Early Morning Sim
Early Morning Sim
Summary: Yuuri continues to vent alone in a sim.
Date: PHD06 (Aprill 24)
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This early in the morning the simulator room is normally empty, but today is different. Lt. Typhys Typhoon Yuuri is continuing to have a bad week and the last few days it seems everyone he once trusted has turned their back to him. The previous night in this exact room, he got verbally slapped for drinking water from a flask because he chose not to carry a spillable glass and stood up by his wingman. When he tried to bring up his drawings of the enemy to the CAG, she showed no interest in anything he had to say. He was crushed at the fact that she "didn't give two fraks" about what he had to say. He's been dealing with a lot of grief from the Captain as well, spending a night in hack and being grounded. With everything that has happened in the recent days he expected more commeradre between the wing, even if he was the newest jock. Nothing of sort has happened, rather they keep tight lipped around him, treating him more of an outsider than a fellow jock.

Tonight Typhys decided to hit the simulators and use the program he feels suits him in this position. He walks towards one of the consules and pushes a few buttons on the simulator keypad bringing up a program titled 'Out Numbered & Out Gunned' The program is one set for one Viper against a trio of First Cylon War aircraft in an asteroid field. He's done this sim plenty of times before at the Academy and onboard the Eclipse, finishing with a decent ratio.

He climbs into the first Mark VII and straps himself in, going over all the start up procedures he normally would in the cockpit. The screen infront of him is already alive and waiting for him to close the canopy. Both hands reach out and pull the canopy back towards him, locking it into place and starting the simulation.

The screen goes black with large, reddish/brown asteroids floating by the Viper. Yuuri lowers the throttle, using thrusters to navigate the close quarters flying in the asteroid field. After a few moments Dradis comes alive with three enemy contacts closing in on Yuuri's position. His head shifts around searching for visual contact with the bogeys. He continues to dodge the large asteroids until he sees the trio of bandits.

His instincts take over as he banks right, shooting behind and asteroid and using his thrusters to get a better angle on the trio. Of course being this out number it will be hard, but Yuuri likes challenges. He heads straight for the Cylon to the left of the lead bandit, jamming his thumb down on the trigger and opening up his cannons. The tracer rounds close in on the mark and connect, ripping the wing off of his intended target, destroying the aircraft.

The Cylons return fire, breaking off in two different directions. Their cannon rounds zipping past the Mark VII, missing over and under his viper. Typhys knows the tactics, one will attempt to drag him into his wingman's firing arc. He goes for it anyways, having survived the real-life experience only days before. He jinks around a small asteroid still hot on the Cylon's tail. Dradis continues to flash two enemies, but his eyes stay focused on the space infront of his and the bandit.

Yuuri thumbs the trigger early, never getting a solid lock on they enemy. His tracer rounds go way off the mark and he nearly slams into an asteroid. He fire-walls the viper escaping the collision and trying to frantically catch up to his prey. He briefly glances down at the Dradis and notices the second Cylon coming at his three o'clock.

He banks hard right, thrusters pushing the viper to it's limits as it now is on a direct course with the incoming bandit. An asteroid begins to move through both of their flight paths and blocks the view of eachother. As soon as asteroid passes and the two combatants can see eachother, both sets of cannons bark, unleashing a flurry of hell at one another. The Cylon's fire bends as it attempts to destroy the viper, but Yuuri is a better angle and his rounds burrow into the cockpit of the enemy aircraft. One moment there is two blips on Dradis, next only one as Typhys flies through the debris of his latest conquest.

While engaged with the second Cylon, Yuuri had lost visual on the final bandit. Constantly checking his Dradis and weaving through the asteroids with relative ease. He's flying towards a large sun outside of the asteroid field when tracer fire slices infront of his viper. Typhys takes evasion manuevers, banking hard left to get behind one of the large chunks of rock. He's trying to slingshot around the asteroid for a shot on the last Cylon.

The slingshot works, Yuuri barely escaping the obsticle and thumbing down on the trigger. Typhys' rounds fall behind as the Cylon's speed push it ahead of the viper's cannon fire. Both aircrafts turn and it becomes a joust between them, head to head they fly towards eachother with cannons sparking to life.

Viper cannon rounds tear into the Cylon, but it continues the charge, it's own cannon fire ripping into the Mark VII's wing and putting holes through it. Yuuri growls, the Cylon aircraft slamming into and tearing off the tattered wing. He keep control of the viper, using thrusters to spin a complete 180 degree turn and chase after the bandit. The Cylon does a nose over tail flip and starts firing as soon as completes the manuever, Typhys thumbing the trigger in return.

Yuuri's hand jerks the stick, jinking left and barrel-rolling to the right. Cannon fire rips through the emptiness of space all around the sleek Mark VII as it continues to evade the constant onslaught of metal rounds. His own bead on the Cylon is dead-to-rights and destroys the final enemy, blasting through the debris as the sim shuts itself down.

Yuuri slides open the canopy after unstrapping himself from the seat and stretches his arms up into the air. He removes the helmet and tucks it under his left arm, stepping out of the simulator. Yawning he looks at the clock and realizes just how late it is: 0400. Typhys hangs his head, CAP in four hours - he thinks to himself, heading towards the hatchway.

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