Drunken Storage
Drunken Storage
Summary: Black & Swift exchange words in Storage.
Date: PH055 (12 June 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Storage
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #55
OOC Time: Fri Jun 12 23:28:35 2009

Boxes. Lots of boxes. Most of the contents of this room are property of General Distribution but cleaning supplies are also kept here along with stacks of toilet paper, empty jerricans, and basic tools for fixing usual problems in this area of the ship. Hazardous Materials cleanup kits are also kept here in case of an incident in the lab.

The interior of the storage closet appears empty. It's not, but it appears so. On first glance. On second glance, one might notice a boot sitting atop a box, and another boot on the floor. And then a pilot draped over some boxes in the back, butter side up.

The door to the storage closet swings open then slams shut, the sound of something thudding onto the ground followed up by a very annoyed and frustrated sound. "For frak's sake, aughhh… I hate those guys." Ah, the sound of Ashe's voice being recognizable. "Can't go to the rax, can't go to the gym, for frak's sake I'm going to have to hide in a frakin' empty fuel barrel to get away from them."

There's a grunt from the back of the closet, and the sound of a leg sliding over a box. "Uhn." The universal incoherence noise for shut the frak up you stupid marine. It's subtle.

The noise punctures through the thick layers of Ashe's skull as he blinks and looks back. "OH for frak's sake. You gotta be fraki'n kidding me, I need these ten minutes alone and I can't even get that?!" His voice is the complete opposite of quiet.

"If it takes you ten whole minutes," A slightly deeper than usual Jupiter-voice murmurs, "You're really bad at it." She snickers softly and then adds, "Or really good at it, I guess. Did you bring any booze, or is this gonna be another one of those you talk and I die inside things?"

"OH go Frak yourself… since that's about the only person that would." Ashe states with a shake of his head, leaning against the cargo crate with a sigh. "Can your existance just … stop ? I mean can it go away?"

"Unfortunately for you and the cylons," Jupiter sits up, and turns over onto her side, still stretched out over the boxes. "That's not real likely." She's either doing her impression of a cat full of innocent birdies, or she's been doing a little drinking. "Tough day, honey?"

"You'll actually get a kick out of this." Ashe leans over and picks up his duffel, walking towards the back area by Jupiter and tosses the bag at her, aiming for her exposed ribs. "I'm gettin' shit from all sides because everyone is convinced that I've gone slummin' and am hittin' ya now."

Jupiter's head lolls a little, and she looks over at Ashe. Dark curls fall into her eyes and she blinks slowly, then tips back her head and just laughs. "… That's so… beautiful." Ahahaha. "… Shut up you frakked yourself. Oh, gods." She drops an arms across her belly. "That's the best thing I've heard all day."

"Yeah yeah, laugh it up." Ashe states as he gets close enough to put a hand against her in order to shove her out of the way so he can sit down. "You realize that they think you're frakin' me too though there champ. So it's a two way street of jacked up."

Jupiter grunts as she's shoved across the boxes. There's a light thud of her body smacking lightly against the bulkhead. "Yeah, well…" There's a residual chuckle there, blue eyes downright amused. "You're the only one catching shit for it. So put that in your…" She waves a hand slightly, then drops it against her belly again. "Grenade launcher and launch it."

Ashe hops up next to Jupiter and glances at her. "That's because my people expect more out of me, yours probably expect you to do that. See that's the problem though Jupipoo. You gettin' a round with me? That's an improvement for you. For me… it's a serious downgrade."

"Blah blah blah, etc etc, smack talk, yadda, bleh. Thbbbt." Jupiter's response is both erudite and laden with sound effects. The spittle is free. She frowns a little, and reaches up to wipe her chin. "Eh. Don't raspberry when you're drinking. It never works right." She wipes her hand on her thigh. "Don't pretend my ass isn't top shelf, you ground pounding rifle ape. Everybody knows the Blacks are great in bed, and look good doing everything. Even weekend warriors like yourself."

"Oh make no mistake in hell Black, I'm well aware you have that whole saucy minx look down." Ashe states towards her. "The difference is, I absolutely can't stand you enough to even consider it." He leans back a bit and actually uses a hand to drum, apparently intending to tap on Jupiter's forehead gently as the cymbal. "Too much to drink, and you didn't even share? That's just cruel."

Jupiter waves a hand at Ashe's arm, but misses, or just didn't really intend to hit him. "Don't do that. You're gonna kill my buzz." She sniffs lightly, and observes, "I think saucy minx is a phrase my grandpa used to use. When he was gay for those few years back in college."

"That'd explain how you got here, you do seem like an ass spawn." Ashe responds, still doing the forehead tap attempts just to taunt her. "Come on Jupipoo, time to get up. Time to wake up. If my life is a ruined crapshoot I'm draggin' you down with me."

"Oh, frak you shitface. Go call someone who cares," Jupiter grunts and swats at the marine, squinching her eyes closed. Slap fight! "Like your incinerated mom. I mean, if you lived in a major city. Otherwise maybe she was lucky enough to just die from the shock to her lungs from the blast. The other options aren't quite so quick. Unless a building—" It's kinda like dumping ice water on the funtimes, ain't it? Jupes ftw.

It hits, like a sucker punch right in the gut. But finally after a moment Ashe's response comes. "Yeah, she's dead. But at least I know she died lovin' me. How about you Black? Is that what you're all pissed off about. Didn't get that last chance to be told how much you disappointed your parents? That's why you're all lashy out at the world? Spoiled brat."

Jupiter's smile is completely inappropriate for the sentiment. "Yeah, that's me." The smile doesn't quite reach her eyes. It fades, like water draining out of cupped hands. "She probably died terrified."

"Fleetyards." Ashe says after a moment. "My… both my parents were at the fleetyards, Scorpia. Odds are they were just, instant." He then shakes his head. "Frak you Black. Just frak you. You know… some shit should be off limits."

"Nothing's off limits on a ship this small, Swift. That's the frakkin' problem." Jupes moves to sit up. "Maybe it's the solution." She reaches out to grab hold of one of the boxes, until the momentum in her head stops wanting to make her slide over. "Say it enough times, it just sounds so stupid you can't have nightmares about it anymore. Right? That's my frakkin' plan, and I'm stickin' to it."

"Your plan is shit." Ashe states towards her, watching as she sits up. "I swear to the Gods if you frakin' yack on me, I am going to smack you." His head shakes a bit, "We can keep pretending. But if you want no limits shithead? I can do that for you. At least you got some frakin' family left even if they are a waste of resources. So stick that up your perfect ass and smoke it, brat."

"You really shouldn't talk about sticking things in my ass. It's distracting. I'm trying to be drunk here, and your angry marine mojo is interfering with all channels mellow." Jupes lifts a hand, and pokes a finger at Ashe's chest. "I never yack on people. Except the one time at Marty's birthday, but come on. I had the flu and peppermint schnapps."

"Bullshit, you're not even close to drunk." Ashe states looking her dead in the eyes. "You just want to tell yourself you are to deaden it inside. That or so you have an excuse to make that huge mistake you've been dying to make." He shakes his head. "Speaking of your ass and smoking, are you pilfering my cigars?"

Into a pocket goes a hand. "Why, you got some on you?" Jupes' not quite sober, which explains the whole lack of finesse thing. Her callsign stems from being better with her hands than that. She considers her hand, then hms. "Wrong pocket, I guess."

"I ain't got any on me right now, and the way you're diggin' you're going to find the wrong cigar… the one you don't wanna smoke." Ashe points out with a shake of his head. "I just want to know where you got the booze and why you're drinkin' by yourself… oh frak me." He blinks and looks at her, "You got one didn't you."

"I got a stash and I just didn't feel like drinkin' it before." Jupiter actually has Yuuri's stash, which is almost the same thing. He lives under her, so his shit is her shit. Right? Yes. Right. "Got one what?" Her hand retreats back to pilot country.

"Package." Ashe says shrugging, "I figured you gettin' all sitting in the storage closet drunk by yourself was your way of being a baby after getting one of those packages they unearthed."

"Aw, no. I didn't. Boner got a letter, and I don't wanna read it." So this is Jupiter's way of hiding in a storage closet and being a big baby, just not cos Daddy sent her some cookies.

"Well, there you go then." Ashe leans back and drums fingers on his stomach. "You about done in here? I was hoping to get some private time and you're just lousy company."

"No, I'm having a frakkin' wallow. Do you see me wallowing? Just do whatever it is you were gonna frakkin' do," Jupiter tips back over, back against the boxes. "Try not to shake my godsdamn perch too much."

Ashe shrugs his shoulders and waits until Jupiter isn't looking. Then there's the sound of wiggling and he sighs, "I can't frakin' do this with you sitting there. It's like… tryin' to rub one with the person you wish you could shove out of the airlock staring. Wait.. no that's exactly what it is."

Jupiter's head comes up a little, and she peers over at Ashe. "Would it help if I talked dirty to you? Or should I just ignore you like your last girlfriend, and ask if you're done yet every thirty seconds?"

"I'll have you know everytime I have sex I have a very pleasurable orgasm." Ashe states flatly towards Jupiter. "Speaking of the last time, how you holding up now that the ship doesn't get any fresh produce?"

"I usually troll the bars for men I know I'll never see again. So this whole, 'hey, everyone's toast' has put a little dent in my social calendar. It's a shame. You know how hard it is to have a frak against the alley wall out back of a seedy bar these days?" Jupes snorts, and drops her head back against one arm, her other draping over her belly again.

"Yes, well… All these frakheads who think that we're the last of the species and need relationship's n' shit can bugger off." Ashe retorts snorting. "You think the alley is it? Naw, that's nothing. It's about pinnin' up against the showers after PT. That's the good stuff."

Jupes taps her fingers on her tummy, considering that for a moment. "I dunno, that doesn't really leave a mark, but I'll be sure to file that away in the spank bank. I'll give it a spin and let you know how it goes."

"Oh for frak's sake, you' ain't friggin' off to me are you?" Ashe looks very disturbed by that thought. He actually looks at Jupiter at that thought. "That's just sick."

"Shhh." Jupes lifts the fingers of the hand draped over her belly, wrist still against her body. She waves it a little, "Shhh, shhh. You'll ruin it for me by talking."

"Congratulations Universe, you win, I'm officially grossed out." Ashe says shaking his head. "You know though, if you could just … make noises that might be good. Just… sit there and not talk, let me close my eyes. Yeah. That works. Do those woman cooing sounds."

Jupiter would probably roll her eyes at that last part if she weren't too busy smirking. "Okay, hold on." Jupes clears her throat, and brushes her hair off the back of her neck before resettling against the boxes a little. "Do you like it breathy or moany?"

"Well, I prefer as genuine as possible. Perhaps a little more on the breathy side." Ashe is just smirking, hands actually resting behind his head and nowhere else. "Come on Princess, show me what you got."

"Good choice." Jupiter's hand flattens against her belly and she takes a slow, deep breathe. Her breath catches half way through, and a soft sound escapes her lips. It's followed by a slight arch of her back, and a shaky exhale. She frowns slightly, then slides a hand up under her shirt, along her belly and higher.

Ashe blinks and tilts his head actually looking around as if to see if he's suddenly blanked out. "Uhm… Black, I'm still here." He comments having noticed that she seems to be well, into something. "Do I need to leave? I mean it's really shit that you'll make me leave so you can get your private time but for fraks' sake.."

"Frak's sake, Swift." Jupiter's hand stills and she opens an eye to glare at the marine. "Don't ask for it if you can't handle it." Her hand slides back down her belly, but stays just under the hem of the sweatshirt. "Pussy."

"You're frakin' drunk." He says shakin' his head. "Sides… on second thought I really don't want you in the ol' whack repository." Ashe sits up and stretches. "Look, I'm going to be honest here. The last pair of tahs I saw were phenomenal, I don't want you ruinin' it for me."

"You're right. I'm kinda drunk. Which is why that little comment doesn't hurt me." Jupiter points up to her modest breasts, obscured by sweatshirt as they are. She rolls up to a sitting position, though the swift change in altitude causes a moment's pause. "You, monkey, are no fun. So I'm gonna go find someone who is." She scoots back to kick her legs off the boxes. It one catches him in the shoulder, it's his own fault for sittin too close.

"I'm no fun?" Ashe asks, getting the foot in the shoulder and lifting his hand to attempt to grab it. "I'm no fun. I frakin' lay naked in your bunk and I'm no fun?"

Jupes' momentum is halted by a grabbed foot. She grunts and looks over at the marine, as if waiting patiently for him to release one of her favorite parts. "You stretch out naked in my bunk, I think it's funny as hell. I put my hand up my shirt, and you get your panties in a bunch. I was offering my assistance to your whiny ass in the interest if inn—… interde… whatever cooperation and YOU frakked it up cos you thought you'd play chicken. Well, I always win shit head."

Ashe looks her dead in the eye and shakes his head. "You stupid brat. You never consider the fact that sometimes when you win, you really are losing, do you." He tosses her foot free and leans towards her. "Interdepartmental you drunk ass. Why the frak I actually was decent enough to give a frak that you might be too drunk… you wouldn't care anyway, you have no sense anymore do you. Fan frakin' tastic."

"Your brain's like a merry go round. You just talk and spin and talk until you've puked out all the cotton candy, and Daddy's angry because you ruined his favorite shoes." Jupiter kicks him in the ankle, jostling both of their box perches in the process. "I really don't even know what you just said."

"Here's the short version dumbass. I was being nice because you were barking up a tree you can't handle." Ashe states and looks at her foot when she kicks him, looks at her, and actually kicks her foot back with his own. "Ass."

Jupiter reaches across her body to punch Ashe in the shoulder. "Bitch." It's an ingrained response, the petty smack responses. "You were in my bunk because why? That version wasn't clear at all."

"Because you can't one up it. It's the pinnacle." Ashe reaches up and pushes her opposing shoulder after she punches his. "Frakface." A nice original insult. "Your simple mind can't top it. That's why. The fact that your people just accepted it really wasn't expected though."

"Oh, is that what you think that was?" Jupes grins. "Ok." She nods. "It's always so cute when someone messes with a Black and thinks they've won." She pats Ashe's shoulder, and moves to stand, using him to do it. "Enjoy the illusion while you still have it, son."

"I'd love to see you try to bring anything beyond that, little girl." Ashe states and as Jupiter gets up and gets moved enough, his foot swings again for her backside, a good swift asskick. "Now get on out of here so I can try to purge the image of your rack out of my mind."

Jupiter grunts and takes a few more steps forward before she turns, and walks backward toward the hatch. "Oh," She reaches down, grabs hold of the edge of her sweatshirt, and hauls it up to flash the marine. "They may be small, but they're perfect." And promptly turns around and almost walks into the closed hatch. "Frak. These things sneak up on you." She adjusts her shirt, and gives it a spin.

"Well. That was unexpected." Ashe comments after a few moments. "Have a nice hangover Jupipoo, I hope while you're yackin' in front of a toilet you're thinking of me. And also, just remember this for your own purposes while you curl up in your bunk, I was just there and am only a couple doors down if you need me."

"If I thought you could get it up for more than five minutes," Jupiter shoves the hatch open, and glances back. "I might take you up on it." She winks, and throws herself out into the corridor. Woe to the unsuspecting souls who encounter her on her way back to the berthings.

His voice tosses out before the hatch falls closed, "You couldn't last two minutes with me toots." With the slam of the hatch however well… it is private time now.

Except the hatch opens back up about… a minute and a half later. Jupiter's head pops in. Yeah, she's totally checking to see if he's really rubbing one out.

Frak that. He can rub one out in his bunk. He really is there for private time, sitting with a sheet of paper that he's reading. So absorbed he doesn't notice the door in the least.

Hm. Jupiter shoves the hatch closed again, and goes back to crawling through the corridor in search of innocent victims.

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