Engineering / Snipes

These are the folks that make the ship go round and round. Without them, the beating heart of the Kharon would surely stop and rather quickly. Quite possibly the single most important department on an aging craft like the Escort Carrier Kharon, crewmembers here look forward to long days working in tight spaces getting dirty and grimy.

Available Positions:

  • Engineering Officer – The officers in Engineering oversee the daily operations of everything that happens in regards to the maintenance and fixing of the ship. Capable techs themselves, these crew members also can run damage control teams and help with any number of tasks aboard. The Chief Engineer (ChEng) runs the department and is the most senior officer within the group.
  • Engineering Tech (Electrical or Mechanical) – Similar to the Deck in terms of what their taskings might be, these Techs are enlisted personnel who deal directly with the Kharon’s functional problems and upkeep. They perform most of the preventive maintenance in their specific specialty, either Electrical or Mechanical or both. Those who specialize in both should have time and experience to back this up.
    • Engineering Technicians (Mechanical) are enlisted ratings who look after everything from the battlestar's fuel, power and propulsion systems that keep the ship flying, to the water purification and air recycling units that maintain the well being of the crew. They are also responsible for regular routine inspections of the hull and systems, often in zero gravity conditions.
    • Engineering Technicians (Electrical) are enlisted ratings who look after the ship's electrical systems, including regular and routine maintenance of lighting and internal power, DRADIS and navigational equipment, ECM capability and communications equipment.
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