Exercise Miscues
Exercise Miscues
Summary: Cinder causes Jacobs to take a bad step in the gym
Date: PHD182 (18 Oct 2009)
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It's an odd occassion to actually see Corporal Jacobs working out in here. Seems he doesn't really like to do so when there's many other people in the room. But without anyone else here, seems he's cutting loose on the treadmill. Running along, sweating his worries away even if just for a little while.

At this hour, the gym is empty. Just the electric hum of the lights, the whirring of the treadmill's motor, and the solid thumping of his shoes on the machine. He's not alone too long though, just hitting his stride when the hatch opens and Cinder steps in. She's come ready for a workout, in tanktop and sweats, comfortable shoes instead of boots, with the same idea as the Corporal. First thing's first, though, as she snatches a towel from the rack, and makes for the step machines near the treadmills.

Being a medic can sometimes mean that you're up before anybody else. And that can make quite the shock when someone else shows up in the gym to workout nearby. Jacobs has a couple of stumbling steps when he notices Cinder. This causes him to really stumble and trip, nearly falling off of the treadmill. He regains his footing for just long enough to get caught on the conveyor and toss him off of the treadmill. Fortunately, he lands on his feet.

"Wow…jeeze, are you ok Corporal?" she says, concern in her voice as she watches him stumble and get slung off the back of the treadmill, just like in one of those silly cartoons! Thankfully (maybe?) the wall's directly behind him to keep him from flying backwards, and helping him to land on his feet against the wall. Cinder takes a few jogging steps over toward him, just to make sure he's okay!

It takes a moment for him to respond. Not because he's that particularly hurt, but because he's taking that moment to give himself a proper checkup. He then hrms and says, "Think so…" But then he tries to take a gingerly step. The pain seems kind of a surprise to him. "Whelp. That seemed to hurt." He calmly says before he gently settles himself down on the floor.

When Cinder reaches him down on the floor, she kneels down to take a look at whatever the problem is. Not like she can contribute anything medically relevant that the doctor already hasn't. "Twisted your ankle or something?" she asks, first thing that springs to her mind in terms of common injuries when exercising.

Jacobs nods, "Think so." He then tugs down his sock and removes that shoe, giving his ankle a lookover. "Yep, guess I did. Swollen a bit." He then looks back up to Cinder, apparently noting how this is just not a serious injury. He smiles and says, "You doing alright, Private?"

"Oh well…I'm alright. Figured I'd get up a little before my shift and all today to get some PT time in. Got leave coming up here soon, so, might as well do PT time now." She's grinning, thinking about some time back on an real, solid planet surface. "How about you…I mean, other than that?" she says, pointing at the swollen ankle.

Jacobs chuckles and then sighs a bit when he starts thinking about some time back on a real solid planet surface. "Man…I hope I can get some time down there myself." The tone of his normally extraordinarily pleasant voice indicates that he doubts he will be able to. "But I'm doing as well as I can possibly be doing."

Cinder nods, looking him over. "Why don't you think you'll be able to get some time down there?" Since he seems to be doing alright, she stands herself up, thinking about getting on with her exercises if he's alright. "You need to get to sickbay or something that I can help with?"

"Well, walking will probably be an unhappy occasion for me right about now." He does clamber slowly back to his feet, using things nearby for support. "They have icepacks down in sickbay that could help with the swelling. Do you mind helping me out a little?" He's not dead weight, but probably will need the assistance to make it there in a timely fashion.

"Sure thing" she answers, with a nod. Once he gets himself up to his feet, Cinder ducks down and then brings her body back up underneath one of his arms that are stretched out to hold some gym equipment for support, the one on the side with the twisted ankle. She makes sure that the arm goes around her shoulder and around the back of her neck so he can put his weight on her, instead of the ankle. Her shoulders are slender, and for all her looks, she seems to be a little stronger than one might thinks, thanks to marine training!


"Thanks." The medic says as she helps him hobble into the Sickbay. He then clambers his way to a seat and hrms. He waves to an orderly, "Hey, get me an icepack please." the orderly gets on the ice pack thing immediately. The Corporal stays where he is as he pulls his sock off to get a better look at his ankle.

Cinder is panting pretty good by the time she helps Jacobs up to sickbay from the gym: he's a lot heavier than he looks! When she helps him get into that chair, she groans a little, holding her arm out and stretching it a bit. "Wow…that was rough!" she jokes, before adding "I guess I don't need to do my PT now though!"

Jacobs grumbles. "That makes me sound real fat, Private." He looks pretty offended while he ices his foot. "I'll be fine, though. Thank you for your assistance."

That's…the first consideration she had given to that particular topic. "I didn't mean it that way! What I meant was that…you're a lot bigger than me, you know? I'm not exactly the strongest around here!" Your expression, whether faked or real, makes her look guilty; she's even blushing bright red!

Jacobs resists the urge to mention that she has a lot more…heft in certain places than he does so she may weigh just as much as he does. Instead, he just laughs a bit at her now guilt-filled expression. "Private, I'm messing around." He shakes his head, "No need to get all embarassed."

"Oh…well…that was mean!" she squawks, accompanied by a little slap on his shoulder. Of cousre, that just makes her look even more guilty, since he could technically call in another MP can have her hauled of to the brig for that. "Oh shit, I didn't mean that! Force of habit!"

Jacobs shrugs, "Don't worry about it." He chuckles, "Women often hit men when they're flirting with them." He states it matter-of-factly and without much humor, his Caprican accent masking any sarcasm that he may be using pretty well.

Cinder looks mortified. "I…uh…" she just stammers out uselessly. It's not totally untrue that it's partly flirtacious, but it's certainly not marine-like, either. "I think I should probably go now…I feel like I'm making a complete ass of myself for no reason in particular." Already, her eyes are looking towards the door, with him settled into sickbay and being fussed over by a duty nurse, checking on the icepack and seeing if the swelling has gone down any.

Jacobs shrugs, "Up to you, Private." he chuckles, "It doesn't bother me if you find yourself flirting with me a little. You won't get punished for anything like that." He smirks as he raises a hand dismissively, giving her a chance to leave if she wants to.

She gives a little nod. "I uh…it's probably best I get going then. I'm supposed to be on patrol not too long from now. So I should probably get back and prepped for that…" Sounds like she's trying to make excuses! Regardless, she does give you a wave, then turns for the door, slipping out into the hall, and heading back to her bunk before patrol.

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