Enlist Now
Enlist Now
Summary: Castor and Rian have a brief meeting in the gym late at night to talk about why they joined.
Date: PHD200
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The sound of grunting can be heard in the gym, sweaty, dirty, nasty grunting, but this isn't the perverted kind, this is more of the kind of grunting that comes from throwing punches on the heavy bag and that is exactly what Castor Leda is doing. Pat, pat, pat, thwump, as jabs and heavy blows are thrown in combination and can be heard over the sound of grunting to confirm there is nothing weird going on here.

Rian opens the heavy hatch door and quickly steps inside the gym, shutting it behind her. Wearing her grey sweats that already have perspiration stains around the neck and armpits. Fresh sweat on her brow makes her dark hair stick to her cheeks and the rapid sound of her breath is a tell tale that she had been jogging the corridors. Moving to the shelf with the towels she takes one and wipes her face and cheeks roughly, adding slight color to them. At this time of night she is normally the only one at the gym so the sound of grunting causes her brow to furrow. Walking towards the pilot she actually recognizes him from the other day. "Hello again," she says once closer, "can't sleep?"

Leda stops throwing punches for a moment and he looks over at Rian and he gives a crooked grin, "Me? I normally work graveyard shifts and so I am normally up." He then takes a moment to turn and study Rian as he says, "Question is, why are you up?" Leda is probably about as sweaty as Rian is and so he has probably been at this for a while. He notices the color to Rian's cheeks and he he adds, "You should be careful with the towels since you don't want hurt your face." He then teases softly, "Remember you belong to the Kharon, now."

Rian repeats "Belong to the Kharon now? Enlist and you lose your individuality and become just a piece of something bigger? I have heard all those qualms about the military. Not really why I signed up." Her breath is still quick as slender shoulders rise and fall in rhythm. Holding the towel out to him as she notices the sweat drip from his forehead even though it has been used. "As to why I am up? I don't require a lot of sleep, never have." A shrug is added.

Castor keeps the crooked smile as he offers, "I don't know I think that is the point of joining in the first place I mean we are part of something bigger you know." He then takes the towel offered and he says, "Well, nice you knowo you don't need a lot of sleep." He then takes a moment to carefully remove the sweat from his forheard as he says, "How was your run?" He asks putting two and two together the sweat and the breathing action going on from Rian.

"Fine, the hallways are mostly clear, the ship is almost serene without panic of attack or even the bustle of every day life here." Rian speaks, dark eyes looking more to the punching bag that swings slightly in the dim light of the gym. "That bigger something you're part of, just got a lot smaller." She looks to him then, staring into those green pools for eyes, "That 'oh glory' amazing force that probably made you cum in your pants when you found out you made it into flight school." A rough fake laugh then as she shrugs, moving to place her palm against the heavy padded bag. Just picking from experience, Rian knows a military playboy when she sees one. "Well it's not even a fraction of what it used to be. A couple thousand rif raffs trying to fill the roles that better men made."

"That is why I like graveyard shift since everything is quieter." He then pauses and as she speaks about things getting smaller and he responds with, "Which makes all of this that much more important since we are part of something bigger." He then actually frowns as he thinks about graduating from flight school and he said, "Acctually, graduating from flight school came at a heavy price for me since I lost my brother." He then quickly stops with the frowning and he makes with a wink as he says, "Graduated as the top student of my class." He then lets his eyes follow Rian's hand and he offers, "My brother once told me I had to pick myself up by my bootstraps and he was right, we might be riff raff, but we are riff raff that has to hold things together to protect what is left of humanity."

Rian's jaw very slowly drops open as the man speaks, pale lips eventually parting. Eyes wide it's as though she is dumbstruck, not really knowing how to respond to that. "I'm sorry for your loss, but do you realize you're acting like a walking, talking propaganda man? 'Pick yourself up from the boot straps? Did they teach you that phrase in officer school?" A throaty laugh then, though it contains no happiness. "Top of your class huh?" She grabs back the towel, chin up slightly, "you do look /real/ clean cut I must say." Dark eyes look off to the side as she falls to silence, shoulders slumping slightly beneath her cotton sweats, lost in thought.

"Acctually, my brother taught me that one." He adds, "Which is why we joined up in the fleet…" He pauses just for a second, "My brother and I were homeless after my parents died and for a long time we fended for ourselves but this police officer by the name of Palmer found us and got us set up and so eventually we got sent to school and my brother got it into his head that we should join the fleet since it was steady work and we got three squares a day." He then pauses again but only for a moment as he says, "And so my brother kept telling me over and over again to pick myself up by my bootstraps." He then teases, "In Officer training they teach you how to order others so said bootstraps are lifted properly." He then blushes slightly at the compliment and then he takes a step toward Rian and he says, "Double PT, I do it everyday."

"I meant…" Rian looks back to the man, growing tense, "That's not what I meant about clean cut." She walks away from him, though she keeps her eyes to him. Walking to the nearest wall she leans against it, feeling the cold metal behind her back. "I meant it looks like you've been brought up 'just right'. Pedigreed for the army. Being homeless though huh? Wouldn't have guessed that. A casual shrug and she pulls her arm out in front, stretching her shoulder. "I've seen hundreds of military men come and go," closing her eyes she rolls her head stretching out her neck, her black hair still stuck to her scalp from the sweat, "I like to think I can spot who they are from a glance, and more often then not I'm right."

Castor stops and begins to think and he says softly, "Huh?" And then he says, "I…have never thought of it that way. Yeah, it seems weird from homeless to officer." He turns his head as if to think about it and his eyes sort of go soft for a moment but he then smiles and says, "Well, thanks for the compliment but enough about me. What about you, what is your story, Private Rian?" Since he isn't used to talking about his past this much. "Why'd you join up?"

"My story huh?" Rian looks to him once more but continues with her stretching, moving to pull her foot up to her butt and pull her thigh, balancing as she replies. "I didn't have much of a choice really. It was stay and die, or enlist and maybe not die." Looking to him she shrunches her nose slightly, "I chose a metal tube over a floating rock. Discussion was simple actually. Hot meals and shower, I'll do almost anything for." Moving to the other leg she pulls it tight with both arms behind her back, "but working in remote places I was often placed with squadrons, I have heard over and over again how much the enlisted love the military. Almost to creepy degree."

Castor has at this point stopped being all Tony Danza on the heavy bag and he is watching Rian stretch he then says, "I'm not at the creepy degree yet but I could get there if it would make you feel at home." He then takes a moment to takes one of his gloves off revealing taped hands underneath and he says, "And a story is bigger than just why you are here. I mean do you have any hobbies? Me, I do magic tricks and I find things for people. You'd be amazed at what I have found."

Rian stops stretching and stomps her feet back to the ground dramatically, shoulder width apart. "I bet I would be amazed," She smiles, lips curling upward in a dazzling grin that few see. Stepping closer she leans in a bit, she smells of sweat and shampoo, "I'm a marine," it's a soft whisper. Pulling back quickly she speaks louder, "that is my hobby." A laugh then as she tosses the towel back to him, aiming for the chest. "I should hit the head though." She steps back and makes her way to the hatch.

Castor studies Rian is all dramatic and he then pauses and he turns his head slightly as he says, "And now you are sounding like a marine, a proud one." He then grins as he says softly, "Oohrah, Private Rian." He then grins as his other glove is now off and he says, "I should hit the head soon too, but, I think I can wait a bit and hit the cycle for a bit - work out the upper and lower body." He then adds, "Though take it easy and it was good to talk to you."

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