Katie Melua
Katie Melua as Mersades Fenix
Name: Mersades Fenix
Alias: Fenix
Age: 28
Hair & Eyes: Black curls and dark brown eyes.
Faction: Deckcrew
Position: Acting Deck Chief
Colony: Unknown
Play Times: Evenings to late nights (I work 3pm-12am 3-4 times a week)
Timezone: Mountain

Biographical Info


Fenix doesn't talk about her past, and when pressed, tends to come up with a different story each time. A happy family from Libra, a single mother from Caprica, a secret cult from Gemenon. Her accent sounds vaguely Caprican, but if she hails from said colony, it certainly wasn't from the better part of town.




It was joked on previous ships that Fenix was illiterate… but that can't be true. Right? Save rumors, nothing is known about the woman's past education.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Fenix began her career on The Muse. The ship was one of the older Battlestars, but as far as Fenix was concerned, that only made her a classic. Fenix spent eight years aboard, and while she wasn't Chief, she knew the deck in and out. By her last year, it was only going to be a matter of time before she obtained the position. Or would have, if a cocky Viper jock hadn't run his bird straight into the FTL drive. The Battlestar was too old to warrant costly repairs, and was instead dragged to the shipping yards for retirement and disassembly. Rumor has it Fenix is still a bit sore about the loss… and the story likely explains her current opinion of Viper pilots.

As for the woman's actual reputation? Few would question her on her skill as deck crew — or Chief, for that matter — but she definitely has a mouth on her. And she doesn't know when to close it. She arrived on the Kharon mere days before the original Chief's injury, and as the most senior enlisted at the time, inherited the role as interim Chief. It was a tumultuous time to take over, and there have been more than a few scuffles as authority was established… but she's kept the deck together. So far.

Distinguishing Features

  • 5'1" (plus a foot of Napolean complex)
  • Scars across her shoulders and back that look like burned-out tattoos; criss-crossing scars on the insides of either arm, trailing from elbow to wrist


  • Ambidextrous
  • Responds violently to the use of her first name
  • Collects and builds toy ships


  • Deck
  • Pissing off authority (usually Airwing)
  • Brawling
  • Drinking

On the Grid

Known Associates

To be determined. Dum dum dum.


"I ain't here to make enemies. Up until two weeks ago, I didn't plan on makin' friends, neither. But I'm gettin' the feeling I'm gonna be stuck with you lot for a while. And when the food runs out, I'd rather be near the end of the menu."


  • Ships
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Candy


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