Eltee Jig Get Together
eltee jig get together
Summary: Max and Castor joke around in the lounge.
Date: PHD015
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Castor sits on a beaten up couch with a deck of cards in his hand. His hands work idly on their own cutting the deck and carrying out various feats of skill. In his mouth is a cigar, though the expression on his face is blank. On the table in front of him there is a bottle of Aquarian rum with only 1/3 left in the bottle.

Max walks into the lounge, singing quietly to herself. She moves over towards the counter getting some water. She takes a drink of the water, then goes back to quietly singing as she walks over towards the furniture as she ponders sitting down. She spies the cards a moment, "I'd say your an expert shuffler"

Castor snaps to attention, "The wha now?" He asks as he looks down at his hands, "Oh, yeah, old habits." He says as he puts the cards down on the table, "Then again that's some voice you have." He then says, "Would you like some rum?" He asks as he politely ashes his cigar which he apparently has ashed for a little while, maybe he was thinking for a while, who knows.

Max smiles, "Yeah, some habits are hard to break…then again, some of them are good habits." She laughs a bit, "No, no..I'm fine with the water right now. Something cool and refreshing.." She sits down, "Voice?..oh, I was singing again wasn't I. Well, you should hear me with musical backup."

Castor simply turns his head and his tone takes on a sense of wonder, "Hm, I'm sure that would be amazing. You've got a good voice for it besides right now we could all use something beautiful like music in our lives." He pauses for a moment as an idea strikes him on the head, "Maybe we can find you some and hold a talent show. You can sing, I'll do some magic." He suggests. He then looks at the water, "Suit yourself, I've got one more bottle after this and then I've got no more Aquarian rum." He then smirks, "All good things must come to an end." He then holds out his hand, "I've seen you at briefing but we haven't been formally introduced, names Leda, but you can call me Castor. My call sign is Tinman."

Max nods, "A talent show…now thats an idea. A lot better of an idea then say getting in a ring and beating up someone. More constructive, and less work for the medics." She laughs a bit. "Most people call me Max, though my name is actually Marissa. Marissa Amber Xaiver, which is a lot to say…thats why most people call me Max." She grins, "callsign Songbird, I think you can guess why."

Castor rubs the back of his neck as he thinks about it, "Well, Max it is nice to meet you finally. As for the talent show it is just a little something I have been thinking about. It seems like a lot of people are having a hard time holding on." He stops and smiles, "Did you say Songbird? I can see why, you lucked out when they were handing out callsigns."

Max takes another drink of her water, "yeah, I know how that is. I've seen everthing running the gambit. Myself, I've just been trying to keep busy..you know, darning socks and such things. Try not to focus too much on it…gotta keep a clear head when were out there flying, otherwise your lost before you take off." She sets the water down, "Well, a lot of the time I don't even know I'm singing, if you can believe it. It's just one of those habits. Something I do, when I'm doing things." She grins a bit, "I can dance a little too, but thats another story."

Castor reaches down and grabs his bottle of rum. He pours some into a glass sitting on the table. "Really, I don't try to keep busy at all." He grins, "Then again, I'm an easy going guy and to be honest I think we are all supposed to be here on this ship. I mean, I'm not a believer in the Lords, but we are here for a reason. So, I don't sweat to much around here." He then takes a sip from his glass. "I do worry about others though…" He pauses to turn and look at Max and then asks, "What sorts of things have you seen? I used to be on a Battlestar and this place feels, well, different but in a good way"

Max nods, "I served on two battlestars before getting transfered here." She glances about, "Compared to a battlestar this place is…cozy. You know, not so many wasted spaces. Who needs a hallway 10 feet wide anyways? Unless your walking down it with three friends, arm in arm on your way to see some wizard." She shrugs a bit, "Oh, I've been seeing people taking it all ways..sad, angry, confused…if theres an emotion out there, someones feeling it right now."

Castor grins lopsidedly, "That's funny, we're off to see the wizard she says to Tinman." He then asks, "Which Battlestar I was on the Orpheus. I miss her but I was there pretty much my whole career up till now." He then thinks about the past few days, "Yeah, I've seen it all too and so all the more reason to look out for them." He then takes another sip of rum, "I feel like a broken recording but I keep telling people on Aquaria if you are on a ship with someone then that is your family. So, this is my family now and I want to make sure everyone is alright."

Max grins and nods, "Yeah…I had a friend once tell me. Why worry about something you can't control. I can't do anything to help those back home right now. But I can make sure the people here and now surivie. So thats what I'm going to do."

Castor nods and holds up his glass to clink with Max's water. "So say we all."

Max says, "Though I know things are going to get worse before they get better…and with the birds down, well I'm not sure how much worse it can get.""

Castor gets this look in his eye, it is hard to tell exactly what it means, but he says, "Well, consider it this way. This is a challenge." He then beams a little bit, "And we are the finest there is in the Colonies. So, I think we are going to be fine. We are where we need to be because none of this could be an accident." He then takes another sip of rum and sinks a little more into the couch. "So where are you from?"

Max says, "from?..well I was in the hallway, then I come in here..so you could say I'm from the hallway I guess." She grins, "If you meant where did I grow up, well in a house of course…now then again if you meant what planet…I'm origally from Leonis""

Castor smirks and teases, "Good one smartass." He then lets off a little chuckle and then says, "Leonis, seriously? What was it like." He genuinely seems to want to know, "See, I spent my life up until gradution from university on Aquaria, then, I was stationed to the Athena Flight School, you know, the decomissioned Battlestar, then I was assigned to the Orpheus where I never really go any "leave" and so now I am here. So, I'd really like to know what it was like."

Max hmmms, "Well, prolly like anywhere else I would assume. Normal towns and such..every year we'd get a good amount of snow. Make snowmen and the like….um, use to go for drives now and then just to get away and see the countryside."

Castor listens intently, "Wait, you got snow? Does it look like it does in the movies?" He stops for a moment to say, "The coast of Aquaria doesn't get much snow."

Max says, "Oh yeah, we had snow all the time…it's cold and white, and fluffy. Better in person, then in the movies I think. You could just sit and watch it fall for hours on end.""

Castor leans back as he tries to picture snow, "I always imagined it would be nice and clean." He then stops and says, "Sorry, I'm boring you asking for this sort of stuff. We should probably be bragging about how many bogies we've shot down or other feats of piloty daringdo."

Max chuckles, "Well, one time I shot and killed four snowmen that were attacking in a V formation. There was just me and my wingman, and we got behind them and bang. I tell you what, the ground ran white with snow that day."

Castor nods in a teasing manner as if he completely accepts this. He then says, "Well, I don't want to brag but, one time I shot down a fish as big as a Raptor."

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