Erik Tyran
Gemma Atkinson
Gemma Atkinson as Erik Tyran
Name: Erik Tyran
Alias: Evadne
Age: 29
Hair & Eyes: Dirty blonde hair; sea-grey eyes
Faction: Navy: Medical
Position: Medical/Internist/Lieutenant
Colony: Aquaria
Play Times: ?
Timezone: Eastern


Erik is a decently common girl's name on Aquaria: derived from the island-city of Eryx, which houses Aquaria's oldest temple to Aphrodite, Aphrodite of Eryx (Aphrodite Erykine). Eryx is full of Eriks, Erikses, Erics, Erycs, Eryks and Erixes. Erik (and derivations thereof) is not a common girl's name outside of Aquaria, so chances are when you meet a girl named Erik you know where she's from.

Evadne is Erik's anointed name, the name she was given when she was anointed into Aphrodite's priesthood. "Sister Evadne" would be the proper way to address her as a woman of the cloth. Evadne is scriptural for 'Well-Pleasing.'

Tyran is her father's last name, and its origins are mysterious, lost in meaning among the early cult titles of Aphrodite on Aquaria. The accent is on the second syllable, pronounced with a long a. The y of the first syllable is pronounced as an i with lip rounding, the sound of the u-umlaut in German.

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