ECO Meltdown
ECO Meltdown
Summary: Poppy explodes on Yuuri and Cygnus ends up with the mess
Date: PHD03 (April 21)
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The mess hall is nearly empty save for some of the crew just finishing their shift. Yuuri is still in his flightsuit, just returning from CAP. He's gathered a plate full of food and seated himself an empty table with an open book and notepad next to him.

Poppy sits with her head in her hands, pale and bedraggled, over a plate of food that looks to have been picked at but not wholly eaten. She has a small letter crumpled up in one hand, hanging down over the edge of the table.

Yuuri glances up from his book and looks towards the dangling piece of paper. The icey jades scan further up the woman's frame to her face, "Signifacant other?" His voice is soft but loud enough to be heard. He forks a solid chunk of food into his mouth and washes it down with water.

Poppy suddenly wiggles her fingers, scrunching the letter up into a neatly-folded ball to keep it out of sight. Eyes ringed with red and her face just an overall mess, she gives Yuuri a wary look. Pilot. Not a Raptor Pilot. Not to be trusted. So, she simply answers, "No."

"Bucket list?" Again Yuuri tries to coax something out of the woman. He sets the pen down atop the notepad, spooning in some chocolate pudding.

"No," comes Poppy's blunt answer, now turning away from staring at the pilot and going back to burying her face in her forearm.

Yuuri frowns from the reaction, but what can be expected after hearing the news. He always wanted to honor his family and become a great pilot, but after the transfer things started to change for him. Now with no news of his family and no name to live up to anymore, he feels free of burdens. He takes three pieces of gum and unwraps them. "So what is your favorite thing in world?"

"I'm going to go easy on you," Poppy says flatly, voice still muffled by the arm she's buried her face, "Because I'm going to assume that you seem to be taking this whole thing so well for some reason I can't begin to think of. I have a family. I have friends. I was on the Raptor that took all those pictures of the Colonies? You know the ones with the explosions and the gutted shells of battelstars? I took them. So excuse me if I'm not going in for small talk."

Yuuri nods, not really paying attention to her tone. He pulls out a few sticks of gum and unwraps them. His fingers work and the foil, twisting and bending the material. He remains silent as he works, knowing full well that everyone onboard is taking this harder than he is. "I'm sorry for your losses." Is all he offers, eyes keen on the materials that are starting to form a shape.

All Poppy offers as an answer is a grumble, barely moving - that'd take more energy than she's willing to spend right now.

Finally the form takes shape and he pushes it to the side of the tray. Yuuri closes the book, pinning the notepad within. He leaves the book on the table and walks the tray to dispose of before returning. He lifts the foil shape object and the book, walking to Poppy's table and seating across from her. He sets the book down and pushes over a figure of a Raptor - created from the gum foil. "My wingman calls this Yuurigami." The shape is 3D and looks like a perfect replica of a Raptor-class aircraft.

Amazingly enough, Poppy actually lifts her head slightly to look at the little foil version of the Raptor. She reaches out to pick it up, holding it up to the light and squinting at it, "Uh huh."

"You ask me how I can handle this destruction of life." Yuuri begins, "Some people bottle it up and others cry it out. There are many ways to deal with it, I practice harder, study longer, and pour my feelings into shapes." He leans back in his chair, "I've been kept in the dark about the whole thing even after flying in combat against them. I was one of the few that weren't scratched even though I had three Cylons on me the entire fight." He opens the book and notepad, "This is what we fought." He flips the notepad towards Poppy, drawn on the current page is the Cylon model of the craft. All angles and dimensions of the Raider. "Dunno what it's called, but this is what we fought. And this.." He flips the page back revealing a picture of something that looks like a large pontoon boat. The head or cockpit located on the right side, the picture is of the heavy raiders that were lodged in the side of the Constantine, "These were stuck in the Constantine, boarding planes if I took the information gathered correctly."

"Show it to the CAG," Poppy says bitterly, pushing the notepad away along with the tinfoil Raptor, "I don't want to hear about any of that crap. I'm off duty … "

Yuuri nods towards Poppy, "I suppose I should." He takes the notepad and slides it between the pages of the book. "The Raptor is yours. If anything, think of it as a gift." He rises, sliding the Raptor shape towards the woman, "The Commander said we are a family now." He chuckles and shakes his head, "I've only been onboard for a week and I've gotten hacked, lost flight status, kept in the dark, and shunned by some Godsdamn Raptor ECO." His smile is actually sincere, "I honestly don't give a shit about pity. I fly vipers, it's my job. On or off duty that's who I am. We protect the ship and if you want to judge me on how I am taking this Godsdamn tragedy, go for it."

"Shunned?" That seems to have riled Poppy up a little as she lifts her red-ringed eyes to glare at him, "I just lost everyone I care about save for two. You want someone to get all pally with you, pat you on the back and be best friends? You can look somewhere else." Standing to her feet, she flings her own half-empty food tray off to the side with a noisy clatter and makes for the hatch.

"I'm not looking for pal and look at yourself woman." Yuuri shouts towards Poppy as she heads towards the hatch. "Just look at yourself, look what you just said. You only care about two people now, how selfish is that? Twelve colonies are destroyed and all you care about now are two people." He shakes his head, grabbing the Raptor and book from the table, "You think its wrong to not show emotion in a time like this, but I'd rather feel nothing and care about those I work with on this ship than just two." It's late and Yuuri needs his rack time, following out Poppy still yelling at her.

Like everyone else on the ship, Cygnus is exhausted and grieving. The brunt of the evening had been spent with his superior officer, attempting to help those in need of it to cope with their emotions in the aftermath of the destruction. He's freshly showered and changed, his still wet hair caught in a tight pony tail at the nape of his neck. Once he's picked up an orange he heads over towards Yuuri's table is is gifted with the sudden shock of a flying tray hitting square in the chest, "What the frak?"

Poppy would be mortified about having flung a tray of food all over someone in normal conditions, but in normal conditions she probably wouldn't have done it at all. She points at Yuuri, positively fuming as she turns in the hatch to find him following her, "Leave me the frak alone!" Cracking would be a good word to describe her, her yelling just as tearful as was her quiet mourning a moment ago. Meltdown anyone? She takes off at a run, aiming to get away from the Mess Hall as fast as she can.

"Can tell she isn't a jock" Is all Yuuri says as Poppy dashes out of the mess hall. He stands there a moment looking at Cygnus, "Seems you can add another to your religious flock of comfort if you want. Looks like she needs it." He doesn't destroy the Raptor, it's the woman's and eventually it'll end up with her. If she decides to keep it, so be it. If not, atleast got to release her frustration and fears. "You should get that cleaned up." Yuuri points out the mess on Cygnus' chest, "That color isn't exactly you." He offers a smile and keeps walking, "This really hasn't got me believing in yours Gods either. Don't think they would have allowed destruction and death at this level." he says over his shoulder, disappearing through the hatchway.

Cygnus frowns a bit and follows after Yuuri a bit, "Why am I not surprised you have a woman throwing trays?" A slight shrug lifts his shoulders, "Why do you keep doing that tonight," He challenges a bit, although calmly. "My Gods, My flock. I'm not a frakking priest. I never wanted to be one. That's what my fa…" The word is cut off to avoid the pain of dealing with that just yet. "You know I want to be back in the cockpit."

Yuuri shrugs off the questions and comments directed at him continuing through the hallways towards the squadron berthings, "Chapel isn't this way Lieutenant." He heads up the flight of stairs and turns towards the hatchway, closing it quietly behind him.

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