Private Eleni Mackenzie
Catalina Sandino Moreno
Catalina Sandino Moreno as Eleni Demitra MacKenzie
Name: Eleni Demitra MacKenzie
Alias: "Gunbunny"
Age: 18
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin
Faction: CMC
Position: Heavy Weapons Specialist
Colony: Leonis
Play Times: Evenings EST
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info



Eleni's mother was what she liked to call 'An eternal student', her father a professor at one of the largest Universities on Leonis. They were peace loving, intelligent academics with a flare for passion that they only discovered in meeting each other. Though it wasn't permitted, and was very likely unethical, they began their love affair while Laura Valdosi was a PhD student under Victor Mackenzie. Before she finished her degree, she was pregnant. They kept things quiet, though, and all was well.


Leni was just one of those children. She was rebellious, strong, wild, and more than a bit mischevious. Being intelligent didn't help things either. Her parents knew where she got her brains, but they had no clue where she got her energy or her appreciation for trouble. Soon, the quiet and peaceful flat of Victor and Laura Mackenzie (They married just before she was born) was far from an academic's dream. It was alright, they loved their little girl. They began to direct her energies towards social activities and things like self defense classes and gymnastics. Ways for Eleni to release her strange aggressions without ever hurting anyone. This seemed to work, and kept Eleni content, if always busy, for most of her child hood. Eventually, the time came for Eleni to attend university. Her parents always assumed she would. She was a bright, bright girl who seemed somewhat interested in literature and poetry. When she told them that she did not want to go to their school, but enlist in the military (just like her martial arts instructor), they were shocked. They loved her too much to hold her back, but were disappointed.

Military Service

Eleni enlisted in the Colonial Marines ten days after her 18th birthday. Bootcamp was harder than expected, certainly nothing like the child's play of gymnastics or classes in martial arts, but it helped with her constantly restless energy. She also got to play with entirely too big toys and found a flare with heavy weapons. The simple power in her hands she learned to treat with utter respect but also almost too much love. Her class in training always said she cared about her guns a bit too much, earning her the nickname 'Gunbunny' for implications of what she might do to guns in a private shower.

She stayed after basic for some extra training in heavy weapons, having found her specialty and quite eager to be able to prove herself on the field even at the young age of 18. Shortly after that training was over, she took her first assignment on a newish battlestar beneath a certain Major Ezra. She wrote home often, more than happy with her new assignment, comrades, and the turn her life of humble academic beginnings had taken.

Now, having been trapped on a civilian ship for what seems like months after the attacks, Eleni's gotten an entirely different military training. Herself and several others rather severely hurt, she's applied herself to what medicine and first aid she can remember, almost becoming a fill in medic with their previous medic dead. She's still done her best to keep up with her weapons, cleaning and caring for the few they have left, but she's learned entirely more than any bootcamp have taught her. It's also driving her more than a little crazy, stuck in the same small space for ages.

Distinguishing Features

Exotic looks, gymnast's body, young face. She barely looks 18 years old.


  • Eleni Mackenzie was a contender for the Colonial Olympics 4 years back. Between the ages of 12-16 she competed with the Leonis Intercolonial Gymnastics Team on floor exercises and high beam.
  • Eleni loves her big guns so much it's rumored she takes them to the showers with her. Just to get them clean, of course.


On the Grid

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  • Big guns, the bigger, the better.
  • Wide, open plains
  • Getting a nice sun tan
  • A good beer


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