Drunks Are So Cute
Drunks are so cute
Summary: Jupiter and Hale have a drunken discussion as Castor sits down to take unofficial watch and drink on his own.
Date: June 1, 2009
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"She died." With everyone else. "He wears a ring." Jupiter lathers up with the soap in at attempt to scrub the alcohol coming out of her pores. At least that's how she imagines it. In reality, she's just washing off some sweat from dancing, and a long day of not flying. "Oh, where's your button?" She thinks on it a moment, stepping under the shower's spray to rinse. "We haven't really talked all that much private like for me t'say for sure, but I'd go with you… you I'd want to beg. Not in a public way. In private. On your knees. And mean it." She and Hale are in the Head in the back, having a discussion. Jupes' slinky red dress is draped across a bunk.

"You'd have me beg?" comes Hale's reply as it seems the conversation is going pretty loud given the shower's running and well both of them are possibly intoxicated. "Is it because how bloody big I am? That to get something like that down, would be appealing?" As for Hale's clothing, a Jersey and jeans hang off his bunk. Yup. Shower time! Excellent!

"Yeah, but like I said. I don't know you well enough to say for sure. You might be inta that without any prodding from me." Jupiter finishes rinsing off, and leaves her hair pulled up into curls. She'll get that tomorrow after a proper workout. "You're catching on. Passes the time, this game."

Castor enters into the berthings, he is neither drunk which is odd because Castor drinks when he is off duty and it is conditon three nor does he have a cigar in his hand. In fact, he is in his off duty clothes and no one saw him anywhere near the Colonial Day celebration. He takes a moment to study everyone in the room. He walks over to his locker wordlessly as he pulls out a bottle of ambrosia, it isn't the good stuff, but it isn't the cheap stuff either. Seriously, how does Castor always find these things. He then takes a seat and pulls out a mediocre cigar as well. He takes a silver zippo lighter out of his pocket with the Battlestar Orpheus logo on it. He whips the lighter across his leg and runs it forward in one fluid motion which produces fire in one fluid motion. Fire is brought to his cigar and moments later sweet smelling smoke rolls from the mediocre cigar. He opens his bottle of ambrosia and tips the bottle back, no need for a glass here. Well, so much for not drinking or smoking.

"I'm a frakkin quick learner. You'd be surprised what old Rabbit knows." He's lathering one more time and rinsing with a groan. Gods know how that will sound out into the bunks. A sniff and once he's all clean again, the water comes off. And he starts to dry his short hair, and body down with his towel. "We'll have to figger out. I'm curious what you find out Fingers. Consider it learning more about m'self."

Jupiter snorts on the heels of those words from Rabbit. "A man eager to learn. That's a nice trait. Beneficial." There's a pause from the inebriated Black. "… You smell a cigar?" She grabs a towel, and pats down her body, working her way up from the ankles.

Castor turns and looks at the head giving a, 'the frak?!' look as he hears the conversation going on but he says nothing for the moment, given the events of his past day for Castor he is in no mood to even guess what people are doing and he has his own problems to deal with. He does take a long puff from his cigar and he blows two smoke rings, clearly, he is a practiced smoker. He tips back the bottle again, this one is suprisingly smooth, Castor takes a moment to look around the other pilots bunks as if to give them all the once over as he attempts to figure out who is in and who is out.

Hale blinks as he is patting up, from taking care of the under-carriage so to speak, drying his legs and ankles, making sure the boys were all nice and try. He was about to simple run th' towel across his arse, when he is sniffing again and blinking once more. "I didn't bring one back with me did I? "

"I didn't see one, besides, you can't light a cigar in the shower." Jupiter says that as if it's the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard. She wraps the towel around her body after a pat down with it, and returns to the berthing from the shower. "I'm sleeping.. Oh, hey." This to Castor. "You missed the party." She yawns, and walks in a mostly straight line for her bunk. It's just the ladder gives her a little trouble. Grunt. "Raaaabbit." Help.

Castor gives an amused look to Jupiter as a he knows how to spot a drunk. He then, "I can see I missed the party. I had other things I had to take care of and I volunteered to pull a double shift so you all could have fun." He then takes a moment to stand and offer help to Jupiter, the puppydog does look after everyone and he does want everyone to be happy and this means helping fellow pilots, especially the drunk ones. "So, I can see you had a good time. What did I miss?"

Hale comes out shortly, with his own towel wraped about his nethers, so it seems as if he is wearing a nice white and fluffy kilt of sorts. He is about to go over and help, well frak it, he is even if Castor is there too. "Oi where were you Mate?" asked before one hand is placed firmly on Jupiter's ass to help shove her in, assuming Castor is helping as well. "There was dancing..Free booze. The Captain showed up. Rather bloody nice shindig."

"Case went off ta bang the priest, so I gotta decide how I'ma break it ta Boner. Settlin' on a on her knees joke, or somethin' more esoteric. Ain't decided yet." Jupes clings to the ladder about half way up. Someone's going to have to give her ass a shove—and Hale comes over with the assist. See what I did there? Assist. "Kai's a good dancer, and there was a shitload of booze." She drank half of it, she should know. "I thought I saw someone smoochin' on the other priest with the eyeliner, but I was in a dip on the dance floor an' upside down at the time." And she's shoved up onto her bunk. "Oh, thanks." She sprawls over her bunk, and dangles the slip of a red dress over the side. "Put that in my locker? Thanks."

Castor looks over at Hale, "I was pulling a double so that other people could attend the event, eltee, someone has to pick up the slack." He walks back to his table and takes a seat, "Wait, Case what?" He frowns and this causes him to take a nice long drag from his bottle. "Well, I'll double check on that little rumor." His mind goes back to the other day where the Padre had Case into quiet hysteria while Castor mouthed off, not one of his finest moments. Oddly he doesn't say anything bad about the Padre, he made a promise to a friend to try to be more polite and he will stick with it. Speaking of friends, "Wait, Cygs got a smooch?" He takes a moment to puff on his cigar, "Well good for him."

"Yeah, from Matto, if I remember. It was a sight. Bout bloody time I figger." Says Rabbit, before he's wiping his hands of the whole thing. He's already slung his clothes where they should be, and so he is clambering back up to his bunk, a look back to Castor for a moment, as he gets in without a grumble. Someone is used to drunk bunking. "Mate, I am sure you could have landed and someone else gone up. A lot of booze, but not alot of drunks." well that he remembers. "I stook Sparky's shift tis morning and after noon, bugger didn't want to go, so we traded my night and dog slots.."a shrug. "There could be left overs if you wanna raid, mate?"

Jupiter goes face down in her rack, blissfully unmoving. She doesn't even take off the towel to put on some other clothes, or sweats or what have you. Just the towel, face down in bed. "Ain't a rumor. They got all handsy on the dance floor then left together. Dodged that bullet. Hoowhee." This is mostly said into her pillow, so it's sort of muffled. "Wore a hot dress, shaved my legs, drank, and still didn't get a grope in a confined space. Somethin' just ain't right with the world today." That's also partly muffled. Obviously the helpful hand shoving her up the ladder by her ass does not count as a grope. "I shaved my frakkin' legs," she reiterates, in case they missed it the first time.

Castor suprisngly has been groped today but no one knows about it and the pilot is staying mum. He then says to Hale, "Nah, its allright sir. Knowing you all had a good time makes me happy." He then holds up his ambrosia, "And I won't be in need of left overs I do fine on my own." He says proudly, "Jupes, you got that right, something isn't right with the world today." He then adds humorously, "On account of I'm not drunk enough yet and I'm sorry I missed your fancy dress." He then adds, "I'll have to talk to Cygs later."

"Night's still young, and my bunk's right here." comes the groan from the other bunk across the way. But, somehow Rabbit's offer lacks the weight of some proposal to Frak, or whatever have you. "Well." silence "We all appreciated that you shaved your legs. The effort for the Colonies is noted.."

"Aw, kiss it. I ain't gonna climb outta this bunk jus' ta come over there so you can fall asleep before I'm satisfied," Jupes grouses, then turns her head to yawn hugely, which detracts from her diatribe. Even her insults are halfhearted. She's sleepy! "Go 'sleep, Rabbit. Night um…" It takes her a really long time to remember Castor's callsign, "Tincup." And then she gets it wrong.

Castor continues watching the two talk as he smokes his cigar. He then offers a gentle, "Both of you get some sleep. Just let the booze work." Aw, he is being extra puppydoggy right now. "Tincup?" He says softly but still amused. He simply takes watch, he does that often, just sitting and keeping watch over the other pilots at night when they sleep, he is a nightowl and it gives him something to do.

"Oh you wouldn't be able to walk right af'mmer." Rabbit muffles out from his pillow as he continues to sprawl. It seems the booze is doing its work on both ends of the berthings, from east to bloody west. "Night Finners..Tinny.." and good night to you too-John boy.

There's a brief giggle from Jupes' bunk, then silence and breathing. She doesn't close her curtains, just goes to sleep that way.

Castor waits till Jupiter is asleep and he moves over to the pilots punk drawing the curtain closed. He then moves back to his seat to check on the status of the eltee checking to see if he is asleep or not.

Hale is complete silent save for the soft snores leaving him. And you won't even notice until you're close enough to peak into the curtains. Out like a light, and on his side, curled up

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