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Aida Yespica
Aida Yespica as Fenris Valasche
Name: Fenris Valasche
Alias: Mudguts
Age: 29
Hair & Eyes: Black hair, brown eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: Liutenant
Colony: Virgon
Play Times: Random, usually 3pm-8am
Timezone: Eastern Standard

Biographical Info



Lt. Psyden Valasche(retired): Father, deceased
Tanis Valasche: Mother


She haz de schoolin'

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Two years aboard the Battlestar Valkyrie
Two and a half years aboard Battlestar Solaria
One and a half years Cafferty Base, Aereolon: Aggressor Squadron

Distinguishing Features

Fen has several faded small caliber bullet, and surgical scars on her torso. Each of her upper arms are tattooed with the symbol of Helios, serving as the pommel for a double edged sword, with the point leading to her elbow, blade crossed by two bands of intricate knotwork around the bicep. And she has the thousand meter stare.


She tends to fly 'dirty' in atmospheric ops, where her callsign originated from during training.
Among the trainers of the Aggressor squadron, she tended to scare trainees the most.
She's supposedly been medicly dead, twice.


As an Aggressor, she has extensive knowledge of Cylon tactics, and is a qualified air combat instructor. Few people know about her dabblings in gymnastics and cooking, though she doesn't keep her philosphy studies a secret.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events


(On dying) "It's lost it's novelty."
(On judging an embarassing dare) "We my have to go to an open forum to break the tie."
OOCly coined "Yuurigami"
getting blown Kai high
and the can of Bitch-B-Gone


Pushing her machine to the limit, scaring Rooks


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