Extra Sim. Time
Extra Sim. Time
Summary: Lt. Valasche goes over a simulation with Lt. JG Yuuri under Captain Macek's supervision.
Date: MD052 (April 14)
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Yuuri just finished his second meal of the day. The majority of the morning was spent in sims when he was suppose to be on CAP. Seems the Major and Captain felt it necessary for the young Jig to be replaced on CAP and sent to sims. He's standing in his flightsuit, posted up against one of the simulators looking over notes from the briefing.

About as one could begin to wonder how things could get worse, Fenris steps into the simulation room. As ever, her expression is the cloudy side of dead and her posture is military spec, though she's pretty graceful about it. Her eyes turn toward (through) the yanked Jig and without any signs of distress or pity(remorse, fear…) she intones, "Jig Yuuri. I understand there was a problem, last night."

"Going to give me the 'Everyone makes mistakes' speech like I heard lastnight in debrief?" Yuuri replies as his icey jades look up to the feminine voice. He's taken back slightly, eyes finding the rank and shooting straight ahead. "I mean… Yes, Sir." He quickly stands at attention and snaps his right hand up in salute.

"Noted." is the only word the Liutenant utters at first as she lets the fellow stew for a few moments, stepping closer and around him in a half-circle. She doesn't lose eye contact for the maneuver, though she does inevitibly come to a halt, leting a few more seconds pass, then, she returns the salute, "At ease. What do you think happened last night?"

Yuuri lowers his hand and stands at ease, hands and notepad brought behind his back. His icey jades meet the look of his superior officer's, he's trying to hide the pain in his back from his quick motion into attention. "Was just a bad night sir."

"When we go weapons hot, it is a bad night, Yuuri. All of our training is in preparation for the bad nights." Fenris replies, glancing at the simulator, "I want to know what you think was off. Was it your trim? Throttle control, nerves?"

"Maybe it wasn't all me, but I'm not going to push the blame to my wingman, Ensign Roubani." Yuuri starts, trying to figure out what happened. "The Captain was hot with the stick.." He folds the notepad closed and tucks it into his pocket, going back to lean on the simulator again. "The tracers lined up just fine, just didn't finish."

There is a nod and the Lt. seems to give that a moment's thought before she chimes in, "It sounds like you released the trigger too soon. I'll take a look at the footage." She starts keying things into one of the pods, "I'll set up a pursuit, show me what you have."

Yuuri nods and starts to climb into the simulator, in his movements a keen eye could catch the painful expression flash across his face. He lifts the helmet from the sim and straps in, helmet going on last. "Ready sir." he says before sliding the canopy back into place.

Fenris watches the man saddle up, then, just after the declaration he's ready, she notes, "Good. You may have to fly injured some time." She step over to the workstation and begins keying up the simulator, and dons the little headset they use, waiting for the simulator screens to come online before she chimes in, "Hunter one, Carrier Actual, you're clear to launch."

Kai steps into the room that doubles as rec room and simulator haven, currently decked out in his offduty attire and toting an empty coffee cup. Fenris is spotted easily enough at the workstation, and given a curt nod in passing; he doesn't look to be here for practice, so much as supervision this afternoon.

Yuuri shifts in the mock cockpit as streams of light flash by him simulating a launch. Then there's nothing but black and the HUD flickering. "Carrier Actual, Hunter one. Requesting orders." He speaks into the com, hand on the stick.

"Sir." Fenris says with a nod as she notes Kai's arrival, then looks back to the screens. "Hunter one, Carrier Actual. We have an intermittant DRADIS contact without transponder at kharom two-four just over three hundred kilometers, your orders are to intercept and identify, over?"

Kai stops by the coffee machine in residence here, and punches the 'decaf' button. Blue eyes lift to watch Fenris quietly while she plays CIC officer with Yuuri, though he doesn't interrupt.

"Roger Actual, Hunter one on intercept course with unidentified contact." Yuuri replies back into the com and adjusts the viper's stick, pushing into near full burn after thrusters correct the angle of his course change.

The DRADIS chimes in now and then with something inconclusive, though it seems to be moving during the flight to intercept, "Carrier actual to hunter one, do you have a visual?" Fenris inquires several seconds before a little moving dot of contrast appears on the forward view. And, as the shape suddenly jukes to one side, the DRADIS contact flashes red.

Coffee procured, Kai heads on closer to Yuuri's bird. Not so close as to loom, and distract the JG, but within range to get a glimpse of the pilot's screen. He sips, and observes.

"Carrier Actual, Hunter one. Dradis reads enemy, visual in one minute." Yuuri hands never leave the stick, even though it is a straight flight to the point, but as the bogey jukes he flips thrusters in an attempt to stay on intercept.

Kai's eyes follow that little blip as it darts across Yuuri's DRADIS. Another sip of decaf is taken, and the Captain remains silent.

"Carrier actual, acknowledged. Hunter one, you're cleared weapons-hot. Engage and destroy, I say again, engage and destroy." Fenris replies. The contact, a single Raider comes about and peels to a diagonal plane as it screams head on into a joust.

"Roger, Hunter one weapons hot." Yuuri breathes into the com. He rolls the viper using thrusters into a near straight angle on the Raider. He leaves enough lateral separation between himself and the Raider for any manuever once they reach point. As the distance closes, Typhys jams down on the fire button, his tracers spraying out at the oncoming Raider.

Nope, no comments from Kai still. He's in full observer mode, just watching how the JG handles the pursuit with a critical eye.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Gunnery: Success.

The joust ends with a Raider that has it's 'lower' wing almost completely chewed through before one of the tracers enters the enemy's magazine and cooks off it's ammunition, spreading the craft into a cloud of generally parallel sprays of debris, easily avoided. It's about then that DRADIS gets another intermittant contact on the Viper's five-low.

"Actual, Hunter one. Dradis contact - another Raider, moving to intercept now." Yuuri cuts engines and uses thrusters to kick the back of the viper up and pinning 180 degrees to the left, putting him on a similar intercept course as before.

"Carrier actual, acknowledged." Fenris replies, hitting a few keys. The Raider in question decides to drop and pitch upward as it's guns open on the incoming Viper. Back in the really-real world, Fenris glances at Kai from the console as he watches from outside Yu's canopy.

Kai is sipping from a cup of decaf and dressed in his offduties at the moment. He's standing a few feet back from Yuuri's sim, eyes fixed on the pilot's screen while Fenris runs him through a mock battle. Her glance is returned, and a small nod given.

<FS3> Fenris rolls 6: Good Success.

The Captain is in his offduties with a cup of decaf, peering into the canopy of Yu's simulator from back out of sight, while the LT.s handles the console with a headset on.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting: Good Success.

Eddie doesn't have enough form to fill the hatchway, so she just sort of occupies a bit of it for a moment. She's in her flightsuit, likely having come off a CAP because she's sporting a bit of helmet hair and she smells like she just finished smoking a half pack of cigarettes after being cooped in the cockpit for so long.

Roubani has come up the hall from the hangar bay, likely also from CAP given he's wearing his flight suit. Who knows. Either way he pauses just outside the hatch, as someone's loitering right in the way. "Morales," he leans down slightly to near-whisper. "What are you doing, charging toll?"

Kai turns about on his heel after a few moments, and a glance at his watch. His eyes briefly cut toward Fenris in some kind of silent communication, then away as he heads for the hatch. "Ensigns," he greets the pair as a group before stepping out. Assuming Eddie is, in fact, not charging some kind of toll.

Yuuri jams on the firing button as the Raider opens up on him. Lights and sounds blare in the cockpit signaling a hit, but not much damage. His thrusters kick in tilting the viper at an angle with his tracer fire coming down on the Raider.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Gunnery: Success.

<FS3> Fenris rolls 6: Good Success.

Eddie gives a little smirk, some quip undoubtedly ready for Roubani, but Kai's approaching and apparently needs passage that's unmarked by sarcasm. "Sir." She nods and steps back, slinking out of the way of her Captain and letting Roubani in, in the same gesture.

"Sir." Fenris says simply, as Kai glances at her, then looks to the Ensigns with a repeated, "Ensigns." She turns back in time to see the exchange of fire and she nods. She considers the console for a moment, but doesn't touch anything else. Meanwhile, in the sim, the Raider bellies over and banks down and away before opening the throttle.

"Sir." Roubani gives the simultaneous hello and good-bye to Kai as he goes. He slips further into the room once Eddie moves, keeping his hands tucked away behind his back. His eyes flicker over Yuuri and Fenris curiously, and he nods to the latter. "Lieutenant." Then to Eddie, quietly, "Are they practising for tonight?"

Eddie slips a toothpick into her teeth, obviously craving another cigarette which isn't about to get lit up in the Sim room. She follows after Roubani with a lazy gait, chomping on the little wooden splinter. "Suppose so. That's the fellow I had to take CAP for this morning." She says, nodding to Yuuri, then gives a, "Sir." To Fenris as she's acknowledged.

Yuuri banks to the left and kicks the burners down going at an incline vertical, trying to cut-off the Raider. Thrusters kick in once again turning the viper over as Typhys attempts to pull a high speed yoyo on the Raider, hoping to come up on it's six.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting: Success.

Roubani isn't getting too close to higher brass on the simulator warpath. He moves out of the way of the hatch and little further for now. "You'll hurt your teeth like that."

Fenris glances again at the folk by the door, then sidles over a bit on the console to key in a couple more things. She glances at them again, then nods at the pods. The Raider being pursued doesn't seem to like the idea very much, and as soon as the unhappy Viper aligns on it's six, it tries to invert to reverse the bank and, hopefully, the situation.

<FS3> Fenris rolls 6: Terrible Failure.

The viper, now on the enemy's six, tracks the Raider in all maneuvers. Yuuri is jamming his thumb down on the button, easing into banks with his thrusters. He's breathing can faintly be heard on com as the young jock is really getting into this simulation. The tracer fire closes in on the Raider's left wing.

Eddie doesn't really feel like incuring any wrath at the moment either, especially not /before/ the big wargame, so she hangs back and doesn't peanut gallery to Yuuri's sim session. No doubt she might give him shit later. "That so?" She responds dryly to Roubani, eyeing him up.

Roubani just smiles a little at her. Such an innocent face he has. He then glances at the two working again, watching for a while. "I suppose I should get pre-flight done," he says finally, talking quietly as usual. "Are you staying here?"

The raider disintigrates as thirty-milimeter hate makes itself at home in the craft, ravaging the machine to the point that it doesn't explode so much as simply evaporate into a cloud of shrapnel. For the moment, the DRADIS shows all clear, and Fenris looks again at the Ensigns, about to say something when the time catches her eye. She comms through the headset, "Well done. Shutting down." and the LT. again goes to work on the consoles and the simulators start shutting down.

The screen shuts down and Yuuri pushes the canopy open. He stands, removing his helmet, and exits the sim to see a group gathered in the room. "Wasn't expecting this.." He massages his back lower acting like he is stretching from the cockpit time. Icey jades look to the Lt., "Assessment of sim, sir?"

Eddie scowls at Roubani a bit, mainly because he's smiling and so she has to counteract it in the great comic scheme, otherwise a black hole might open up and suck them all in. "Know what's also bad for teeth? My fist." She pulls out the toothpick from her mouth and chunks it into a nearby trashcan. "Yeah, let's go. They're probably done refueling my bird by now."

Roubani starts out with just a formal nod to the JG and LT, not interrupting. "Do you spend much time chewing on your fist, then…" He says to Eddie as he drifts back out the hatch.

"Your pursuit vector could stand tightening up, but your response time and target acquisition are good." Fenris replies, slipping the headset off and placing it neatly on the console, "Get on deck for preflight. I'll speak with the captain, though you may still be kept on Alert status. We'll discuss the finer points of the sim after the mmission. Dismissed."

Yuuri raises his hand, saluting the Lt.. "Yes, sir." With a brief nod and what could be a sly smirk, the jock exits through the hatch towards the hanger bay,

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Attention Crew. In thirty minutes we will be commencing jump prep for our simulated attack run on the Battlestar Odysseus. Pilots and Deck Crew should begin pre-flight operations. We will be launching Vipers and Raptors as soon as the jump is completed, so be prepared. That is all."

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