Exercise For The Soul
Exercise for the Soul
Summary: Legacy, Eileithyia, and Castor all have a long conversation while working out.
Date: PHD015
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It's early morning and a freshly showered Thea Legacy is working out. Ok, so either she's freshly showered or she's been working out awhile, given the dampness of hair. Likely the later, given the redness of her face and the way she's jabbing at a punching bag as if she could knock it off the ceiling. Sadly, the bag looks like it's getting the better of her.

Castor steps into the gym, not looking like he has showered, in fact, It does look like Castor has been up all night. He does however sit at a bench and he begins to tape his hands together as he prepares for a punching bag as well. "You've got some moves, Cap." He finishes his left hand. "Though it might help if you focus your blows." He finishes his right hand and puts on his gloves.

Legacy looks over at the man with the eyes of a woman haunted, hunted by something. "Focus is the least of my worries right now, Tinman," she says quietly. She looks like she's been up almost all night. Sleep's clearly not come easy. But she does offer the man a smile and steps back from the bag. "Just working out some aggression."

Castor holds up his hands, "Alright, I'll help you." He tskes off his gloves and picks up practice pads, "Want to hit these pads?" He asks as he makes note of the tiredness.
Thea steps back, shaking her head. "I was just winding down," she tells him quietly. "But I'm happy to hold the pads for you if you'd like to practice?"

Castor smiles, "Fair enough." He takes off the pads and offers them to Thea, "Cap, how many days have you been awake?" Castor asks as he puts on his gloves, his tone isn't accusing, but rather concerned in an almost familial sense.

Legacy takes the pads and gives the man a wry smile. "I've been sleeping, just not well, Tinman," she says quietly. "And when we're off duty, it's Thea or Black Cat, please. I'm wrapping down my last duty shift today, then will have a few days of leave." Leave? Where's she going? There's nowhere TO go.

Castor nods, "Sure think Black Cat I just had to ask, you look like you've been really tired over the past couple of days. I didn't ask for professional reasons as much as I just worry about you and all of the other crew members." He taps his gloves together, "Aquarians are like that, we are always concerned with the entire crew on a ship, everyone is family and all." He then begins to jump back and forth. He then makes a fair jab to the left pad.

She holds the pads steady as he jabs, head tilting to the side slightly. Clearly she's done this before. "Just been a long couple of weeks, Tinman," she says softly, quietly. Rumor on the decks has it that her bird went out the night things with Constantine went south and didn't come back for quite awhile. "How're things going for you?"

Castor throws a left right combo, "Me? I'm doing well all things considered." His eyes twinkle a bit as he gives a three hit combo though the effort isn't as strong as it could be, "I fraked up in the sims earlier. Managed to take out one Raider and after a huge struggle the other Raider nailed me." He then offers, "Black Cat you need to know that there are rumors about you going around the ship." Again his tone is not confrontational, his tone almost has a 'you might want to hear this' tone.

Thea listens, keeping her arms and the pads up, head tilted to the side. "Those raiders are a bitch," she says, nodding. "Glad it was just a sim." But then says what he does about the rumors and she hesitates before nodding. "I'm not surprised. What is it this week? I'm frakking the CAG?"

Castor lightens up on jabs as he says, "Rumor has it that your bird went out the night things with Constantine went south and that you stayed out for a long while." His tone is still 'this is the word on deck' as opposed to 'I'm looking for information'

Castor keeps jabbing but adds, "Thea, I'm not looking for information. It isn't my place. Though some people are worried your begining to crack. I just thought you should know what the word on the deck is." He stops jabbing for almost a second as if to say something more but instead he adds in another three jab combo.

She adjusts her stance slightly to allow him to come in with slightly harder hits. "Thanks, Tinman," she says softly, gratitude in her voice. "No, I'm not cracking. I just need a few days to deal with things. Captain Marek and I both spent our time after the attack making sure the pilots were alright and planning. I didn't have a whole lot of processing time. I cleared a bit of leave with the CAG just last night." Whether it was voluntary or involuntary after her recent performance is still up in the air.

Castor begins to jab a little harder reflecting Thea's stance. "That's a good thing. My recomendation, go some place drink, preferably one of those fruity tropical drinks like they make on Libris." He then adds, "Or, crawl up into a hiding place here and do whatever it is you like to do. Either way get some sleep." One, two, three lean back one, two three. "If you need help with any of the paperwork or anything I'm sure you've got a few eltee jigs that can cover the slack while you're gone."

She dips her head, once. "It's times like this that I hate being single," she says quietly, smile turning wry. "And I've got an excellent crew. They'll be fine while I'm gone. Of course, there aren't a whole hell of a lot of places I can go. I'm thinking a bottle of brandy and I might wander to the tool room. Hell, I may even set up a bed in the back."

Castor keeps the jabs and follows with the pace Thea sets, "Well, think of it this way, you've got time off to look for a guy…I get the feeling that the fraternization rules here are a bit lax compared to the Orpheus." He then gets a twinkle in his eye, "I always used to hide in the older storage areas on the Orpheus, I'd disappear when on leave to that place. It was quiet, just me and an old groaning Battlestar." He then adds, "I'm sure I can scrounge up a bottle of Brandy if you need one."

Thea laughs softly and shakes her head. "I've got some, actually. When I came on board, I came with a couple cases. One for me, one for my new CAG. She accused me of brown nosing." At least there's a bit of lightening of her mood. "Finding a lot of differences between Orpheus and here?"

Castor grins as he punches, "Yeah, I wouldn't call that brown nosing I'd call that common sense. Emotions run high sometimes, especially on a ship." He then considers as he says, "Yeah, this place is a lot more chaotic and a little more cramped. Though most of the crew doesn't seem so stuck in the pomp of it all which I like. I'm glad I'm here if for no other reason than I am getting to meet the crew."

"Sounds like you're getting a chance to keep out of trouble," she says with a bit of an impish smile. "It certainly is different, but this was an excellent opportunity. I was actually glad the 4th was transferred here." 4th SOS, her whole bloody squadron. "Hopefully you'll be able to settle in and get comfortable. Are you meeting folks?"

Castor continues to jab though he grins and says, "I don't get in trouble because I learned how to keep a low profile." He adds a wink as he jabs, "Yeah, my old CAG told me they moved the entire 4th here. Though better to fly with wingmen you know than those you don't." One, two, swing (provided there is a duck), one, two, three, "I met a guy last night, Wil, sort of a straight shooter. Interesting guy. Still haven't seen a lot of command. Met most of the Air Wing now." This causes him to laugh a bit, "Though I'm thinking that the rest of the crew must think we are touched in the head…and maybe we are."

Legacy laughs quietly and nods as she does, yes, duck. She's smart enough to get out of the way of the swinging. "Willem," she asks, head cocking. "Rebound? Viper pilot? If so, yes, he's a straight shooter. So's Poet - Nadiv Roubani. Both very good men. Command tends to keep low. Torch, Major Vendas, is just getting back online after being sick. I know you've met Captain Marek, right?"

Castor smiles full on now as he throws his punches, "Poet, yeah, he is the one that Mooner and Nine go all coweyed over when he enters the room." He then says, "Yeah, Willem, Rebound. He has a neat writting project, documenting our history." He jabs again, one, swing, one, two, "I haven't met Caprain Marek yet. I mean I saw him from a distance when I was reassigned to here. How is he, Black Cat?"

"Mmmmm," she murmurs, prevaricating for a moment. "He's a good commanding officer. Very firm, a little…difficult to get to know. But he holds himself to a very high standard, higher than he holds everyone else." She shifts a bit to be able to take the punches better. "We'll get you in to talk with him soon. I don't -think- he assigned you a wing yet, but I could be wrong."

Castor stops punching for a moment, "Not formally, though I've been running third shift on Viper pick up." He then rolls his shoulders, "Though it is good to have a CO who holds themself to a higher standard. "For right now though it seems like we are in a good place. The cylons seem to have forgotten about us so we are safe. We've got time."
Thea's smile fades and she shakes her head. "Don't think they've forgotten us," she says quietly. "It's more like they don't know we're here or don't care to come find us right now. Why should they? One ship versus their raiders."

Castor grins and says, "Sounds like fair odds. We're the best of the best." As he watches Thea's smile fade he says, "Besides, everything is going to work out somehow. I don't know how but things work out."

She simply watches him. "I wish I could have your enthusiasm and certainty, Tinman," Thea comments with a small, wry little smile. "I'm hoping."

Castor grins, "Think about it, we survived, now I don't believe in the Lords but I don't believe in accidents either. We are where we need to be." He then says in all sincerity, "Hope, hope is all we have I mean think about it. The real enemy isn't a Cylon. The real enemy is in our head and in our heart. So, you just realize this and keep moving. Not every day is good but somedays, well, somedays are the ones we live a lifetime worth of bad days for."

"I think I'd love to have one of those days you're talking about," she tells him, lowering the pads and shaking her arms out slightly. "It's been a long time."

Castor thinks about this for a moment, "Well, maybe we all need a morale booster? Maybe we should have a day like this all across the ship. We could have a talent show, I hear there is going to be a boxing match soon, or we could have a top dog contest in the sim chambers to see who the best pilot on the ship is." He then pauses and says, "Or for you, maybe set up a hot bath and some brandy?"

Thea opens her mouth to say something. The words are RIGHT THERE on the tip of her tongue. Right there. But she snaps her mouth shut again and nods, trying not to grin. The pads get held up again and, after she's choked down what she was going to say, she asks, "Alright, start hitting again."

Castor notices Thea's response but in typical Aquarian style he doesn't push he just goes with the moment. He begins to jab in combos, one, "You know" one, two, "I haven't been planetside" one, two, three, in seven years." He then swings, "I always wanted to see" one, "if Caprica City was as" one, two, "great as everyone says." one, two, three, "I mean, I've really only been on" swing, "Aquaria, then to the Athena" one, "Flight School, and then" one, two, "the Orpheus," one, two, three, "and now to here."

Stepping into the gym, bag over her shoulder, Eileithyia pauses, noting that there are always people in the gym she take stock of them being careful. "Hello!" she says cheeryfully to those as she passes, she seems perhaps a little out of place. A newbie in a bunch of well wethered soldiers.

Legacy glances over and offers the Marine a smile and a dip of her head. "Morning," she calls back. Then her attention returns to Castor - he IS hitting her after all. "It was gorgeous," she says quietly, softly, a bit wistful.

Eileithyia nods to the both of them, and strolls over, slowly just kind of taking stock of it all. "Might I join you?" she asks trying to be polite,but without being overly formal.

"You sure you don't want a chance to throw a punch." He looks over at Eileithyia, "Hello." He looks over at Thea waiting for her response.

Castor seems a bit suprised as he throws punches, "Really? I always heard it was so big and crowded." He then lets off a soft laugh which interupts his breathing, "Says the man who lives in a floating tin can." He continues punching, "You sure you don't want a chance to throw a punch." He looks over at Eileithyia, "Hello." He looks over at Thea waiting for her response.

"Come on over," the Captain tells the woman with a warm smile. "Actually, if you'd like, you can take over from me. Who knew that pilots could hit so hard?" She's teasing, clearly.
Eileithyia nods. She steps over to switch places with Thea and then pauses, before recognition kicks in, or maybe the resemblance of it. "I guess some pilots work out.."

Castor teases back, "If you want to roll with the big dogs you can't pee like a puppy." He then turns to Eileithyia and continues to tease, "Acctually, I once saw Black Cat here knock out a marine. It was pretty impressive."
"Pffft," Cat says, shaking her head with a laugh. "If I didn't knock out the LSO who shot me in the ass, I'm not going to knock out a Marine." She steps off to the side then drops into a comfortable spot on the mat.
Eileithyia smiles. She holds up the boxing pads, with firmer hand,brancing herself. "Ready when ever you are."

Castor begins throwing punches in a combo count, "Did I say, marine, I meant punching bag." one, "What about you? Ever been to Caprica City?" he asks Eileithyia as he punches now in a one, two, "Black Cat says it's gorgeous." one, two, three, "The again I hear the shores of Libris are beautiful." swing, "Though, I don't get out much."
Thea tucks herself in to start stretching, trying to relax, apparently. For the most part, at the moment, things are quiet with her. She's listening.

Eileithyia nods. "I was born there!" she says with the excited enthusiasm of a child, going to the beach. She pauses as each blow lands, pushing her back a little bit. "You're impressive." she says, trying to focus on keep her balance.

Castor eases up and jokes, "No, I'm Aquarian." He then smiles and says, "Just kidding, thank you." Judging by his voice it sounds like he sincerely means it. He then says, "Well, tell us about Caprica City. Is it true that everything is as state of the art as law allows?"

"It is," Thea says, eyes going distant. "I was only there a few times, some when I was young. My parents were from Caprica, though we lived on Gemenon. The spires were so far in the sky that you thought they'd reach the heavens."
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Eileithyia thinks a moment. "Its pretty true, I'd suppose. I guess I never pushed my limits, I was little more than twenty when I actually left. So I never got to 'try' it out." she woobles a bit as sher foot is pushed with another punch.

Castor continues working in his combo, "What was it like, to live so far away from the water?" He seems to be asking this to both Eileithyia and to Black Cat. "Then again what was it like to live in the center of the Colonies or to live under the shadow of the Lords?"

Eileithyia thinks. "I knew of no other life, I enjoyed it to the fullest. Family's well money'd and the few times I saw large bodies of water I was impressed and enjoyed every moment of it. Lords forgive me…" she murmured. "I'll never forget home, but now its gone… and my family.." she inhales. "In light of the situation, what do we do if we're like one of the last groups of people?"

"Gemenon wasn't too bad," Thea replies, continuing to stretch. "Strange, beautiful, wonderous, in a lot of respects. Though I spent most of my growing up time around military installations."

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "Home isn't gone. So long as we live home isn't gone." He smiles, "We carry it with us, as the old saying goes, home is where the heart is." He stops jabbing, "Gemenon sounds interesting I always wanted to see the architecture there." He then asks, "Anyone want to take a swing at the pads?"

Eileithyia shakes her head. She removes the pads at she stretches taking a bit of a break as Castor stops jabbing. "You're right, but if my family is gone, if those places that I grew up on, and lived at are gone, my life is changed. I all had was my family. I didn't have anyone else."

Black Cat just listens for now, until the wireless chirps with a call for the Raptor Captain. Surprised, she rolls to her feet. "If you all will excuse me," she says with a small smile. "Time for me to be heading on, it sounds like."

Castor looks at both Thea and Eileithyia, "Yeah, but you've got family here."

Legacy heads through the exit labeled Hallway.

Eileithyia looks up ."I do?" she asks with a curious look on her face.

Castor takes his gloves off, "Yeah, you do. Everyone here is your brother, your sister, your mother, your father. On Aquaria working on a ship is like making new family members." He takes a second before he says, "I lost my family, this was before all of this and I learned that my ship was my home and the people in it were my family."

Eileithyia listens. She seems more surprised. "Thanks. I guess I never thought of it that way, I considered them all co-workers or something ,not family. " she makes a face. "Ugh not that comment said in passing sounds really out of place."

Castor gives off a slight earthy chuckle, "Well, in a metaphorical sense. Just think about it, if it brings you comfort during this time than it is a good thing. If it doesn't help than we'll find something else."

Eileithyia nods. "It makes sense. I mean, it makes a lot more sense, but its really weird, because I feel now like I only know people superficially, if I know them at all.

Castor nods, "And the same is true of family sometimes, think about all of the families that don't really know each other."

Eileithyia thinks. "I guess, my family was always well in touch."

Castor says supportively, "Then we will just have to help you find people here who you can be close to that way."

Eileithyia nods. She listens to Castor's voice, seeming to relax more , and now she seemed much less anxious.

Castor says eqaully suportive, "Until recently, I carried the weight of my families death and for years I felt it was like a weight. I found ways to cope. A friend of mine reminded me that lots of people have lost family now and so I am here to help everyone that feels like they need family. I guess this is how I am giving back to my family here."

Eileithyia sits back a bit. "So what are you a counselor?" she asks trying to lighten the mood.

"Let's see, pilot, dooer of good deeds, dooer of bad deeds, drinker of rum and beer, and a cigar smoker. Sorry not a counselor. Though I know a good counselor if you need one." says Castor.

Eileithyia Smiles. "Well…" she says slowly. She leans back a bit. "So your a person. Good to know."

Castor teases, "Everyone on this ship is a person. Some people are just better at being social is all." He then says, "You're a person too." He pauses and then as if a lightbulb goes off, "I'm Castor Leda, eltee jig, and you are?"

Eileithyia smiles. "Ahh.. Eliethyia Xylander."

Castor tries to place the name, "You're not a pilot." He then thinks and studies the woman, "Not deck crew." He then guesses, "Clearly you must be the Commander. Sir, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Eileithyia laughs. "Nope. Just a private, and a combat medic…" she whispers looking beyong startled that she was even considered for such a rank. "Hardly…I am far far too young."

Castor eyes twinkle as he says, "Well, stranger things have happened. However, combat medic is a good thing. So, you ride with the Raptor Jocks alot then?"

Eileithyia thinks. "Yes…" she explains. "Not really as much as I should, I guess. I mean I do when ever I am called to do it."

Castor walks to the bench and begins taking the tape off of his gloves, "We do what we are asked to do. That is the nature of being a soldier." He manges to get the tape off of his right hand first, "Though it takes courage to do what you do. I admire that."

Eileithyia nods. "True. It's an honor though to help people." she explains. "My mother was a doctor… and I guess I inherited it.."

Castor manages to get the tape off of his left hand, "Really, tell me more about her if you don't mind?" His tone is sincere.

Eileithyia thinks. "Hmm.. She and dad were the best," she says softly. "She was in the military fo a little bit paid her way through schooling with it, even though the family is rich… grand dad was a famous geneticist or something… anyway.." she whispesr. "Mom became an OBGYN, and I guess I had similar dreams, but I didn't 'fit' into college so much. The family's high status, in a community with money, I felt like an outcaste sometimes…" she closes her eyes. " Isuppose its silly to think I'd find love in the military- perhaps it was the idea of the focus and discipline that I liked… more then all the ideas of guys in uniform." she covers her mouth. "Oh, I shouldn't have said that… its probably such a childish thing to say. I hadn't meant to… sound… well." She shakes her head. "Ahh.."

Castor doesn't laugh as much as he looks amused, "You said what you meant. It's a good thing. It's what Aquarians do. As for finding love, maybe your instincts were right because from where I am sitting you picked the perfect place to find someone to love." He then takes a breath, "Your family sounds wonderful, good folks who took care of others and that is a good thing."

Eileithyia laughs. "In the military? Mom said I was crazy, but she knew the I could use it. I didn't fit with college studens as well. I was, too different from them, too niave about the world, but also too unlike them to make friends easily. As you just heard, when I get… emotional or something, I'll become forthright." She settles back. "How could the military be the right place? We're all busy, fighting, or healing or piloting, how do you find someone like that , that you can trust so… ultimately, especially because we're all so fragile."

Castor says, "The military isn't a stupid place. It is where men and women fight against impossible odds which leads them to become closer than they ever could to a husband or a wife. These bonds are deep, dark, and strengthened by the worst conflict imaginable. Any relationship that develops and flourishes in such a situation would be unbreakable." He then adds, "Maybe the Lords, maybe fate, maybe something else but you are here now around the last of humanity so for whatever reason you were meant to be here. It isn't stupid."

Eileithyia shaivers. "So we really are the last group of people?" she makes a face. "Limits the gene pool." she mutters. "Or are sure there are others. Cause I'd hate to think that this ship full of people are the last survivors of our kind… ever…"

Castor stands up and looks Eileithyia dead in the eye, he says calmly, compasionatly, and with a sense of hope, "There has to be other people out there and so let's hope we find them okay." Castor adds, "I don't know about you but I could go for a cigar and some rum."

Eileithyia nods. "I know. I know. I haven't lost hope on that one. Rum.. sure. I could use a drink I think." She stands. "No really, I think could use one. So… umm… why'd you think I was Commander, or were you humoring me?"

Castor doesn't really say as much as he says dryly, "Some from Column A and some from Column B."

Eileithyia heads through the exit labeled Hallway.

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