Explosion in the Mess Hall
Explosion in the Mess Hall
Summary: The event that caused all hell to break loose.
Date: PHD 173 (10-8-09)
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Everybody has to eat and Castor Leda is no different in fact he is just finished a double PT including a post PT shower and so he sits at a table quietly eating breakfast, which is his dinner and he takes a moment to enjoy pancakes, eggs, and something that might be soybacon. He does have syrup, so, he has that going for him. At another table a group of marines eat yucking it up and having a good time and at another table sits a group from Engineering who are having their own conversations a bit more quietly.

Kitty slips in, looking distracted and rather like she doesn't know where she is, perhaps lost in thought. It takes a a bit but she eventually gets into line, going through the motions of getting herself food which she doesn't have an appetite for and a cup of coffee which will be left to go cold and then she looks around, semi-searching for a seat.

Castor on the other hand is working on full alert and as he spots Kitty he throws a hand up and he says, "Kitters, wanna join me. I'm told I might have to move because regs stipulate that a table must be used by more than one person on deck at all times." He is teasing of course though having a table by himself is an odd thing on a ship like this with as many people as there are on it.

There is a slight nod from Kitty and she sits although there's a wince on her face when she does so. "Remind me to never fall asleep in the storage room again," she sighs while rubbing her hand along the small of her back. "I was fine when I woke up but then went back to bed in my bunk…feel like a frakking mule kicked me in the spine."

Castor smirks, "If all you got was a hurt spine you got off easy…you know some people go there for privacy." He then puts a smiles on his face, a sort of -hey you- face since he hasn't seen Kitty in what seems like forever. He then looks at Kitty for a moment and he says, "Do you still have things on your mind?" He asks curiously since he is beginning to worry for safety and wellbeing.

"Yes, I know people go there for privacy. Why I asked my brother to meet me there. So we could talk without interruption." One big stretch gets her spine to pop and a sigh of relief, Kitty now slumping in her chair as she basks in being pain free. "Yeah although what I have on my mind is something entirely different than before. Talked with Dorian, as I mentioned before. I have been thinking about that all day."

Leda nods, "Feel like talking about it? I feel like I haven't seen you in so long and every time I do you've got something going on…I'm not pushing in but as always I'm hear when you need me." He then takes a bite of his pancakes since his food isn't going uneaten.

Kitty sighs and leans back. "Panda and I spoke about how I took care of him and let a relationship with a good man slip through my fingers during officer training because I wanted to make sure nothing would jeopardize my being able to provide for him…" Closing her eyes, Kitty has to take a second before she can speak again, needing to compose herself before she can continue. "Pandorian and I are going to be switching roles. He's now going to be my…guardian, I guess you can say." Her mouth goes dry and she reaches for her cup, the coffee sipped from to wet it. "I love him but I don't want him to feel obligated to take care of me, Castor. He has his own life to live."

Castor pauses for a moment, sibling relationships, a source of problems and of strength. After what seems like an age he says, "Well, maybe neither of you should be guardian or caretaker. I mean maybe both of you should live for who you are." Which is something Castor had to learn and he isn't going to talk about it since this is about Kitty, "And if you love him than let him be but don't let him feel like he is obligated to take care of you." He then takes another bite of his pancakes possibly for effect or possibly because he is hungry. Though he speaks again and he says, "As for how things worked out you both made it here and maybe this is your chance to work things out to figure out who you are apart from each other so that you can better know who you are with each other?"

"It's not that simple, Castor. Panda is a man who has been raised in a very traditional family. Father…" Kitty shrugs and takes another drink. "I would be very hard pressed to sway him from his decision. And I haven't done anything to make him feel like he has to do it. All I did was answer a question and now…now he wants to do for me like I did for him, I guess." Her fork is picked up and used to poke at her food, definitely -not- hungry.

Castor thinks about this unique predicament as he eats a bit of soybacon and when he is done chewing for what seems like a full thirty chews and a swallow he says, "Nothing worth doing is ever simple or so they say." He then forks up a bit of egg and he asks, "Do you regret your answer then or do you feel like you are still taking care of him and so you want him to think he is the one taking care of you?" He asks thoughtfully attempting to hit all of the angles. He then eats a nice bit of egg and he starts working on the eggs especially since cold eggs are bad eggs. "Or do you not want to give up control?"

Kitty snorts. "No, I do not regret it," she semi-snaps before she can stop herself and she sighs. "I'm sorry. But no. I do not regret being honest with Dorian." Her hand slips up and is used to rub her nose, her eyes lowering as she does. "It's not that, either. It's not about control. I can care less about that, Castor. But I don't want him to miss out on life because he is taking care of me. He's twenty-one, seems to be semi-interested in a girl…"

Castor says, "Okay, so we have established it isn't about regret or control issues…and that you are glad that you are honest." He says as he works on finishing those eggs because they are starting to get a bit cold. A bit of salt is added to the eggs to give it some flavor as it goes cold. He then looks over at Kitty and says, "So, you feel he will give up this girl because he is busy taking care of you." He then pauses, "Is that the issue here then?"

Kitty shakes her head. "No, not exactly….frak, I don't know, Castor. I can't put how I feel into words." Kitty looks upset now and on the verge of tears, her expression a rather tight mask of frustration. "It's hard to put what I feel and think in a way that'll make sense. I just want him to be happy and I don't want him to resent me."

"Well, would it be safe to say you are feeling conflicted about what might happen as opposed to what is happening right now?" Castor again takes a bite of soybacon. "It sounds like you are afraid that he will give up this opportunity for love up to take care of you and then he will resent you for it…though it also sounds like you want him to be happy and so you don't appreciate the possibilities of this situation, so you are sort of stressed out and in a rut?"
Kitty eyes Castor before simply shrugging. "Yeah. That could be." She looks a bit skeptical but leaves it at that, trying to show her gratitude for Castor wanting to try and help her by not arguing the point. "So what about you, hmmm? How are things going on the Mimi-front? Getting any closer to getting her as a girlfriend?"

Castor says, "Kitty, if you are worried about this possibility going bad with your brother remind him that the shepherd has to eat sometimes or the shepherd eats the flock. Even if he is taking care of you he need to be happy as well and he should remind that. If this woman makes him happy than he should go for it. Though no one can be the caretaker without being taken care of sometimes." He then and eats some more of his pancakes and he frowns slightly, "To be honest, I haven't seen her in such a long time." He says, "It seems the last time I saw you was the last time I saw her." He then pauses and adds with a wink, "Though, she is in training now so I would imagine thinking about me is the last thing on her mind as much as the expression 'Don't frak up' is running in a loop through her head."

"We know that," Kitty mutters while looking away. "The thing is that Panda's not ready to settle down which is another ball of concern for me but I can't really fault him there. He's young, still. Got the hormones bouncing around his brain something fierce. I just hope whomever that girl he told me about won't get her heart broken by him." She loves her brother like no one else but still, she has to be a bit worried for the current subject of his desires. "Maybe you should ask her out for dinner, huh," she offers then. "Just you two somewhere private or something."

Castor studies Kitty and he says, "Not many people on this ship want to settle down but at the end of the day everyone wants someone to hold them." He then takes a second to add, "And maybe she is still young and has her head full of horomones and being young and dumb." He then adds, "And he is a young marine…which is like saying he is that a woman, lemme flex for a minute to get some attention from her." He then says, "Then again young Pilots do the same thing." He then considers things with Mimi and he says, "I dunno, I can scrounge up a lot of things but a full on dinner…that would be costly and damn near impossible…maybe if we were pre-war." He then continues to think, "I might be able to pull of fruit, cheese, and wine." His mind begins to spin at trying to get that together. "So, who is this mystery girl?" Castor asks maybe so he can get a better feel for who she is and possibly what her interests might be like.

Kitty shrugs. "I don't know who she is," Kitty mutters after thinking. "He didn't mention her by name. Just kept referring to her as 'this girl'. Infuriating as I'd love to know who she is. Maybe you can get a name out of him or something, huh?" The rest is left unspoken on, the subject of settling and dinner left alone. Not much she can say soon the subject.

Castor thinks about this for a moment and he says, "I can talk to him if you want…though if he didn't tell you maybe this is something he wants to figure out on his own." He then says, "Though if you want me to push I will for you." He then continues working on those pancakes. He then looks over at Kitty and says, "So a dinner, huh?" The idea is rolling around in his head now, "Yeah, I might be able to pull it off, though it would help me get rid of an item that has been a pain in my ass." Yes, this might be the answer to many of his problems or maybe the cause of new ones.

"If you can get it out of him during casual conversation that's good but otherwise don't push him for her name. Panda's a stubborn man and will dig his heels in if he feels like he's being forced to do something." Taking a slow, deep breath in, she rubs her nose again, sniffling. "And what item is this, huh?"

Castor says, "Well, I'll talk to him." He then says, "Though I know he is a stubborn man." He then looks over at Kitty, "Thong panties, purple, sales tag still on them." He then gives Epi a look, "They were a gift from a good friend so I could trade up for some things." He then pauses, "And they've been a thorn in my side. It is like finding a diamond the size of your head…amazing but it is so big it is hard to trade for something. I considered having a raffle or giving them to Papabear as a post op gift for best pilot."

Kitty is sitting with Castor, both of whom have trays in front of them although hers is left alone, the food picked at but not eaten. "No, you have no idea how stubborn he can be," she is quick to say, just about on Castor's proverbial heels when she does. "Panda is like…stubborn to the nth degree. He…he…" Coughing, she pauses to think before blurting out, "He makes mules look corporative! Seriously." Okay, she's stopping now as she's getting close to becoming insulting which she doesn't want to be. Not with her brother. Clearing her throat, she looks away and rolls her eyes, unable to stop herself from doing so. "With all these women's underwear you have, people just might start thinking you're a cross dresser, Castor."

Castor finally finishes his pancakes and eggs and now he is going to work on the rest of his soybacon, "Well, I stand corrected I don't know how stubborn her can be." He then rolls his eyes playfully at Kitty, "I told you they were a gift and I don't want people thinking I'm like that…this stuff just happens." HE then says, "Though there is a underwear industry around here…and I was gifted with the perfect pair." He frowns, "Seriously, this is the perfect gift for a trade and I can't be obvious about it and because this is legendary."

Kitty shakes her head. "Yeah but try to convince the Marines who do locker inspections of that, Leda. They won't care how much of a gift they were. All they'll see is women's underwear in a man's locker. Try to tell me that it won't look all suspicious." She wishes she could say she's teasing about that but she knows how testosterone-fueled men think. Her brother's one of those guys, after all.

Castor looks at Kitty, "Right, right…I'll di…" He then pauses, "Or maybe you want them? If you do it will cost you one dinner in private for Mimi and I." He says with a grin on his face, "Pull it off and they are yours?" He makes his offer and he says, "Guard the door and I'll get you something in response." He then says idly, "Maybe I could find something to make it worth your while." He then looks at the coffee cup, "Like coffee beans dipped in chocolate?"

Kitty looks at Castor, what little humor that might have been twinkling in her eyes gone. "I don't want your panties," she grumbles, not realizing how absurd that sounds until it comes out, causing her to wince. "Seriously, Castor. I can do something for you without you dangling the delicates in front of me like a carrot before a horse." She shakes her head and then chews her lower lip, a brow raising. "I think you might be better off setting stuff up for yourself. Less likely to have shit go wrong that way.”

Castor looks at Kitty for a moment and he says, "Alright, alright…" He then says, "Though if you could help me out with Mimi I'd appreciate it." He then says, "She makes me go from suave pilot to nervous teenager…" He then chuckles, "Then again, if it is worth doing…" he repeats to Kitty. He then says, "And sorry, I grew up having to work angles all the time…" He then says appreciatively, "Thanks, Kitty." He then finishes his bacon and he smiles as he starts to work on his orange juice.

"Big K, save me some bean bacon my maaaaan!" Pandorian calls out as he steps through the doorway, waving to the maladjusted miscreant habitually stuck helping the food services. It's… probably a bad idea, but navies, tradition, and all that. He makes his way through the line with a series of grunts, slaps and chats, finally coming out of the line with a tray of breakie. As he swoops toward the table Panda pinches his nose and squaks, "*PSHKP* Do you hear there, do you hear there, Kitten Ajtai report for giant frakking hugs, Kitten Ajtai report for giant frakking hugs *PSHKP*"

Kitty smiles. "No need to thank me," she says while patting his hand, Panda's arrival missed right up until he makes his little announcement, it being more than enough to get Kitty to blush clear down to below the collar of her uniform tunic. "Frak…" she says while laughing, a giddy little one that hints to her embarrassment but she simply stands and does as she's 'ordered', giving her brother a loving embrace and a peck on his cheek. "We were talking about you earlier and here you are. Must be like a dog whistle, hmm? Sit down."

Castor looks at Kitty for a moment and smiles warmly and then as the announcement is made Castor looks at Kitty and says, "Speak his name and he will come…" He then looks over at Panda and says, "Indeed we were." He then says, "I hope you are doing well and he then smirks at the idea of Enlisted ordering Officers but in this case it is brother and sister and so he says, "Please join us."

She's squeezed as tight as a body can be by one arm which, considering the hugger, is pretty damn tight. "Oh, yeah, I'm onnea them frakkin, y'know, what's the word, with the mind powers." Panda says, snapping his fingers to spur the mind. "Psychotics, yeah, that's it!" Grinning from ear to ear, it's hard to tell whether that's pride or a joke; he's a goon, after all. "Don't mind if I do, boss, don't mind if I do."

Kitty clears her throat and leans in to whisper softly, "Of course." Panda's given another peck on the cheek before she steps away, moving her tray off to the side to allow her sibling room for his own. "I am sorry I wasn't there when you woke up," she utters apologetically to Dorian, "I woke up thirsty and came here to get a drink. Wound up chatting with Marty for awhile before heading to my bunk." Looking at Castor, she grins. "On hindsight, have you thought about giving Marissa those panties you mentioned?"

Castor looks at Kitty for a moment, "Then I'd look extra pervy to her…since we are still at the talking to each other phase." He then looks at Kitty, "I am not a dirty old man." He then says, "And imagine if a guy were talking to you and gave you panties." He begins to think about it, "Maybe later on…" He then looks over at Panda and HEY look kids its a shiny new change of subject, "How are you again, Corporal?"

Sitting down next to his sister, the younger Ajtai tugs his sister's tray back next to his. "If you ain't eating it, I am." He then looks over at her and narrows his eyes. "Eat it. Consider it pennance." Only the elbow nuzzling her ribs shows that it's meant with humour, not Panda's tone. He lets the two talk for a bit, wrapping some 'bacon' around some scrambled 'egg' and chowing down. After following with a gulp of thin juice he answers, "I'm good, sir. Just got done pleasing three women in a row. Not too shabby, eh, eh?"

Kitty shoots Panda a 'you better be frakking kidding' look, the smile she had faded into nothingness. "Interesting fantasy," she says and then she sits on her hands, having to do so to keep herself from smacking the mostly tactless Marine upside his skull.

Castor says, "Three in a row?" He then studies the two as a pair for a moment and he looks to see how this plays out, "Did you remember to get names?" He asks curiously, "You know, in case one of the was carrying something…" He then adds, "No offense on your part but you know pscionic powers don't pick up on those things." He then looks over at Kitty and smiles leaving Panda in his own world for a moment.

Panda grins, lashing out now to tease Kitty's ribs. "Well one don't count 'cause it's my sister, but the other two…" He growls low, shaking his head with closed eyes. "Ain't nothing quite as nice as a beautiful girl wrapped up in your arms, moaning while you relax her with your fingers." The Marine sighs happily and adds, "'Specially not one with a butt as squeezable as M'rissa's. mmMM! Damn!"

Castor looks at Panda for a moment and when he speaks about Marissa he looks at Kitty for a moment and then he stands, "Annnnd on that note, I need to get some rack time." He then says, "And it would seem that you two have a lot to talk about." He then looks back at Kitty, "Though, think about what we talked about…" he points to his heart and says, "Shepherds."

Kitty looks pale suddenly and she stands up, looking from Castor to Panda and back, eyes shooting wide open upon hearing her brother's answer. 'Oh frak' is the first thing that leaps to mind but it's froze there, left unspoken. Thankfully Castor has something to say and she nods, waving weakly to the pilot, still stunned stupid.

"Oh, arright boss." Panda gives him a little wave, filling his mouth with food. When the pilot's gone he looks over at his sister and smiles. "So, he like sheep too, huh? I dunno, Mimi's hair's pretty frakkin straight." Eyes gloss over as he leans back in his chair, smiling and softly cooing, "smells nice too…"

"You're an ass," Kitty hisses out from between clenched teeth before she tugs him to her, the need to hug him overwhelming. "He likes her," she mutters into his ear while she clings, "Gods, Panda, tell me you two didn't…" Taking a deep breath, she has to calm herself, on the verge of crying she's so angry. It takes a moment and then she stammers against his cheek, "W-what is the o-ther g-girl's name?"

After a second day away from CAP, Martin steps into the mess hall. The dark circles under his eyes aren't quite as defined as they were last night, but they still cling to his lower eyelids like barnacles. Shoving his hands into the back pockets of his pants, he starts towards Panda and Kitty, his eyes on Panda. Stopping, he catches his breath and decides to get into line for something to drink.

Panda tilts his head, confused until Kitty's whisper. "Oh. Well yeah, I mean… that's the fun of it, right?" He snickers, but has the sense of mind to lower his elbow to protect his middle. "Kitty please, settle down. Alright? Go sit down where you can't punch my junk and I'll tell ya all about her."

Kitty's distracted by Panda which means that Marty's able to get his drink while she does as Panda tells her, sitting like a good girl. "I wouldn't punch you in the junk. I'd take a survival knife to it instead. Father -did- teach me right, after all." The seconds tick past for a while but the Marine's sister finally chills, Pandorian-dick safe for now. "Talk about anything -but- Mimi. ANYONE but her. Got it?"

With a cup of coffee, Martin comically maneuvers himself into Kitty's field of vision. Pointing to Panda's back, he widens his eyes and mouths the words 'Bad TIME?!?' as clearly as he can. Effectively asking if it would be a bad time to drop a conversation on Panda, he shrugs and pulls a chair out from a table. Sipping his coffee, he lowers himself into the comfortable seat.

"Glad to hear it," Panda grunts, still smiling at Kitty across the table. He leans forward, elbows on either side of his tray and fingers laced to cradle his chin. "Why, Kitten? You got a problem with Mimi getting a little happiness? I mean, what, you got no problem with the idea of me frakkin the daylights out of some girl you never seen, even encourage it, but when it's someone you know—" His hands raise up and go wide. "Ohhhh no, can't have that, can't be happy for someone else." His voice wavers on the border between honest confusion and bitterness.

Kitty looks up and shakes her head at Marty, trying to tell him that now is not a bad time but when she speaks it's to her brother. "Okay, look. It's not that. But number one, she's going to be an officer….frak, you know that. She'll be a career ender for you and you for her. Don't go there, please. Secondly.." She sighs and looks at Panda, poking him in the chest, hard. "I dunno, Panda." Chewing her lip, she leans in, whispers to him and then leans back.

Dragging his chair, Martin envisions for the moment that he's a comic book superhero. Diving in to save the day, he sets his mug of coffee down on the table and straddles his chair. Clearing his throat, he looks to Kitty. Watching her closely, he sticks his tongue to the inside of his teeth, calculating what he's going to do. Then, he turns his head to Panda, watching his mannerisms during his almost-argument with his sister. Drumming his fingertips on the table, he folds his arm atop the chair's back and leans forward on it. "Hey, I just wanted to interject for a second and I'll leave you guys to your talk and everything. Dorian?" He lowers his voice, keeping the conversation for their table. "I like your sister a lot and I'd like your permission to date her. If this is crossing the line we can punch it out in the gym, but you don't seem the type that wants bullshit so I'm just comin right out of the gates with this one."

"I KNOW that, Kitts, that's why you shouldn't be saying no to her while the field's open!" Panda half-whines. "Before it's an ender, for…" With a frustrated sigh he leans forward to listen to his sister. Her whispered words have him gripping the edge of the table, an icy look shot from Kitty to the intervening Martin. That freight train of a revelation hits him like a straight to the forehead, stunned and glaring. After a long moment, probably interrupting whichever of them speaks up first he snaps, "I'mma break your face for asking in the first place." His chair screeches, worn-out steel foot grinding against the deck as he rises. "Tomorrow night. Kitty!" Panda barks, still staring at Dash. "Fish his balls out tonight."

Erik heads at a slow, untroubled pace from the hatchway to the hot water urn, eyes lowered and gaze distant, and yet aware enough to move with the flow of what little traffic there is here, step hitching as a wave of people pass, then proceeding through the wake. Pursed lips blow into a mug in a gesture halfway between an earnest act of cleansing and something more spiritual. The tap is pulled, the hot water steams into the cup.

Kitty looks at Panda and hugs him tight, looking like she might cry. "I do love you…" she whispers while burying her face against his chest, that hiding the grimace his yelling at Martin creates. Okay…she misunderstood something. Seems like a talk is in order.

Glancing around at the faces suddenly staring at them at the outburst, Martin manages to cringe and rises from his chair. Watching Erik for a moment, he runs his hands through his hair and turns to look at Dorian. "Alright, it's on. Bring your gear. We make this a back alley brawl and we're gonna get brigged." Martin replies, actually stepping up to the fight. He doesn't seem to be backing down on this one. "Just wanted to do things the respectable way with you, man."

The Marine instinctively lifts his heels, body beginning to flush as the tension rises. His arm has already slipped around Kitty's shoulder, Panda not even aware of it. The man's chin rises, eyes slitted and looking every bit like a dangerous steppe nomad's. "Eat up," he voices to Martin on an exhaled breath, tearing away from Kitty with a singleminded lope for the door.

Erik takes a teabag from the box, fingernail tucking under the corner of the tag and drawing it up against her thumb before she gives the whole a shake, making the bag dangle from its string. Distracted by the yelling, which draws her eyes over in that direction, brows both raised slightly, she misses her mug with the teabag twice before it finally hits water.
Kitty looks away and the does the only thing she can do, that being sitting back down, laying her head on her arms while they sit crossed on the table's edge, trying to fight the urge to cry.

Feeling the eyes on his back, Martin glances to Erik again to distract himself with her tea ritual. Bringing his arms to fold across his chest, he settles back down into his chair beside Kitty. "That…didn't go quite as expected." Martin says, pressing a hand to her back to rub softly. "I'll clear this up with him."

Erik looks away as one of the parties engaged in the strife looks over, a little color coming to her cheeks for having been caught looking. Not that there aren't a decent number of people in the mess taking in the spectacle. She picks up a teaspoon and stays where she is, for the moment, out of the way of the Cytherean's machinations, pressing the teabag with the back of the spoon up against the inner wall of the cup. Squish. Darker water spills from the bag, coloring the water.

Kitty sniffles and looks over her shoulder, blushing upon seeing Erik, the fact that she along with others had witnessed that. "Gods, I thought he'd want that," she mutters as means of an apology to Martin. "I…I thought he wanted to approve." Panda - living up to being a big frakking enigma, oh yes he is. "I hope he doesn't hurt you too bad," she utters to Martin then; there is no 'hey, you're going to pummel the crap out of Dorian' or 'hey, there will undoubtedly be a tie' as those statements are so not true. Not if Panda can hold his own in a brawl like he used to when they were younger.

Martin shrugs, leaning back in his chair. Pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, he massages the back of Kitty's neck before pulling his hands away to light a cigarette. "Trust me, I know what I'm doin. I'm not too worried about it. Just promise me one thing, after this is over if I'm busted up a little but he gives us his graces to date, don't give him hell for it." Martin says, acting as if this is all part of the plan. Glancing back to Erik, he nods upwards. "Sorry bout that. We're rehearsing for a play."

Erik gives a short breath of a laugh and a meek but playful smile to the pilots over there, lifting her tea to her lips as though about to sip, then evidently thinking better of it, calling over, instead, "I suppose you -will- have a fair chance to sweep the Torries this year." Half-embarrassed to have made such a joke, she hides her smile behind the lip of the tea mug and takes a sip.

Kitty snorts. She won't give Panda hell but she will give him a stern talking to that is one step shy of giving him hell but it won't be giving him hell because that line will not be crossed. "I promise." She looks down and over to Erik and she shakes her head, managing a smile at her joke. "Hopefully Marty will be able to sweep the Torries. It's either that or the floor will get swept by my brother. And I'd hate to speculate as to what he'd use for the broom."

"Probably my face. But I won't say anything more because that would ruin the surprise of the third act." Martin replies, turning his chair to open the conversation up to Erik a bit. Catching one of his favorite flight crew giving Martin a funny face, Martin chuckles and raises a comically unfriendly middle finger in the man's direction. "Don't worry about this, Katherine. I've got your brother right where I want him."

Erik takes a half-step closer, then the other half of a step, then a full step, gait long and mildly halting despite her graceful posture. "At least he'll just be sweeping the floor, not— driving in nails or… scrubbing toilets," she offers, the side of her mouth ticking upward in a hint of a grin, almost a shy expression.

Kitty is trying to find the humor in all of this, in the horribly ironic yet devastatingly awful turn of events but she fails and she is back to laying her head on her arms, looking rather like a chastised child. "Well…uh, yeah." Okay, so this isn't easy. She's embarrassed, sad and even a bit angry and she hurts, too, Panda having done well to dig in deep. With a spork. The frakker. "Martin, would you please get me some tea?"

"Coming right up." Martin says as he rises from his seat. Brushing a hand across Kitty's back, he flattens his lips and turns to Erik, giving her a 'well, fun day right?' sort of smile. Heading to the drink station, he pours a mug of hot water and grabs a teabag. Fussing quietly over how much sugar to bring, he takes his time.

When Martin heads over to the tea, Erik steps around and settles in not too far off from Kitty, at her other side. She leans forward, head tilted to the side as if she were trying to listen to her tea. Or maybe she's just trying to look at Kitty's face. "You going to be okay?" she murmurs quietly before Martin gets back. Then, looking up, she gives Martin a quiet smile.

"I'm fine," Kitty says while looking at Erik, watching her while she keeps her head down, pivoting it just slightly to do so. "Panda is a sweetheart but…I frakked up." Sighing, she turns her head the other way, trying to get a bead on where Marty is. "Thank you for asking. I'm Kitty."

Returning to the table with the mug, Martin sets it down in front of Kitty and rounds around the table. Lowering himself into his seat, he stretches his back until he feels something pop. Furrowing his brow, he settles into his chair and props his feet up on the chair across from him.

"What did you do?" Erik wonders with a quiet simplicity of tone that doesn't probe too intently but shows genuine interest in seeing whether she might be able to offer any advice. She sits up straight, now, leaning away from Kitty again and wrapping both hands around her mug of tea. "I'm Erik," she introduces herself. "It's good to know you, Kitty."

Sitting up, she smiles at Martin and she pokes his leg with a foot, scooting way down in her chair to do so. "Thank you." She cups the mug in both hands and sips it, leaving it unsweetened. "Hmmm. It's nice to meet you, Erik. This is Martin." She stretches and then adds simply, "I just said the wrong thing to my brother. It'll get soothed over, I hope."

"Anytime." Martin replies, pausing to drag off of his cigarette. Ashing the smoke into the ashtray in the center of the table, he brings the mug of coffee to his lips. Raising his cigarette laden hand to wave at his impromptu introduction. "Callsign Dash. Viper pilot." Martin adds, setting down the mug of coffee. "I really do think he'll be fine, Kitty, it didn't look too bad from your vantage point, did it Erik?"

Here's Erik, suddenly in the viper's cross-hairs, as it were. Eyes widen and she looks from Dash to Kitty, and takes a sip of tea to postpone giving an answer for a moment. Then, clearing her throat, "I've seen more violent confrontations," she begins, equivocating like a madwoman. "What did you say to him?"

Kitty shakes her head. "That I'd rather keep to myself, no offense. Would hate for someone…" She looks around to indicate the people in the mess hall rather than Martin and Erik, trying to say that it isn't them but the others by doing so, "…to over hear and spread rumors. Would be very bad." She sips her tea again and then pokes Marty's leg with her foot again, trying to get him to smile now that she's feeling some better.

Martin grins broadly, shrugging his shoulders. Resisting the urge to put his arm around Kitty's chair, less her brother come back in and turn it into a roadhouse brawl, he puts on the charm. "I told him that I used all of the hops in a cooking experiment and thusly we can't make beer." Martin chuckles, tilting his head to the side. "Hindsight being twenty-twenty, beer would be nice."

"That's fair enough," Erik tells Kitty with a mild nod of her head, then, looking across to Martin, she leans her cheek on the curved backs of the fingers of her right hand, "Don't tell me that, or I'll have to take you to the gymnasium myself," she announces, voice still quiet, but more confident, now. "A cool beer would be perfect just about now."

Kitty rolls her eyes at Martin's joke, the humor not quite as appreciated as it would be under less frakked up moments. "I could use a drink myself," she adds, "But not a frakking beer. I'd really kill for a bottle of hooch." Stretching, she looks at them both and smiles.

"I've got a stash in my locker. The harder stuff, not the beer." Martin admits, pausing to down the last of the coffee in his mug. Scowling away the bitter coffee, he leans back in his chair and looks between the two of them. "We could take the conversation to the lounge. There's ice there, could pour a couple drinks." Martin trails off, looking to the ceiling. "Could use a stiff one myself."

Erik looks somewhat surprised at the offer of liquor, mouth opening a little bit, but she looks aside to Kitty, "If… if you're both sure that three won't be a crowd…" she begins, uncertain.

Kitty reaches up and rubs her eyes which burn, the semi-crying and such getting them to sting. "I don't think I'd be much in the way of good company tonight. You guys go ahead and I'll get caught up with you all later." Martin is given a hug along with a sheepish, apologetic look just before she gets to her feet, mug lifted when she stands, turning the sheepish smile to Erik. "I am around a lot so am sure we will run into each other soon."

"Alright. You sleep tight I'll see you after I get off CAP tomorrow." Martin says to Kitty, rising from his seat. "If you feel the urge later I'll be in the Lounge shadowboxing." He says with a light chuckle, stretching his arms over his head. "I'll go grab the bottle, just don't let word get around or the vultures'll come out. See you up there, Erik?"
Erik sits quietly with her tea, letting the other two decide amongst themselves, looking a little worried when Kitty decides not to go. But she nods, "I'm sure we will. I'm an internist over in the bay," she tips her head almost habitually in the direction of sickbay, which is just next door from here, after all. "I mean! Not that I hope to see you there. But. I'm there, most of the time. When I'm not… somewhere else." Fail. "Uh…" this, to Dash, "Sure. Okay." But she doesn't move.

"I know what you meant," Kitty says to Erik while chuckling. She hugs Martin before stumbling out, going to get some sleep before having to deal with the tsunami that is her brother.

Turning his head to watch Kitty leave, Martin bites the side of his lip and then turns to look back at Erik. Glancing to the clock on the wall, he turns to head towards the door. "I'll be five minutes, tops. I'll see you there." He says, apparently deciding that the idea of tossing back a cold, bitter drink is exactly what his nerves need.

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