Engineering Meeting
Engineering Meeting
Summary: Engineering meets during shift change just to make sure everyone is on the same page and to discuss some new projects.
Date: PHD 166 (10/1/09)
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Engineering - Deck 2

This section of the ship is in constant movement with the traveling of Snipes and other Engineering support personnel. Pipes run down hallways through most of the ship, but back here they all seem to converge in a few major areas. Electrical conduits find their routes terminating back in this area, too. The maze of small hallways might be dizzying to some but certain crewmembers feel right at home back here. Electrical closets and main ventilation systems also travel through here also, making this the beating heart of the Kharon.

Engineering typically works like a well oiled machine, all puns intended. But with the influx of new crew members from the Bell and Elpis, instead of just posting assignments to the board, they're actually having a little shift meeting. Sen's dressed out in her yellow jupsuit, standing at the front of the assembled mass with a hexagonal clipboard.

Callie has arrived early and has spent some of that time looking around before getting settled in for the meeting, her eyes still wide from awe. She has found herself a place to stand, trying to keep herself close eough to where Sen is so she can hear easily but not so close that she'll come across as being 'teacher's pet' or something equally uncool.

Kappel has become a decently familiar face around here, active on shift for about two weeks now. He's been up with some of the mechanical crew in aerofab for most of the day, sorting useable parts and planning how to make the unusable into the useable. Technically off-shift now, the top button of his ugly green collar is undone and he dropped in to grab a cup of coffee from the mess before heading back to the cave, piles of clipboards and papers waiting at his workstation for when he gets back to them. Which will inevitably be far before his shift should actually start. He pulls down a few sips of coffee before joining the powwow that their new captain's set up, raising salute and then sliding that hand away into a pocket.

With a big fat stinkin' cup of steaming coffee cupped in his hand, a greens-clad Nigel lumbers into Engineering with a clipboard of various routine work orders tucked under his arm. There's an immediate pause, and a bit of a salute towards Kappel as he makes his way towards an empty alcove. A salute is delivered towards the LT, and the Captain in turn, although it's wordless. His thick eyebrows bush together a little.

Sen flips through a few pages, "Alright, folks. At ease. We have some switching up going on, and I want to make sure we're starting off on the right foot. Point number one, we have some new faces around here. If you haven't already met them, please give a nod to Crewman Apprentice Calistia Manfrin, Petty Oh Second Class Nigel Milius, and my new right hand man, Lieutenant Jonathan Kappel. The El Tee'll be helping me run things around here from now on." She also names off a few other people who've joined the ranks, all low level gruntly types.

Wincing, Callie looks around and smiles timidly, bashfully lifting a hand in a wave to those who might look at her. "Hi.." she says in the same meek manner before turning back around, her face bright red. A quick look is given to Milius and Kappel as she draws her attention back to the Captaian, faces and names hopefully put together correctly as she shifts to look forward once more.

Lucky them. Kappel's scratching his ear with his pinky when Sen calls attention to him, one eye half-squinted shut. Something that was in one of their FTL rods itches like a sonofabitch. A couple nods and a brief two-fingered salute goes round to people he doesn't recognise, which are just Elpis folks. Bellerophon crew, he knows well.

There's a slight, wordless grunt and another salute as Nigel's named. "The Bell, she lives on, sir. Heh. Heh. Heh." He flashes a brief, toothy grin to Kappel and then Calistia. As his fellow survivors are named. "Um. Yeah. Good t' be aboard, sir."

Sen quirks a smile, a bright thing she bites back quickly, "Yes well. Play nicely." She flips a page, as if going off a script or a checklist of high points. "Secondly, I'd like to formally address the Centurian and Raider parts that are currently being housed in Aero Fab. Due to insufficient parts and our lack of an available dry dock for the Kharon, we've been ordered to strip down the enemy vessels and scavange what parts may be useful from hull plating to the smallest circuit or wire. What can't be used will be melted down. When not specifically assigned to a maintenance task, each of you will be taking shifts under the supervision of the Lieutenant. This is sensitive material, so you will sign in and sign out everytime you enter the area, your person will be searched upon entering and leaving, and every piece will be catalogued. Any questions so far?"

Callie shakes her head, not having questions herself. Not yet at least although that'll undoubtedly change as time goes on.

Kappel takes a hefty swallow of coffee while Sen talks. His alert black eyes switch from face to face of those assembled, watching their reactions, before going back to Sen. Nothing from him for the time being.

And to this, Nigel merely grunts again, shaking his head as he takes a hit off his coffee. Although he smiles a bit for some reason.

Sen shifts her weight slightly, used to standing for long periods of time and having to change her stance so her bloodflow remains uncompromised. "Next, the support crew assigned to the mess hall has come to us asking for some assistance in setting up a hydroponic garden. It won't be enought to replace our current dietary needs, but hopefully within time, it'll be a good supplement. Does anyone here have any prior knowledge of hydroponics?"

"I have no experience with the science itself but I can help with building whatever might be needed for the garden if having to work with a rookie won't rub people the wrong way ma'am…er…sir." That comes from Callie who has her right hand raised, it held at about ear level as if she's scared of drawing too much attention to herself. The blush hasn't subsided and infact grows hotter, her entire face now blood red in hue.

Hydroponics. Kappel raises an eyebrow, again looking around at which faces sprout thoughtful looks. When Callie starts to talk, his attention jumps to her as he takes a sip of coffee, and his lips pull back to show teeth briefly. Might've been a grin, might've been a grimace from the esophagus-burn of the bitter liquid.

Oh, that's a grin from Nigel. It may be for several reasons, initially the mention of 'mess hall' gets a nod in addition but the expression lingers along with a slow, steady nod of his head, wolfishly grinning towards the Captain with a sidelong glance at Kappel. "Uh. Hydroponics. Um, Sir, well, my cousin Mal would've -really- been the one to talk about that. Don't think that'd help our food supply though." There's a bit of a lengthy, ponderous delay here as he finally pipes up, "Ah'm a little bit of a gardener but nothing more than with little decorative plants to pass the time. Dunno if I'd be any help with something of this scale, y'know." He drawls.

"Good enough for me. Milius and Manfrin, scour the library for anything you can find relating to hydroponics and scavenge the supplies necessary. We'll find you a place to start setting up. Welcome to your new hobby." The ChEng once more addresses her clipboard. "Any questions before I move on?"

Callie mental notes and then shakes her head. "No, sir." She gives a cautious look over to Nigel and nods, giving the man a brief bob of her head in greeting.

Kappel takes a note of who gets sent on this holy mission of consumables. He smirks at Nigel's profile and then looks back at Sen, setting the coffee on the table behind him close to his hip.

"Huh. Mal'd be proud. I'll even work in the 'hidden compartment' plan he was so fond of." Nigel snaps off in his sort of backwater accent with a thick, throaty laugh.

Nigel amends hastily, "Yes sir. I mean."

"You people are incredibly boring." Sen mutters at her clipboard. Then laughs. "Except Milius." She clears her throat. "Alright. Moving on then. There's slight damage to the exterior hull, deck two portside after our little forray to Scorpia. We'll be running a team in EVA's out there this weekend to repair a minor water leak. But even on drop per hour is still vital to our survival. So. Anyone wanting a space walk can sign up, otherwise I'll be choosing a team the morning before we go out. Also, sewage from the forward head is backing up again, and we'll need to run a flush of the main line. Questions. Concerns. Bribes to get out of shit duty?"

"Don't give that one to Milius, sir," Kappel mutters. "He loses his appetite, everything's screwed." His booted foot rests against the very low rung of the table and he folds his arms. "I got point on the EVA team if you need it." A glance at Callie, assessing. "Ever been out in a marshmallow suit, Crewman?"

Callie wrinkles her nose and then coughs. "I am not sure I am qualified to do EVA. Well, that's to say I might have enough experience as I had to do a few EVAs while on the Eplis just to get some practice in it but not sure if I'm good enough to do them now. Is there anyway I can get some practice in a suit before hand, sir?" Clogged sewer lines - doable. EVAs…gods, she hopes Sen will say she can sit this round out.

The look that Nigel gives Kappel here is practiced, routine, and maybe a little bit foul. If tinged with a bit of a smile and thoroughly grade-school-level humor. It's also obvious that were there not the painfully prominent officer-enlisted divide, what was a grimace-smirk here would be something a bit more disrespectful. Still, he's chuckling. "Uh've done EVA. I would just like to point out."

"Then there's no time like the present, Crewman. You can suit up with these two boys, and the El Tee will be running point. Any issues, make sure you radio back to damage control, where I should be during that time. Lieutenant Kappel, make sure she's qualified before doing the walk. Any mishaps fall to you." Sen flips through the pages, but everything else seems routine and therefore not worth mentioning.

Callie sinks in her chair a bit, the blush now a pallor as she blanches. "Yes, sir," she murmurs while looking up, trying to shake the feeling of impending doom she now feels. A hand dips into one pocket and the the other…and another until all of them are checked, none of which have any gum in them. Great. That sucks, too.

When thir Captain isn't quite looking, Kappel scratches the side of his head that faces Nigel. With his middle finger. His arms fold again and he lifts his chin at Sen's words. "Aye aye, sir." His head turns, dark eyes finding Callie. "We'll meet up on deck tomorrow at 16:00 hours. You'll love that suit more than your prom dress when we're done. But I promise it won't come off as easy." To Nigel he looks then. "You too, Milius."

Oh no. Nuh-uh. Nigel's not taking the bait here. His pale eyes merely dart to one side as he spies the LT but snaps his head back towards the Engineering Captain with a remarkably straight face. "Easy. Yeaah, Sir. Ah'm easy. That's what they SAY, anyway." He snaps off a salute.

And Nigel falls flat. The look he shoots his immediate superior officer(being Kappel) is flat, neutral. But his eyes are clearly saying something about the LT's mom being easier. Even if he's not -saying- it.

Sen finally tucks the clipboard underneath her arm, business concluded for now. "Speak now, speak freely, or forever hold your peace." Sen looks to the faces of those assembled, studying them each in turn with a small smile resting on her lips.

"Can't guarantee forever, sir," Kappel replies mildly, picking his coffee cup back up. "But I'm all good for now."

Callie's never been to a prom so that entire dress comment that Kappel made is totally lost on her and she lets it show via the puzzled expression and the shrug of her shoulders, all that topped off with a shake of her head. "Wow. That sounds…great? Uh, looking forward to it, sir." Nigel is watched for a moment and then Sen is, the most junior enlisted member now fighting the urge to hide her face in her hands.

"Oh. Uh. This is kinda for the three o' us. But I was wonderin', Sir." Nigel finally snaps up, after a sidelong glance to both Callie and Kappell in turn but settling on Sen. "This is kind of a personal request. But y'know, since I didn' have the presence of mind to do so when we were poppin' Centurions on the Elpis. Would you object to melting down maybe a kilogram of Cylon metal to make a belt buckle? Y'know. Souvenir. I'd like to the think the corpse of Ol' Toasty would love being somewhere special for all enternity, if you get my drift."

Sen blinks for a moment at the odd request, her head tilting slightly to the side. "Just make sure the material used isn't viable for anything else. Otherwise, request granted. Just…no more references to your crotch area. Anyone else?"

There's a groan and then the girl blurts out, "Oh that is so gross," Callie shooting a look at Nigel that's best described as daggers now. Still not used to behaving in a manner befitting someone in the military, that basically just leaps out, unhindered. "Dude, just keep you and your beltbuckle-bearing yoohaw the frak away from me!"

Kappel sips coffee, Nigel's request getting no real reaction out of him. Callie's though, that drags up a brief smirk that's there and gone in an instant. His tone is a well-practiced, chill firm. "Crewman, button your mouth. Captain dismisses you and I'll call points for you to slap him around in the gym. Till then, eyes front and settle down."

Nigel just eyebrowaggles a little, -carefully- keeping a disturbing smile from taking over his face. "Of course, sir." He says, stiffly towards the Captain. "And of course. Crewman. Ah wouldn't dream of it. This is a private matter, y'know. 'Tween me and Drone-Number-Five-Seven-One-Oh-Two there." Now his smile's almost friendly. He shoots the Kappster a sidelong glance at his admonition but he doesn't elaborate further.

Sen gives a brief nod to Kappel, adding. "Dude is not an appropriate way to address a higher ranked crewmember. On that note, you are all dismissed. Have a good shift, or a good evening."

Callie nods. "Sorry sirs," that said to Kappel and Sen, both, and then she adds for Nigel's benefit, "I am sure you two…" That being him and the drone, "…will be very happy together…er, Petty Officer…ah, yeah." Having been dismissed, she shuts up, stands up and gives a bit of a salute which is sadly awful but she's trying!

"Frak, Milius'll be overloading the basestars with porn in no time." Kappel mutters as he straightens up, giving Sen formal salute. "Spyware saves the frakkin human race." Coffee's finished off, head tipping back as he gets the last few precious swallows of messhall acid. Ahh. "You have a good one, sir."

There is a bit of disappointment on Nigel's part, expression-wise as Sen puts the kibosh on 'Dude.' Maybe he'd be attached to the title. Callie's comment gets no immediate response, but Kappel does. "Oh. I know what the Toasters love." He huffs a laugh before also tossing out a formal salute. "Good to go, sirs."

Sen ticks off a salute, a smile threatening that never really reaches full bloom. And unless anyone else has reason to stop her by way of question or concern, the Captain is off towards the bowels of the ship to prepare for the next shift's meeting.

Callie scoots past everyone on her way out, making sure to skirt by the P.O. as she does. "Dude…" she intones under her breath, most likely enough for Nigel to hear and no one else, before disappearing, heading ooff for parts unknown. Or the mess hall. One or the other.

If Kappel heard the duding, he ain't sayin shit. Empty mug in hand he's out too, whether for the mess hall for a refill or to the gym to run off some of the caffeine energy. Who knows.

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