, glancing from the ring back to Kai and the smile…well, let's just say it's not one of those sweet, 'here, have some candy' smiles. Though she doesn't seem particularly angry or upset. There's silence for a long moment before she looks toward the gathered and calls out, "Even though he's not thrown his tags in…" She's quiet for a moment, again. "Captain Marek, CAG, would you care to dance?" Her attention goes back to the Viper Captain slash CAG and she arches a brow delicately.

"No offense, but I really don't want to break you," Mars says, glancing over at Xanthus and then back into the ring. "It's okay, really. Nobody needs to know about your glass jaw." Pause. "Oh wait."

Jupiter's brows arch as Legacy calls out Kai, though his tags aren't in. She grins and glances toward the redhead. "This should be good." Ashe's VD outburst is all but forgotten. Sorry, man.

Jason turns to watch/stare at Legacy. He tries to keep his jaw-dropping to a minimum. He still looks faintly disbelieving that she's thrown in, though. He does some serious smoking.

Roubani rests his elbow on the uncomfortable arm of his seat. His cheek gets braced lightly against his hand, eyes watching Legacy and Kai.

Kassia hmms softly. "This should be very interesting." She says then goes to glance around. "I'm not sure who'd I place my money on, what you guys think?" She asks, of thoes around her, she catches Castors wink, waving at him and pointing to where they are sat.

The Master Sergeant looks toward the CAG, awaiting the verdict.

Kai opens his mouth, shuts it again. Well, this is awkward. "Uh.." He cooooouuld make some kind of excuse about having tweaked his knee in the last fight, and he's still sporting a bit of a bruise from his bout. But with all eyes on him, what can he do? "Sure." Fatigue jacket comes off, tags come off, tags are tossed in box. "Let's get this over with, then."

Dutch is moving out of the ring, but it seems that the Marine is still pissed as shit, even if he's going back to cheering Marines "Frakking mother frakker got my eye. I swear on his whore of a mother's grave.." Muttered before he's looking back over towards where Leda marched off too and he's already "Next time you'll be pulling my gloves outta your ass, you frakking piece of shit." Yeah it the elbow to the eye that has him surly. However he simply moves to where the Marines are sitting, even as the Pilots seem to be having a problem with Momma and poppa

"Ashe open my kit, and cut open my eye." Seems easy enough request. And Dutch is plopping down to unlace, and get his cigar back

"I'd put money on Cat to put this away," Jason says to Kassia, sounding confident enough in his CO. "Still, not sure this'll end well for either of them."

Antioch drawls, "My money's on the Cat. She looks like she has something to settle, and a need to put a hurt on. I feel sorry for Marek." Yeah, he's finally decided to weigh in with his opinion on something.

Thorn grins as Legacy issues her challenge. Ever since his and Stathis' encounter with the Cat in the Raptor berthings, he'd seen this one coming. This was the fight he came to see. Komnenos' grin turns ugly as he takes a long drag. Even if Kai takes the match against the force of nature that is the Raptor squadron's CO, he's not going to do so without leaving some of his own blood in the ring as well. A detached part of himself is aghast at his sudden interest in organized violence, but he pushes that part aside for now. There's still fighting to be done, after all — and still another round after this one.

"Of course you want to break me, Rainbow." quoth Jester, "And might I add." The man raises an index finger, "That is a /vast/ improvement over your last callsign."

Barghest approaches the victor, perhaps to check on his state of mind, though she is brought to a halt by the sudden pronouncement. A brow arches and she gives a look between the two captains. Smells like someone stepped in personal, tonight. The outburst from the Marine draws her attention again and she starts to make her way over to him.

Roubani's expression is hard to read as he keeps his attention on the two headed for the ring. Not in the least surprised, certainly. But unlike a few whooping and hollering around him he doesn't look inclined to help make a spectacle of the issue. Not that he looks disapproving, quite yet.

The Master Sergeant nods, draws out the tags, and notes, "No eyes, no balls. Keep it clean." He steps back from the ring with the box of tags. "To three points."

Ah yeah, no comebacks, chalk one up for the good guys. Ashe nods his head and glances towards the Legacy challenge towards Kai, grinning before being interupted. "Ah frak Dutch. It ain't that bad… frakin'… there's going to be a fight between… frak it." He gets the medical kit and busts it open, sifts through for a nice razor and looks at Dutch's eyes. "If I do this wrong, you better not cry." Reaching up, he's actually very careful in bleeding the eye open. "There. Now stop your bitchin' and pay attention to the fight. This'll be good. We're cheerin' for the lady." Speaking of, Ashe turns and calls out, "Legacy! Watch out, he's going to try to blind you with his toupee!"

The Corpsman keeps grumbling, even a hanks in there, as Dutch takes time to press his fingers to hi swollen eye and lid to push all the blood out, before, he

Thea dips her head to Kai then makes her way to the ring, flexing her taped hands slightly. She doesn't, however, settle into an immediate defensive stance. It would appear someone taught the Cat proper manners. She waits until Kai's in the ring before she offers him her hand in a gesture of sportsmanship. Glancing over at the Master Sergeant, Thea just grins.

Then it comes time for the fight. Once the bell rings, she's immediately on the offensive, stepping lightly in and going straight for the solar plexus. No - she doesn't go for the obvious face or knee.

Jason looks more pensive than anything else. He continues to smoke as he watches Kai and Legacy. His attention is rapt for this one, if nothing else.

Roubani knows the feeling of that kind of hit. Or at least, being on the aggressor side - about exactly two days ago he was doing the same to poor Cygnus. It's a satisfying feeling, that. He ashes his cigarette, not grimacing or wincing when Legacy pummels Kai. Just kind of watching.

Kassia is suddenly approaches by someone from the medical department, and with an annoyed sigh she gets up. "Ok, ok I'm coming but I'm fine really." She says going to stand up. "I'll see you guys later, I guess I have to get back to medical." She rolls her eyes. "Let me know who won won't you." She says, going to quickly glance around, before moving towards the door.

"Spider has a twisted sense of humor." An elbow shoots out to dig for Xanthus' ribs as Mars watches the beginnings of the newest fight. "He'll get what's coming to him. Eventually."

Despite the fact that he's firmly in the Black Squadron CO's corner — naturally — Thorn can't help but wince for Marek's sake as Thea lands her blow. That had to hurt. His enthusiasm has sobered somewhat as he realizes that this really is a grudge match, but he still watches with rapt attention, puffing his smoke as the fight goes on. "Will do, Kas," he tosses off, almost as an afterthought, as Flash goes to leave.

The Corpsman keeps grumbling, even a hanks in there, as Dutch takes time to press his fingers to his swollen eye and lid to push all the blood out, before, he 's reaching for a bit of gauze to clean out and clear away the blood before he's swabbing the cut down with a wipe, before patching shit up appropriately. Apparently he's had to do this before "Frakkin'.." some word about a person who services males is given before he's looking back up towards the ring. "Well shit- an people always said we're frakking crazy..They go after their own frakking kind." A moment and the Sergeant just chuckles before he's hollering. "Show him who wears the pants Captain! Claw his frakkin face up!"

Kai follows shortly after, borrowing some helpful soul's gloves on his way past, since he didn't exactly bring his own. Ducking under the rope, he comes up alongside the raptor pilot and clasps her hand when it's offered. Nope, no taunting. No trash talking. Spider tends to be short on words when he's getting down to business. And speaking of business, Thea's first hit out of the gates catches him square between his sloppy guard, and knocks the wind out of him slightly. He's barely even had time to get himself in position. Ow. That gets a grunt out of him. It's countered immediately with a feint, and then a slug to her ribs. Hard and fast; he doesn't have speed, but he does have size.

"Hell yes. HELL YES!" Ashe calls out, springing out of his seat and actually lifting his sunglasses up so he can see better as the opening volleys from Legacy tear off at Kai. "Rip him up!" Swift actually shoots a look over at any of the Red Squad's pilots, smirking smugly as if it were he actually doing it… oh wait he did. "Don't pull off Cap! He'll go get his mani-pedi done up again!" A pause, "Hey Black! You bring the stretcher tonight, y'all are gonna need it!"

As another medic clearns his wounds up, Castor turns to look at the match as he makes his way over to Kassia. He takes a seat around Kassia and her crew, however as she is called away he begins to wonder what medical problem she might have that they are pulling her from the dance. "Hey, come see me later, Kas." He has a concerned tone on his face as he stops to watch the fight and focuses on Nevice.

"Later, Flash," Jason says to Kassia as she's tugged away. Without taking his eyes off the match. Or pausing in his smoking. This is the sort of thing that calls for /lots/ of smoking.

Kassia nods her head. "I'll be back later, well tomorrow morning away." She says softly, and then is gone.

Roubani stays silent, just watching. Smoke curls lazily up from the cigarette between his fingers. No shouting, no cheering approvals.

Thea takes the hit to her ribs, her bad side if that look on her face is any indication, and dances back a step or two. Though it's not TOO far, truth be told. Clearly he wants to fight dirty and the metaphorical gloves come off. This time it's in the form of a straight on upper-cut beneath his chin. He's got the size, she's got the cunning and ferocity of a pissed off street cat.

MSGT Nikos eyes the fight with those watchful eyes of his. He follows the exchange closely, and reaches up to light the stogie in his teeth. Puff, puff. The smoke is spicy, an Aquarian to those in the know. "Two points to Legacy." He takes a half step back from the ring, amused smile in place.

"Yeah. We all will." Morose unless you know that Xanthus has said this like what's coming to us is something really good. At least he's upbeat! He also elbows Mars back and adds with a hint of sarcasm, "I'd almost like to get a betting pool going on who turns a friendly fight into a frag-fest. I only don't because That Would Be Wrong."

It's true, Legacy obviously has a bone to pick with the viper squad leader. And Kai? Kai doesn't look entirely sure what that bone might be. He's distracted, trying to watch her eyes instead of her movement. He's also favouring that left leg slightly, and it's making him sluggish. Thea's knuckles are dodged rather than blocked — only a desperate man would try to block an uppercut — and he comes in hard again with a volley of short, sharp jabs ending in a vicious elbow to her gut.

Leda stops for a moment smelling an Aquarian cigar and gives Nikos an approving nod. He then looks over at looks over at Lifer, Mars, and Xanthus as he asks, "Why is Kassia going away with the nice doctory types?" A bit of concern in his voice as he stops to look at the fight. He does however stop to shout out "Come on, Papabear!"

"Since when has that ever stopped you? I thought you came standard from the factory without a sense of decency," Mars quips at Xanthus, this time fixing him with a stare. "You aren't going soft, are you?" Pause. "I mean metaphorically. Although, I've seen you in the shower and I have to say, it's not too far from literally, too."

On the edge of his hearing range, Komnenos hears something about a betting pool on grudge matches. The speaker seems to think that would be wrong, but Thorn has no such scruples. He keeps puffing away, a smile tugging at his lips as he considers the possibilities. If it works out, he could cut himself in on the action and never have to scrounge for cigarettes again…

Roubani's jaw has tensed just that little bit, moving a muscle here and there. Finally there's a slight shake of his head, lips thinned before he gets the last drag off his cigarette.

"Yes. YES!" Ashe continues to call out as Legacy seems to clearly have the advantage over Kai. "Put him away Champ! Put him away!" Well someone's seriously biased in their cheering section.

Jason isn't placing bets. Just watching, his own tense jaw mirroring Roubani's. Though it's loosened by the movements it takes to smoke. Long, pensive drags are taken. This match will be the end of his cigarette. Though he can't help but look a little proud as Legacy jabs, jabs, jabs. That's his boss, that is.

"OH SHIT, OH SWEET HEAVENLY SHIT!" comes Dutch's own roar as he is rising up hands cupped at his mouth as that huge bullroar leaves his mouth "Frakking clean him up, Clean him up! Take his balls Cap, rip out his man card an sprinkle in shreds over his frakkin corpse. You're mudering him. Frakking murdering him!" Egads it seems the Marines really-really like Black Squadron.

The Raptor Captain doesn't hesitate to return some of Kai's jabs, though she seems loathe to go for his leg or anywhere above his chin. Well, maybe she can't quite -reach- above his chin. The crowd is forgotten as, has been surmised earlier, the woman has Something to Prove. While she's fighting down and dirty, not hesitating on the jabs to his kidneys and midsection, she keeps it relatively clean. There's nothing below the belt, nothing to mar that pretty face of his. When his blows land, it's visible on her face. He IS the bigger, meaner fighter.

Sweat pours from Thea's forehead as she dances around Kai, attention focused on his chest, as if she's trying to anticipate his moves. While there's no such thing as a fair fight, she's not playing dirty pool - she's simply dancing. Right? Finally, though, she's up close and personal with the Viper Captain, scant inches from the man. She pauses for a second, then simply jams her fist in his gut like she's reaching in to tear out his spine.

"Wait, so you've been watching to see if Little Xan, aka the Trouser Titan, is getting as much bloodflow as before?" Xanthus looks genuinely amused, "I honestly didn't know you were taking visual measurements. I'll try not to think of Caprica so much in the shower next time. Didn't know I was the entertainment." He adds with an amused smirk, "You're really tiny." That comment does not come with an explanation, which probably does everyone within earshot proper justice.

Jupiter winces slightly at the placement of the blows the Captains exchange. She can see that has to hurt. She's been there before. "Shit."

Barghest leaves the Sarge to get Mick'd in peace, edging back as most of the imediate threat is contained. Her attention isn't long from the ring, though and, given the… intensity of the fight, the MP wonders aloud, "Anyone gettin'n the ring tonight who 'aint pissed in their opponent's coffee?"

"Frakking great. It's going to be a joy flying with him on CAP tomorrow." This is real concern on the part of Mars for her wing leader. She rolls her eyes at the fight and sticks her tongue out at Xanthus. "I could say the same about you."

Antioch glances to Xanthus, and then mock-swipes at thin air. "Must… cleanse… mind. Need bleach. Gah. Shower time will never be fun again now that I have that image."

Roubani's expression has slid steadily into disapproval, albeit subtly so. He drops his cigarette and gets it ground out beneath his boot heel, leaning forward to rest his good arm on his leg.

Castor watches the match since his question has gone unanswered, his eyes focus on the match and when it goes dirty Castor shouts, "Beat her down, Papabear." He looks over at Xanthus, "Wait, thinking about Caprica gets your motor running, like a planet…" He pauses a second before he says, "I think you invented a new and previously unknown kink." He teases, "And now I've seen the elelphant."

Xanthus smirks, "Yeah. You could. You won't, but you could. And I'd say you're paying way too much attention to Mister Stiffly. In fact, I am properly incensed and believe we must settle our differences with violence. Unless you want to settle them some other way." Xanthus is actually shamelessly flirting with Mars in the middle of a fight arena while simultaniously inviting her to a fist fight. This should surprise exactly no one who's had time to meet him.

The crowd spilled out around them could be naked and gyrating to disco music, for all the CAG seems to care right now. He might be bigger, he might be meaner.. well, that's debateable. But Thea is pissed. And the slap of their feet on the mats, the guff of breath leaving lungs as hits are scored on each side, are really all just the sound of inevitability. He's breathing heavily by the time she dances in with the final blow, and he's making the mistake of watching her eyes. Again. The fist catches him fast, and catches him hard. She's probably lucky she doesn't end up wearing his dinner, at this point; he stumbles a step or two and then goes down heavily. THUD. Not a knockout, but from the way he's bent over, palms flat on the floor, maybe there's still a chance of dinner making a second showing.

The speed of the exchange in the ring has the MSGT grinning. Apparently the jocks aren't such slouches. Seems they fare best when pitted against each other. He nods at a couple of moves, reaches up to pluck the cigar from his mouth, and calls out, "Match to Legacy!" He takes a puff on the cigar, then digs into the metal box for a new tag. "Elder, how's the eye?" He calls to the other marine gruffly, then booms, "Clear the ring!" He huffs and then says, "See a medic if you need one." Such tender care from the marine. Really.

"That's it! That's it!" Ashe calls out still standing up, waving his arms in a sweeping way. "He's out for the count!" Then the whistling starts of support for the Black Squadron's beatdown of Red.

Anton watches as Legacy puts Kai down for the count, despite the CAG's valiant efforts to prolong the fight. His enthusiasm for the fight is dulled, the level of vitriol involved being something of a surprise, but nevertheless he's proud of his CO. Looks like for once, the Raptor crews are going to have something to lord over their Viper-flying comrades. Spider still doesn't quite seem to know what hit him. As the Master Sergeant gives the order to clear the ring, he takes a few strides over closer to the ring as Thea removes herself from it. "Good show, Cap." Thorn hesitates a moment before leaning in closer, so his next words aren't as evident to the spectators surrounding them. "For the honor of Black Squadron, Bosscat." he says softly. No, he definitely hasn't forgotten the edge that had found its way into her voice at the mention of the CAG earlier that day.

Jason doesn't cheer. He doesn't look exactly disapproving, either. The Raptors are winning. Hard to be too stodgy about that. But he does watch Legacy with a certain amount of concern that doesn't seem connected to any hits she might've taken. He tries for another pensive drag, but finds his cigarette smoked too far down to drag on properly. He stubs what little remains of it out.

There's a grunt, then the MSGT calls out, "Mars, the ring is yours." He nods do the box. "Choose your opponent." He eyes Xanthus briefly, then just shakes his head. His eyes return to the ring, and he looks to the CAG, assessing the man. He doesn't move, seeming to decide that the other man is just fine.

Thea dips her head to the MGST then slips off her glove. She doesn't clear the ring, however. Instead, she offers the Viper Captain her hand and a softer, warmer smile. Oh, she's panting, sweating and bruised all to hell, but the dance is done.

Roubani's lips are thinned, corners of his mouth tense. It's not with concern or empathy, unlike the faces of some around him. Nah, he's just thoroughly unhappy with what he saw. All it calls for at the moment, though, is another cigarette lit.

Dutch chuckles as he rocks back onto his bench over by Ashe, before he's patting the bench beside him for the MP whose wandering over towards the Ring "I don't get pissed unless someone gets my eye, then my craw is up B. Common and park your ass." called back before he is glancing on back towards Nikos "Eye's fine Master Sergeant. I can still see a cocksucker before they toss an elbow." A cough there before he's puffing away on the on his stub of a cigar. Ahhh Marines, the mouths on them should be used to bless altars.-wait what?

Jason sits once Legacy has the thing won, sinking into even more quiet observation. Fading into the bulkheads, as he tends to.

Kai hesitates a beat, and then accepts the offer of Legacy's hand. Maybe it's just for show, so he doesn't look like an ass, or maybe Kai really is that humble. Who the hell knows. He's still looking a bit green about the gills though, and gives the raptor Captain a nod as he's hauled to his feet. Right, clear the ring. He slaps her shoulder lightly, then turns to duck out with nary a word more.

Legacy walks with Kai from the ring, not really helping him, but just there if he needs it. There's no crowing, no other words exchanged. Once he's clear, she peels off her gloves and moves to where Roubani is sitting, taking up a spot nearby while she catches her breath.

Leda watches and he can't help but frown as the match ends, it never is good when parents fight and what can he says Papabear and Mamacat fight and everyone loses. Instead he fishes around for a cigar and a flask. He throws back a swig of something which makes him wince a bit - must be strong medicine because it has stung the cuts in his mouth. He then takes a moment to light his cigar. He does look up as Mars name is called, it would appear that the flirtting for Xanthus just ended.

Jupiter's eyes remain on the ring, which is good, because she seems to be running out of trash talk today. She has none for the Captains. Come to think of it, her shit talking does seem to mostly revolve around marines. She makes a mental tally of how much booze is left in the Red Berthing. Her eyes follow Legacy to Roubani, then swap to Kai moving out.

Barghest glances back at Dutch as he makes his offer/explanation and she wonders, "Yeah, gotta watch th'peepers." She edges back and, given the offer, she settles down nearby with a quiet, "Thanks. Pretty energetic fights tonight."

Moving on up to the ring, Mars grimaces at Kai in passing and then turns around, facing the crowd. "Sorry Marines, but I don't want to pee blood for a week so you can get your jollies on… Spiros, get up here so I can break you and then go have my evening chow."

Kai is sure to fetch his tags from the box, of course, tugging them up and over his head while he walks. Limps, really. His knee's really taken a pounding this week. Gloves are stripped off and tossed back to their rightful owner as he makes his way out. Woe betide the next breakable object the CAG encounters.

Not everyone loses. When the pilots all fight, the Marines win. Leaning over, Ashe comments towards Dutch and Barghest, "Ever think that despite all their little words that we really do show up so much better?" The Lance smiles and then looks around overhearing the words of the pilot. "Finally, a smart lass. Although I'm disappointed, they're all… quiet, all demure. I think we're breaking them. Should we throw the next fight? Make them feel bigger?"

"Captain," Roubani remarks neutrally as Legacy sits down. He ashes his cigarette onto the floor by his foot, briefly watching Kai's back as he goes. Then the ring again, for the time being.

"I'm already broken, Mars. I'm stuck on this ship with you." chides the other pilot. Xan gets into what passes for the ring and hops around from one foot to another like he fancies himself a professional boxer. He punches the air a few times. He does appear how to throw a punch, though he's sniffing and huffing like he thinks he's whatever passes in the colonies for Muhammad Ali.

Xanthus additionally slaps his right cheek, "Oh and hey. Could you give me a good one right here? It's been itching all morning and I can't quite make it go away with scratching."

"Ensign," Thea says, voice low and quiet. "Hopefully that will put the rumors to rest." Her eyes are on the ring, not Roubani.

Roubani replies to Thea mildly, after exhaling a short breath of grayish smoke. "What rumours are those, sir."

Antioch quietly shoots Ashe a disapproving glare, clearly disagreeing with either the words or the tone in which they were said. "Buttmunch Marines," he mutters dryly. "Why throw the fight when they'd lose anyway."

"Frakkin A. Bee. You gotta be energetic, I think. its like an adrenaline junkie's holiday." A cackle there for a moment before he's rubbing his nose. snorting he is looking back towards Ashe with a grin, all around the smoldering end of his cigar "Frak no Swift-We gotta embarass em. Sadly enough I don't like viper pilots no more." a snicker there, which means he probably didn't like them before. A roll of his shoulders before he is looking back to the fight.

Legacy glances toward the door briefly. "The rumors that he and I won't work well together now that he's CAG," she tells Poet, keeping her voice low and quiet. "By dancing, any perceived bad blood is out there, on the mat."

Xanthus hops around a bit more, getting 'ready', "Or maybe you could scratch this other itch right on the back of my neck?" Xanthus turns his head to show Mars just where it is, "Man. It's been bugging me for a while now and I…" And he is not paying attention. The bell has 'rung', dude. Wake up.

"Come on!" Ashe yells at the ring. "Frak… it's like watching elementary school children trying to fight." Again he yells out at the ring. "Pull her hair, scratch, bite, do something besides take a beat down!" Then shaking his head he looks over towards Dutch and shrugs, "Yeah, but pretty soon they'll all be crying themselves to sleep on their pillows after the slumber party."

"I think you should spend less time heckling viper pilots and more time on your personal hygiene," Mars tells Ashe flatly, a grim smile setting in on her face. There must be some anger issues with the woman going on, because when Xanthus is in range, she advances on him immediately and aims a kick right at his head as he's mid-sentence. Yes, she can kick high. And does so, hitting him spot on. *crack*

Roubani doesn't look like he believes her for a second. But well. An Ensign with manners doesn't express dissenting opinions with a superior officer in public. "As you say, sir." still holding his cigarette, he shifts forward carefully in his seat to stand up, still having to do that with care given to his back and arm.

Legacy glances up at Roubani, looking a touch surprised, then simply shakes her head and looks back at the ring.

Jupiter leans back against the bulkhead, arms crossed. She eyes the ring, and watches Mars challenge the spitballer to a duel of mitts. Her eyes scan the crowd. She almost, almost misses Xanthus' taunt, and the resultant ass handing he thusly receives from the Rainbow of happy fun times. Mars, ftw. That just makes Jupiter smile.

Xanthus is thrown clear in mid-sentence, "Really-OOPH!" Down he goes. And I mean DOWN he goes. Right down to the ground. He looks shocked, and dazed. More dazed than shocked, but being dazed will do that to a person. He gets up on his feet and looks, well, let us just say there is more red on the ground for some unfortunate person to clean up, "Ow." Ow indeed.

"Have a good evening, sir," Roubani murmurs to Legacy as he steps past. "Gods bless." Shuffle, argh, arm bump. Ow. All the better that it's close to bedtime, as this is starting to feel like a mosh pit more than anything else.

MSGT shakes his head slightly as a pilot comes out with a high kick and the other one just takes it. "Head in the game, son," he barks to Xanthus. "2 points to Mars." And then he adds, with a puff of cigar smoke, "Use your hands, pilot. He don't look quick enough for feet."

Ashe tilts his head and looks over at Dutch. "Personal Hygiene? Is that supposed to be like what, bathing?" He shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head before looking back to the ring. "Heckling the Viper Pilots is about the only entertainment we get while waitin' for the real fights to start."

Komnenos shoots a furtive glance at the Captain. She'd walked right past him after helping Kai up, as if she hadn't heard him — or had simply ignored him. "Way t' go, dumb frak," he chides himself with a mutter. And once again, take foot, open mouth, and insert. He'd heard through scuttlebutt that the two had a past, and like an idiot, Komnenos had tried to put himself in the middle of something he knew nothing about. He looks over at the Cat again; she's over sitting quietly with Roubani, a pensive expression on her face. Finally, Komnenos walks to another part of the gym, a half sheepish, half annoyed-with-himself expression on his face as he strikes another cigarette. He decides to step lightly around the both of them for the next couple days, for his own sake.

Legacy dips her head to Roubani, brows pulled together, then shakes her head, wiping the sweat off her forehead. It looks as though the adrenaline is starting to fade. Yet, politely, she keeps her attention on the match, watching both combatants.

"I know, I know, the boredom, it gets to you," Mars sends teasingly Ashe's way, since Xanthus seems to be on the floor at the moment. Looking back to the man and then up at the MSGT, she says, "You got it, Master Sergeant." Pause. "Uhm. You getting up, Jester?"

Dutch glances with a shrug "Frak if I know. You know us, too busy crawling through the shit." a grin there for a moment as he clamps down tightly on his cigar. an elbow given over towards Barghest, as he watches the fight just sorta wind up and back down. "Sweet baby Mithras, its like watching retarded puppies roll in a gods damned ball. They need to teach these frakker how to fight other than slapping each other with their purses."

Leda winces, "What is the terms for that? Oh, yeah, epic fail." He acctually feels bad for the flirtty pilot getting knocked out.

Roubani slips out out of the gym. Not fuming or anything; he's just sleepy.

Antioch totally, utterly missed the part where Jupiter hit him up for ciggies. Which is good, since he doesn't have any. He is smokeless, alas. Though the more Ashe speaks, the more Antioch heats up under the collar. "I'm hoping whoever tags you first aims for the throat to shut you up," he drawls. "Marines should be seen, not heard, especially when they're just glorified meatshields anyway."

"I know, I know, the boredom, it gets to you," Mars sends teasingly Ashe's way, since Xanthus seems to be on the floor at the moment. Looking back to the man and then up at the MSGT, she says, "You got it, Master Sergeant." Jester is advanced on again. She closes the distance and aims a feint at his stomach before throwing a fist towards the man's jaw.

Xanthus barely has time to blink before he's not blinking at all. The man actually goes flying a bit, Mars second punch quite hefty. When he hits the ground he is out like a light.

"Hey Craz—…" Jupiter starts to heckle Antioch when he throws down a little sass toward Marine Country. So she revises her greeting as the man comes into view again. "Asm-whatever your name is. Smokes. You got 'em?" For the love of the Gods, someone has to have some. "Any — ha." Her eyes turn back to the ring just in time to see Mars pop Xanthus again. "We find a bar, I'm brawling with her."

Ashe elbows Dutch and tilts his head towards Antioch. "You hear that? We're glorified meatshields." His voice picks up a little louder. "I think someone needs to spend more time with their flightstick, sounds a little pent up if you ask me. Maybe if they go down to engineering and ask nicely they can get a fix up of that engine lube.. you know, for all the adventures in loneliness that comes from realizing that years in academy were wasted when in reality a transfer to waste management would have been a much better career choice."

Dutch turns his head over towards Antioch for a moment as that last bit shows up. A movement of his cigar before he's puffing a thick cloud over towards the pilots and all. "Get off your knees, and nut you you sonuvabitch-If you got a beef with the LC throw your tags in, Otherwise keep sitting you pussy, and when we march through you can bitch an wine some more." A laugh loud as he looks back to Ashe and there's a nod. Apparently someone is a horrible influence on the Corpsman.

"Trust me. Lube isn't the issue, leatherneck. Neither is time with the stick, but then again, you're the expert at that, right? Driving stick?" Mars could only be responding to Ashe, right? Right. At the sight of Xanthus hitting the floor again, she out and out smiles and then advances on him, helping whoever is playing medic tonight to drag him out of the ring. "Poor bitch."

There's a Bar near Dutch, actually. One that's relatively calm, though she's mostly watching the woman glory stomp the fella in the ring with her. The fights seem to be getting progressively more lopsided as the night goes on, though. Hmm… What? Meatshields? Barghest looks toward Ashe and Dutch a moment, then over toward the indicated mouthpiece. It's true, there's no such thing as a friendly glare.

Master Sergeant Nikos nods as his advice is taken, and levied with extreme efficiency. "Good fight, pilots. Match to Mars." There's almost a ring of approval in his voice. "Clear the ring. Get the man a medic if he needs it."

Ashe blinks and looks to Dutch then to Bar and laughs, "What the frak is a driving stick? Do these frakin' pilots drink paint thinner in their off duty hours? A driving stick?" He looks towards the ring and shakes his head. "I'm sorry sir, I don't speak dumbass. Could you elaborate on what a Driving Stick is?" He laughs and stands up, slapping Dutch on the shoulder. "I'm going to hit the head, these bouts stink tonight. We're still on for tomorrow right? Gotta get some real work in."

"I was given to understand the driving stick was your penis. I know how you Marines need outlets, on account of the boredom. I guess if you don't know that you have a penis that you have more problems than I can help you with." Mars looks up at Ashe when she speaks and then back down at Xanthus. A light slap is applied to the man's cheek to try and wake him up.

Dutch chuckles "They just breed em dumber than posts on Gemenon." Oooh snap the Sergeant just went after the most well known flight school. Still the Marine starts laughing as Ashe gets called up and there is a turn of his head back to him. A nod. "Yeah we're still on. My eye's not going to keep me from it, brother." A slight look over towards Mars "Need help waking up sleeping beauty there princess?" A raise of his brow before he's chuckling and reaching back into the medic kit "Uh, ma'am. We call those cocks- dicks, and penises. Not Driving sticks. We're old enough to handle our names, lIke big boys and girls."

The Master Sergeant pulls out the last set of tags for the night. "Barghest. Your ring. Last bout of the night, make it a good one." He steps back to await the call out. It took him a minute. Those tags are small and that's a long name to print on one.

Antioch shakes his head at Jupiter. "I'm all out," he tells her. "Sorry. Never really been one for smoking anyway. Never did me any good." Shrug. He glowers towards Ashe and Dutch and that ilk. "What is it about Marines?" he asks Jupiter. "Do you have to pass a douchebag test to become one, or did we just get stuck with the dregs?"

Xanthus is going to feel that in the morning. He's bleeding some more, too. "I'm a rock and roll superstar." murmurs the downed pilot in a semi-conscious state. His eyes half-lid and he wearily says, "Thanks. You got the itch for me."

Leda takes a long drag from his cigar and another small sip from his flask, it isn't a cigarette, but then again Castor never smokes them. He remains silent content to watch and let other people fight however he does take a moment to look find Sam and so he moves to sit with his friend. "Hey Sam." He offers, "I got banged up a bit by Sergeant Elder." He chuckles, "Got in a few good hits too this time."

Legacy remains quiet, seated over in her corner, simply watching the contestants when they come up. There's no cheering, no applauding, no nothing. She's just watching.

Hearing Barg's name called out, Ashe stops and turns around to return to his seat and watch the fight. "Driving sticks means penises? Do we call it the tiddliwink too? What the hell is this, third grade?" He plants himself down, pulling his sunglasses over his eyes. "No no, the douchebag test is what you take to get into the Airwing. It's right after they take measurements on the fail-o-meter to let you in."

Barghest catches the sound of her name and starts to get to her feet, rolling her shoulders, then her neck before she grins at the Marines and steps over to the ring for the trailing match of the night. In passing, as she nears Ashe's verbal sparring partner sounds off again, "Just remember, we dont' have an eject lever when our asses are taking fire." she tosses his way, and she climbs on in.

"Okay, I'll go poach some." A nod to Antioch, and the dark haired pilot turns to move off. As a marine she's never really had much dealing is called, Jupes makes her way across past the ring, in the direction of the box, presumably to pull her tags from it. She shoves Ashe a little on her way past. Woops.

MSGT Nikos holds up the box of tags for Barghest to choose from, if the marine has no preference.

Barghest draws a tag at random, even going so far as finding the bucket by touch, before handing it to the MSGT.

"No, third grade is cheering on fights like a bunch of bullies on a schoolyard. But then, you're a Marine, so you should feel right at home in the third grade. That's about all the education you all get, right?" Mars rolls her eyes at Barghest and adds, "Yeah. And you don't get to die a slow death, drowning in your own carbon dioxide. Let's compare hardships, sister. We're both soldiers and we're both going to die fighting metal." Lowering her head then, she leans in and tucks an arm under Xanthus, trying to pull him to his feet. "Let me get you to your bunk."

The shove from Jupiter has Ashe looking at the smaller woman and swinging his foot towards hers in a pretty cheap 'stumble' that could pass for a trip attempt. Whistling he sits down and looks at Dutch, "You hear that Dutch? We're not supposed to cheer on fights. We should be sitting here with tea and frakin' crumpets enjoying a good gentlemanly sport. Because that's why we have these fight nights. So we can all sing a song and hold hands."

"You got it Bee." a nod of encouragement from Dutch before he's looking back over Antioch "See what I just heard was: BIIIIITCh bitch bitch bitch-Self entitlement. Bitch bitch bitch bitcbmoanbitch." A shake of his head before he is looking over towards Barghest to see whom it is that She is going to get. The MP's are always fun to watch fight. It's like watching an episode of Cops right infront of you. And when the tags are pulled there's a huge hollering coming out. "Oh HOLY SHIT. You got her BEE. Punch her in the TIT!"

Oh gods, there is nothing more better than fight night-unless they had cold beer. That would add to the awesomeness there. "Next time I'll bring my feelings, and a thumb to sit on LC."

MSGT peers at the tags, nods, and calls, "Black. Get in there." He smirks. "Don't think this exchange will be as easy as the other night's." He tucks his cigar into his mouth again, and chuckles.

Apparently, Jupiter was a little slow on getting to the box to take out her tags. She doesn't know they're hers until her name's read off. She straightens, and glances back to where the parade of insults continues to rage. And then she looks at Barghest. That is a lot of woman. And it's the looking that causes her to miss Ashe's foot, she kicks it, but keeps her feet. Agility ftw! "Dick." And then she's headed for the ring.

Thea glances between Ashe and Antioch for a moment, then simply clears her throat. It's loud enough to be heard. Yes, she's back in Momma Cat mode. This is the general, quiet sound that indicates Momma's 'bout to bounce someone's head off the floor. She doesn't say anything more than that, simply looks between the pair.

"I think I'm leaking oil." Xanthus is still dazed, of course. He starts out of the gym with Mars. If he's insinuating he's a cylon, then he's got to be the lamest Cylon /ever/. "Might need a fill-up. Ow." He gets in the air versus marine animosity with a half hearted, "Marines smell." for good measure. Not much of a zinger.

That last bit has Mars looking up at Dutch and then Ashe. And it has her smiling. Honest to god smiling. It actually looks like it pains her. Turning her head away from them, she helps Xanthus towards the exit and lowers her voice to converse with him, "So, did you completely forget basic training or am I just that good?"

Black? Ashe sits up and looks at Dutch then towards the ring and moves towards the edge. He calls up towards Barghest, "Watch out for cheapshots, she'll go for anything she can nail you with. Punch her ass, right in the left cheek. I kicked it a few days ago in a spar and it's probably still tender." Oh yes, he's definately offering whatever advice he can.

Jupiter steps up into the ring, and gets geared up with some tape and gloves. A mouthpiece follows, and she shakes her head slightly as she's laced. "Make yourself useful, Swift." She's pretty sure this is gonna hurt. Jupes rolls her shoulders, and turns to face the biggest frakkin' marine woman she's ever seen. "Go choke on something." She steps in to start the match, dancing around and trying to get a feel for the placement of the large woman's hands, how she keeps her guard, and all those fun things that help a smaller opponent not lose any teeth. No time like the present. Jab, jab! Right, right, left! It's like hitting a wall of woman. Shit. All of her attention, a little late, turns to the amazon.

Antioch glowers at Ashe and Dutch, but bites his tongue rather than share his feelings. From the look in his eyes, it wouldn't be pretty.

Castor for his part simply sits there watching, not wanting to insult anyone and not wanting to get in the way, he seems to be enjoying the fights as well as his cigar and flask.

Barghest rolls her shoulder and gives the offended pilot an indifferent look, "You only have to wory about Metal." A beat, "See to your friend, sir." Let the woman figure out what she means on her own. Apparantly, there's knuckles to grind. She affixes her gloves and drifts to an end of the ring to give them room to clear the Ko'd man out of the ring. As Jupiter comes in and forgoes the pleasantries, Bar does some probing jabs and defense amongst her footwork. At several choice moments, she throws a couple of telling shots to the gut and ribs.

"Punch her in her ass. Like take a big ol' fist and pop that ass of hers. Its alright She can take a punch to her ass-she's got cushion for the pushin!" hollers off Ducth as he cheers on the MP. Sweet Baby Mithras it is beautiful to watch a Marine in a light work out.

The MSGT watches with interest as the two women step up to spar. He grins and says, with pleasure, "Point to Barghest."

Thea just shakes her head at the Marines looking, well, disappointed. She simply watches them for a bit before standing and slipping out quietly, losing herself in the crowd.

Komnenos is beginning to lose his enthusiasm for the fighting, and rapidly. Seeing the newest pair in the ring, an MP and another Viper pilot, he decides to stick around to support his fellow aircrew, at the very least. He rolls his eyes, though, as the Marine, Barghest, gets out to a quick start with a couple of powerful shots to Jupiter's midsection. He harrumphs, watching the fight continue, but he's not on his feet yelling as he was earlier that night.

The punch that drops to her ribs is the one she feels above the others, and she grunts, air expelling from her lungs with the punch. The others pepper her torso and aggravate some other bruises, which has her wincing ever so slightly. Her shoulder drops, and she throws a right hook, but the contact is less than she'd like, and lands on a shoulder, not the jaw. She's fast, but Barghest has more reach.

"Wasn't ready for the first hit. After that all I remember is my mom tucking me into bed." Xanthus continues out the door with Mars, "Man, you can throw a frakking punch. What did you do, pretend I was everything that's ever crawled up your butt and died?" He smiles thinly.

Ashe's fist slams against the edge of the ring where he's standing, in protest, in support, in something but for once the Running Mouth is silent.

"Never can leave well enough alone. You have to go the extra click. Must be why I like you so damned much." Shaking her head, Mars all but pulls the man out into the hallway and away from the fight night.

Barghest, despite her relative size, doesn't fight like a brick. She weaves and dodges, admittedly to a somewhat less rapid degree than the pilot. And, in deference to either the Arthur School of Combat, or to allow the Vipe to make it to the rotation without incident, seems to be keeping the big hits, such as a new hook to the opposing side, to the body.

MSGT hms and removes his cigar from his mouth. "Point to Barghest." Something in the way he says it suggests he expects it'll be over here shortly. The large marine watches the action, that silent smile growing.

Grunt. Ow. There's a hitch of movement, and a slight stutter in the footwork, but then it's back to dancing, looking for that opening. Shake it off, shake it off. "Nice." It was a sore spot, but the contact was good. The marine isn't cooperating and making it easy for her, so Jupes has to draw out the action with feints and pulled jabs. She drags both arms up, a little slow. The bout with Samantha was easy, earlier in the week, but the fairer Black gets around when it comes to fights. She's carrying a debt that costs her now. She's sticking to straight up boxing, leaving her usual Caprican Four Limb on the bench. That may have been a mistake. Left, left, right. Her favored combo. It contacts the body, the last one more solidly. She's not fueled by anger here. The large woman has never said anything to twist her proverbial panties. Being a marine isn't sin enough today, looks like!

Barghest continues to dodge what she can, block what she has to and soak what she must. She returns a, "Thanks." to the pilot's compliment, apparantly not as set on the Groundpounder vs Pilot undercurrents as some. A couple of good thumps land, and she recoils from the more telling among them, then she throws a quick jab-jab-hook to the guts combo as it seems the defenses are loosened up about enough for it.

"Match to Barghest." The MSGT definitely sounds pleased. He nudges the box of tags with his toe. "That concludes the evening's festivities. Take your tags and ice down." He nods to the ring. "Clear the ring, good effort." He was a gym coach in a past life. Encouraging, but not quite friendly.

As the match get settles, Ashe sighs softly and looks towards Dutch. "Just like a pilot… always leavin' things unsatisified." Turning back, he offers a tip of the knuckle to forehead for Barghest. "Good show!"

Castor says loud enough for Jupiter to hear, "Next time, Fingers, Next time." His tones are supportive to his wingman.

Jupes kicks out another lungful of air as her belly eats a solid punch. Aw, dammet. Why do they always go there. She takes a moment to breathe, then backs up a step or two hunched over. Gloves are loosened and she waves off the marine.

Komnenos sighs with a hint of relief as he draws his tags from the pile and makes for the exit. Maybe next time he'll be a little more up to stepping into the ring himself.

Dutch grins and shakes his head "Its like watching people pick on kindergartners.." a laugh and he's waiving towards Barghest to join Ashe and himself in the triumphant walk back home. After all the Marine corps remains undefeated in the nights of fights. "Guess I can put down two KO's under my belt. .." a look to Ashe "Frak I need a beer.."

Barghest removes her gloves, and, with a quick, lazy salute back toward the Marines, she steps over to her opponent. She says softly, "You're pretty good… even fighting hurt. Are you alright?" As she sees Dutch inviting her, sh holds up a finger (not that one) and just makes sure she hasn't inadvertantly given her opponent lasting injuries.

Jupiter shoves a glove under her arm and pulls it off. She repeats with the other, and drops them with the equipment laid out for the event. "I'm good, thanks. Have a drink with Private Bandaid over there." Jupes nods to Barghest, removes the mouth guard, and shoves it into her pocket. She hops out of the ring, and fishes her tags out of the mess of them.

Turning towards Dutch, Ashe moves towards his seat and grins. "A good team player would leave things be. But a chance like this? Be ready to bail me out of the brig." Ashe begins to make his way towards where Jupiter slipped out already snickering.

"Shit." And he's looking back towards Ashe, waiting as he gathers up his medikit for a moment. If another fight breaks out because of this, he's going to just shake his head..And throw a few elbows or something.

MSGT Nikos collects his empty box, and takes his smoking cigar toward the hatch, leaving the combatants and spectators to work out the rest. "Ice 'em if you got 'em." He leaves with this cryptic parting shot.

Castor shrugs his shoulders and moves out of the gym, after all, there are probably safer places to be at the moment given the boost to the Marine ego right now. He then quietly takes a puff of his cigar and moves on out before taking another sip of his hooch.

Ashe isn't good at much of anything, let alone keeping his yap shut, so we all know he's gonna come over and poke Jupes with the proverbial stick. Jupes finally comes up with her tags, and reaches up to slide them over her head.

Yes, yes he does. "Black, I just wanted to tell you, that you really look a lot thinner, lighter on your feet." He stands there for a moment, "You must have lost something, I know it isn't weight, so did you shed some pride? Some self respect? Oh there it is, in the middle of the ring where it was beaten outta ya." There it is, a smile.

"Take your pencil dick somewhere else, Swift." Jupiter replies, ever the bastion of ladylike behavior and flowery verse. "Before I feed you your teeth, and remove your tiny, tiny boyhood as a diminutive souvenir. She tucks her tags under her sweatshirt, and faces the marine.

"Take your pencil dick somewhere else, Swift." Jupiter replies, ever the bastion of ladylike behavior and flowery verse. "Before I feed you your teeth, and remove your tiny, tiny boyhood as a diminutive souvenir." She tucks her tags under her sweatshirt, and faces the marine.

Barghest just knows this is going to go badly. Too many calls on her first tour, too much time breaking shit up in bars on her leave… she just can't think anything but another fight, if not riot, is going to come out of this. She steps over toward the rumble to be, and, "So, anyone got any cards?" she interjects in an attempt to at least delay the inevitible.

Antioch moves, quietly backing up Jupiter with his presence. Arms folded, he gives Ashe a suitably dirty look, letting the Marine know without words that no matter what, the Air Wing stands together.

"Pencil dick?" Ashe states then nods his head, "I could easily see how you'd think that there Black. I mean, for you, anything short of a Raptor is a loose fit. Does the term pickle in the hallway mean anything to you?" He then lifts his eyes towards Antioch and rolls them before jerking his head towards him. "What's this Black? Calling in the cleaning crew to back you up? What's next, going to get some puppies to yip at my ankles?" A smile touches his lips and he looks to Antioch. "For the last time, no means no."

"Bright ideas sports.." mutters Dutch for a moment as he keeps an eyes Antioch for a second. A sigh, as he comes closer over towards Ashe and tilts his head at the pilot. Well it seems some people can't leave well enough alone. "Go home, kids.."

Jupiter thinks about it for a moment, it's a long moment, and then she says, "If you can tear yourself away from your left hand, you can meet me in the ring tomorrow." She leans in to say to Ashe, "I have to go be with the people who made it through OCS now."

Antioch drawls dryly, "Last I checked, your loudmouth pal here's the one who couldn't leave well enough alone. You Marines have proven your manhoods plenty for one night, how about frakking off and maybe toning down the douchebaggery a little? Or is this a cunning ploy, alienate everyone so we won't miss you too much when you die heroically fighting toasters in hand to hand combat?" He shrugs slowly. "I mean, I'm just saying, there's no -need- to be a total and complete asshole everytime you open your mouth. We're all in this together. I'd like to know I can trust people in a crisis, rather than want to shove them out an airlock."

Ashe looks from Jupiter to Antioch then back to Jupiter. "Yeah good call there. Go enjoy your circle of kumbaya and happy singing about how you're all in this together." Then, he grins widely and sings in a very bad way. "We're all in this togethterrrrr… togettttheeerrr.." He snaps his fingers in a move that would reflect 'Westside Story' if it existed as he made his way to the exit. "Hey Dutch, we're all in this together, forever… together. Holdin' hands, singing' bands… togetherrrrr…." Shaking his head, the Marine busts up laughing. "Frak, all this community team building makes me want to shower."

"There's enough fighting' been done already, tonight." Bar intones sternly. She looks between the gathered, then, "Come on, let's go." The MP bristles, she's still a Marine, after all, but, at aside from a look over her shoulder at Anty, all se does is bring a warding arm up in front of her felllow Jarheads, "There's a time fer this. Let's get outta here."

"Go bitch to someone who gives a frakkin lick of shit sir." replies Dutch dryly, before he's looking from over to Ashe back to Antioch "You can go back to frakking yourself now, we'll make sure no one clambers on your little ship. Go home." with your head hung low. A sniff and Dutch is nodding over towards Barghest "Lets move her out Marines- they got a mat to clean, and these pilots need to go an pat each other on the back about how cool they are."

Jupiter's eyes flick from Ashe to Dutch, and she watches them go. There is a certain set to her shoulders that indicates she's thinking about beating the smile off of someone's face, but, to her credit, she keeps her feet planted. Count to thirty, man, count to thirty! "Tell it to your rifle, shit for brains." She could be talking to anyone. Hostility leak. She blows out a breath, then turns to Antioch. "The mouths on them. Some days I just wish for a bar and a baseball bat. I think it would go a long way to curing the ills." She doesn't mention the bar brawls that could go on for days.

Antioch counts to thirty also. One… two… three… And then his tags get chucked at the back of Ashe's head, as hard as possible. "Have it your way. I thought maybe if I appealed to reason, you'd turn out to be a decent human being, instead of a pathetic waste of oxygen," he spits out. "You think you're a big man? Let's have at it. You and me."

Calmly, very calmly, Ashe turns around and speaks. His eyes actually aren't on Antioch instead they are levelled on Jupiter. "I'm going to use small words so you can understand, sir. If you want to look at the problems on this ship, start in your own berthings. You all start it, and when it gets shoved back at you, you throw tantrums and either hide behind rank, or try to start fights." He stops, eyes still on Jupiter, "Then, you get those of us who merely meet your insults with the same in trouble. Further, you pout to your CO until they don't even punish you. Pout or frak knows what else. You want someone you can trust? Start acting like you're more than spoiled little brat children. But you can't. It's beyond you, you all think you're something more than you are. Considering we know of what, the handful of us on this ship as the last survivors, and there's maybe what, three, four people in the Red Berthings actually worth keeping? There's not a lot of promise for the race." A step forward is taken and Ashe bends over picking up the dogtags. "And the fact that you disgrace the Colonial military by using your tags… the only tags you get, the only tags that will ever be made, again, because it's all been wiped away. That you use those to throw as a weapon against someone? You aren't deserving of them." Ashe's voice never changes tone and he continues to go on in the same pacing until he's finished, almost. "It is always amusing. You all go around boasting how Marines are dumb. But we can use our words to get under your skin, and making you act like a petulant child. I tried. Tried to trust, tried to extend the hand, but to you all extending the hand means that you treat us like shit and we smile and take it. Well go frak yourself." He's not looking at Antioch. "Go frak yourself." Turning, Ashe heads for the door after tossing the Dogtags down at the feet of Antioch.

Dutch merely Fist bumps Ashe as the LC goes to head on out, and yes the Sergeant is covering his back, as he starts to move with him towards the Hatch. "Night Ladies." crowed over his shoulder. Corpsman hopefully will be able to get back to marine country with the others. Lets see if they make it to the door.

Jupiter calmly shoots Ashe the one finger salute.

Antioch takes his tags, fingers gripped so tightly around them that they cut into his palm, fingers gone dead-white. "You think you know so much," he spits back. "Whatever the frak's your problem, I wasn't part of it. You're the first goddamned Marines I've seen since they let me off medical leave, and I didn't have a problem until you started in on the only family I have left. Of -course- I'm going to defend my fellow pilots. They're all I have -left-. I tried to extend my hand, but you figured it was more fun to mock me. So have it your way. I'm not going to waste my time when you've already decided how it's going to be."

Foot half out the door, Ashe pauses and looks back towards Antioch. He stands for a moment then nods his head. "For what it's worth, sir. I'm sorry. It isn't about you. You just got caught up in it… and I mean that. Sorry." He pauses and again looks at Jupiter but returns to looking at Antioch to nod once more. "Head on Dutch, I'll be fine. I need to get cool off time anyway."

"They ain't going to do anything Barghest. Roll out." comes Dutch's only words as he looks back for a second. A shake of his head before he's slipping on out. Obviously trusting that the two parties can at least make it somewhere. He's got berthings to be.

Dutch heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.

Dutch has left.

Barghest remains sort of in the middle, perhaps about to cream the first one who decides it has to get real. She looks between the speakers like she was watching a ball getting dribbled across the court, but she holds any comment to herself. On the word from the Sarge, "Yes, sir." she returns and turns to leave.

Jupiter clears her throat. She glances over at Antioch once the marines are gone. "That was pretty much addressed to me." She claps a hand against Antioch's back. "Look at it this way… he's pretty slow. Maybe he'll get shot first."

Antioch shakes his head, looking frustrated. "I'm just… gah." He shrugs, helplessly. "I'd rather save my fighting for the frakking toasters. I never should have stopped being crazy. It was a lot simpler then."

Trailing behind the rest as he departs, Ashe overhears the words spoken by Jupiter and he can be seen with shoulders shaking in a laugh.

Jupiter thinks about if for a moment, "Yeah. The I love me jackets aren't bad." She smiles a little and watches Antioch for a moment. "On the plus side, we get to take some of the enemy with us. Crazy duty just has you staring at the wall. Hardly any fun." She heads for the hatch. "I have something to clear up." With her fist. "There's booze in the bunk under mine." Yuuri won't mind. He's probably on CAP by now. "See you in the sims."

Antioch smiles faintly at Jupiter. "I'm not allowed to drink too heavily," he admits sheepishly. "The docs are afraid I'd enjoy it way too much. But I may just take you up on that anyway, after a night like this."

Jupiter goes to see if she can separate one from the herd. Only it looks a lot like wandering out of the gym. She backs out, once at the hatch, and calls, "So you get one shot. No more. Okay, maybe three. That's hardly heavy drinking," she grins and steps out, calling back, "Especially for a pilot!"

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