Summary: Salazar distributes a cookie bribe to her Marines. Epi and Jules talk Kai.
Date: PHD129
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"As you were," Salazar notes, returning a casual salute. She glances over at Barnabas. "On deck means attention, you lazy frak." She wanders in, coffee in one hand, and tosses a little bundle wrapped in cloth on the middle table. "Lucky for you," She reaches up to pop open the buttons of her jacket. "I just went off duty, and couldn't give a shit. Who has smokes?" She tugs out a chair, grating it over the deck. "Salutes aren't strictly necessary, but they do them so well."

About this time, one of the larger MPs comes in as the salutes come up and Sal goes casual. Barghest crosses the threshold with a curious eyeballing of the room before stepping in fully with a, "Hey, guys."

Women, and women. Randy is in heaven, really, but she lowers that salute and climbs back up in her bunk, closing her curtain and tugging out her magazine and her flask again.

Epi drops herself to the bench again, landing straddled from the standing position she'd been on TOP of it. "Well damn, Sir," she tells Salazar, nose crinkling. "Don't scare us like that." And then she turns the innocent look on Barnabas. "What," she says, eyes wide. "You didn't -ask-." Bat. Bat bat. Awww, then Barghest comes in and Epi brightens even more. "It's a PARTY! Anyone got some booze?"

"Of course, Sir. Sorry, Sir." Barnabas was pretty caught out with the whole 'Who the hell is this person' that the loop he's been sent for is… impressive, to say the least. You'd be amazed how quickly he retreats back in to his bunk, closing up the curtains and making sure they're crossed shut. Twice. There's no way they're opening by accident. Sergeant hide.

Behind Barghest, Jules sneaaaaaaaks a peek into the doorframe. Gah. So many people. She's wearing baggy sweats and has a bottle in her hands. A bottle of booze, in fact. Blinking twice as /says/ "booze," she shoves it hastily into a pocket, giving herself a conspicuous bulge in her pants. Then and only then does she enter and try to walk to her bunk. La la la. "Hi guys!" Pause. "And sir!"

Salazar pops a couple of more buttons on her jacket, and then she reaches into a pocket for a lighter. She pulls the cloth wrapped package on the table a little close, tugs a piece of string on the side, and glances up as the Sergeant goes into groundhog mode. The little package is opened to reveal several pair of tiny, prepackaged shortbread cookies. They're the kind you find in a gas station. That's exactly where she found them. They're Scorpian. "Everyone have a pack. Jarot, give the extra to Cass."

Randy peeks out of her bunk now, sniffing the air and arching an eyebrow. Are those cookies? She worries her bottom lip before closing her eyes and sliding the curtain shut again. Women and their cookies damnit. She takes a swig from her flask.

Epi oooohs softly and beams at Salazar. "Thank you," she says, brightening. "He's going to love them. He's already charmed the Mess out of some jello. And the medical staff out of half their stash of sweets. I've been trying to be a little disciplined with him." Her. Disciplined? Disciplining a CHILD? Epi darts to the table and scoops up a pack then pauses, rather like a hummingbird hovering, before swiping up an extra package and diving toward Barnabas' bunk. RIIIIGHT before she starts the dive through the curtains she announces "INCOMING!" Poor, poor man.

As the Sarge goes duck and cover and Epi's talk of festivities rings out, Bar gives a little grin and drifts over to her rack to get casual again. Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. She looks over her shoulder at the newest entrant as she starts to strip down to her off duty gear with a, "Hey." of greeting. Rummage rummage, then… aroo? "Pack of wha-?" and the inquiry dies off as Epi goes meatseaker on the Sarge. Blink.

It's not right for a person to whistle like an old WW2 bomb as they fly through the air, but when this tale is told, Barnabas will swear on his soul that Epi was doing just that. From behind the curtains comes the sound of a nigh-catastrophic collision, like most of a cow on a meathook slipping and hitting the ground. Smack, thud clunk. Jingle. If listened carefully enough, there's probably the sound of smashing glass and a 1930's car horn in there somewhere, too. Oh, and a "FRA-URK" from the Sergeant, too. Can't forget that.

Sneak sneak sneaaaaak. A hand goes down to the table, comes up with cookies as Jules moves on over to her locker. She spins the combo on her locker and opens it, putting the cookies on the top shelf. Then, without looking over her shoulder, she snakes the bottle out of her pants and into hiding within the shadows of her locker. Thank you EpiMissileDistraction.

Salazar tips back in her chair as Epi goes sailing through the curtains into the unfortunate(fortunate) Sergeant's bunk. She grins a bit, tucks a single little packet of cookies into her pocket, and leaves the rest out on the table for the enlisted.

Ahhh, tangled up in curtains - with the cloth between her and a likely very pissed off sergeant. Epi shoves a hand through the gap in the curtains, remaining very still where she landed otherwise. "Here you go Sarge," she chirps happily. "Cookies." Then it's just a matter of dropping and dashing. The cookies are let go, dropped in Barney's bunk, and then she's flying across berthings again, skidding to a seat on the bench like she's been there the whole time. "So, how's everyone doing? Beat up any pilots today?"

"Corporal Jarot what the frak do you think you're d- Ooh!" Epi apparently found a very good way of getting off the hook for most anything. Barney shoves a hand through the curtains, waggling the box and enjoying the rattling noise it makes. "Thanks! And I'm one for three." A little pause, and his head appears in the space his arm was just occupying. "That's Pilots - Days." Behold the look of a highly dissapointed Sergeant. His face is all droopy. Well, moreso that usual. "I'm falling behind."

Barghest blanches slightly at the question and turns back to her locker to finish changing. The silence continues for a little while until she's properly attired to not be confused for someone on duty and closes her locker. Combination spun, she wanders over toward the pile of cookies.

"Please do not make a habit of bashin' up the pilots." Gender neutral voice pipes up from behind Randy's curtain before she takes another swig of her drink, she's safe behind her curtain.

"Depends on what you mean by beat up," Jules chimes in, closing up her locker with a sigh of relief. Phew. Straightening up, she steps over to her bunk and pulls herself up and into it, turning quickly to peer down at the other Marines. "Y'all should be nicer to them. They're good people."

"Yeah, the pilots are usually pretty good," Epi tells Jules, holding onto her packet of cookies with the same care one might use for a child. Knowing her, the sugar's likely going right to Cass. "But we can't let them hear that. Their egos are big enough as it is. We Marines are the ones who bring them down out of their trees and keep them from getting too full of themselves." Of course there's a bright smile on her face as she says that. Her eyes cut to her bunk and to a piece of grey cloth peeping out from under her pillow.

"Unless it's in the ring," Salazar amends the non-pilot bashing sentiment, though it's with an amused smile. "In the ring you're free to bash all you want." She reaches up to brush a hand back through her hair. "Brig attendance has been down. Everyone seems to be doing well with that rule this month."

"We have completely different roles, but the enemy's the same." Bar says offhandedly, idly picking up a pack and tossing it a couple of inches a few times, "They do what we can't, we do what they can't." The Corporal wanders back toward her bunk with a, "Thanks, boss." off Salazar's way, before plunking down. The wrapper is torn open and, "And try not to hit them in the face. They can't fly with an eye mashed in."

Barnabas just hrmphs, tucking the box of cookies in at the back of his bunk for now. "He wanted a little practice. It was a mutual thing." Look, he's all defensive. Awww. It'd be more cute if his ability to speak wasn't going downhill along with his sense of calm. All of the hard consonants are once again becoming a lot softer. "It's not my fault he fights like a three-year-old that constantly drops his left hand." Pause. A beat. "Oh come on! I even gave tips. Stop judging." Apparently, he's -really- on the defensive. To the point of sliding from his bunk and moving across the berthings, even. "I've gotta see a dentist about some agony."

"Why doesn't anybody ever ask me to help them practice? Pilot or anything else?" Randy snorts and sighs as s/he sips her homemade moonshine and closes her eyes. "Hard enough to get a spot when doing reps…"

Nodding back at Epi, Jules reaches down to tug her curtain across a little bit, so just her head is visible. Then, to Randy, "Cos you're quiet and you usually close your curtain." It's said with a teasing note. "I'm gonna teach Kai how to shoot the MG, one of these days."

"Karim is impressed by large weaponry," the S2 murmurs, on the tail end of what Jules was saying about the MG. She shakes her head slightly, and tips back, closing her eyes. She lets the marine chatter flow around her.

"Spot anyone, anytime, if I see them." Bar replies, looking over Randy's way, nodding with a glance at the perky praeriedog, "Most of my off time is in the gym, anyway." The big blonde returns her attention to her treat and partakes of the cookie.

Epi looks up at Barnabas and pouts. She actually pouts. "Awww, come on, Sarge," she calls after him. "I can pretend to be a pilot later and you can beat me up!" Then she turns to Randy. "You too! I'd be happy to spar with you." But then someone does the unthinkable and mentions the CAG. Cue glazed look in Epi's eyes. "The CAG and…the MG," she murmurs, voice going low and quiet, perhaps even a touch dreamy. Oh, yeah. That's gonna be fantasy fodder for awhile.

Salazar sits up and then rises, cookies delivered, brief rest taken. She slides the chair in, legs grating against the deck. "Speaking of firearms." She does not finish that thought, unless that was the entirety of it. The S2 heads for the hatch.

But you're a girl…it is on the tip of Randy's tongue but she doesn't say it, she just snorts at the reply from Jules. "Point." Swig of drink before she shoves her magazine under her pillow. Another female offering to spar, she just replies slowly and carefully. "I like to go at it hard, best for me to just aim for bags most of the time."

The Sergeant has a date with some new teeth and possibly a lot of gum swelling. That, or he's using it as an excuse to clear his head. It's quite possibly both. "Epi, I said I'd try and get you up to speed with fi-" His head turns as he talks, the look on Epi's face more than noticed. Cue a deep sigh, and the Sergeant ducking out of the hatch with only a yelled "Someone throw water on her before she gets stuck like that!"

"Well, it's mostly cos he's been so nice and he helped me a long while ago and I want to repay the favor," Jules notes softly, eyes drifting over towards the S2 and then down to Epi. She almost reaches down to poke the woman, but it's too far, so she just smiles from her bunk instead. "Y'know. He gave me a handkerchief of his, back just after the attacks."

Epi squeaks as she's yanked out of the CAG-induced reverie. "I know, Sa…" Pause. Blink. Jules is now the focus of Epi's attention. "He did," she asks, breath catching slightly. "REALLY?" Awwwwwwwww.

"I ain't made of glass." Barghest returns Randy's way before the S2's departure draws her attention. There's a brief glance back at the others at the suggestion of tossing water, but she let's it go for the moment. In lieu of that, the big woman trost after Salazar, a thumb hooked over the opening in her pack of cookies so there's no mishaps.

"Yup. He… got me to stop crying and talk about what had happened. He's a really nice person," Jules notes matter-of-factly, "I also have it on good authority that he likes bunnies, which makes him awesome times ten… -Plus- he's the best viper pilot onboard, on account of being CAG. He's got conversation skills, too. He's so multifaceted."

"Glass never ever crossed my mind." Randy admits from her safe hiding place in her bunk, listening to all the talking and sounding vaguely amused before yep, sipping another sip of moonshine and sighing softly.

Poor Epi. Those stars in her eyes are brighter than the ones outside. "We've never really talked," she says quietly, sighing softly. "But he seems like such a good man."

A grin and a chinlift toward Randy, "Come an' see me sometime." A hand lifted in a wave, she tosses back a, "Be good, or be good at it. Later." And with that, the huge blonde steps on out after the S2.

"You should ask him sometime. Just say hi. He doesn't bite." The blonde machine gunner smiles tiredly down at Epi and says, "You're crushing pretty hard, girl." Jules keeps her voice on the quiet end. "I heard he's taken, though."

Epi just blinks at Jules for a very long moment and then looks utterly and completely crestfallen. "He's…he's taken," she asks in a small, quiet voice. "The CAG has someone?" Noooooo! The screams of a million fangirls can be heard. "He's…" Uhoh. Is she puddling up? Can't be. There's no puddling in Marineland.

Randy slides the curtain open now in time to watch Barghest leave with a raise of eyebrows and a quiet hmmmmmmm. Then she's quick to look to the others who are left and she sighs softly. Please no crying.

Brows coming together, it doesn't take Jules -too- long to figure out Epi is upset. She blinks and pushes her curtain over to hop down to the deck. "It's what I heard. Dunno who, though. I'm sorry Epi-eps… I… well, I thought you knew. I mean, if he was available, I'm sure he'd like you in that way, too. You're pretty gosh-darned cute, y'know."

Poor Epi. She sniffles quietly and shakes her head. "Even if he did, I'd never…" Nope, no tears fall. She's strong. Right? "He's an officer. And a good officer. He'd get in trouble." Staunch defense of her hero, it would seem. "But…but he's got someone. I hope she's good to him."

Randy rolls out of her bunk now, growling under her breath. "Yo, you busy?" She asks quickly, gesturing towards the two. "C'mon, I'll take you to mess or the gym or the general lounge or wherever you want. Don't shed tears over a flyboy, chin up and all that frakking annoying stuff. You'll get who you're meant to get."

"We could find out who it is and make sure she is?" Jules offers along with a clasping of Epi's shoulder. When Randy rolls out of her bunk, her eyes swing that way and she smiles. "I was thinking of some shut eye myself. Before I opened my big mouth."

Epi's straddling a bench, holding a pack of cookies, looking utterly dejected. Her moods seem to go from Up to Down with very little grey area. "It's ok," she tells Randy and Jules quietly. "I don't want to know who she is. Not unless she hurts him. Then I'll blow her tits off."

There's nothing quite like freshly cleaned Marine. That nice smell of not sweat and what not. Accompanying the smell is Ashe as he walks in through the hatch, towel over his shoulders, hair all a muss, and shit eating grin upon face.

Randy opens mouth, shuts it, opens mouth…shuts it and just stares at Epi for a few moments. "…whoa." Then she pulls a face and nods to Jules and rocks back on her heels for a moments. Then somebody else comes in and s/he makes her way back to the bunk.

"Epi-eps…" Jules slinks over towards that bench the woman has seated herself on and moves to sit with her. "I've been meaning to find a new caper, okay, so. I'll find out who it is, but I won't tell you, except if she isn't treating him well. But you can't shoot her. Or even hit her. Unless it's in the fight ring. Cos she's an officer, most likely, and I don't want you to go to the brig for it, cos then you wouldn't be around and then things would just be dull as a board around here."

Epi sniffs once at what Jules says then nods slowly. "I can't guarantee that I won't blow her tits off, but I'll try not to," she murmurs. "I mean, it wouldn't be hard. Just a little plastique in place of the underwire. And a detonator could -easily- be hidden in there, too." Yep, she's got this all figured out. "Evenin' Swift. S2 brought us cookies."

Randy just sighs. "I was going to ask you out but now you're scaring me." S/he grumbles, climbing back into her bunk and pulling out her flask and nose wrinkling.

"You know, there's other nice guys on Kharon. Like Swift for instance," Jules glances over at the recently cleaned Marine with a grin. "Sure, he's not as tall as Kai is, but he's got a better jawline." She motions over towards said jawline in question. Randy is shot a bemused look and a roll of the shoulders.

Epi looks up at Ashe then heaves a sigh. "He's like my best friend and brother," she complains to Jules and Randy. "I couldn't go for him. He's too…perfect." And no, she's not being facetious. Then she blinks at Randy. "Youhuhwha?"

Ashe looks up as he realizes he's being discussed and a look is given towards Jules and a head shake is offered, scoff following before he blinks and looks at Epi. "Cookies laced with morpha? You're all fraki'n high aren't you."

"You're petite, you're gorgeous, you're spunky and hades knows a good catch so what the hell wouldn't I?" Randy quirks an eyebrow from where she lies and shrugs her shoulders. "But you've got your eyes up high, not about to ask you to look down a bit." Then she eyes Ashe and blinks. "I've had no cookies."

"You know it," Jules fires back at Ashe. "Courtesy of the S2." She winks and then turns her attention back on Epi and Randy. "Corporal, you should just ask. I don't think she'll say no. She's too nice to do that." A finger is poked into towards Ep's ribs. Nudge.

Epi just blinks for a moment at Ashe, then at Jules, and finally to Randy. "I…" She squeaks at Jules slightly. "I wouldn't say no," she says slowly.

Ashe stares for awhile then shakes his head and makes his way towards his bunk with a shake of his backside for the ladies. "Yeah, you can all kiss this."

Randy's eyebrow raises a fraction as she pauses in mid sip of flask. Eyes dart between Jules and Epi before she offers a hint of a smile, lips twisting wryly. "But doesn't mean she'll say yes either. Look, I think chicks should be respected but taken care of it, treated special. Not all chicks dig that kinda treatment so I'll be taking the Corporal out to like Mess or for something special, but not gonna force her to forget her tit blowing off inspiring honey." She eyes Ashe's backside though with a look of disgust before facepalming.

"Shaaaaaake it baaaaaaby," Jules calls, clapping at Ashe's derriere when it's presented. Then she giggles, leaning into Epi some. "Perfect, huh? Was that a mole or did he sit on a chocolate bar?"

Epi glances around Jules toward Ashe's behind then just sighs quietly. "A mole, I think. If it were chocolate…" Whooooops! Not going there not going there not going there… "You know," she says, looking back to Randy. "It might be nice just to go out and have fun. I mean, we've got the Sisterhood and all that, but we haven't DONE anything." Yep, Epi's perking up and getting That Look. The last time she wore That Look, there was talk of pilots and the losing of balls.

Ashe glances at Jules and smirks a bit, "Wouldn't you just love to know if it's a mole or chocolate, hmm?" He finishes the clambor up into his bunk and pulls the curtain closed for a bit as the sound of movement and rustling occurs within.

"We could go out. Make noise and stuff. Get rowdy," Jules proposes, "Perhaps dance on tables. In the lounge! Who'd stop us? We're Marines." She glances from Epi to Randy and back again, "We could play pranks on people who deserve it."

Randy just opens mouth and shuts it. "Then it is settled. We'll go out. You play cards sometimes? We'll figure out something to do." Then she cringes and coughs softly. "Please don't share the details of your birthmarks…"

"Oh, come on Swift," Epi calls, laughing quietly. "You know everyone kisses your ass at some point or another -anyway-." Her cheeks go a TOUCH pink. Maybe someone else is rated just below the CAG on the OMG scale? Then she grins at Jules and Randy. "Can't guarantee anything, but we'll go out and have fun."

Jules leans over just a little more and kisses Epi on the forehead before pushing to her feet, bounding over and leaping up into her bunk. "Exactly. And that's what life is about. /Fun/. And the having of it." She grins widely and kicks her feet from her perch. "I wouldn't mind a game of pyramid, myself."

Randy now has to figure out if she was drunk enough to actually ask somebody out on a date that wasn't exactly a date only that it was. She frowns a bit and nods slowly. "Yeah, fun…"

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