Echoes Patience Silence and Grace
Echoes Patience Silence and Grace
Summary: Epi and Castor talk about the state of affairs.
Date: PHD 202
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Leda sits by Epi's bed and he has been reading a book and he is still reading the book, "And so the woman frowned and she said, 'Will I ever see you again?' and the man responded, 'I will never lose you because this is true love, do you think this happens everyday?' and so the two of them kissed like no one has ever kissed before." He then stops to study Epi as he looks up from the book and a slow but sad smile creeps upon his face and he says, "We have to stop meeting like this."

She groans softly, shaking her head a little - though not too far. Quite a bit of the damage was to her neck. "You need to quit ending up here," she murmurs from what seems to be a very dry throat. "*I* need to quit ending up here."

Castor grins more for show than for joy since he hates finding Epi like this and he says softly, "I need to follow you around apparently to make sure that you never get hurt like this again but sadly regs keep me from doing just that." He then takes a hand and places it on Epi's hand as he gives it a gentle squeeze. He then says, "Well, then again if we keep meeting like this I can be sure of where to find you."

Her nose crinkles ever so delicately, though she's smiling. "You should be off doing pilot things," Epi murmurs softly. "Your pilots were good enough to drag our asses out of there." But then she brightens just a touch. "I got to blow up two towers, though!" It's the little things that make her happy.

Castor words become soft, very soft, and yet there is a quiet and still firmness to them, "I should be here with you." After a few moments of silence he says, "And fancy that…you blew up two towers." He then grins and says, "Well done you and well done pilots for dragging marines out I mean fancy that we all worked as a family today."

"And we found some new folks," she says with a little smile. "It was…kind of nice to work with the new folks, too," Epi murmurs. "There's a doctor, Alyssa." She pauses for a moment. "I…think you might like her. She patched me up."

Castor seems a little relieved as he can see Epi smile and he nods his head and says, "I'll find her." He then asks curiously, "And why would I like here?" He then takes a moment to ask again, "And what is the damage this time, the Doctors have been pretty quiet with me about you but to be fair they have been busy." He then takes a moment squeeze Epi's hand again ever so gentley.

Her fingers wrap gently around his, squeezing lightly. "I took a bullet to the side of the head, one to the abdomen, one to the chest and two to the neck," she murmurs. "The neck nearly nicked the artery." And she shrugs it off oh, so sweetly. "She's a nice lady. Good at her job."

Blood drains from Castor's face for a moment but his hand remains there with Epi's and he says, "Epi, you are not allowed to die on me, okay?" He then leans in a little and he says, "Promise me…okay?" His words carry a heavy amount of care and a hints of how deeply that Castor cares for Epi and he says, "And I will find her and thank her for keeping you alive."

The little woman sniffs delicately, almost primly. "I walked onto the Raptor, thank you very much," she says quietly, her Marinely dignity impugned. Yes, she -walked-. Onto the -Raptor-. "And that was AFTER we cleared out…" Pause. Brain. "Our secondary objective."

Castor looks at Epi and he says, "Epi, please, promise me…I know you are ten shades tougher than I am but…" He stops talks for a moment, "You really walked onto the Raptor, huh?" He then grins and he says softly, "That a woman." He then takes a second to look over at Epi's IV to make sure she will be fine for a while yet.

The IV drips merrily along. Given her reactions, well, it's likely they've given her a nice, healthy dose of morpha. "I couldn't let the S2 see I was hurt. We had some things to do first."

Castor studies Epi's face and he then smiles and says, "Oorah." He then takes a moment to says, "So, you didn't want the S2 to see you hurt so you walked wounded into a Raptor." He then pauses and he says, "Well, in that case, I must say just one thing and that is this, you, Epiphany Jarot never cease to amaze me." His words have a since of admiration about them.

She laughs a little, then groans. "Oh, the S2 knew I was hurt, but I couldn't let her SEE that I was hurt." There is, of course, a difference in her mind. Drug addled as it is.

Leda says, "Ah, well, I see then." Leda knows why Epi did it but he doesn't exactly understand the full why and he says, "Alright, so we have to do this little dance again." He pauses dramatically but only mockedly so in order to try to get Epi to grin as he says, "What is it you want me to bring you this time since you are in here?"

Epi's quiet for a moment, looking just a little vulnerable. "The sock puppet that Lieutenant Roubani made me, please," she murmurs, then hesitates. "And could you let Ashe know that I'm ok? I haven't seen him. I didn't get to check on him."

Castor notices the vulnerable moment and he says, "Aw, Epi, you are safe to be like that with me and I promise not to judge you." He then winks slowly for Epi's sake and he then takes a second to make mental notes as he says, "The sock puppet and speaking to Ashe, check, got it." He then asks, "Anything else? I'm not a miracle worker but I can find some things for you."

She shakes her head slightly, as much as she can. "No, thank you. I've got everything I need. Good friends, doctors who are good, I really like Ensign Nikos. She's a great CO. Maybe some toys for Cass, if you find any? He likes to color and we play fort."

"Toys for Cass." Castor repeats softly as he studies Epi and then a beaming smile comes across his face as he says, "That's twice now that I have been amazed by you today. You know it isn't just any old person who makes a request for toys for a child when they are laid up in bed after heroically being hurt in the line of fire."

"He's just a little kid with a grumpy old grandfather," she murmurs, then smiles just a touch, cheeks going pink. "And he's a good boy. A good friend. I know he's going to be upset that I got shot again. But luckily, well, he's a boy. He'll just want to see the scars."

"Do you want me to check on him?" Castor asks quietly, "Or would you like me to bring him to you?" He then says, "And I mean it you are a piece of work, Epi, and I mean that in the best of ways."

Epi shakes her head slightly. "No, it's ok. Just…well. The toys will help. We need some more crayons or colored pencils, if you can find them. And something we can play fort with. We usually hide out in the Recovery Ward." A shadow passes over her eyes and she glances away. "The last time I was in here, it was because I got shot, on Elpis," she murmurs. "Someone thought Jules let me get shot, but the COs said no. Now…"

Castor nods, "I think I can get everything you need, Epi, trust me…we aren't that desperate yet and I think we can find some blankets to make a fort." He then seems curious since he never really played fort as a kid, "What is the objective of playing fort?" He asks curiously and he then smiles, "I mean do you take over the other sides fort?" He then notices the shadow and he says, "Hey, none of that kind of talk, you were a hero today."

Her eyes close and she shakes her head. "I don't know what to think about Jules, Cas," she murmurs, fingers working in the covers. "I've tried not to think."

Castor says, "Yeah, well, Jules…" He then says softly, "I think we should leave it to command and they will decide if she gets a firing squad or not." He frowns as he says, "So leave the thinking to the higher pay grade levels." He then pauses just for a moment only for a moment and he says, "Though I'm sorry that all of this happened."

The woman looks as though she wants to curl in on herself. Actually, she does a little. "But she was my friend," Epi murmurs softly. "And…" There's a pause and her eyes suddenly widen. "That BITCH! She's the one who put the explosives in your locker!" Well. It looks like SOMEONE just made the connection and is about to get out the damned bed to go after Jules herself.

Castor listens compassionately but as Epi mentions the bomb the color goes from his face for the second time tonight and it is suddenly replaced with red - anger red - and he says nothing for a long time as he holds Epi's hand and he says, "Well, if I was allowed to see her I would go in and we would talk." There is something in the way he says the word talk that seems to indicate that there probably wouldn't be much talking. "However, seeing as how speaking to her is above my paygrade that might be a good thing."

Epi reaches out to take hold of the IV pole and starts to get out of her hospital bed - in a hospital gown. "Frak that," she says, struggling. "Where is she? Get out of my way."

Leda gently pushes Epi back in the bed wether she resists or not and he says, "Hey, no getting out of bed, the S2 and Major Pike would have you in hack if you waltz out of here." He then says, "And to be honest it is a good thing that I can't see Jules if she put that frakking bomb in my locker since I'm fairly certain I'd shoot her and then I'd be in hack for killing a prisoner." He shakes his head, "Let things be, you need to work on healing and I need to work on sitting here with you."

She struggles, but really, in the condition she's in, with the amount of morpha in her system? Yeah no. She might be a Marine, but she's not superwoman. "But…I…you," she sputters, settling back down. "If she set you up…No. Just…NO."

Castor says as a realization comes to his piloty brain and he says, "No, if she set me up she still failed in the long run." He then takes a moment to grin at this realization because if she had been successful he would have been airlocked and he says, "So, this is a good thing seeing as how I am in this room with you right now." He then pauses and says, "Wait, if? Whoa, we can't go about shooting people on ifs we would need to know for sure…but if she did she still frakked it up."

"She still frakked up," Epi growls quietly. "Yes. But godsdamnit, Cas, if she was the one that did it, then she needs to -answer- for it. To YOU. I want to know why. Why you? Why? You're one of the nicest people on this frakking ship." Yes, someone's heartrate is now up, quite a bit. Not a happy camper.

Leda's words become calm and quiet as he is attempting to soothe the savage, deadly, and attractive beast that is Epiphany Jarot and he says, "So, she frakked up…and because she did I'm alive, Epi. If she did do it and if it was her job and she did it right the red squad including myself would have been taken out in a single swoop." He then says, "I'd like to know why to and why me but right now she is in custody and she isn't going anywhere and so I call that a win since maybe we will find out why she did it what she did to Sheridan and if she put that bomb in my locker." Whoa, picture this, Leda suddenly using his brain - for once.

Epi shakes her head slightly. "She's not a demo expert," the little woman says, shaking her head. "*I* am a demo expert. She's not. It's not her job. I don't know why she's done all this." And that, likely is the hard part.

"You are a demo expert and she isn't…you said that had enough explosive power to blow up the room - but what if you wanted to cause panic in the room and a lot of pain wouldn't a little less explosives be better? That way there would be more metal and shrapnel thrown which means people would still be killed but even worse they would be wounded permanently and that means a living reminder of how bad the enemy is with burnt skin and twisted and wounded faces and bodies." He then says, "If she did it it was more of get a lot of explosives and slap on a timer."

Epi growls quietly and shakes her head. "I want to know, Cas," she says softly. "I need to…if she planted it, I want to know why. Why did she plant it? Why in YOUR locker?"

Castor looks at Epi and he says, "I want to know too, but, first we need to know if she did." He pauses for a second, "But I'm not going to jump and say she did it…I mean I hope she did so I can know why too but yeah why me?" He then squeezes Epi's hand again and he says, "I haven't told anyone this but I've lost my fair share of sleep because I want to know why that bomb was in my locker and right now all signs do point to her but I want to hear her say it." He then says, "I would never want anything bad to happen to another person on this ship and…and…" He pauses as he says, "and things just happen sometimes is all I can come up with for why it is in my locker."

"You're too damned nice," Epi grumbles softly, but subsides back into the bed, gently pulling the sheet up again.

Leda takes a moment to study Epi and he says, "I'm not nice…I want to be sure of the facts before I decide to do something bad." He then says with a certain cold distance as if echoing from the Tinman, "But if push comes to shove I am capable of doing very nasty things."

Epi blinks a little and looks up at him, eyes going wide. Well, this is certainly a new side of Cas. Then it's HER turn to reach out. "We'll let command take care of her."

"I think that is going to be the best plan for both of us." Castor says with a wink as the distant coldness has disappeared in a heartbeat and then Castor is back to normal as he adds, "And you know what…maybe we will get the answer to all of this some day but maybe we need to wait for everything to happen the way that things are supposed to happen."

"Humph," she says a little grumpily. "I think as long as they give me some more morpha, I'll be happy. It'll be another six or eight weeks until I'm back in shape."

Castor winks again and he gives a little laugh as he says with a lopsided grin, "Good…now I know where to find you." He then says, "Which means you can look forward to daily visits from me." He then takes a second to lean in as he gives Epi a gentle kiss on the forhead when he is sure no one is looking - for Leda this is a big step but he isn't crossing the line - "Seriously though, I'm glad you made it since you seem bound and determined to become as legendary as Elder."

Her eyes close as she leans up a little, then offers a little smile. "No, I'm not," she murmurs. "But sometimes shit has to be done."

Castor leans back and he says, "Well, the good news is that I…no we can count on you to get shit done then." He then takes a second to lock his pinky into Epi's as he says, "And maybe you are still become a legend despite the facts." He smiles and says, "Epi, do you really think Jules did it though?"

Epi's smile fades and she shakes her head slowly. "I don't know," she murmurs. "I can't…I can't believe it. Not her. But she blew the Commander up."

Castor says "Well, how about this we know that she snapped and went nuts I mean maybe she cracked you know?" He then says, "So think of it this way all of the time you spent with her before…all of the good times that you had those were real and good and she went crazy and now she is going to pay the price for what she did so all of us can be safer."

Epi closes her eyes at that and seems to just melt into her pillow, the fight seeping out of her. "I don't want her to die," she whispers quietly. "It's -JULES-. It's Sunshine. It's…" Not gonna cry not gonna cry not gonna…and there's a tear, slipping out of the corner of her eye.

There is that distant tone again and this time it isn't an echo as he finishes, "It's someone who killed the old man." He then takes a breath and as he spots the tears he warmth comes back into his voice, "Epi, things will work out somehow, you know, I mean I can't say how but things will work out because things always work out somehow." He then says, "And you've still got me around…I'm still here and still with you."

She sniffles softly and just nods a bit. It looks like all of her anger has melted away. "This sucks," she whispers. "I want to go home."

Castor says in almost a whisper of his own, "Truer words have never been spoken." He then says this time in a whisper, "But right now this is home and we are a family dealing with a loss." He then takes a moment to move a stray hair from Epi's forhead and then his hand connects again with Epi's as he says, "But we are all still here and we are all together and we are going to make this place safe somehow."

Her pinky finger wraps around his, tightly. She doesn't say a word, though. Just squeezes.

Castor doesn't say anything either again as he just sits there with Epi in silence.

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